Ban Ki Moon In Perspective. Does He have A Right To Persist In An Investigative Panel Given All His Transparencies?
Posted on April 25th, 2011

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial
April 24th. 2011

There are ,many pointers towards what the world needs to know about the present United Nations’ Secretary General  Ban Ki- Moon portrayed by sources who  reportedly know the man, his true direction and his modus operandi as someone whom they believe is egocentric, self opinionated and easily influenced due to a lack of intelligent cognizance about world affairs other than  what is relayed to him second hand through his aides and often with a conflict of interest laced in bias where he is portrayed as  “a secrecy-obsessed U.N. chief seeking to wrest control of internal investigations and linkable with all due credibility to certain significant overviews by some of his closest former associates who insist that he is not  altogether kosher.

One of the most prominent criticisms by people who have worked alongside him suggest that he is  covert and surreptitious in how he goes about his business at times and there is an incredible account which needs to be quoted as part of the  man’s  composite exposing him towards admonishment where he was  allegedly involved in  a persistent cover-up of criminal activity within the MINUSTAH operations in Haiti where there is evidence to tie UN personnel  to a range of activities including, but not limited to kidnapping, drug trafficking,  kick-backs on contracts, bribery, child pornography and molestation. At least one nation’s team was sent home over the unit’s sexual crimes against Haitian children. There are also numerous critical observations against massive economic inefficiencies and wastes in the Haitian operation. on which a very convenient blind eye has been turned with Moon sitting on top of the UN Organization as CEO!

In other words the assumption that Haiti would have been  better off without the United Nations involvement, with the hundreds of millions expended on inefficient UN activities invested in projects to ‘benefit’ the Haitian people which is just one example of the man’s disentitlement to many of his authoritative demands particularly the current investigative panel over Sri lankan terrorist related issues which is a panel of his own directive rather than one with full UN appoval it must also be mentioned but perhaps with blessings from the USA!

A very revealing and  unusual memorandum (in copy) by one of his former UN associates Mme. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, obtained by The Associated Press quoted here, describes Ban  Ki Moon as “more concerned with preventing news leaks than with releasing possible criminal evidence to prosecutors.” It also details how she fought Ban’s efforts to set up a competing “new investigative capacity” within the United Nations where investigations over issues he seems unable to comprehend seems to be an obsession very much visible in how he continues to hound the Government of Sri Lanka in similar vein and often to a worthless objective and perhaps an end result which will in all probabilities make him the laughing stock of the World and  already the very mention of his name in certain peominent world circles seems too translate to an incompetent bungling misappointment to the the prestigious post of United Nations  Secretary General which has also had a few bunglers in the past!

Mme. Ahlenus  a former  Swedish auditor general has also disclosed that during her tenure and associations in an official capacity with Moon in the, UN he improperly refused to allow many of her office’s audit reports to be made public, or to allow nearly all of its confidential investigative reports, with evidence of potential criminal wrongdoing, to be referred to outside prosecutors where “such secretiveness”  she said “serves her capacity and those asscociated in carrying out related duties, very poorly. A leader who repeatedly preaches the merits of  teamwork and collaboration but in reality, however, whose style comes out as one of command and authoritarian control.” suggesting  transparencies of the man’s duplicitous nature often hinging on double standards.

In response to Mme Ahlenius’ revelation, Moon has turned crafty in stating that  while he regrets Ahlenius’ confidential memo being leaked, he also concludes that her “frank thinking and advice” are an important tool for improving his management and he and his senior advisers are ‘carefully reviewing” it.” hollow sounding words linkable to his usual eyewash and carefully orchestrated rhetoric to cover up his shortcomings and transparencies, while he is probably quaking inside about how it might adversely affect his aspirations for a second term to which he appears to have no entitlement if he was carefully scrutinised for credibility towards the responsibilities of his designation and how lackadaisical his approach is towards  burning Global issues of far greater importance.

Some of Ban Ki Moons critics within the UN  even accuse him of not upholding to the letter, nor to the spirit, the  UN General Assembly’s decision to ensure an operational oversight body in the interest of the organization,” where his actions have been deemed deplorable,and seriously reprehensible and some of his decisions are said to be without precedent and seriously embarrassing to himself.
Similar criticism also voiced by some of his onetime close associates  and ambassadors to the UN also points to weak leadership, lack of charisma and angry outbursts,  where Moon had said in response he has provided quiet and effective leadership on many issues in defence of his actions.

So what gives this individual a right to investigate falsified and doctored war crimes reports  about Sri Lanka or have the nerve to request a second term in office as many, who seem to know him better than the world at large, seem to be asking where The Government Of Sri Lanka needs to be unequivocally supported towards the irrelevance and illegitimacies of Moon’s panel and objectives.?

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  1. ranjit Says:

    UN members should not bow down to pressure from world powers and give this monkey faced Banki Moon another chance to become the UN secretary General at all. He should be sent home for retirement to allow peaceful nations to live peacefully. There should be a strong person who can act bravely, fairly and equally to all members in the organization. A person who has charisma, personality and liked by all member states.

    We cannot allow one super power to bully the world as they do now. There are 172 inmates in Guantanamo bay prison without trial. What is the action taken by this secretary general Mr. banki Moon? Isreal invaded Gaza and killed innocent civillians and bombed UN compound what he do about those unjustful incidents? Did he appoint a panel to investigate those atrocious acts of the cruel empires and their associates? This ugly stooge of the west should be sent home and brought him to justice for helping the aggressors and associating with criminals,bribery and corruption in the UN.

  2. andylingam Says:

    As Sri Lankan citizens we must resolve the Tamil National question amicably
    By Sumanasiri Liyanage

    the political elite should immediately take four steps. No delays! No rhetoric, but concrete actions. The steps include:

    (1) Establishment of Northern Provincial Council with full powers given in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and handing over all development and reconstruction projects in the province to the provincial council;

    (2) Enactment of a Bill or Rights prepared by the Ministry of Justice;

    (3) Lifting emergency regulations and restoration of elementary rights of people and

    (4) release of political prisoners, including SarathFonseka.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Dear Andy I dont agree with you on two accounts NO# 1 & 4. This is only my view and I am not talking about others but in due time all your four steps will be taken if the majority agrees. Our present Government has the will power and strong backing from our population to do the right thngs for the country we love so much and not to give-in for any demands by few. We suffered too long to give everything what everybody asked so quickly. Our President and his Goverment is capable to solve most of our problems one by one and they have done almost everything which no other past Governments have done to our country.

    Go to east and North and see by yourself what this Government has done to our people in those areas? The Government has build New Roads,bridges,houses,health services,schools,open hotels,new bus and train services and many more which was denied to our people by L.T.T.E. TERRORISTS for so long. Did they had the same freedom which they enjoy now when L.T.T.E was ruling by AK 47 in those areas? Our Goverment is doing more than any other country in the world after a war of thirty years. Those people should appreciate and help the Government and the country they called their home to survive and build it for everyone to live happily and peacefully where ever they like in this small country of ours.

    First appreciate and thankful to the Goverment for saving millions of lives and ending the brutal war which killed thousands of our children,adults,monks,babies,politicians etc. and destroy our economy. People all over the world appreciates our Governments policies that’s why millions of tourists flock to see our beautiful country except few traitors and enemies in the west. So Andy dont demand things it will come automatically but it will take time dont be in a hurry.

  4. AnuD Says:

    We are talking here politics. So, as Sumanasiri says, once their political grievances are addressed “every one will be living happoly there after” and politicians will be silent and leave the tamils to look after themselves. We will not have any more grievences.

    Why we don’t think about another dimension in politics.

    See. We talk about 2500 years or more history. But, at present, we are in pieces. Last 500 years had done the greatest damage. what about us ?. Why we don’t talk about ourselves. Instead always choose to talk about others needs.

    I say again. We are talking here politics.

  5. andylingam Says:

    Ref: So Andy dont demand things it will come automatically but it will take time dont be in a hurry.
    Thanks ranjit ,
    Agreed , they saved 330,000 ( in IDP camp ) but killed 70,000 ( as UN report) is it ok ?
    please see a photo graph (UN report ) shows a no fire zone camp was boomed by our brave air forces ( a child like my son 1 year killed ) , I have tears in my eye , when I am typing this message to you !!!

    Ok, We will wait , our Sinhala brothers & sisters will give life to live in our Mother Lanka !
    sooner i better than later to accept all these 4 point !

  6. AnuD Says:

    Excellent argument andylingam.

    “My ine year son was killed by airforce bombing. So, am crying. Because of that give me the political solution. Otherwise Ilive heart broken formy whole life.

    Exactly the same thing UN report says. Expatriate tamils sacrificed their relatives in Sri lanka in order to get a separate state.

    How about so many people who lost relatives because of JVP. Should they get something.

    If tamils are special, how about other ehtnic groups. They are not special because their numbers are not that high.

  7. rohana Says:

    You are absolutely correct in that Moon have no authority or power to investigate this under the UN charter. This is clealrly explained by Mr. Wijedasa Rajapakse (MP) and have given below the important sections of the article for the readers.

    We fought the ruthless terrorist group and won and now we have to fight another international terrorist group comprising, LTTE, UK, US, Norway etc. We will fight and we will win again. We all must be united to save and bring justice to the country. These so called saviours of the world, what have they done to help the country to develop since 2009? Have they helped even the Tamil people in the NOrth. It is the SL Govt who does everything.

    Here is the important sections of the letter to UN Sec Gen. by Mr. Rajapakse:

    08. In the said backdrop and under the following legal provisions your decision to appoint a so called Panel of Experts, to obtain a report from it and to publish such a report is illegal and illegitimate per se and it amounts to a gross violation of the Charter 6f the United Nations on the following amongst other grounds;

    a) Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which came into operation on 01st July 2002 and therefore you have no jurisdiction to initiate any action on the internal affairs of Sri Lanka including alleged incidents during the period of the final phase of the war against terrorism which concluded in May 2009.

    b) Article 39 of the Charter empowers only Security Council to determine the existence of any threat to peace and what measures to be taken. Articles 39 and 40 read as follows;

    Article 39
    The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.

    Article 40
    In order to prevent an aggravation of the situation, the Security Council may, before making recommendations or deciding upon the measures provided for in Article 39, call upon the parties concerned to comply with such provisional measures as it deems necessary or desirable. Such provisional measures shall be without prejudice to the rights, claims, or position of the parties concerned. The Security Council shall duly take account of failure to comply with such provisional measures.
    Security Council of U N which has the inalienable sole and exclusive authority to take decisions on member countries has not taken any decision up to date nor, given any direction to you to take any initiative regarding Sri Lanka.

    c) Article 29 of the Charter empowers inalienable and sole authority to the Security Council to establish any subsidiary organs as deem necessary for the performance of it’s function.

    Article 34 empowers the Security Council to investigate any dispute or any situation which might lead to any international friction or give rise to a dispute.

    Security Council neither, has set up such an organ or given any such direction for you to set up or investigate. That power of the Security Council cannot delegate and in fact has not been delegated to you.

    d) Your powers as the Secretary-General of U N is defined -in Article 99 and you as the Chief Administrative Officer are empowered to bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter which in your opinion may threaten the international peace and security. But you have not been empowered to take any initiatives on your own or to set up any organ including any panel of experts to advise you or for otherwise.

    e) Without prejudice to that, if your position is correct that it was a panel to advise you, it is crystal clear that you have breached Article 100 of the Charter of the United Nations which reads thus;

    Article 100 (1)
    In the performance of their duties the Secretary General and the staff shall not seek or receive instructions from any government or from any other authority external to the organization. They shall refrain from any action which might reflect on their positions as international officials responsible only to the organization.

    Article 100 (2)
    Each member of the United Nations undertakes to respect the exclusively international character of the responsibilities of the Secretary-General and the staff and not to seek to influence them in the discharge of their responsibilities.
    If it is a panel to advise you, you have no right whatsoever and under no circumstances to deliver its reports to anybody or any party or publish it in any territory.

    f) In any event your purported panel of experts’ report is against all the principles and norms of natural justice including the principle of audi altered partem.

    By appointing a panel and publishing a purported report adverse to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka you have made serious and blatant breaches of the Charter of the United Nations. By your conduct you have virtually arrogated to yourself the powers of the Security Council of the United Nations.

    While the misunderstanding and distrust among communities diminishing and when the pall of gloom is fading away, your initiative to appoint a panel and publish a report adverse to Sri Lanka will negate all meaningful efforts, thereby throwing everything into disarray. Any disruption of the stabilizing efforts to foster good relations among communities, and to revive the economy of the country have to be attributed to you and you will be held responsible for the possible calamitous situations likely to occur in the future in Sri Lanka.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    No way!

    #3 may be done but the same rights are already there.

    Other things should NOT be done.

    The heavy price Tamils paid is fair considering their support for Tamil Elam. That is the price any community must pay for putting up with separatist views. But your numbers are rubbish. They are LTTE numbers.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    “In the said backdrop and under the following legal provisions your decision to appoint a so called Panel of Experts, to obtain a report from it and to publish such a report is illegal and illegitimate per se and it amounts to a gross violation of the Charter 6f the United Nations on the following amongst other grounds.”

    Partly wrong.

    Many such panels were appointed by the UNSG. He has the authority to do so. But he has no authority to investigate alleged war crimes or appoint a panel to investigate alleged war crimes (he didn’t do it). Now the joker has admitted he cannot proceed any further on the matter.

  10. Dham Says:

    What should be done to stop Tamils cry is,
    1. Amend the constitution include a statement that all races and religous groups have equal status. Any individaul violating this rule will be punished by freezing of all assests.

    With this the traditional Thesavalamai Law will be gone. AndyLingam is welcomed any whre in Sir Lanka as it always was. But AndiLingam cannot refuce to sell land to Sinhalese.

    This is all India has and they are talking big. Tamils in India can speak Indian ( Hindi) now. Soon all in India will speak only Indian.

  11. andylingam Says:

    Hi AnuD /Lorenzo
    If We want have lasting peace in our mother lanka we should decenralise all power to all 9 provincial council !
    for this We have right person in power now !!!
    Long life to President Mahinda Rajapaksa !

  12. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ban Ki Moon a culprit who sends South Korean troops to Iraq to support U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Norway, Spain, Italy and Poland invasion, when he was foreign minister of Korea under corrupted President Roh Moo Hyun who committed suicide in 2009 after bribery allegations.
    What is U.N.O has a moral to appoint a person who supported to invade another independent country and massacred more than a million civilians and nearly a million internally displaced. He is a war criminal and should send to ICC for war crimes with Bush, Obama, Rice, Powel, Hillary, Tony Blair, John Howard and other criminals. U.N.S.G post is not for a war criminal. This is the reason he is deaf and dumb in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya issue.
    Mr Moon, abused of power and appointed South Korean nationals in key posts. He personally influenced and increased South Korea’s henchmen in U.N. ranks by more than 20 percent during his first year in office. This is his racism and corruption.
    The other corrupted appointment was former New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Cleark as a head of UNDP, (third highest rank in U.N.O). This woman was rejected by her countrymen and lost her positions as a Prime Minister due to her inefficiency. She was a political junk. A politician who fails to solve problems in one of the smallest nation in the world (only 4 million population) appointed as head of UN Development Programme. What qualifications she is having to hold this post? Her appointment also well-known favoritism of Moon as Helen supported Moon’s candidacy for UNSG. This is a bribe to Helen by Moon.

  13. andylingam Says:

    All Sinhala Brothers & Sisters !
    This is best opportunity to have lasting peace in our mother lanka ( devaluation – 13 Plus ), than we all SRILANKAN united together against UN report !

  14. Lorenzo Says:



    We already have peace in Sri Lanka. There is nothing more we need in terms of peace.

    If decentralisation brings “peace”, we don’t want that kind of “peace”. Bust it. War is better.

  15. andylingam Says:

    Thanks Lorenzo

  16. Sri Rohana Says:

    Our topic is Ban Ki Moon but decentralizing topic came as high. Provincial council concept is not a Sri Lankans idea it is a carbon copy of Indian racisms based federal system. That is how they have states. Ex. Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Theligu, Kannadi , tamil etc.
    After propose 9 provincial councils to Sri Lanka why there are special provisions for North and East to merge? Why only tamil provincial councils to merge?
    This is their three-stage plan to trap us, and the stepping-stone to eelam.
    1) Provincial councils North and East and later Uva province and Nuwara Eliya to merge with them.
    2) Federal State and get the control power. Tamil nadu racist expansionist can operate in North and East much more easily then now. Tamil nadu racist can train tamils, supply military aids and manpower when they want. (Entire world know that LTTE and every tamil terrorists groups were trained by tamil nadu and Indian RAW).
    3) Federalism to eelam at anytime. They will get 1/3 land, 5/6sea shore, from Mannar to Katharagama. India will happily merge eelam to tamil nadu.

    Real problem will start after declare eelam. Tamil racists definitely invade Sri Lanka with the support of 60 million tamil nadians.

    This was DMK’s Annadurai in 1940’s said that Lanka and world’s best natural harbor Trincomalee to take under tamil nadu? M.G Ramachandran said in 1950’s the same. Malaysian born tamil Chelvanayagam wanted the same. Vadukodai resolution is also for the same. tamil nadu second generation velupillai prabakaran for the eelam first. Now Sampanthan wants “ First federal then eelam” isn’t it tamils agenda Andylingam?

  17. andylingam Says:

    Sri Rohana

    Honest answer for your question as true ilankai puthalvan ( Lanka Puththa ) is YES !.

  18. ranjit Says:

    Andy dont shed crocodile tears.You cry for one child killed by our AirForce bombs. How many of your terrorits friends killed ours and yours during thirty years including new born babies,pregnanat women,Fathers,Mothers,brothers,sisters politicians even religious prists. Didnt you cry at that time. How about when they killed Kadirgama? The most popular Tamil son of ours did you cried when he died Andy? He was a true Tamil gentleman liked by many. UN report is garbage and it was rejected by decent peace loving countries around the world. You may like it Andy because you people are born liers and think of yourselves only.

    You people have all the freedom now live where ever you like,eat any food you like taste some from the south as we taste yours and like very much. It’s peace all around so why you demand more and more. Thank God for what you get and try to live peacefully side by side with all races happily and harmonously.

  19. andylingam Says:

    Hi Ranjit
    Ref: How many of your terrorits friends killed
    Who told you VP & co was my friends ?
    killing a one year child in no fire zone tent is not brave Job Ranjit?

    Hi Sri Rohana
    We ilankai Tamil may marry a sinhala girls but not marry Tamil Nadhu girls ( alway few exception) so how you expecting We will invade with Tamil Nadhu Tamils ( I am not saying Ilankai tamil won’t invade from Eelam to srilanka )

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