African National Congress should ask UNSG for a Panel to ‘Bin Laden’s killing’ as well
Posted on May 7th, 2011

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

The African National Congress had made a statement endorsing the Report by Ban Ki Moon’s Panel. And had asked Sri Lanka to investigate violations of Human Rights committed during the war.
The ANC says, that they have high regard for the Report, because Yasmin Sooke, who according to them is a prominent South African jurist, served in the panel. Further, another obvious reason is Navi Pillai of the UN is a product of South Africa. So she too may have a finger in this.
The ANC should ask Ban Ki Moon to appoint a panel into Bin Laden’s killing because of the ambiguous statements made by Obama and his officials. At first Obama said that there was a fire-fight which lasted 40 minutes and Bin Laden had an AK 47 and a Pistol within his reach. Later officials who made statements rejected any notions of a fire-fight. Bin Laden’s daughter (12) had claimed that her father was captured alive and then executed in front of her. Bin Laden using his wife as a shield, was retracted. So there is a mix of stories lacking tangible evidence.
Further, the US had violated Pakistan’s sovereignity by sending specially equipped radar evading helicopters and killing an unarmed man, who did not resist, even though he was an ‘international terrorist’. Therefore, if The African National Congress is so concerned about Human Rights, it should without being a torch holder to super powers, the UN and Navi pillai should ask Ban Ki Moon to appoint a Panel into Bin Laden’s killing, as well. And leave Sri Lanka alone

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Nelson Mandela maybe crying inside his heart for not seeing his South Africa as he wanted to be. ANC have not fulfilled their promises to the people of South Africa and that’s why so many die hard ANC supporters have left the party. Cheryl Cwela the wife of the ANC state minister has sentenced to 12 years in prison for drug trafficking. This is the state of ANC now.

    They are stooges of white empire still and that of course we cannot change so let them join with the Banki Monn bandwagon and demand anything but we should not take it seriously instead our Government should send emisary’s around the world to get friendly support for our cause explaining the truth to the world. When we killed tha Barbarian Prabakaran in 2009 Desmand Tutu and some was against it and they were supporting the terrorists so this is not new. We should identify who are the enemies and who the friends in this world for us to continue our peaceful journey.

  2. Ariya Says:

    ANC is commie outfit, and who can believe in commies?

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ms Navi Pillai, Head of the UNHRC, being a Tamil and a product of South Africa must have a bearing on the Moon Panel. She had made a statement to the Press that she backs the Moon Panel Report (Lanka Page reported this). Also, where is Radhika Coomaraswamy’s voice these days ? She too is with the UNHRC. Both women must be participating in these actions, unseen.

    Also, the UN has been trying for decades to label the Dalit problem of India, (about 165 Million Dalits, 5 Million in Tamil Nadu), as a Human Rights violation, and failed to do so. Ms Pillai seems to be trying her best to do so now implicating Sri Lanka GoSL of HR violations. India is yet to comment on the Moon Panel Report.

    For our own sake, we should now attempt to disclose to the whole world the ltte HR violations through 30 plus years in Sri Lanka, aided by various agencies inimical to Lanka. Lankans will be able to identify their true friends from this incident. Let’s look at what we can gain on the positive side through the Moon Panel negative action.

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