Rathika Sitasabaiesan, MP for Scarborough-Riouge River: suggested APPC to study alleged war crimes as reported in Darusman Report
Posted on May 30th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grover Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

28 May 2011

Hon. John Baird, MP., PC., Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hon. Vic Toews, MP., PC., Minister of Public Safety
Hon. Peter Van Loan, MP., PC., Leader of the Government in the House of  Commons
Hon. Jason Kenney, MP, PC., Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
Hon. Julian Fantino, MP., Associate Minister of National Defence

Dear Ministers Baird, Toews, Van Loan, Kenney and Fantino:

Re:  Rathika Sitasabaiesan, NDP MP for Scarborough Rough River : her  set priority in the House  is to form an All Party  Parliamentary Committee to study the  unapproved Security Council UN (Darushman) Report on Sri Lanka

Honourable Gentlemen, permit me to congratulate all of you for winning your ridings to represent your constituents in Parliament and being appointed to the Cabinet.

It is fair dinkum for me to bring to your notice how aghast I was when I read a news report of what our rookie NDP MP, the Special advisor on Tamil affairs to NDPs  Jack Layton had said during an interview with BBC’s Sinhala Service Sandeshaya that “she will take the initiative to form an All Party Parliamentary Committee (APPC) to look into the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka during the last stages of the war, and that she would get the APPC to come up with recommendations for the Canadian government over the UN expert panel report will be a priority.”

As a senior I was absolutely shocked and disappointed by this rookie MP’s announcement of her set priority coming just out of the gate, which did not resonate with older Canadians like me, not prioritizing to address pension reform, caregiver support, poverty among pensioners and elder abuse.  These are the pressing issues for us seniors to move quickly on rather than tying up parliament’s valuable working time with a UN unapproved report on Sri Lanka  on alleged war crimes, which most of us couldn’t care two washed up capelin on the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I suppose this rookie couldn’t care less whether parliament would act swiftly or not to improve the quality of life for all Canadians as we age, but what she wants is to form an All Party Parliamentary Committee to look into the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka during the last five months of the Tamil Eelam War when the Tamil Tigers were wiped out militarily on 18 May 2009.  It is obvious that this is a concern for her as her Facebook pages did display the Tamil Tiger flag prominently before it was taken out a few days after she was elected to parliament on May 2.

  1. 1. The “ƒ”¹…”UN Expert Panel Report’ : that she is quoting is the one that Ban ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the UN got done without being sanctioned by the UN Security Council.   It is a report compiled on a private initiative by Ban ki-Moon and had no nexus with the UN.  The Secretary General Ban ki-Moon clearly violated his functions under Article 100, Clause 1 of the UN Charter which provides guidance for him as the Secretary-General to maintain his strict neutrality.  Thus this possible request by the rookie NDP  MP should not be accommodated by the Conservative caucus.

  1. 2. The UN Expert Panel appointed by Ban ki-Moon is a cause for concern regarding the partiality of these panelists and should not have been appointed in the first place.

The panel was headed by by Marzuki Darusman, a former Attorney General of Indonesia who was also a member of the International Group of Eminent Persons (IIEGP).  This Group was invited in March 2008 to observe Sri Lanka’s Presidential Commission looking into alleged serious violations of Human Rights.  I am afraid, Darusman left the IIEGP in a huff disagreeing with the Sri Lanka Government and yet signed the IIEGP Report without paying a single visit to Sri Lanka to ascertain himself the actual ground situation.  It is such a report that rookie MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan wants you all to spend your valuable time in an All Party Parliamentary Committee to study it!  Would you?  I wouldn’t touch it even with a barge pole!

The second panelist appointed by Ban ki-Moon was Steven Ratner an adviser to a non-Governmental Organization known as Human Rights Watch (HRW) that has been very critical of Sri Lanka and not the Tamil Tiger terrorists from the very inception of the Tamil terrorist Eelam War.  Ratner has also co-authored a book with Jason Adams titled Accountability for Human Rights: Atrocities in International Law beyond the Nuremberg legacy.  On page 123 of this book he has stated that the “ƒ”¹…”convention on banning apartheid should be invoked in relations to countries such as Sri Lanka.”  With this backgrounder Steven Ratner should have been dismissed instantly as a panelist to undertake this assignment.  It is such a report that rookie MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan wants you all to spend your valuable time in an All Party Parliamentary Committee to study it!  Would you?  I wouldn’t touch it even for a sack full of North West Territories diamonds.

The third panelist was the South African Yasmin Sooka who is a close associate of the South African Tamil Navi Pillai who is the patron of the Sooka Foundation, and also responsible for the failed resolution that was brought against Sri Lanka before UNHRC in May 2009.  This clearly shows her bias and should not have been a panelist.  This UN Darusman Report is an embarrassment and a joke coming out of UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon’s office.  It is such a report that rookie MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan wants you all to waste your time studying it in an All Party Parliamentary Committee! Would you?  I wouldn’t, not even for all the silk in China.

  1. 3. You will be wasting your time as this “ƒ”¹…”Moon-Darusman Report’ is incurably flawed.  The panelists begin insisting that they have no investigative power and not embarking on any investigation at all.  And yet, on the first page of the executive summary, they say, “The panel’s mandate however does not extend to fact finding investigation.”  Yet, on page 3 of the main report, it says “The panel has not conducted fact finding as that term is understood in United Nations practice.”

Then again on page 6 of the main report, it says “The panel and United Nations officials repeatedly made clear to the government the scope of its mandate as an advisory panel to the Secretary-General including that it was not engaged in any investigation.”  And once again on page 14 it stresses that “the panel’s mandate precludes fact finding or investigation.”  Thus, these are repeated emphatic statements that this report by this Ban ki-Moon-Darushman is not a UN panel and was not a fact finding body and that it has no investigative authority whatsoever.

As such what has been this rookie NDP MP’s problem wanting to study this report by an All Party Parliamentary Committee tying down the valuable parliamentary time unnecessarily?

  1. 4. While the UN celebrated the killing of Osama bin Laden the leader of Al Qaeda, the UN tried to help the most ruthless Tamil terrorist group  and its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to flee in May 2009, before they were wiped out after haemorrhaging that little island for nearly 30 years that saw over 100,000 die together with two heads of state, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka.

The question that needs to be answered is, was this embarrassment meted out to the UN by the Sri Lankan Government that made Ban ki-Moon to try to get a one-up revenge attack by getting his three person Expert Panel produce this report?

The surviving Tamil Tiger leader Selvarasa Pathmanathan ( aka KP) the former chief arms smuggler for the terrorists told Indian Website Indian Post that the UN, the world body was trying to arrange a ship for top figures to flee in May 2009.  He said that the UN together with a Western government tried to save Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger leadership from the final offensive that eventually wiped them out.  This was reported in the Indian media on 24 May.  I smell a rat among the UN personnel when coming to deal with this Moon-Darushman Report which the rookie NDP  MP wants to give credence to.

  1. 5. Tamil-Canadian children growing up being brain-washed about the Eelam war. It is important to place this intention by NDP’s rookie MP, Rathika Sitasabaiasan into perspective when she said that her priority in parliament would be to take the initiative to form an All Party Parliamentary Committee to look into the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka in Moon-Darushman Report (UN Expert Panel Report).

Most of us who watched the CTV reports on television during the April and May 2009 demonstrations by thousands of Tamils on Parliament Hill and along Wellington Street in Ottawa, saw a television reporter approaching a child at a road barrier, perhaps six years old wearing a T-shirt with the portrait of the Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran on his chest and waving a red Tamil Tiger flag.  When he was asked by the reporter, “Why are you demonstrating”, he said without batting an eyelid, “Because they are killing our people”, referring to his Tamil people.

When asked by the reporter “Who are they?” promptly came the reply, “I don’t know!”  When the reporter pointed to his chest and asked him, “Who is this person on your T-shirt?”  The answer came pat, “I don’t know!”  Such was the brain washing of the Tamil children, who should have been attending school, and not standing on roadsides taking part in this circus with their parents and families waving the Tamil Tiger flag which had little meaning for them, yet wanting to support their  parents who want their mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil state Eelam and requesting the Canadian Government to save the Tamil Tigers who were now cornered in a sliver of beach sand in the east coast and  going down to oblivion by every approaching day.

On parliament hill that afternoon, a very senior TV reporter interviewed a young female who was introduced as a student from a university in Toronto.  During her defense on why she was demonstrating carrying a Tamil Tiger flag, she said, to this effect, “You people don’t know, when we Tamils land in Colombo we are shot dead by the government soldiers on the tarmac.”  What disappointed me was that this senior reporter wasn’t quick on the draw to ask her, “You surprise me with your comment.  You Tamils must be having a death wish when you know that you are being shot dead when you step onto to the tarmac from the plane, then why are your people going to Sri Lanka in plane loads?  You all shouldn’t be going to Sri Lanka, anyway, if you and your parents arrived in Canada as convention refugees”.  That is indeed the story of the lies of the brain-washed Tamil children growing up in Canada, blinkered to the ground reality back in Sri Lanka.  Knowing nothing, having being brought up in Canada and having their minds poisoned and programmed by the adults against the majority Sinhalese community in Sri Lanka and the island’s government.

According to the EMBASSY it is also important to note that this rookie NDP MP was brought to Canada by her parents when she was 5 years old.  If her parent’s intention was to provide her a better life away from Sri Lanka, then I doff my hat to her as she is a product of a success story of new Tamil immigrants, who has not let her parents down and done well in life with three University degrees, I believe, and now a member of parliament.   I say, “Way to go girl!”

At the same time, she should also thank her lucky stars, as it wouldn’t have been the government soldiers that she should have been worrying about but the Tamil Tigers who would have kidnapped her on her way to school and forced her to become a Tamil Tigress in their over 5000 odd Baby Brigade and trained her to fight the adult Eelam war on the front lines to die with gun shot wounds, or trained to become a suicide bomber and blow herself up for the wanting of an adult’s mythical Eelam.   She should also be  thankful to her parents to have brought her over, and yet resentful towards  the Tamil Tigers who she seems to have, according to her Facebook pages some affiliation, to have expected her to bite on the cyanide capsule strung around her neck when she was cornered by the Government soldiers,  but yet the  leaders of the Tamil Tigers, Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman and the rest being cowards not wanting to bite on that cyanide capsule but wanted the international community to save their  lives by whisking them and their families out of the troubled battle ground.  That is a reality check for this rookie MP.

  1. 6. While this rookie NDP MP is trying to search for her roots and trying to correct through the Canadian parliament what she perceives has gone wrong in Sri Lanka where she came from, I wonder whether she found out the truth and not got things horribly skewed in her mind because of  the cunning and false information given to her by other Tamils.

  • · Gentleman, did she find out that when the Tamil-Sinhalese riots occurred on July 25, 1983, that Sri Lanka’s top cop, the Inspector General of Police was a Tamil; the island’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was a Tamil; that the Attorney General was a Tamil; that three of the top diplomatic postings abroad including London (UK)  as well as several junior postings were enjoyed by the Tamils, and did she ask the question, and if this is so why were my Tamil  people fighting and massacring the Sinhalese as they did at Dollar and Kent Farm in Welioya on 30 November 1984, killing 62 unarmed Sinhalese including women and children?

  • · Gentlemen, did she find out that when the Tamil-Sinhalese riots occurred on July 25, 1983, that according to the census of 1981, that unemployment among Tamils were 6.7% compared to 25.9% among the majority Sinhalese, and did she ask the question, if so why did my Tamil people shoot and kill 120 Sinhalese Buddhist devotees who were meditating under the Bodhi tree in Anuradhapura on 14 May 1985?

  • · Gentlemen, did she find out that when the Tamil-Sinhalese riots took place on July 25, 1983 that among her 12.6% Tamil population 35.1 % were doctors, 24.7% were dentists, 32.8% were veterinary doctors, 41.5% were life scientists, 30.2% were medical technicians, 29.9% were surveyors, 24.3% were engineering technicians, 27.8% were survey draughtsmen and 15.9% were top public sector administrators, and did she ask the question, if this is so why did my Tamil people shoot and kill 122 Sinhalese including woman and children in the Kithuluthuwa Bus attack on the Habarana-Trincomalee Highway on 17 April 1987?

  • · Gentlemen, did she find out that when the Tamil-Sinhalese riots took place on

July 25, 1983 that even when her low caste Tamils had to worship their deities standing outside the Hindu Kovils in the hot sun while her high caste Tamils worshiped inside the same Kovil but the low caste Tamils were allowed to worship inside shrine rooms of Buddhist temples where the Sinhalese worshipped, and yet did she ask the question, if so then why were my Tamil people fighting the Sinhalese and stop a bus carrying 33 Buddhist novice monks and their chief monk-mentor massacre and brutally mutilate them in Aranthalawa on 2 June 1987?

  • · Gentlemen, did she find out that when the Tamil-Sinhalese riots took place on 25 July 1983 that the Jaffna Educational District had 555 Government Schools for a mainly Tamil student population of 207,524, where as Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka had 251 such schools for a multi-ethnic student population  of 231,690 students, and the Sri Lankan-Tamils enjoyed a literacy rate of 88.3% compared to 86.5% for the majority Sinhalese, and yet did she ask the question, why so then did my Tamil people fight the majority Sinhalese asking for a separate Tamil state  saying that we have been discriminated and persecuted and bombed the Colombo-Pettah bus stand on 21 April 1987 killing 110 civilians and injuring 298 others?

Gentlemen she certain will not get answers to all the above by forming an All Party Parliamentary Committee to study the  Ban ki-Moon-Darusman Report of the alleged war crimes that took place during the last five months of the 27- year long Eelam war.  As I have pointed out the Tamil Tiger terrorists were  no innocent Saints nor were they Babes-in-the-Woods as their killing sprees went back to the early 80s converting all of Sri Lanka into a  huge sickening killing field.  I hope she understands this and sees through the cunning fairy tales by her senior Tamils.

Sri Lanka has just celebrated two years of peace with no Tamil Tiger bombs going off willy-nilly in every nook and corner of the island killing unarmed innocent civilians since the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists were wiped out on 18 May 2009.  The world has watched President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government engaged in bringing the two communities that were in conflict together through a process of restorative justice and development in the North and East. Unfortunately, this controversial Darusman Report that the rookie NDP MP feels it is her priority to use to meddle with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs with an intention to have a retributive justice to punish the victorious party for getting rid of the Tamil Tiger terrorists of her tribe, is not sound nor helpful at this juncture.

However, if she thinks that the last 5-months of the 27 year-old war is what is important to pin Sri Lanka to the wall on the alleged human rights violations which amounts to war crimes, perhaps she should be at least be fair to her conscience and expand her field of vision of human rights and consider the following with the present ground situation as a reality check on Sri Lanka and its democratically elected government.

  • · By wiping out the Tamil Tigers on 18 May 2009, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government  gave back to the 22 million Sri Lankans, and that includes the Tamils, the “ƒ”¹…”right-to-life’ which was hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists of her tribe who were branded as the most ruthless terrorists in the world by the UN;
  • · No longer do morning commuters get on buses and trains making the signs of the cross or putting their palms together in prayer, wanting to get back home in the evening in one piece and not in a casket filled with a puzzle of flesh, bones, arms, legs and parts of the brain having been blown  to smithereens by a bomb planted by the Tamil Tigers, members of her tribe, which was almost a daily occurrence in Colombo and its suburbs;
  • · That  over 700 of the  government soldiers also died during the last five months of the war trying to save 300,000 Tamils, members of her tribe who were held hostage by the Tamil Tigers for a harrowing 30 months as a human shield and shot at by the Tamil Tigers when they tried to escape;
  • · That the  Sri Lankan soldiers were the angels of the day when they carried the old  Tamil grandfathers and grandmothers and the feeble cradled in their arms  like babies, dodging Tamil Tiger bullets to safety, and the old folk planting kisses of thanks saying “theruwan saranai putha” (May the triple gem Bless you, son);
  • · That when the 300,000 Tamils, members of her tribe were liberated from the Tamil Tigers clutches by the  Sri Lankan soldiers and brought to safety that it were the members of majority Sinhalese  community who cooked a million meals a day to feed these Tamil refugees breakfast, lunch and dinner a day, and no one went starving;
  • · That when just over a 1000 child Tamil Tiger Baby Brigade soldiers were saved by the Government soldiers, they were well looked after by the Government and provided  special class room tutoring and most of them are reading to enter University to become, doctors, lawyers and engineers, not let them waste away with despair;
  • · That two years after the end of the war that 95 percent of the Tamil refugees who were housed in temporary camps have been sent to their original homes after having them being repaired, rebuilt and the infrastructures made good, the terrain demined, and the villages that were devastated by the Tamil Tigers during the war being normalized;
  • · That five months ago when I visited Sri Lanka that I walked a mile long shopping drag in the heart of  the capital Colombo (Main Street, Pettah) and 90% of the shops were owned by Tamils and patronized by the Sinhalese;
  • · That 41% of the population of the capital of Colombo were Tamils and were happily living there and earning a very profitable living as entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, public servants, diplomats, and you name a profession and the Tamils are well entrenched in it;
  • · That 75% of a well-to-do-rich real estate of  Colombo’s suburb, Wellawatta, the Ottawa’s Rothwell Heights of Colombo, are owned by Tamils, her people, and no Sinhalese has asked them to pack their bags and go up north.  And  it is heartening to know that there are inter-marriages between the Tamils and Sinhalese almost every month;
  • · That over a million Tamils who refused to get on a plane to land at Lester Pearson International Airport in Toronto and ask for refugee status saying that they have been discriminated, stayed put as they enjoyed equal rights and not felt discriminated in Sri Lanka;
  • · That Trincomalee District in the East of the island is normal and prospering since the war ended and there are no evidence of war damage remaining either within the huge Trincomalee Fort or outside;
  • · That the small towns in the North are prospering again with shops filled with local and imported goods that they had never seen for 27-years during the Eelam war, and the faces of the Tamil people are full of smiles and they are happy and they certainly want to live peacefully and happily ever after;
  • · The Jaffna farmers in the North among the best in the island have shown their resilience by expanding their agricultural production within two years after the war ended.  Amazing stuff!

Gentlemen, let’s give PEACE A CHANCE in Sri Lanka.  She deserves it and she has earned it after 27-years of death and destruction at the hands of the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists.  Let’s not have this rookie NDP MP  be the spoiler for her Tamil people in Sri Lanka, especially in the North and East  and ruin it for them who want to live there happily ever after and who  have no compunction to get on a plane and land at the Lester Pearson Airport and say that they are refugees, because they don’t feel that they have a reason to feel that way.

Let’s tell this rookie NDP MP that there are other priorities that the Canadians would very much like her to engage in, for which she was elected to perform “”…” like the economy, universal-public health system and the Canada Health Act, to maintain stable federal funding while increasing accountability for health care spending, to work collaboratively with the provinces and territories to renew the Health Accord and to continue to reduce wait time; the environment, pensions for seniors, and much more.

Let us ask this rookie NDP MP to put a sock in her mouth regarding wanting to form an All Party Parliamentary Committee to study a private Darusman Report on Sri Lanka which  is flawed all over.  Let us be smart about this report.  This is not a UN report nor does it bear the stamp of the UN”¦zip.  It was not initiated by the members of the UN nor its prime body, the Security Council as I have explained earlier.

Let us keep the Conservative Caucus out of her destructive Tamil ploy.  Let’s give Sri Lanka, her long wanted Peace a Chance.


Asoka Weerasinghe

22 Responses to “Rathika Sitasabaiesan, MP for Scarborough-Riouge River: suggested APPC to study alleged war crimes as reported in Darusman Report”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Mokingbird is right. Cyril Mathew was one of the first Ministers to resign after Rajiv Gandhi took over Sri Lanka and modified the constitution. Cyril mathew’s father was a true SINHALA patriot. He told British just before he was executed; Shoot my horse first because I DO NOT WANT ANY DIRTY ENGLISHMAN TO RIDE MY HORSE. Sinhala must not forget these heros. They started the attack on British occupiers which ended only in May 19th 2011. Unfortunate side of the story is that Pramadasa threatened Nanada Mathew, who is Cryil mathew’s son, if he changes sides he will kill him. So, Nanda Mathew became a non-entity. Asoka does a great job by exposing these clandestine groups operating inside their parliaments or outside, in their respective countries, but he must also alert the Rajapkse administration to take steps to inform the respective country that these activites are illeagal and are against the sovereign state of Sri Lanka. I don’t think this COW Rathika was born in Sri Lanka; if I had my way I will send her to a BROTHEL near a KOVILA in TAMIL NADU. Every kovila in Tami Nadu has a brothel next to it. When she is too old for the job send her back to CANADA.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    While upholding national interests, lets not give into racism.

    Some anti-nationalists use racism to cover their anti-national core. That doesn’t work.

    Cyril Matthew had his good but he blew it all up by his anti-Tamil attitude and violence against Tamils. He never managed to defeat at least 1% of Tamil terrorists. Those who defeated Tamil terrorists NEVER used racism in ANY WAY. They even spoke in Tamil at the UN!

    There are no brothels near EVERY kovil in Tamil Nadu.

    Please gentlemen, lets not give into racism.

    Asoka’s article here will be quoted and re-quoted by a number of other sites with links to here. Visitors will also read the comments.

  3. aravinda Says:


    Inflame racial passions in Sri Lanka.

    Make terrorism work. Fund LTTE. Call Prabakaran Saviour.

    Get the terrorists to kill children, women and monks, bomb temples, kill parliamentarians and start a war.

    Get the Governments to act against terror by using armed forces.

    Cry loud at Canadian Embassy. Get refugee Visa OR Catch a boat by paying US $45,000.

    Arrive in Canada. Get PR. Live off Canadian Tax payers.

    Get children educated in Canadian Universities. Brain wash them with hatred.

    Buy an air ticket, go to Sri Lanka for holidays.

  4. sanath sirisena Says:

    My request to all these Hon. M.P.’ and the NDP leader who cries for the vote to get into power must appoint a special committee to caryout a survey what that murderer prabakaran (may he rotten in hell) did to innoncent sinhala villagers and the tamils who were against terrorism by killing them in a grusome manner. This murderer prbahkaran was responsible for the lives of more than 100,000 killed over 30 years of terror.

    Come on gentlemen, wake up and think of this beautiful country by getting rid of this hatred woman who got the votes of tamils living in her riding and the NDP Shame goes to the acts of this nature .

    Every educated level head people in this country knows that Mr.Jack Layton encouraging all this nonsense for the purpose of coming into power and not for the love tamils.

    Dear Mr Jack layton just to remind you that ‘TRUTH PREVAILS’ on the statstics given by our great writer Mr. Asoka Weerasinghe.

    Ms. Rathika S. now that you have won your seat, pleas start flying kites. You are also invited to our beautiful land Sri Lanka and to go to visit Jaffna without any fear of land mines or getting killed by a tamil terrorist.

  5. jimmy Says:

    I agree it is extremly important for the Hon MP to look after the people who elected her ( Canadians )
    Patriotisim is extremly important . People say Be a Roman when you are in Rome
    If you are a Canadian , give all your love affection kindness to the Country first
    As an MP it is important prioritizing to address pension reform, caregiver support, poverty among pensioners elder abuse youth unemployment and so on

    When I was a kid in Lanka I was not patriotic to Mother Lanka I am ashame of it now
    I am in my early 40s and I still do not know what went wrong
    Tamil leaders and sinhala laeaders screw-d us
    Sinhalese should ask what went wrong what they need to do to make every one comfortable , be patriotic ,
    Tamils should and must first love the country ( make the lankan flag at home) be honest

    I am an American citizen and I love USA . I have the right to attend meetings practise my faith in politics and religion

    We have something common Asoka I am a Republican like the way you are a conservative.
    It is my personal belief abortion is wrong and people are liable for their crimes ( I am for capital punishment )
    I am also for small government
    The point is be honest to the country where you are a citizen . Never cheat or abuse
    JFK said never ask whet the country can give you but what you can give to the country

    I have wonderful sinhala friends whom I call my brothers ( I do not care they feel the same way I do)
    I find my sinhala friends are very outspoken, blunt they talk from their heart whether you agree or disagree
    They get angry very often when they do not agree
    once they becme friends they give up everything for true friendship. I love my friends whether they think of me as friend or not

    Can we all please be kind and loving towards to each other

  6. jayt Says:

    why western men and women hate Sinhalese? did they steel any land belong to them or did they support any terrorist group against them like they did against Sinhalese

  7. jimmy Says:

    Agree with you Lorenzo
    SInce I have many sinhala friends I can tell you they only talk or write things like this
    Most of the time They honestly do not mean. They are decent people
    machan is the majic word they use . I never felt different when I am with their company
    Machan we all can get along
    It is my opinion

    Your perception is wrong . There are lot of Americans love Srilanka . They love Srilankans
    I truly pray Srlanka will beat Singapore one day . Our standard of education is much higher than any nations

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Your Consevative Party accepted more Tamils as refugees in the past. Why didn’t you voice at that time? Because your UNP created the “Tamil” refugees to Canada by supporting LTTE.

    But your Christians never felt “as Sri Lankans” in Sri Lanka. How? Your Christians always want Sri lanka must wag the tail to England!! Better preach your ideology to Fr. Emmanuel who barked the LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST!

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You are a fool. Why cannot you send your mother or wife to a Nilaweli beach resort where WHITES need Sinhala women? Dont you feel shame to send thousands of Sinhala women to the bedrooms of Arabs? Did you send your females to Arabia for a living?

    Even in Colombo you can make money with your females! I hope you do the same!

    Further Cyril mathew’s ancestors came from South India for cinnomon peeling! I think his “Tamil” blood created mockery against Tamils like the Malayalee gangs of JRJ!

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    As usual you show extreme racism and your inner hate for everything non-Tamil. For your information, none of the things you mentioned happened or happens. But all those things unfortunately happened to Tamil women under IPKF and LTTE rule and still happen in the Tamil Diaspora and in Tamil Nadu. Don’t judge other’s mothers, wives, etc. by your family standards.

  11. thurai Says:

    We all Sri Lankans must unit under one roof to safegurd Peoples of Sri Lanka. What did Chelve & Co reach for the Tamils? What did LTTE Reach? What did DMK and Karunanidhi reach for the Tamils? All used the Tamil for their own benefit not for the Tamil community anywhere. Now Rathika Sitasabaiesan started in western contries to get political and financial benefit with the Tamil. She a small grass grown from last night rain. in future come more grasses everywhere.

    The brained wasched Tamils in westrern countries are like Tamilnadu Tamils who were brainwashed by
    DMK and Karunanidhi.Now they realised the truth. Karunanidhi family will go to Jail, but Tamils were
    cheated for the last 50 years. The same will happen to TGTE and other Cheaters. live together with peace and equal rights without any discrimination is the only way to defeat those devil.

  12. jimmy Says:

    Kit and Mudali
    You both need to think twice before you write
    shame on you both using defamatory comments

    People can judge a person from the way he or she write things
    I am very disappointed on both of you

    use your head when writing instead of your D–k

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    MSM has been warned by the Editor earlier for making ‘HATE ” comments on Race and Religion. This time he is asking a subscriber to this column to take his MOTHER AND WIFE to the Nilaweli Beach to sleep with the Whites. this very derogatory. I believe Editor will take notice.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    Agree. On the other hand, Mu-dalit has shown the hatred, vulgarity and malice inherent in sections of the Tamil Diaspora. This is very real. Mu-dalit is a hardcore racist.

  15. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sofar no comments on the Sinhala fool kit!

    Racism is the esssence of Sri lankan politics. When you degrade a person because he is a Tamil, your Sinhala mind happily accept it!

    Check your ancestry. You are a convert from Kerala Dalits! Your converted Dalits of Colombo are always behind the racist riots.

    Dont cry so much because you happily accept the comments of Kit and other Sinhala racists. In Sri Lanka prostitution is encouraged in the name of tourism! Poor people are the victims! KIT must be a pimp in the business!

    You Sinhala fools dont understand how Tamils become powerful in Toronto. Use your brain instead of barking like stoned dogs!

    Sinhalese always bark about their majority but unable to solve any problem. You guys need FOREIGN dollars. Canada spend millions in Sri lanka. If the opposition ask to axe them, Canadian government will consider.

    Canadian parliament is different from Sri lankan parliament which is under the Emergencey rule.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    No Mu-dalit. I have no Portuguese or Kerala or worse, Tamil Nadu connection.

    OTOH your name says you are Dalit! Mu-dalit = this one is Dalit.

    Mu-dalit, the parlaiment is not under the emergency law. The parliament is the only place where it is not under the emergency regulations. It is part of parliamentary privilege.

  17. thurai Says:

    Dear Friends,

    Please keep in mind before start writing not to incite anyone. All racial violences have one reason.
    Incitation by politicians for their own benefit. We have to approach the problems with friendly way. If we
    fight between us all politicians will cheat their communities . We must understand politicians want
    problems between the communities to become a leader, Or they promise to help poors. What is happeing really?
    poor are going more poor and richer are going more richer. Who give this chance, we all. All communities must
    understand the truth. Politicians will never solve our problems. We know richer people are always in safe
    anywhere. Poors are suffering everywhere. What we really want? Considering of our poor people without
    any discrimination or supporting our politicians who are benefiting from instigation.

  18. Sri Rohana Says:

    Thurai for your comments on 31st May and 1st June I agree with you.
    I happened to read K.P’s interview to Indian reporter. Karunanidhi was aware when LTTE planned to kill Rajiv Gandhi. DMK is still against Delhi rulers. DMK tried to use eelam as a stepping-stone to Dravida Nadu. To reach DMK’s goal they used LTTE and tamils as a cats paw. Brain washed tamil youths suicided for corrupted Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.
    Tamil racist Radhika doesn’t have any right or mandate to bring anything against Sri Lanka. What authority or rights she has to interfere our internal matters. Canadian taxpayers pay her to represent Canada but not to represent her tamil tribe. She doesn’t act like a Canadian parliamentarian. She act like a TNA parliamentarian. She make use tamil racism to popular among tamil terrorist diaspora .
    If she is a Canadian she must talk on new migrants problems, Discriminations on migrants, Original Canadians issues, She can propose to withdraw Canadian forces from Afghanistan. Invade independent country is a gross human right violation, Ask Canadians to stop bombing in Libya. That is a war crime etc etc. She must know her limits. Even her “sun god” prabakaran thought he was so smart but ended up like a pig in Nanthikadal lagon. Rathika can shout as long as she hang on to Canadians jocks strap.
    Sri Lanka’s affairs have to solve by our parliament. Our Parliament has a mandate from Sri Lankans. So tamil racist interventionist Rathika must mind her own business.

  19. thurai Says:

    Dear Sri Rohana,

    Tamilnadu most politicians are actors. Voters are Fans. Some Diaspora Tamils also Fans of LTTE.
    In Tamilnadu politicians robbed the Country. LTTE robbed the Diaspora Tamils. Because of brainwashing
    it is difficult to change the mind of those fool fans. In the name of Tamil and Dravida Politicians make money
    poor people waste their life.

    Rathika Sitasabaiesan doesn´t know where she is staying. She is a unexperinced Political trainee. The whole world want to fight against Terrorism. She is defending LTTE activities by accusing Sri Lanka.
    We are Sri Lankans must be proud about defeating the LTTE. The cost paid by Sri Lankan people
    is uncountable. What do some diaspora Tamils and western countries want from Sri Lanka?
    There are elements which are profiting from creating problems between the communities in Sri Lanka.
    Those elements has no race no religion. In the same way some western countries need war to
    make money with weapons. The future of Sri Lanka is only in the hand of Sri Lankans not in others hand.
    We must bring the truth to the light. Show the world how to live in Peace. We all must work hard to achive our aim.

  20. AnuD Says:

    Tamils are simply shameless. This MP does not feel ashamed about how her relatives in Tamil Nadu are living and tamils in Sri Lankan behaved as barbarians.

    She just talk about war crimes.

    She is learning how to exploit tamils with this crap. Typical tamil. Exploit tamils and live your life.

  21. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Canadian parliament has its own rules. UNP and catholic church are strong supporters of LTTE but all of you tuck your tail and keep silence. Better talk about UNP and LTTE!

    Sinhalese elect shameless morons like Mervin Silvas to parliament. How is that?

    You are a DALIT desended from Portugeuse slaves! Dont bark too much man! You vomit the damn Catholic criminal propaganda. Go and join other LTTE Dalits in the North who are Rayappu and Thoma of the Catholic Church which is now headed by a NAZI!

  22. Vis8 Says:

    Canada: Watch Out! These wolves (terror-supporters) in sheeps clothing have set their separatist mechanisms going in Canada. They are continuing to colonize small towns, just like in Australia, and will eventually feel “discriminated” by the White people, and start clamoring for a “separate homeland”….. Now they have a “voice” in your parliament!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!

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