Publicity In French Magazine Towards The Possible Revival Of The LTTE Could Easily Be Interpreted As A Ploy By Supportives To Rekindle A Dead Concept Rather Than Reality!
Posted on July 16th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

16th July 2011
It can only be treated as a ploy by a Terrorist Organizations’  disgruntled supportives around the world that there is publicity being given to an anticipated revival of the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam which organization is categorically finished , laid waste , done and dusted and no amount of media hoopla and hype would realistically ever see them surfacing whether it be based on cells in Tamil Nadu. Canada, Europe or Timbuctoo  for that matter as the Present Administration of Sri Lanka which saw to its annihilation in the first place is simply not going to let it happen, nor will the countries quoted  as ‘bases’ for that matter as it has been taken up as a top priority  globally to never let the LTTE ever raise their heads whether politically or otherwise and fair conclusion as there have been many instances of Foreign Countries taking stringent actions against them particularly Canada and the USA amongst others.

This is all the more reason why Nations currently insisting that Sri Lanka needs to be investigated over cooked up claims need to be made aware  that their calls are unjustified  and the claims more and more apparent as skullduggery cleverly put together by disgruntled and deposed  Tamil Tiger Supportives and all their global lobbies against the Government of Sri Lanka need to be contradicted and trashed on the basis that the GOSL is being implicated by its enemies linked to the Tamil Tigers.

 Indeed there are attempts to recussitate the Tamil Tigers globally and their pro-active elements visibly apparent whether it be at Embassies, cricket matches, sporting events and many public gatherings involving Sri Lanka but for the best part worthless ones as the world knows that these attempts are in favour of a dangerous  terror group which sprang up in Sri Lanka whose presence is not only reprehensible and intolerable but an impending danger to global security inasmuch as Al Qaeda was,  whose effectivities and operational capacities have also  been  virtually dismantled after the demise of Osama Bin Laden  where vigilance towards preventing such monstrosities relative to both terror groups and all other terrorist activities have become a top priority particularly after 9/11 where the world must never ever be faced with similar perils or the horror of it all where terrorism has always been the instigative cause.

 Sadly though in the latter mentioned case there is an organization called the Taliban whose effectivities towards terror activities  linked to Al Qaeda have not been completely nullified where a price is being paid in places such as Pakistan, India and Afghanistan for this lapse  where the terror continues and the dangers of permitting terrorism to propagate an issue needing an immediate response from those dedicated to eradicate it with the capicity to do so !

 But when reports relative to the topic of the possible resurgence of  LTTE terrorism  surfaces in publications such as ASIES, a French current affairs magazine in its inaugural issue which says the LTTE has set up new networks in Tamil Nadu, Canada and Europe and is in the process of re-grouping for another war  the unmitigated publicity for the theme, while it is visibly apparent is perhaps also an instigative motive as one inference  and it needs to be confounded as  apprehensive and perhaps even overkill. Having said this, it also needs to be emphasized that the watch on any activities corresponding to the possibilities thereof has to continue and preventive action needing application towards the detering of any related ambitions which is why the Governments of India, Canada, Norway and other Europeam Nations have always given top priority towards hounding and dismantling any such activities where the aspirants have either gone underground or perhaps continue what one might term token activities with minimal resources~ where the  Neo Nazis too have similar aspirations in the world of today in the form of Neo Naziism of many titles,  forms and shapes spread in certain parts of the world which is never tolerated and put down the moment it emerges.

 On this basis there seem hardly any likelihood and based on the measures taken already by related law enforcement agencies around the world that the Tamil Tigers have anywhere to go other than perhaps the same watery grave Osama Bin Laden was sent to and their champions perhaps needing other ventures which might make their existences worthwhile and productive to mankind in general rather thnan making a hash of it through doomsday predictions!

 Publicity to the ASIES publication originally in French and translated into English has been presented to the media by the External Affairs Ministry which states that  ” The prodigal son of the North-Korean dictator and the tattooed members of the Chinese mafias are not the only ones to launder dirty money in the “great boiler” of the Macao and Hong Kong casinos. Members of the LTTE, the separatist organization of the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, also used that stratagem in order to buy weapons from Burma and Thailand, before being crushed in 2009 by the government. But have the Tigers been eliminated for good, after twenty-six years of a civil war which has allegedly killed between 80,000 and 100,000 people? Intelligence services of several countries affirm that the Tigers are reorganizing themselves. A section of the logistic services of the LTTE has remained intact. It has established new networks with the Diaspora in Tamil Nadu (India), Canada and Europe.

During summer 20 I 0 the Canadians intercepted, off the coasts of Vancouver, a boat carrying about five hundred Tamil refugees suspected of belonging to the LTTE. Cells of the Tigers are allegedly present in France, Great Britain, Norway and several Asian countries.

In 2009, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the leader of the international department of the LTTE, had been arrested in Thailand and extradited to Sri Lanka. Like nature, guerrillas don’t like emptiness: a new command comprised of eight members of the organization has recently made contact with emissaries of the Sri Lankan government, in order to propose the release of that charismatic leader in exchange for the transformation of the group into a political formation. This way, the Tigers are hoping to increase their ranks with those who, among the 10,000 members arrested after their military defeat, are remaining faithful to their separatist ideals. The Sri Lankan leaders fear their might be a trap: the revival of the war in the north of the island, some day.” Obviously with many assumptions and some facts albeit with speculative inferences.

 Diabolical as it all sounds, it still seems wishful thinking on the part of some and paranoia (as refered to previously ) by others, that the Government of Sri Lanka or the Global Coalition Against Terrorism will not see through such a concept and  the  grave consequences of the emergence of the Tamil Tigers and the impact  such an occurence would have on the world. By this token,  publicity in  the French Magazine ASIES towards the possible  revival of the LTTE could easily be misinterpreted as a ploy by supportives to re-kindle a dead concept more than reality although the GOSL must surely be investigating the warnings sounded with an unreserved awareness knowing fully well its commitment to the security of Sri Lanka !

2 Responses to “Publicity In French Magazine Towards The Possible Revival Of The LTTE Could Easily Be Interpreted As A Ploy By Supportives To Rekindle A Dead Concept Rather Than Reality!”

  1. AnuD Says:

    LTTE and their henchmen will try to keep it alivde in order to bully the govt to get something.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Better still~~ the deadbeat putrid LTTE rump and their displaced diaspora henchmen with no real identity albeit perhaps with ill gotten finances and a few cronies in the UN will try unsuccesfully to resuccitate what they once thought was a killing machine to overun the Sinhala Nation and the myths about this will be broadcast to many parts of the world despite how hollow it rings. This is why the Nation must hail the present Administration and Armed Forces for the service they have donre to all freedom loving Sri Lankans. Already a US congressman has acknowledged this publicly and admirably so!
    Desha Drohi Visakuru Thrasthawaadingeng Lakbimata Nidahasa Labadun Apey Pramuka Janadhi Thumata Mal Thiyala Wandinata Oney !!

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