Recall Samarasignhe – By Bruce Haigh
Posted on October 22nd, 2011

Dr Anura Weereratne (PHD Laws) Barrister &Solicitor, CANBERRA.

I refer to Bruce Haigh, a self-styled political commentator and a reputed Sri Lankan Government basher who wants the recall of Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe the Sri Lankan High Commissioner.  He makes this request on the basis of alleged human rights violations by the Sri Lankan armed forces during the final stages of the warthat was successfullyconducted against the Tamil Terrorists.

Mr Haigh appears to be a very effective mouth piece for members of the Australian Tamil diaspora who had backed the world’s most treacherous terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers, whose late leader was reputed to have been no second to Pol Pot.  It is alleged that some members of the Tamil diaspora whostill back the resurgence of Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka give handsome retainers to those who espouse their cause -a divided Sri Lanka.  It is sad to read about the despicable falsehoods that are contained in Mr Haigh’s article particularly about the behaviour of the Sri Lankan armed forces. 

It is now common knowledge that the so called UN reporthas had no legal backing. It was made at the bequest ofsome members of the Tamil diaspora.  That is the very reason that  the UN in its wisdom,has to date,  rejected all attempts to even entertain a discussion on the report.. 

Leave alone even considering investigating the Sri Lankan High Commissioner, the AFP should commence an immediate investigation about the activities of Mr Haigh and his alleged connections to the terrorists and also to ensure whether he too is a beneficiary of illegally obtained drug money.One also wonders whether Mr Haigh should continue to hold theofficeof Presidentof the Australian Chapter of the International Commission of Jurists.

It is said that even today, some members of the Tamil diaspora compel many innocent Tamil peoplein Australia to make monthly contributions.  It is also an open secret, that these funds are used as donations to political parties and individuals.  They even attempted to recently have a motion passed in the Senate to get Australia to move for the expulsion of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.  This motion supported by a handful of those who were obviously misinformed by some members of the Tamil  diaspora,  was rejected by the Senate. 

It is also pertinent to mention that as Mr Haigh states, he has elicited evidence from some Tamil people in Australia about alleged human rights abuses.  It should not be forgotten that a major portion of the Tamil diaspora who now cry about human rights violations,  areTamil refugees who have deceived  theeasy going Aussies to obtain refugee status.  Let it be a warning to Australia that many Tamil Terrorists are at large in Australia.  These people who  could well and  truly be a threat to this nation one day.

 Dr Anura Weereratne (PHD Laws)
Barrister &Solicitor, CANBERRA.

2 Responses to “Recall Samarasignhe – By Bruce Haigh”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    It seems, Bruce Haigh has learnt from a few other shameless Aussies, the benefit of working hard to spread Tiger terrorist propoganda. They do not care for the right to life and peace of the 21 million SriLankans of all ethnic backgrounds, who suffered for 3 decades because of these terrorists.

  2. LankaLover Says:

    Bruce Haigh, please declare how much $$$ you received from the LTTE to spread such fabrications!

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