Posted on January 31st, 2012

Susantha Wijesinghe.

I see in the Island Newspaper a report, that the ‘ TNA, insists that POLICE POWERS, LAND POWERS, and FINANCE POWERS be a prerequisite for the party to sit on the Parliamentary Select Committee to HAMMER out a ‘ final solution’ for Devolution Discussions ‘ You can HAMMER OUT as much as possible, but you will get none on your platter.
I started laughing so much, that I could not avoid passing flatus, from the exit of my oesophagus. The very suggestion is so very hilarious.
Let me tell you, TNA Spokesman Premachandran,  at the very outset, that the TAIL (TNA)  does not wag the Body, (The Government) It is the Body that wags the tail.
Premachandran ! you and your Team of TNA Clowns, who are the proxies, of that Nandikadal Mud Sucker Maniac, brought in similar ‘ fear close’  rhetorics prior to earlier  discussions.  You have absolutely no say in laying out prerequisites, before a Paliamentary Select Committee. Also, you TNA  Parliamentary  Jesters have admitted that you all are not the Sole Representatives of the Tamils of Sri Lanka. So then, what is your point laying down prerequisites ? What have you done so far for the Tamils of the North and East ? Sweet Nothing. Does not matter, because even without you TNA Dummies, Northern and Eastern Provinces are developing at a rate, under the auspices of the UFPA Government. I would suggest that you TNA CLOWNS take a hike, and graciously retire, without attempting to take the poor Tamils of this beautiful Sri Lanka, to the Nandikadal  Lagoon.  The whole of Sri Lanka, and the whole World knows that the Tamils all over the Island are living a very peaceful and contended life. Don’t rock the boat for them please.
Also you set of TNA CLOWNS have a set of catch phrases, vis-ƒÆ’†’ -vis,  TAMIL PROBLEM, TAMIL HOMELAND, TAMIL ETHNIC PROBLEM,  TAMIL DOMINATED AREAS, TAMIL ASPIRATIONS, TAMIL SELF DETERMINATION,  TAMIL DEVOLUTION OF POWER,  ETC.  Everything is TAMIL.  The Muslims, Sinhalese, Burghers, Malays, Sindhis, Bohras, have none of these problems. So it appears that you TNA, are pulling a great bluff to hoodwink the very Tamils that you are not looking after, and to hoodwink the International Community to collect Dollars for your personal gain. Good luck to you TNA Clowns, Good luck to you.
Now please let me basically touch, on the prerequisites that you have mentioned:-
A….POLICE POWERS:- You are well aware that the Nandikadal Mud-Sucker had Police Powers. The whole country saw on video clips, his prison cells and his Torture Chambers.
                                         So it would be your contention to keep the poor Tamils who are now enjoying the Right to Life, and living a peaceful life, under your Jack Boots, eternally, with Police Powers,  and make them mentally sick like yourselves. Or, is it that you have a much sinister motive, to get your Police to turn the Guns on your adversaries ? Since you all have the Mud-Suckers mentality, anything is possible. SO YOU WILL NOT GET POLICE POWERS.  UNDERSTOOD ? IS THAT CLEAR ?
B….LAND POWERS:-  Once again, You are well aware that the Nandikadal Mud-Sucker helped himself to Land Powers. What did the Mud-Sucker do ? He started ethnically   cleansing for his Dreamland Tamil Homeland. He chased away 80,000 Muslims from Jaffna, within 48 hours notice. He looted their Gold, Money, and some of their measely possessions. The Government has still not Re-habilitated them, some of them are still in Refugee Camps, He chased away 20,000 Sinhalese, They are still not Re-habilitated. Is it your contention that you can completely wipe out the Sinhalese and Tamils from these regions, as a prerequisite to TAMIL ASPIRATIONS ? OH NO ! YOU WILL NOT GET LAND POWERS.  UNDERSTOOD ?  IS THAT CLEAR ?
C….FINANCIAL POWERS:- This is very interesting.  So you want Financial Powers too, Eh ?  You must be aware of all that Mud-Suckers Aspirations, as you are his proxy. You are ready to start a WORLDWIDE SCAM, surreptitiously ready to hoodwink the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY to fork out DOLLARS to you, on the pretext that you are engaged in vast development projects. You will have so much of Dollars coming in that you can start buying MORE SHIPS, to smuggle in ship loads of ORDNANCE, to once again start creating your DREAMLAND TAMIL HOMELAND. You may be having other sinister motives too, which I will leave for conjecture. Sri Lankans are no more fools. They can read your minds as they watch your every move. SO YOU WILL NOT GET FINANCIAL POWERS. UNDERSTOOD ?  IS THAT CLEAR ?
So you TNA clowns, you may aspire till you perspire. Do not under-estimate the power of the Sinhalese. One false move, and you will end up at the NANDIKADAL LAGOON.
My advice to you is go and help the poor tamils, without pulling the wool over their eyes. If this is not feasible, GET LOST FOREVER.


  1. stanley perera Says:

    I have a drem and I have solution to this fake and non existant Tamil issues. Wait for my next article in the Lanka web and Sinhale hot News.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    A recent Canadian delegation of MPs discovered that there is no evidence of any investment made in the past several decades, even in Tamil majority areas, with the billions of dollars collected by the Tamil diaspora. Where did the money go? Similarly the LTTE proxy the TNA, has no record of condemning the Tiger Terrorists for the crimes they committed against the Tamils, no have the TNA members done anything to help Tamil civilians in the North or East or any other part of the country.
    TNA has now let the cat out of the bag by including Finance powers for the Northern and Eastern Provincial councils. They are now left with only the inclusion of the demand for a separate state, to fall in line with Tamil Terrorist aspirations. They seem to be totally ignorant of Sinhalese or muslim aspirations?
    Only thing the TNA is suitable for is to be investigated for crimes against humanity committed by the LTTE with TNA’s tacit support. Yes investigate the TNA for crimes committed.

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