No Tamil Homelands – Part 4 – 903,557 Mostly Tamil Indian Coolies Illegally Entered Ceylon between 1843 and 1859, Higher Than Total Tamil Speakers of 871,700 in 1881
Posted on May 7th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

The objective of this article is to show with undeniable proof that there never was any Tamil homeland in the island; not to degrade any legal citizen of the island nation.

Fortunately or unfortunately, all humanity cannot be accommodated in the tiny island nation and therefore it must remain for Sri Lankans only and not for anymore illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration totally ruined the once prosperous island nation with political, economic, cultural, religious and other complications that came with them on one hand and enriched it on the other. Sadly this balance was permanently lost due to the massive number of illegal immigrants.

It is indeed a miracle Sri Lanka survived such massive onslaught of illegal immigration spanning three centuries.

For administrative, payroll and taxation purposes, Dutch and British colonial rulers maintained very detailed records of illegal migrants including slaves.

South Asia: A Short History by Hugh Tinker Chapter 6 “”…” Economic and Social Change in Modern Times, page 103 states:

The first attempt to calculate Ceylon’s population was made in 1824; the total was placed at 851,940. Ten years later, the population was gives as 1,167,700, and by 1911 had risen to 4,106,350. Some of this increase came from Indian Coolie immigration: for example, between 1843 and 1859, 903,557 Indians entered Ceylon, and only a small proportion ever returned to India.

Ceylon’s increase “”…” the highest in the region “”…” was followed by a considerable greater rise in Burma than India.

(South Asia: A Short History by Hugh Tinker Chapter 6 “”…” Economic and Social Change in Modern Times, page 103)

According to the 1881 census, there were 687,200 Tamils and 184,500 Muslims adding to 871,700. No distinction was made between Indian-born Tamils and other Tamils. Only the total was counted.

In other words, the total population of Indian extraction in 1881 was 871,700 “”…” less than the recorded number of Indian Collies who illegally immigrated to the island of 903,557. For 22 years since 1859 to 1881, their numbers would have grown. But at the same time a small number would have returned back to India while others would have died under difficult conditions British masters put slaves through during this time. Some others may have joined native Sinhalese.

It is obvious the Tamil population that existed in 1881 was almost entirely Indian immigrants after 1843. Only very few Tamils would have existed in Ceylon before 1843. That is the reason why the 1824 provisional census didn’t identify any significant numbers of different ethnicities. In fact the 1824 provisional census identifies only one significant ethnicity in the island.

The word Indian Tamils should not be confused. The term entered official parlance only in 1911. The definition of Indian Tamils in 1911 and subsequently was “Indian-born” Tamils. Decedents of Indian born Tamils were considered Ceylon Tamils. However this definition changed after the Citizenship Act of 1948. Now a separate ethnic group is recognized as “Tamils of recent Indian origin” in short Indian Tamils. A person may totally voluntarily classify him and or his family members as Indian Tamils today.

This makes it doubly clear that “Ceylon Tamils” are in fact descendants of Indian Tamils. It can be seen from census details how the total of Ceylon Tamils and Indian Tamils corresponds to the total Tamils. The reduction in Indian Tamils has been an addition to Ceylon Tamils. As Indian born Tamils age and die, they leave behind their Sri Lankan born Tamils who identify themselves as Sri Lankan Tamils.

903,557 Indians, mainly South Indians who arrived in the island settled in all parts of the country, especially in areas closer to South India, namely, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Mannar, Trincomalee, Vanni and also in plantations. They were not confined to tea, coffee or other plantations.

The problem of illegal immigration from India is that Sri Lanka suffers from a higher population density than India! This means less natural resources especially land, is available to a Sri Lanka than an Indian for no fault of theirs. The only fault of native Sri Lankans was to allow Indian illegal immigrants into their historical homeland in unrestricted numbers. Sri Lanka could never achieve economic prosperity its sustainable population achieved before the onset of Indian Coolies in millions.

Due to illegal immigration, the island the size of Tasmania has the population of Australia! This is the main reason for underdevelopment, poverty, landlessness, resultant unrest, lack of resources for the population, malnutrition, political instability, craving for Tamil homelands and associated problems. Policy makers must take a hard look at this at least now and look for solutions with the involvement of India, Britain, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Displaced forcefully from their traditional homelands in South India by Dutch and British colonial rulers, descendants of Indian Coolies in Sri Lanka desperately seek their homeland which is in fact South India. This mass displacement of South Indians is the main problem and mother of all problems “”…” economic, political and social of the tiny island of Sri Lanka that took the brunt of most illegal immigrants in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.


35 Responses to “No Tamil Homelands – Part 4 – 903,557 Mostly Tamil Indian Coolies Illegally Entered Ceylon between 1843 and 1859, Higher Than Total Tamil Speakers of 871,700 in 1881”

  1. Dilrook Says:


    It only goes to the extent of proving that present day Tamils have no claim for Tamil traditional homelands in Sri Lanka.

    It does not in way indicate that Tamils are lesser Sri Lankans. This is mentioned at the start of the article.

    You don’t need to have traditional homelands to live in Sri Lanka. Apart from Tamils, no other ethnic group claims exclusive homelands. This is what needs fixing based on undeniable facts.

  2. Marco Says:

    Do i detect a sense of sarcasm from Nadesan in his first comment.

    In footballing parlance, he has opened up Dilrooks “goal” with a weak defense.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Dilrook. You have written the facts very clearly. We have to add the Tamil Caste dimension as well, and also the Tamil Nadu separatists aspirations. Whilst we feel sorry for Caste bound Tamils who migrate out of Tamil Nadu as illegals, Lanka is not the place to come to. The Caste problem must be solved in TN itself.

    We suggest that all illegal migrants be deported, at least those who came during ltte rule of N&E (last 10 yrs or more).

  4. thurai Says:

    In western countries expressing racism is punishable. Even a man lived for less than one year considered and
    safegurded as same as other citizens. If anyone who get profit by making politics in the name of Tamils and
    fueling to the fire, we can´t insult the whole Tamils who live with others peacefully.

    If husband or wife started condemning each others which leads to divorce. The same happend in Sri Lanka.
    Many Tamil and Sinhala Politicians spoke about Dutagaimunu and Ellala fight. None spoke and brought
    to the truth many Tamils and Sinhalese fought together for their kings.

  5. Marco Says:

    It is rather disappointing Lankaweb moderator deleted the comments of Nadesan without giving a reason.
    Indeed, i thought (i may not agree with his views) Nadesan had a reasoned argument that would have created a good dialogue to the topic at hand instead of digressing as one often sees.
    I did not read anything that violated the “modus” that Lankaweb operates on -Free Speech, Right of Expression that Creates Platform for Dialogue.
    I have read far worse comments of racism,bigotry and personal insults, false accusations etc that have not been fairly moderated.
    It’s Lankaweb prerogative to delete my comment and bar me from any further comment!

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Well researched article. Well done.

    There should NOT be any obstacle to telling the truth no matter how ugly it is. Other option is to live in a fool’s paradise.

    Which is best? Living in a fool’s paradise or telling the ugly truth?

    What is more important is 400,000 Tamil Nadu illegals came to the country during 1983-2009. They MUST be deported. Now more than 150,000 Tamil Nadu illegals are going to come to SL saying they went to TN from SL. What BS!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Since so many illegal Tamil people came into Lanka, Lankans might refuse entry to so called Tamil Nadu camp people who want to ‘return’ via ferry service. That sounds very fair to us. Alternatively, do deport 400,000 – 150,000 i.e. 250,000 Tamils back to Tamil Nadu. Then we have arrived at a somewhat acceptable conclusion to the whole episode. Also, how about the thousands of Upcountry Tamils who never went back under the Sirima-Shasthri Pact ?

    In the article, Dilrook states that very few Tamil people returned to Tamil Nadu during the Brit period. This was because Caste was reinstated on any Tamils who returned (see book “Images of Sri Lankan through American Eyes” Ed. H.A.I. Goonetileke, page 275). They stayed on in the ‘line rooms’ even though these rooms had no windows and no conveniences whatsoever. Such was the pathetic state under which they worked for the British. They still found it preferable to stay on in Lanka rather than go back to Tamil Nadu and have Caste reinstated on them. We hope the situation changes for the better for these people of Tamil Nadu in TN itself.

  8. Dilrook Says:


    You sure are confused.

    Here are the facts.
    1. There never was any Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka.

    2. You as a Tamil need not have to have a Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka to live. Tamils live in almost every country in the world. Do they claim every country as their Tamil traditional homeland? No.

    3. In prehistorical times humans of all ethnicities came to Sri Lanka freely. But once a nation and a history were established, those who entered the nation without the concurrence of the native majority become illegal immigrants.

    4. This country maintained its borders very well and deported or wiped out illegal immigrants repeatedly until Europeans for the first time controlled the coastal areas for so long. With that Sri Lanka lost control of its borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants.

    5. These indisputed statistics are not mine. They are from British official records.

    6. Tamils, Malayalees, Chinese, Greek, Arabs, etc. who were allowed into the country before 1505 assimilated with the majority and became Sinhalese. Their numbers and influx were too small to have a seperate existence of their own.

    7. Sinhalese surely have an Arabic contribution to their stock because all Arabs who came to the island in pre-Islamic era (5000 BC to 600 AD) became Sinhalese eventually. Even later Arabs were far too small in number to have their own community here. Same thing goes for large Chinese immigrants who assimilated. Given the trade links and extensive records, China was the main trading partner in the island.

    8. However, the uncontrolled millions of illegal immigrants in the 18th to 20th centuries had the numbers to assert their own community. Their language is identical to the same langauge in South India clearly proving that they are one and the same.

    9. Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims can live in Sri Lanka peacefully only as long as they don’t claim exclusive homelands like in India where ethnic groups live mostly in isolation. Over 90% of India’s Tamils live in Tamil Nadu, Assamese in Assam, Bengalis in Bengal, Malayalees in Kerala, etc. That model was never in Sri Lanka. And should not be implemented.

    Even to think of such a model indicates recent Indian decend.

    10. Mahavamsa and other historical books indicate how Tamil, etc. legal citizens integrated into the Sinhala Buddhist community in historical times. Signs of this unique Sinhala Buddhist-Hindu community is still to be seen every where.

    11. There are more Buddhist ancient places of worship in the north and east than any other. These must be redeveloped and handed back to the nation’s Buddhists.

    12. For the record, Mannar area, Trincomalee area, Yapanaya area, Dhigawapi area and the entirty covering the region was ancient Sinhala homelands. Gladly they don’t talk of homelands anymore.

    13. Tamilakam in India then and Tamil Nadu in India today are the only Tamil homelands. It is a well accepted historical fact which I totally agree. So if you are seraching for Tamil homelands, you know where to look for it.

    You are invited to read parts 1 to 3 of this series: No Tamil homelands. The series continues.

    In part 5 I will bring some very interesting facts to light about how this island nation was known as the Sinhala island nation according to third party independent records. Although many such records are well known, this particular one is hetherto unknown to most.

  9. Dilrook Says:


    Thank you for the source. It is true they preferred to stay back under these conditions than return to caste related worse conditions in India. Even the physical conditions of these line rooms were far better than most villages in South India.

    What happened during 1987 to 2009 in the north is similar to what occured during 1505 to 1948. A large number of illegal immigrants arrived in the island from Tamil Nadu. That is why border control is important. It is no surprise Independent Ceylon was in a mighty haste to pass the Citizenship Act of 1948. However, as with many laws, its implementation was pathetic.

    Sirima-Shasthri agreements were not fully implemented as compassionate locals allowed illegal immigrants to stay back. Due to the fact Tamil Nadu leaders consider them low caste, Tamil Nadu is reluctant to take them back. For the same reason they cannot integrate into the local Tamil community either.

  10. One Nation Says:

    Nadesan – Uthayan agent in Melbourne, seems unable to digest the truth. Jews have won the world by lies. Tamils have won the world by lies

  11. thurai Says:

    After murder of Duraiyappa Jaffna police arrested also many innocent youths.
    Which was the reason for youths to act against Police.
    During LTTE in power SL Army considered all youths and Tamils are LTTE.
    Which was the reason for many Tamils supported the LTTE
    If anyone say most of the Tamils are illigalimmigrants in Sri Lanka.
    Which surely make unity all Tamils from India ,Sri Lanka LTTE supporters and anti LTTE elements.
    We are giving a chance to Terrorism again. Terrorism is living the cost of human life not only Tamil
    or Sinhalese.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for response. The book I referred to was printed & published the U.S. Information Service, as an American Bicentennial Salute to Sri Lanka, with the Foreword by Ambassador Christopher Van Hollen. It is painful to note that Lanka had very good relations with the west till the ‘Tamil Separatism’ call came up.

    I totally agree with you that that ‘there never was any Tamil homeland in the island’. It is in the asking for a ‘Tamil homeland’ within Lanka that has caused the entire heartbreaking and divisive problem. Large numbers of Tamil Illegal Migrants have caused an ethnic imbalance, and worse, as you said in one of your previous articles, with not enough time for integration into mainstream life of Lanka.

    With the demand for ‘Separatism’, plus the lack of integration into mainstream life in Lanka, it is best that all identified illegal migrants be deported.


    Some other observations :

    We have had Tamil neighbors in Lanka, as children and as adults. As children we have played and talked, gone for walks and laughed and shared food together – no problem. As adults, it was almost the same, but with more caution as the ‘Tamil homeland’ demand became more vociferous via JAFFNA TAMIL LEADERS who were listening to another drum beat from Tamil Nadu leaders separatist demand from India, thwarted after PM Nehru passed laws against Secession.

    From about 10 yrs ago, we think the ‘Tamil homeland’ demand in Lanka is also to unify the Tamil people of different Tamil Caste, while directing the past anger due to Caste against the GoSL (whatever GoSL) and Sinhala people & Others of Lanka.

    Since the 1983 Riots, we have witnessed with pain, earlier friendly Tamil people turning against us for no reason but that their ‘group’ Tamil leaders told them to do so, and some blindly followed orders. We ourselves helped save the lives of Tamil people, and even one Tamil home during the 1983 Riots. As we now know, the 1983 Riots was a set up.

    I still have contact with friendly Tamil people and we have silently agreed not to talk of the ‘Separatist’ issue.

    We think that if the ‘Tamil Homeland’ & ‘Separatist’ demands are removed, there is every good chance for us all to live together in peace in a united Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans with hardly any emphasis on ethnicity.

    The big Question is : Will Tamil leaders of Lanka, Tamil Nadu & Tamils abroad allow us to do it – or will they continue to harangue Sri Lanka for hundreds of more years till Tamil Nadu gets rid of Caste ? We can see it is not the ordinary TAMIL PEOPLE OF LANKA who are the main problem. The main problem is the Tamil Leadership, both in Lanka and Tamil Nadu. They do not see Education & Development as the way to remove Caste/poverty issues, instead of grabbing pieces of land off Lanka as ‘homelands’ and causing anger & pain to all the others of Lanka with calls of ‘Separatism’. A separate ‘homeland’ for Tamils will only reinstate Caste with resulting poverty for lower caste people.

    Even to date Tamil Nadu does not offer their Tamil citizens free education & health care etc. as is done in Lanka. A bit of gratitude & praise from the Tamil Leaders of Lanka toward Lanka would make a vast difference. Better still, let Tamils be Sri Lankans first, instead of being Tamils first.

    An Oath of Allegiance to Lanka a must for all.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    We are building up a case against ‘Tamil Separatism’, not a case against the genuine true born Tamil people of Lanka, who are welcome in Lanka, but not as ‘Separatists’. Tell me, which country on earth would welcome ‘Separatists’ of those countries ? It is unreal to expect such thinking.

    Tamil Illegal migrants (or others) who have not integrated into mainstream life in Lanka due to fact that they mostly came in large numbers during the time of ltte rule of the N&E should be deported. They just pad up numbers for ‘Tamil Separatism’.
    Since we are against ‘Tamil Separatism’, we are against Tamil illegal migrants who will support that cause.

    If the call for ‘Separatism’ & ‘Tamil homeland’ are dropped, then we do not have to made such a noise about Tamil illegal migrants. But, in any case, all relatively recent Tamil illegal migrants (say, past 10 yrs) ought to be deported as they came in under ltte rule of the N&E. That is the right thing to do. Even countries such as the USA with vast land space, deported some 400,000 Mexican illegal migrants for 2011 alone.

    (2) It is possible that the Police may have arrested many Tamil youth after the murder of Mr Duraiappah (July 1975), who as Mayor of Jaffna, was an official of the government of Sri Lanka. I think I am correct in saying that the DIG at that time was Mr Sundaralingam. Correct me if I am wrong.
    It is also possible that the Army may have treated most of the Tamil youth with suspicion of being members of the ltte. The call for ‘Separation through VIOLENCE’ for Tamils came from duly elected Tamil LEADERS of that time via the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976. It was not unnatural to treat Tamil youth some suspicion as the Vaddukoddai Resolution called for VIOLENCE.

    You will recall it was similar action against the JVP as far as Police & Army. It had nothing to do with ethnicity, but with security issues of the country.

    The main cause for Youth Unrest from both Tamil & Sinhala groups was lack of skills for jobs, and job availability, education unsuited for needs of country, no room for upward mobility, etc. The Tamil Youth had the Caste/language Factor added on. That is a whole another topic and should be a separate article (in many parts) addressed with facts and figures.

  14. thurai Says:

    //The main cause for Youth Unrest from both Tamil & Sinhala groups was lack of skills for jobs, and job availability, education unsuited for needs of country//Lorenzo

    I agree with you.

    If anyone want seperatism from Sinhalese today, they ask seperatism from within Tamil high cast and low cast
    tomorrow. I am aginst Seperatism live with love with all. As you said above all polirticains of Srilanka
    consider about future of youths we have no problem with us.

    Unfortunately there are roots of Racism among Tamils and Sinhalese. Politicians misuse us easilly.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Thurai,

    I agree with you that “I am aginst Seperatism live with love with all. As you said above all polirticains of Srilanka
    consider about future of youths we have no problem with us”.

    Yes, it’s Education, Job Skills, Job Creation, etc. for the new generations (all Sri Lankans) that the politicians of all groups should be mainly concerned about, next to Security issues of the Country. Caste is man made nonsense.

    If we look at ourselves as human beings only, alive today but gone forever at some future date, everything falls into place. Then we will all spend our time in good works and know some Meditation (Buddhist Meditation & Raj Yoga), which will prepare us to see the place where we will go to after our demise – (Jesus “the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You”, Buddha “Truth is Within You”, and the Bhagavad Gita, an allegorical tale, points to the battle of the Mind vs the Heart. The ‘relations’ that are ‘killed’ in the Bhagavad Gita are not real people as some think, but refer to our varied and dear Concepts that stand in the way of going Within through Meditation).

    best wishes,


  16. thurai Says:

    Franz Diaz,

    If all Tamils who live worldwide scrutinise the activities of Tamilnadu & Sri Lanka Tamil Politicinas and about
    LTTE activities for the last 30 years in the name of Tamils inSri Lanka (only north &East) accept the truth that, SL Govrnment and Soldiers protected from the own enemy of Tamil community. Unfortunately the Deaths of Tamils during the last days changed the situation. Truth is truth even one man say it.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    re”Deaths of Tamils during the last days changed the situation” :

    Who took a Human Shield to hide ? it was the ltte. Sri Lanka had put up with 30 yrs of ltte killings of both Sinhala people as well as Tamil people. The last war lost 6,000 army soldiers mostly Sinhala people, ltte lost about 7,934 and those were Tamil people. People die in a war. In WWII, 32 million died. Let’s make sure we never have wars.

    Also, it has been shown that ltte itself killed more Tamils over the 30 yr period than in combat with the armed forces. And it was going to be a Fascist state under the ltte. Would Tamil folk have liked that ?

    Anyway, it is useless talking about it. The deeds have been done and finished. Now we all have to take Preventive Care to make sure it never happens again. Am closing this thread of the exchange of views.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    I can give you a simpler answer everyone CAN understand with a little bit of knowledge of the local language.

    Your name has it. Nade Sung. Sune Sun!

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    “Unfortunately the Deaths of Tamils during the last days changed the situation.”

    This is not true.

    Tamils didn’t die in the last days. Tamil Tigers died in large numbers (a good thing. Otherwise people would be dying even now) but Tamil civilians didn’t die. If SL used US tactics then Tamil civilians would have died in hundreds of thousands.

    Don’t forget Tamils ALWAYS voted for RACIST parties since 1947.

    1948, 1956, 1958, 1983, 2009 are only EXCUSES not root causes.

    Every year Tamils add new excuses to their grievance list whatever good SL does.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    My Dear Friend Nade-Sung,

    Compared to what you say, what I say makes PERFECT sense.

    If you have nothing to offer then better for you to keep quiet. Empty vessel make more noise!

    Nade Sung. Sune sun!

    Have a nice day.

  21. One Nation Says:

    Nadesan in Melbourne – tiger in disguise?

  22. One Nation Says:

    I am talking about the Nadesan in Melbourne – He is a tiger in disguise because he would not say he is a tiger openly but discreetly praises the tigers and anti sinhala lobby – like DBS Jeyaraj in Canada

  23. Dham Says:

    I think Sinhalese are the Yakkahas of Rawana’s time.
    You should wait for the next Rama.

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Nade-Sung has really gone mad now as May 19th comes closer.

    Just like Thalaivar just before his death.

    Nade-Sung. Sune Sun!

  25. nadesan Says:


    I am still awaiting for your response about the origin of sinhala race in the region and also in SL?

    I am very keen about that as there are various conflicting reports. Mahavamsa and the arrival of Vijaya further confuses the story. I even remember that in 1956 a stamp was issued depicting the arrival of Vijaya in SL while Kuveni was already seated under a tree in SL. In a day or two that stamp was withdrawn because it was felt that a race already existed in SL prior to the arrival of Vijaya and thus the stamp was undermined the Sinhala history.

    My request is purely for knowledge and information.

  26. Dham Says:

    I recommend you visit Lankaweb comments by Professor MS Mudali. He has done excellent research on the subject and published many papers. According to him, Sinhalese come from Tamil race and therefore no eelam is necessary as it is called “Elankai” at the moment. He also recommends extraminating all Catholics and Muslims.

  27. Dham Says:

    The stamp you said has been converted to a poster and is available to view at the Airport for departing passengers, including departing Tamils.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    I pity this Nade Sung.
    When Jeyalalitha becomes the chief minister all these things happen.

    Lankaweb should not have allowed his useless comments.

    BTW where is Mu-Dalit? He disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared here. Not only Chingalese but also other ethnic groups like Malays, Bengalis, Pakistanis, Germans come from Tamils according to him.

  29. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Dilrook for coming out with British documentary proof of the fact that there was no separate Tamil homeland in any part of SriLanka.
    Being neighbours, there certainly would have been Tamil migrants to SriLanka and Sinhala migrants to South India, prior to and after the British colonial period, but the numbers would have been insignificant. It is also probable the Tamils who came to SL prior to colonial settlements would have got assimilated into Sinhalese society, just like the sinhalese who went to South India and subsequently in Jaffna (after they became a minority to Tamil imports by the colonial powers), would have got assimilated to the Tamil society. As Dilrook says Tamils, Muslims or any other community are not lesser beings to sinhalese but the fact is the Tamils increased in numbers only because colonial powers needed slaves to work on plantations and also allowed the low caste tamils fleeing the unforgiving Indian caste system to settle down in SriLanka. Even after independence hundreds of thousands of Tamils came as illegal immigrants but the majority arrested and sent back to India. Eventually Sirimavo Bandaranayake introduced the ID card, we all carry today, to prevent or reduce the flow of Tamil illicit immigrants to SriLanka.

  30. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    If I may comment on a connected subject, something we have forgotten is that all those Tamils dislocated from Tamilnadu and taken around the world to various countries including SriLanka to work for British colonialists, were legally British subjects and I believe when these countries regained independence, these Indian Tamils had a right to apply for British citizenship. This is why Britain accepted Indian Tamils into UK when they were evicted from Uganda under Idi Amin’s rule. Britain probably is afraid of this happening again and therefore, supports a separate state fo Tamils anywhere in the world.

  31. Dham Says:

    Let us say Sinhala = Yakkha + Bangla + minute amount of Tamil + minute amout of Pretugese

    So , how does this ease racial tension when problem lies with the Tamils ?
    This statement of yours proves that you are a racist, because you thing racial biased thinking will reduce when one knows everyone is mixed. We Shingalam do not think this way. This the problem.
    The problem is the racism of Tamils.

  32. Dham Says:

    Enna Machang ?
    I did not care about how Demala came or how Singalam came to Sri Lanka. It is you thought that finding those 30000 years history is important to you Demalas. You live in the bloody history. We live at the present momenet.
    Sihngalam always love you Demalams. But you Demalam use that love to kill all of us both opposing Demals and Shingalms to create a Disney land for you.
    Good luck and vanakkam.

  33. Naram Says:

    It is my opinion tha t Whoever resided in Sri Lanka in 1820 thoughtof themselves as Sri Lankans though land owning Sinhalese of Jaffna were expropriated and pushed to Koviar caste in the Sankili times. One has to piece togather the history from many sources, Mudalyar Rasanayagam’s story of Jaffna, Arumuga Navalar’s contribution to ascendenncy of Vallalas, Ponnambalm family contribution to Fascist stream of Tamil Vellala identitiy.

    I am of the opinion that even the imported chaps possibly current Vellala stock who came to work to work on Dutch tobacco farms did not yearn for a distinct ‘Tamil’ identitiy. Forced colonisation of the country after1818 and 1848 uprisings changed the demography – by 1900 vary high proportion of government service import export trade was in the hands of various closed communities. Best schools in Jaffna became the preserve of Tamil Christians or Hindu Vellalas. Muslims and Buddhists in the North and the East were bleeded out by various means. Trend continued with a vehemenve in after the formation of Tamil COngress famous speeches by TC leaders who considered Sinhalese as sub human mongrel group.

    =In the LTTE days there was another large scale migration of low caste Tamils from Tamil Nadu to LTTE held areas to replace the numbers falling vacant with the migration of richer folks to the metropolitan countries. When VP’s parents surretitiously come back to LTTE controlled Vanni no doubt they come with a retinue of dalits to do their house work.

    What prevents Tamils in COlombo to merge with the Sinhalese in one generation as was the practice in Sri Lanka from the time of Gajabahu.

  34. Dilrook Says:


    I agree. Prior to that the 1616 Nallur Convention was written in Portuguese and Sinhalese languages according to Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon. Tobacco plantation workers were constantly shuttling between South India and Ceylon and only a few established in the island. Illegal immigration continued for close to 450 years and even after Independence. Ponnambalam and Navalar could not have done what they did had Sri Lanka gained its independence by then. They would have been stopped one way or the other.

    LTTE rule of Vanni also facilitated illegal immigration.

    Unfortunately it still happens.

    A total stop should be put to this menace.

  35. Dham Says:

    It has to be “one way” unfortunately.
    I did not say Shingalam “killed” Demala out of “Love”
    But I spoke as a Shingalam that and said the truth “we do love you” and I will say it again and again.
    Then you suddenly becase a terrorist.
    You are showing the “pullis” now.

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