Perversion and moral degeneration resulting in sex crimes
Posted on August 14th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

 It was around 8.30 pm, a man was caught hiding behind a house, he ran away jumping dangerously down a steep hill and ran across the wasteland.  A man bathing in a well heard the commotion and seeing  a man running towards him caught him by his shirt collar.

 The others who were chasing him searched him for any hidden arms.  He had none  and  he was taken over by them to be handed over to the Police.  He was drunk. He was questioned  and it was found that the man works in a garage and after work he comes to the liquor Bar. He takes a drink or more depending on how much money he has. After the drinks he walks about looking surreptitiously  into houses through open windows, taking a pleasure looking  secretly  at women.

 He was handed over to the police who took charge of him.    Later it came to be known that he had been visiting other houses and even stealing women’s underwear hung on strings for drying.  That is a “milder” case of perversion.  But yet they speak of a more serious wave of crime that has been reported lately.  The Government in order to stop these sex crimes against women and children set up a special police force.

In all reported cases of murder of women the police had found in the vicinity of the crimes empty bottles of liquor.

 Therefore one should seriously think whether there is something other than a special police force to stop this situation taking a more serious turn.   A man caught for acts of perversion is released by the police after a few days detention  and immediately he gets some money he visits the pub for his daily drink of alcohol and returns to his nefarious activities which may eventually end by his committing a sex crime.  How can these sex crimes be stopped  ?

 It is certainly not by  mere detention of the miscreant by police., and releasing him.

 In many villages in Sri Lanka to-day the men are kept away from the temple and their family by their habit of frequenting the  liquor shops.  These are the places that breed crime, but as most of the liquor shops are patronized by the local MPs and has made the liquor shop owners  political confidants of the local MPs and influential men of the political parties, sex crimes go unchallenged.   Unless a serious  effort is made by the Government  to close all liquor shops in the country, sex crimes will continue to menace our country and may take “another terrorist dimension”.

 The Government taking cover under the establishment of a special police force to curb sex crimes will serve no purpose until a firm decision is taken to close all liquor shops at least at village level.

All these sex crimes that have been reported lately had been committed by  Sinhala Buddhists under the influence of liquor.

 “ƒ”¹…”Stop Alcohol’ (Mathata Thita) is a slogan of the Mahinda Chintanaya, but it remains a slogan without any positive step to close down liquor bars, which are sponsored by MPs with a view to keep their voters in their favour whatever negative effect it has on the Sri Lanka Buddhist society.

 Therefore, steps  should be  taken  to  bring a closer relationship between the people and  the temple.  In order to make this happen  we should have a more active Ministry of Buddhist Affairs which is today a shameful nonentity in the Cabinet of the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

 The JHU and the Buddhist Sangha should open their eyes to this problem and take an active part in uplifting the falling moral standard of the Sinhala Buddhists.

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  1. Dham Says:

    “‘Stop Alcohol’ (Mathata Thita) is a slogan of the Mahinda Chintanaya, but it remains a slogan ”

    “Matha” in not only from alcohol but alos from “kudu” or any other from of drugs. How can Mahinda protect kudu king murder Silva ? What king of chintanaya is that.

    First of all “Mahinda” has no proper “chintanaya” because he himself cannot control desire for alcohol. He is fat. Cannot control eating. All his brothers are not fat. Only he and his wife. So, he is not qualified to even give a “chintanaya”.

    It should have been “Bhaudda Chintanaya” instead.
    Stupid “Mahinda Chintanaya” will make srilanaks fools. It should be scrapped altogether or Mahinda quickly must develop proper Chintanya by giving up alchohol ( including wines) completely and doing some daily meditation to control too much desire and develop sharpness in his mind.
    If other people to follow someone , he should at least bea “Sotapanna” first.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Prior to the advent of the Portuguese invaders, there was no liquor consumption in Buddhist Lanka, and Lanka flourished in the accepted Old Way. The equivalent of the “Raa Thabaruma” in Lanka is the Pub (short for Public Liquor Shop) of the west. The modern western Pubs always have customers. After a days work in offices, quite a few of the general public of, say, London, head toward the various Pubs. It is a western habit, usually to relax, socialise, exchange gossip, share local food (steak & kidney pies, etc), and overcome the cold weather ‘blues’ of winter. Pubs make available games of darts & pool, card games etc. Both men & women frequent Pubs. Our ‘Thabarumas’ however do not afford such amenities to socialise, just the plain ‘bothalae’ only ! So it’s take the ‘bothalae’, go home and get drunk, and may be, commit crimes.

    Sex crimes are usually committed when the power to reason (frontal lobe of brain) is benumbed. Excessive liquor does just that. People who feel some satisfaction and contentment with their lives, with achievable & realistic Goals, will never indulge in liquor overmuch. The occasional social drink does not harm anyone. It is over indulgence that harms. If a person lacks self control, then such a person should not even take the occasional drink.

    The west became over concerned with sexual ‘performance’ and over relaxed with sexual behavior after the discarding of the very strict Victorian code of social conduct. There is a sane and realistic healthy way to all this, which code of conduct Sri Lankans should adopt.

    We shall have to TEACH the ills of liquor at home and school levels. We shall have to be realistic and provide places where ordinary men & women can meet and get to socialise after a days work. We have various Clubs, but these are not accessible to the ordinary folk. Introduce a chain of meeting places for the ordinary people, to eat & meet, where even a local drink can be bought, limiting one glass per person or some such rule. Why can’t there be Buddhist Youth Clubs all over the island, safe places where young people especially can meet and socialise ?

    Let’s get real. We cannot impose our will on people re their personal lives. Sex is a normal activity but perverted sex is abnormal and rape is a crime. All this ought to be TAUGHT in our homes & schools. Make available birth control material at a reasonable price. Do not hide Human Needs under a cloak of religiosity. Recognise Human Needs and make sure Human Needs are fulfilled in a safe and acceptable manner. Time to Modernise in a safe and effective way.

    Do not forget that one of the ways enemies of Sri Lanka may bring down the country is to introduce cheap Liquor & Drugs into our society. The dangers posed must be TAUGHT in homes and schools of Lanka.

    To understand more about Life, please listen to the free webcasts at :

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    I do not know how this type of issue can be stopped. This happens all over the world. In my opinion what we should be consentrating is what TAMILS doing world wide. From Tamil Net. “Youth Activist Sivanthan, Concludes his 22 day Hunger Sriike” Tamil net saya he is in a hospital under going tasts.Which Hospital what tests? not published. Can we belive this. This is dis-information. Why can’t Authors address this issu. I think the subject Charles took is a general subject that has no effect on the danger TAMILS pose to the Adminidtration.

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