Posted on December 8th, 2012

Embassy of Sri Lanka Washington DC Press Release

Washington, December 8, 2012: Sri Lanka has been making a tremendous progress in all aspects of development since the dawn of peace in 2009 which merits positive recognition from its longstanding friends like the United States , Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya told a group of senior congressional staffers on Thursday (November 29).

The Embassy of Sri Lanka hosted a dinner reception for  members of the House Chiefs of Staff Association (HCoSA) at the Sri Lanka Residence in Washington DC in order to update them on latest developments in Sri Lanka .  Among the invitees were Chairperson of the HCoSA  Ms. Stacey Leavandosky and a number of other Chief of Staffs and Staff directors of bi-partisan Congressional representatives. The Chiefs of Staff are  senior policy advisors to Members of Congress who play an important role in developing and directing policy decisions.

“We have  diplomatic relations with the US spanning 65 years since our independence. The United States is  Sri Lanka’s largest trade partner and the trade relationship between our countries dates back to 200 years” the Ambassador apprised the gathering.

The   Ambassador further informed the audience that  Sri Lanka’s intention is to further consolidate the positive relationship with the US .

” If you compare Sri Lanka today with what it was for the   three  decades before the dawn of peace in 2009, you will realize the country has never been so stable , peaceful and with such strong economic potential as it is today under the visionary leadership of His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa”, he stated.

“The peace certainly has its dividends. Sri Lanka had an 8.4% GDP growth in 2011 and 22% growth in the former conflict affected areas. Unemployment rate has dropped to 4%. Tourist arrivals is up by 100%. Sri Lanka has been nominated as the best travel destination for 2013 by Lonely Planet. The World Bank has recognized Sri Lanka as the best place to do business in the region in its ease to do business ranking. Most recently World Justice Project ranked Sri Lanka highest among its regional peers in the “ƒ”¹…”Rule of Law  Index 2012′.These are tangible examples of Sri Lanka’s progress”, he revealed.

Ambassador Wickramasuriya further opined,  “a country doing well would be a more reliable and mutually beneficial partner in a bilateral relationship than a country in decline”. He  requested the cooperation of congressional officials to bring  Sri Lanka- US ties to the next level through increased understanding of the true situation in Sri Lanka.

“Our nation suffered through a 30 year conflict with terrorism. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam , the perpetrator of terror in our country was classified as the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world. Now, it is over and there is ample opportunity for  both countries to benefit from an enhanced relationship”, the Ambassador declared.

“Sri Lanka is very keen in enhancing trade relationship with the US. Some of the US corporate giants like Boeing, Caterpillar, Marriott, Starwood, 3M, John Deere, and Coca-Cola have already recognized Sri Lanka’s business potential”, he said.

“Please inform your members about the correct story of Sri Lanka”, he added.

In conclusion , Ambassador Wickramasuriya invited  HCoSA members to visit Sri Lanka and experience what he  said about the country . He informed that the congressional delegation visit  to Sri Lanka organized by the Embassy next year would be an opportunity for them to visit Sri Lanka and see at first hand the tremendous development that has taken place since the advent of peace.

A traditional Sri Lankan dinner was served to the guests .

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