Why the Delegates to the 22 Session of UNHRC should not vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lanka ?
Posted on March 19th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

 Sri Lanka needs no resolutions against it for rightfully eliminating a group of terrorists  that  made its people suffer for 30 long years.  The resolution should be withdrawn or the Delegates of the progressive  UN Member States attending the 22nd Session of the UNHR Council should vote against it.

 Why the delegates of the UN Member States attending the 22 session of the UNHRCouncil,  should  not vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lanka ?

 Firstly,  the resolution has not been presented by a country  which has not violated Human Rights and International law  in fighting against terrorism.  USA assisted rebels in Libya and used NATO Air Forces to overpower the Libyan Armed Forces and killed Colonel Gaddafi. USA Armed Forces have been accused for deaths of civilians in their wars in Iraq,  Afghanistan, Libya, in Drone attacks in Pakistan, torture, and killing unarmed terrorists.

 Secondly, there is no reason to single out Sri Lanka for accountability for what happened at only a part of  an extended terrorist war that lasted 30 years.  The Sri Lanka’s war against terrorism was a just, and  a necessary war  to save its people from suffering under terrorism and  to develop the country.

 Thirdly, Sri Lanka has lost not only a sizeable number of civilians  in the hands of the terrorists, but also lost some of it irreplaceable  men,  Ministers,  Officers of the armed forces, and Intellectuals. Those massacres by the terrorists remain unchallenged by USA, wrongfully accusing only the Sri Lanka Government  and its Armed Forces.

 Fourthly, it is evident USA State Department having had no valid reason to accuse Sri Lanka but doing it on account of “certain forces ”  desiring it to do so to take revenge from Sri Lanka for eliminating Tamil terrorists, has used a very inappropriate reason  such as not implementing recommendations of Sri Lanka’s own LLRC, to present a resolution against Sri Lanka.  The selection of the last phase of the war against terrorism to demand accountability is an  absurd  reason in a terrorist war that lasted 30 years for USA State Department  to present a resolution against Sri Lanka.

 The Government which appointed a LLRC has the right to evaluate the recommendations and implement those it thinks suitable without harming the on going reconciliation processes.  Sri Lanka is the better judge to decide when and how to implement the recommendations of the LLRC without a third party intervening to  decide it for  Sri Lanka.

 Fifthly, Sri Lanka is just out of a 30 years of suffering  under a ruthless terrorism and seeking  ways and means to reconcile the Communities, develop the country and go forwards to a brighter future for  the generations to come.  It is therefore not threats, and resolutions that are needed but assistance and support.

 Sixthly, Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism  and developed the  Country, and  its economy to bring Sri Lanka from its state of underdevelopment to being a country of middle income. All Communities cooperated in that effort , and it is only the expatriate Tamils living in the west who make separatist demands.  The USA resolution will therefore help only the separatist expatriate Tamils’ call for separation, as against the   Sri Lanka  government’s effort to  develop Sri Lanka as a unitary State.

 Seventhly, please consider of what benefit it is for Sri Lanka  to be annually bullied by resolutions against it, when what Sri Lanka itself wants is to bring the Communities together, develop the country,  and give peace and happiness to its people.

 Eighthly,  As far as Sri Lanka is concerned  there is no ethnic problem any more in Sri Lanka. All communities are treated equally and no Community is given  preferential treatment  discriminating another.  It is only the Tamil political opponents (TNA) and the expatriate anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamils living abroad who created the  so called “ethnic problem” that being their raison d’etre.

 Ninthly, the delegates should not take into consideration the internal problems India is faced with, which is being reflected in its actions at  the 22 session of UNHRC .  India is being forced to support the US Resolution against Sri Lanka by its Sothern State of Tamil Nadu the leaders of which  are sentimentally attached to the Tamils in Sri Lanka as they speak the same language and worship the same gods, and was also attached to the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists for the same reason and support the pro-terrorist call for  a separate State for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

 Tenthly, the US resolution against Sri Lanka is not motivated by any benefit to Sri Lanka or to its people, be they the Tamils or others, but motivated primarily by  strategic political interest of USA which fears the growing Chinese influence in Sri Lanka’s development process. 

 It is true, while US State Department  was constantly acting against Sri Lanka passing resolutions at the UNHR Council, getting the EU to withdraw GSP+ trade preference etc, Sri Lanka had to turn to China and Russia for its much needed financial assistance for post terrorist development.  US State Departments Resolution against Sri Lanka will only strengthen Sri Lanka-China ties.  Therefore it is in the interest of USA to withdraw this intrusive US Resolution against Sri Lanka which it proposes to present  at the 22 Session of the UNHR Council.

 We very kindly request the Delegates of the  Member States of the UNO participating at the 22 Session of the United Nation’s  Human Rights Council, to please take into consideration  what has been stated above and take a decision true to conscience and vote against US Resolution against Sri Lanka.

 This US resolution is in reality a great wrong  against a developing country which has already suffered enough under a ruthless  terrorism. It is another sort of terrorism that hampers Sri Lanka’s progress and development.

6 Responses to “Why the Delegates to the 22 Session of UNHRC should not vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lanka ?”

  1. thirdeye Says:

    It is very clear that tamil living in Sri lanka do not want this resolution. Its those who has gone as asylum seekers and refugees those who were pro terrorist supporters need this resolution against Sri lanka. if the resolution being implimented the very own tamils living in Sri lanka will get effected badly, the will face the difficulties in their daily life.

    on the other hand this resolution will be a good chance for the tamil lobbies abroad working along with the NGOS to raise funds and make a living for them. if their is no issue in Sri Lanka and if the tamil people live in harmony with other raises in Sri lanka the so called NGOs with majority expat tamils will run out of business.

    if USA get this resolution passed then they are the biggest enemy of Sri lanka ( for sinhlese ,Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka). this resolution will really deprive tamils more than any other communities.

  2. Maghribi Says:

    Could the UNHRC be concerned about BBS mushrooming in the country? The vigilante style of justice prevailing in the country could trigger another catastrophe. There is no peace without justice.

    The fear of Islamic values driving people insane in Sri Lanka. What has caused the Buddhists who have lived with the Muslims for centuries to fear them? Have they bought into the Islamo’phobic propaganda instigated by the undesirable elements of the Buddhist society? Do the rulers of Sri Lanka truly believe that the encounter with the Tamils have been a resounding victory? Is complacency and the illusion of winning takes them to the next level of creating another conflict with the Muslims? Does the country need another set back socially and economically? Can they afford it? Middle East countries will revisit the existing arrangements of Sri Lanka’s food import into their countries and their visitors will think twice about vacationing. A group of High Net worth tourist destined to Sri Lanka preferred to visit Langkawi. Publicity, Confidence and Security are the cornerstones of a successful nation. A Recently concluded Food exhibition estimates the Halaal produce demands to exceed AED 7 Trillion. Can Sri Lanka lose out on its market share? Sri Lankan was a land of people who smile. Now it is fast becoming known as a people of vile. It takes only one person to set fire to a structure built by a thousand people. All peace loving Sri Lankans should get their priorities right if they are to survive the next decade in creating employment and trade opportunities.


  3. jay-ran Says:

    Sri Lankan SINHALESE as well as some Tamils & Muslim communities suffered immense attacks from LTTE OVER THE LAST 30 yrs.BUT,NONE OF THESE BRUTES,HRW,AI, CHANNEL 4 and all who have been finnaced by LTTE DIASPORA IN WESTERN COUN TRIES, countruies EVER,NEVER, PROTESTED OR SAID ANY THING AGAINST THOSE “GENOCIDE’ACTS OF LTTE??>?
    Thgose who are attending this Western Sponsered UNHRC which is a clown hand of the WEST,SHOULD REALISE WHAT TO DO???

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    UNHRC should look at Islamic terrorism, multiplying genocide and HR violation in SL too.

    UNHRC has a BETTER record of punishing Islamic terrorists and “protecting” Islamic people’s human rights!!

    e.g. Iraq (1,000,000 of them), Afghanistan, Libya, Syria

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Gonseka: GO AWAY …. WE WILL NOT TRUST you to DEFEND Sri Lanka … EVER AGAIN!

    It is Gonseka’s attempts to discredit the GOSL that precipitated the War Crimes Charges by the UN in Geneva.

    He brought Brave Long-Suffering Sri Lanka into DISREPUTE and STAINED the FABULOUS ACHIEVEENT of the Patriotic Sri Lanka Defence Forces.

    Driven by Unlimited Personal Ambition and Jealousy, Gonseka BETRAYED his Motherland to its ENEMIES.

    GO AWAY Gonseka … HIDE YOUR HEAD IN SHAME in some deep dark hole … never to be seen again!

    LTTE fighters were dressed in Indian Army uniforms: Fonseka

    March 20, 2013

    The LTTE fighters were dressed in Indian Army uniforms during the final battles of the nearly three-decade long civil war, former Sri Lankan Army Chief Sarath Fonseka has said.

    Fonseka in an address to the Foreign Correspondents’ Association in Colombo yesterday also denied that his troops killed Balachandran, the 12-year-old son of slain LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

    Britain’s Channel 4 television network last month released new photographs of what they called Balachandran inside a military bunker having a snack and another frame which showed his bullet riddled body.

    “These pictures could have been doctored,” Fonseka said. “The bunker where he was looks too tidy and orderly to be one of our bunkers. In the battle field, we did not have the luxury of having such neat and tidy bunkers,” Fonseka said.

    “The camouflaged uniform worn by someone who is claimed to be a Sri Lankan soldier is not we issue our troops. This is the camouflage that is used by Indian troops. We know Tigers used smuggled Indian Army-type uniforms,” he said.

    However, Fonseka repeated his offer to face any independent international investigation and said it was his “duty” as the commander at the time to face any probe.

    He accused the government of not addressing accountability issues and allowing calls for a war crimes probe to escalate without addressing the basic questions many had.

    “People want to know what happened. Some want to clear doubts,” Fonseka said, adding that he was prepared to answer the charges if he was questioned by any international independent probe. Fonseka fell out with President Mahinda Rajapakse soon after crushing the LTTE in May 2009 and went on to challenge Rajapaksa in the January 2010 presidential election.

    He suffered a crushing defeat and was later arrested and jailed till May last year when he was freed on a presidential pardon. Fonseka sa

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Looking at the ‘Tragedy of the Persecution of Sri Lanka’, we note the following points :

    (1) Sri Lanka paying dearly for Tamil Caste based Social Structure which begins in Tamil Nadu.

    (2) Sri Lanka paying for some 500 yrs of Colonial rule by the gun, plus importing by Colonists of Tamil Indentured Labor numbering some ONE & HALF MILLION from Tamil Nadu.

    (2A) Over dependence on British brought Tamil Labor for tea plantations and other Labor sectors, with Tamil Nadu leaders who had ideas of Secession from India still discontented and looking for alternatives.

    (3) Post Independence Sri Lanka offers FREE Education & Health Care for all – a costly ideal which invites illegal migrants to taste the fruits of freedom in Lanka.

    (4) No guarding of the Coastline till now, then giving free access to illegal migrants.

    (4A) No deportation of illegal migrants, at least not in a serious way.

    (5) No proper Laws in place to stop Secession.

    (5A) No Oath of Allegiance to the country.

    (6) No cohesive action from Parliament when in dire necessity such as the need to remove the 13-A.

    There are many more points such as the 1983 Riots …..

    It is really Lessons Learnt for all Lankans. In the end, every citizen here loses when the country is destabilized.

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