RE: Big Power Politics flush UN Charter Down the Toilet- H. L. D. Mahindapala
Posted on March 30th, 2013

Ranjini Deraniyagala

Mr Mahindapala has outlined a true record of the Western politics. But is all this digging up help Sri Lanka.

Here are my take on all these scenarios:

1. Did Sri Lanka succeed in downplaying the past military  roles of USA and EU Alliances.   They are united and whatever done was under Human Rights according to their definitions.     They all stand by that in unisom. Any criticism of them as regards their HUman Rights  actions  though may be right or wrong were not in dispute at the time. The fact is there  were no big powers refuting their actions. They all stood by together. We all know that  scenario. It is good thing for USA congressman to analyze these thoughts and defend  Sri Lanka. But Sri Lanka organizations and individuals  should not have wasted time  endorsing these again and again and giving their point of view. The west knows the truth; they do not want small countries to tell them what to do. it is a waste of time; especially   when Sri Lanka do not have many alliances. What Sri Lanka should have done was given a  true picture what happened after the was and what the govt. did for the innocent Tamil   victims who were terrorized by the LTTE.

Meanwhile Tamil organizations aboard were feeding all these countries with false information as regards human rights and who actually did the terrorist activities and Sri Lanks played a defense role al along to protect all civilians. Sri Lanka should have countered the false information one by one. Also written to all those countries who were ill-informed by the LTTE supporters.

2. India’s role as regards Sri Lanka was in question. But they let Sri Lanka down at the last  moment, although that was ot a surprise by the govt. On the Human Rights resolutions- they gave a lame excuse of supporting Sri Lanka,  however they reinforced alongside others that Sri Lanka must stand by the  enforced Resolutions, whereas Sri Lanka had met most of the requirements of the   resolutions which were suggested last year and now reinforced as LLRC resolutions this  year at UN Human Rights.

3. Sri Lanka did not get the support/vote of some countries as Sri lankans did not educate the  other countries as masterfully done by the Tamil organizations aboard.  Instead of wasting time criticizing the western world and allowing the Tamils abroad to  send derogatory false information on Sri Lanka to these countries who had no idea   what was actually happening. It is not surprising they had only one sided view to cast  their votes.  Naturally they were convincing one- sided; unchallenged  made up stories!

4. Meanwhile Sri Lanka organizations spent all their time to prove their cause by criticizing  what USA and Western world did in various wars and the effects on Human Rights.  The irony was that the West did not want to hear comments on how they conducted wars  and if there were Human Rights abuse in them or not. Nobody was challenging them.  They all acted in unison. Whether this was fair or not, Sri Lankans should have acted in their defense in a more convincing manner.  Try to show the whole truth to all nations, instead of wasting time on what the  West did in the past. They are not under trial here. That was the mistake done by Sri Lanka.

5. Sri Lanka should have tried to win the votes of the other nations who were ignorant of the  real situation in Sri Lanka. it was too late when the vote came in.

6. Even USA and the Western countries were not convinced  properly with the defense put  forward. If that was so then, Sri Lanka should try to prove it at least now to the West  while persevering to implement the Resolutions now put forward in front of their face.

7.  Put in a factual defense. Tell briefly and convincingly what actually being done to adhere to the resolutions so far:

1. Tamil and other civilians more than 300,000 or more had to be protected from terrorists and given shelter.

2. Demining activities that had to be done due to LTTE acts of terrorism. That is very expensive  and a  specialized role.

3. Housing, medical services, shelter, food and clothing etc. and  still being done

4. Tamil civilians do not want the Sinhalese  to be settled nt he North,who were chased by the terrorists.

5. Sri lankan Tri forces (Army, Navy and Air forces) protected not only Tamil civilians, but  Muslims and Sinhalese as well.

8. The financial aid that come to Sri Lanka at present from USA and the West was for the NGO’s. They are under the control of the West and some organizations in Sri Lanka(You know who) and they dealt with projects that they thought fit. Some of these were in accordance with the affiliations with specific groups in Sri Lanka. One has to imagine how that goes. The govt. will not speak out. But Sinhalese will have to speak out on these issues.

9. Consequently Sri Lanka had to find her own money to carry out the UN resolutions as demanded by UN Human Rights Just imagine when India, the neighbor too joins that band wagon to enforce their regulations on a sovereign island. You all know India has her own human rights violations issues. but no one will challenge that at present. They are not yet on trial. Sri Lanka will have to fight that internally.

10. Then there is the question of 13th Amendment, which India try to impose earlier and was quite obvious in their motivations going back to Indira Gandhi days. it is in the interest of Sri Lanka, not to enforce the 13th Amendment in partial or any other form; must abrogate it -pure an simple and still be on diplomatic terms with India. After all the main group who wants this enforced is S. india- Tai Nadu. They want to enforce a separate country in Sri Lanka. Fortunately, as of recent news; India is not supporting the Tamil Nadu intentions.

It is in the interest of a sovereign independent island to be free from any enforcement by a neighbor or whoever. Sri Lanka is fully aware of India’s intentions. Hence  if some door mat is placed in that corridor at all even for a moment. It wood be foolish bargain or compromise with India on that score;  however much the pressure SrI Lanka gets from India, Tamil Nadu or some political parties in Sri Lanka who has other ambitious roles to play in the future.

11. USA being a large country is divided amongst States; has one central government. There are no separate country or countries within the main country; except local govt’s.   So why should SrI Lanka be deprived of her independent sovereign rights imposed  by outsiders?

12. Recently Tamil Nadu had made a statement to boycott Sri Lanka. However India has stepped up; strangely enough, to say “No”;that they do not agree with Tamil Nadu policies and will not support their views. Tamil Nadu’s aim is to set up a separate state in Sri Lanka for the Tamils only. Why can’t the Tamils who do not wish to live with the Sinhalese go back to their own state and country?

13. Sri Lanka is treating all minorities on equal capacity on all angles . This equality of treatment is not found in several countries. Why are they demanding it here? Is it because Sinhalese are tolerant and also weak? I thought they come under the slogan they are lions.

Minorities are foreigners; they are living happily all over the island. it is therefore Sri Lanka is a country for the majority treating minorities on equal terms on all aspects. This is so in all countries. it cannot be divided up into different states for Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays etc.

14. Sri Lankans fight for your rights. DO not allow innocent Sinhalese in villages be converted to other religions just because they are deprived of normal food clothing and shelter and are now innocent victims of converters, who are taking an ideal opportunity, as in the historic past. They are in a worse situation than the Tamils in the North who are getting benefits both from the West (NGOs) and the Sri Lanka gove. who are are forced to comply with the UN resolutions, as now enforced, due to loss of equal votes at the recent UN Human Rights conference.

Stand up and be intelligent and brave. Do not try to prove how smart you are with diverse views Cooperate with he government and help the govt.

The BBS is doing a great job I believe in trying to protect Sinhala culture, civilization and Buddhist sacred places. Try to understand them and speak to them politely and work with them. Do not spend all your time criticizing everyone. No one will want to listen to you.

I have very little time to write all this. But I am doing that for Sri Lanka. No intention of making individual criticism, just general ones.

Take it with a sincere heart. for your country!

Ranjini D.

5 Responses to “RE: Big Power Politics flush UN Charter Down the Toilet- H. L. D. Mahindapala”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “The BBS is doing a great job I believe in trying to protect Sinhala culture, civilization and Buddhist sacred places. Try to understand them and speak to them politely and work with them.”

    I agree.

    BBS is now unstoppable. Going against them is SUICIDE. We must all work with them.

    BBS is the result of govt. NEGLECT of Sinhala Buddhists.

    Look at the LLRC, housing projects, railway projects, road development (EXCEPT TOLL ROADS), resettlement, etc. WHO GAINS? ONLY Tamils.

    What has this govt. done for the Sinhalese AFTER 2009? NOTHING.

    Sinhalese are DISPLACED in Jaffna for 30 years. Tamils were displaced for ONLY 30 months. But who were resettled? Tamils only!

    That is what gave birth to BBS.

    When those who neglected Sinhalese talk AGAINST BBS, it further strengthens the BBS.

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The most repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Qatar, Mali, Israel etc are super allies and puppets of the west get no sanctions for any human rights abuses and no UN Condemnation for Brutality done on civilians and endorsed by those regimes because these regimes align with dirty agendas of Us & EU.

  3. Christie Says:

    1.It was Indians and their intelligence service the Third Eye that stated Socialists movements in the island with the jaffan Youth Council in 1927 or earlier.

    2. It is India and its intelligence service the Third Eye that divided the Sinhala, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and Tamil unity by forming, funding, providing policy framework to Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandat=ranayake in 1951.

    3. It was the same pair who formed, funded, managed the two terrorists movements the “Jathika Vimukthi Peramuna, (around 1969) and “Tamil Tigers” (around 1979). Both terrorist groups only killed non Indians in the island.
    4. West and itss allies helped the island nation to fight the terrorists best example is Kafir fighters.

    5. The current anti island actvites are the work of India, Indians outside India and the Third Eye.

  4. Kosala777 Says:

    In Geneva Sri Lanka’s defence was not well targeted but reckless

  5. Christie Says:

    There is nothing for the island nation to defend. It should have ignored the whole Indian thing from the start.

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