“Quo vadis Maldives?” The prediction has become a reality.
Posted on May 10th, 2013


 If there are few functioning brain cells remaining under the skull, anyone would know simple politics. It is not rocket science to know the geostrategic agenda of the west in the Indian Ocean region. Three years ago in 2010, this writer predicted about a probability that would take place in Maldives based on the events unfolding. Following link will connect you to that article “Quo vadis Maldives?”


 The latest geo-political shift in the Indian Ocean proves this writer’s early prediction was correct. Daya Gamage, the US National Correspondent of the Asian Tribune has revealed that USA and Maldives soon will sign a SOFA, (Quote) “military agreement called the “ƒ”¹…”Status of Forces Agreement’ (SOFA) between the U.S. and Maldives, soon to be signed after more deliberations, will give the sole super power to have a foot-hold in the South Asian Region.”

 “”¦the camel is about to put its head in the South Asia tent. ‘Democracy Project’, ‘Human Rights’, ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Accountability’, and even ‘Reconciliation’ can take this turn when the United States sees that some South Asian nations are ‘strategically located’.

 As one columnist pointed out it will be a tectonic shift in the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean region if US secures a military presence in the Maldives.” (Unquote)

 However the timing of this agreement would be not so favorable to the master plan of the west since this event may catalytically affect the inland politics of Sri Lanka, especially Northern provincial council election, which is also considered to be a vital part of the roadmap of the same agenda of the west. This new geopolitical shift also may strengthen the demand to abrogate the 13th amendment since this new development definitely will take away the veneer exposing the true agenda behind the west’s amplified democracy and accountability campaign against island nations of the Indian Ocean that are located geostrategically important locations.  

 The following link will connect you to Asian Tribune article.



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