Posted on June 7th, 2013

Dear Mr.Paul George,

If that is your true name or fictitious like that of most Tamils. First of all, I see you do not have the backbone and guts to come out openly with your true name and your existence as a refugee or migrant, wherever you are in Canada. Your email also may be temporarily created for your email to me and the councillors.

This is true indicative of most Tamils. They are well trained in backstabbing, guerrilla attacks, underground subversive activities, smuggling and all type of evil on this planet. Vellupillai Prabakaran comes from the top most smuggling town of Valvettiturai. You guys sucked him. Didn’t you know that he was cold blooded murderer?

HE Mahinda Rajapaksa is the Head of a country, who was elected by the people and did not come up as a guerrilla like you guys. HE MR took the bold decision to eradicate terrorism, while you guys ran out of the country as refugees sucking Canadian tax payer’s money. All the Tamils had free education in SriLanka, and the foreign exchange earned by the hard work of the Sinhala people fed the Tamil hooligans all these years and will do for the future.

You guys want power: for what?, when you have nothing except barrel land in the North. Even the underwear Tamils wear is earned by the Sinhala people for the Tamils.

You started as “Kanthar” and in between comment as “Kanthan”. How good are your “Neurons”? What is your IQ score?

I am not a caste (CAST???) victim. I am fighting for those caste victims among the bloody Tamils. It’s like those “Refugee Councils” you have created. I do not work on collateral principles, but a true patriotic. I am not on the payroll of anyone.

You have questioned about the 3.32% of the total population outside N&E. If they are victims then why are they still outside the N&E. Do you know that most of those 3.32% are millionaires ripping off those Sinhala people? Don’t you know that most of the thosi Kades were owned by Tamils?

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s grandfather and Sivaprakassapillai built their business in Colombo. Why didn’t they develop that in Jaffna? Do you think Chelvanayagam looks like a Tamil? To me he looks like a Filipino mixed with a Malaysian.

(Why did they burnt the Jaffna library in 1981, if they were respecting other culture and religion). Didn’t you study history you fool? Didn’t you know how many Sinhala people were slaughtered and expelled from the North by the Jaffna kingdom because they were Buddhists? Indians invaded SL frequently and established Kingdoms. Were they invited and garlanded by the Sinhala people? The Indians slaughtered hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Sinhala people over centuries. Why don’t you study history Paul, if that is your fictitious name? What is the value of assets Prabakaran destroyed over these 30 years? For what? A fictitious “Elam”, which existed in Persia, not in SriLanka or India.

(You arguing this country belongs to Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other minorities.  Why don’t to tell this to your pay master and ask them, why did they introduced Sinhala only act in 1956.)

The truth is that the land does not belong to the Tamils, Muslims or other minorities. It’s like you guys in Canada. Tamils, Muslims and Burgers are migrants. Unwelcomed intruders. SriLanka belongs to the Buddhist Sinhala people. That’s the truth. Why don’t you read history before you blabber garbage? The Sinhala only act was a counterproductive action as a result of Chelvanayagam creating a Tamil Kingdom Party.

Tamils claim that the N&E belongs to them. Tell me, who gave it to them? Did they earn it? Tamils were parasites sucking the Sinhala’s economy. Now they are overseas. Canada will realise very soon that they are carrying explosives (Tamils) in Scarborough.

In August the Sydney Tamil fools are erecting “Tiruvalluvar” statue in Regents Park. What has Tiruvalluvar got to do with Australia? Can you see the power-hungry, power-crazy, self-important thoughts of the Tamils?

Now that you are sucking Canadian tax payer’s fund, why don’t you shut up and put up with Canada? Don’t worry about SriLanka. If you are not patriotic to SL then don’t worry.

I am a SriLankan, and a patriotic. Therefore I will support truth. Prabakaran destroyed billions of dollars and now Rudrakumaran is ripping off Tamils and wasting million dollars of Tamil’s money and will end up with nothing. Tamil Elam is a dream and an imagination and it can never become the truth, because it was never, ever a reality. If hundreds and hundreds thousands of Tamils can study languages in Europe and South Americas etc., what prevents them from studding Sinhala and coexist with peace and happiness in SL. After all it’s the language which fed you guys all these years and going to feed your people in SL.

Do you know that most Tamil men took boats and were sunk in the sea? The truth is starting to come out. You guys have been propagating that military killed the men. The truth is that a few boats sunk in the middle of the sea, the truth of which has started to come out.

All these years Tamils have been propagating lies and I can see the BP of certain people going up now because the truth has started to come out. Therefore keep it cool and calm. Think positively and don’t get your BP rise. Get your neuron building blocks in order and get your IQ score to at least 90. Think rational, positive and if you can coexist in Canada, then you can definitely coexist in SL by studying Sinhala and become a patriotic. Learn something on conflict resolution.

I pray that god will purify the mind of you guys plus Rudrakumaran and to free all from evil.

If you want to reply then come out honest and don’t be a guerrilla.

When I say “Jaya Weva”, I have not lost my mother tongue, but praising my mother country, you fool.


  1. Senevirath Says:

    well done kanthar u should send this to Dayan j. GL PEIRIS AND DILAN.

    i am so impressed . u know the history better than many sinhalese


  2. Voice123 Says:

    Very interesting Mr George. You sound just like certain Sinhalese.

  3. Marco Says:

    Rather a confusing and “frustrated” article written by whom? and who is Mr Paul George?
    I’m pleased Lankaweb editors thought fit to remove pictures that was distasteful.

  4. Voice123 Says:

    Yes I agree Marco, this is quite a distasteful article from Mr Dear George.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “Do you know that most Tamil men took boats and were sunk in the sea?”

    Hope it is true. Not innocent Tamil men but TNA voting Tamil men. If white vans can’t do it, blue boats can do it!!! ;)

  6. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Those pictures were shocking ! I was wondering why Lanka Web advertised Tamil Prostitution.

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