Friends of Syria?
Posted on June 22nd, 2013

Michelle Alexander

“Friends of Syria” is a collective of nations and bodies that meet periodically to discuss the issue of Syria outside the UN Security Council.

The last meeting has put pressure on what action the US Government should take, particularly the specifics of aid to the Syrian rebels. The rebels are pressing for heavy weaponry such as anti-aircraft missiles and the imposition of a no-fly zone.

  • This war has proved, yet again, that the United Nations is incapable of resolving matters of this nature.
  • US Intelligence officers believe Sarin was used against Syrian rebels. However, until proof is presented, this claim should be taken with a pinch of salt, considering the previous claim of Iraq possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction. Further, Putin countered with a claim that Russia possesses proof of Sarin being used by rebels.
  • The Friends of Syria should actually help Syria, instead of waiting for the USA to take the lead.
  • When Moscow and Beijing vetoed a UN resolution condemning the violence in February 2012, the degree of bitterness by the US was surprising.  US Ambassador to the UN denounced the vetoes and stated that the Russian and Chinese actions were “shameful” and “unforgiveable”.  Later that month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used equally harsh language.  Stating that “It is distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto while people are being murdered “”‚ women, children, brave young men,” and the Russian and Chinese actions were “just despicable, and I have to ask whose side are they on? They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people.” Tens of thousands have died and will continue to die in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a consequence of ill-planned outside interference. Isn’t that just as despicable and unforgiveable? Further, some of the brave young men in the Syrian rebel forces have been accused of committing abuses, much like the Syrian regime.
  • Russian and Chinese officials harbour suspicions for the true nature of aiding Syrian rebels. Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, expressed outright suspicions about US/NATO motives in the debate leading to the February veto. Although he condemned the bloodshed in Syria, Churkin cited Russian concerns about “regime change” intentions by “influential members of the international community.”

It is being alleged that extremist factions are taking advantage of the situation to further their own ends. Aiding Syrian rebels will only prolong this war, and more innocent lives will be lost.

4 Responses to “Friends of Syria?”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    President Obama could easily neutralize Syria of her Chemical weapons by destroying their storage facilities. But instead he has chosen to arm Al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels. This would lead to Russia arming the Assad government with death machines such as jets, and missiles, including the Chemical weapons. If the terrorist backed rebels win then Al-Qaeda will govern Syria which shares a border with Israel. If the Assad government takes the lead then Israel faces tens of thousands of armed Syrian rebels, many of them Al-Qaeda members, entering Israel. Israel would collapse if such an action takes place. In order to survive Israel will have to engage in a “scotch and burn” policy against the incoming Syrians and form an alliance with Russia. President Obama must be well aware of this and by that casts doubt on his true intentions. Is he really intending to destroy the Assad government or Israel or both?

  2. michelly200 Says:

    @ Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
    Very insightful observation.

    Maybe President Obama should be mindful of the fact that a snake bites the hand that feeds it. This will come back to haunt America and/or its allies.

  3. RohanJay Says:

    Whats happening in Syria is a huge war crime engineered by the west. In particular those two psychotic murderous European nations Britain and France and wannabee imperialist America. It was revealing that a French foreign minister while visiting Britain in 2009 was told how Britain not America had a plan to ship CIA/MI6 created Al Qaida brigades into Syria to oust Assad and would he be interested in joining their diabolical evil scheme. We all know these so called rebels went on to murder innocent civilians in their thousands and then blame it on Assad. To oust Assad as a Master plan to destabilize Middle East nations starting with Libya, then Syria going onto Lebanon and eventually Iran in a domino effect to create a clash civilizations scenario leading to World War 3. Yeah utter madness but the people ruling Britain, France and US are utter psychos if not stopped will lead to WW3. Given the history of the British Empire are we surprised? At their psychotic behavior on the world stage? They are now officially the most hated nation on Earth even more than USA and Israel. Serves them right. Clearly Britain is in my opinion the most evil nation on Earth.
    Fortunately Putin is aware of the plan and is ensuring Assad and Syria will not fall. In fact Al Qaida is close to being crushed in Syria by the Russians, Hezbollah fighters and Assads now armed to the teeth with Russian weaponry formidable Armed forces. Served those vermin right for their crimes against innocent people there and the horrors they perpetuated on that country.
    That is why Cameron, Hague of Britain and Hollande of France is in hissy fit to start a no fly zone to protect their Al Qaida brigades who being wiped out in thier thousands by Assads army and Hesbollah forces. They are pressuring the American Psycho president to have a no fly zone. Naturally Obama is dragging his feet Because as Psychotic as Obama and his corporate friends are he knows Putin and the Russians are not a people you want to play chicken shit with on the world stage. Well Putin is not bluffing he said HE WILL BLOW NATO Aircraft out of the sky over Syria if they dare try it! Obama has backed off But the Psychos Cameron, Hague and Holland and their Elite Psycho backers want to enforce the No fly Zone!
    Putin is not backing down. The west should leave the middle east alone they have created enough suffering there!
    I don’t think the world is in a more dangerous situation than it has been since 1939 all because of that scumbag nation Britain the cause of all the world ills.
    Good luck Putin tell the west to crawl back under the slimy rock they emerged out of.
    The world knows their game and sick and tired of their murderous wars, genocides and famines.
    These Psychos like Obama, Cameron and Holland better back off because Putin is not bluffing regarding protecting Syria from these psycho NATO nations of England, US and France in Particular and the Psycho murderous Elites who run those nations. As much as I hate Obama he does seem to not wisely cross Putin in his determination to protect Syria. I hope he respects Putins wishes and withdraws from the Middle east with those other chicken neck western nations like Britain and France and the Al Qaida murderous scum who Russian leader Putin alluded to recently with British PM Cameron at the G8 summit recently as the murderous cannibal scum that PM Cameron and Hague are arming.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    On this I agree with RohanJay. Well said.

    But there are few things not quite accurate.

    The MAIN reason to attack and divide Syria is to attack Iran. Syria is an ally of Iran. WHEN (not if) USA, Germany and Israel attack Iran, it exposes Israel to Syrian and Hezbullah attacks. IF any of their missiles fall on DIMONA nuclear site in Nagev desert (where a power station is and 90 Israeli nuke warheads are hidden) there will not be an Israel THEREAFTER nor Gaza. That is why they want to FIRST neutralize Syria. It will also cripple Hezbullah as Syria supplies them weapons. Then they will hammer Iran.

    This is the PLAN.

    But Russia has BLOCKED this evil plan. Syria is the ONLY civilised Muslim country in the world where people of ALL faiths are allowed to practice their religion. Turning Syria into another Swine Arabia or Iraq is a crime. Russian TARTUS port is not THAT important to Russia. But the Russians want to prevent ANOTHER total MAD PSYCHO war in the middle east. Now there are 17 Russian warships near TARTUS to prevent a US attack or no fly zone. USA building up weapons in Jordan and Turkey and armed FSA terrorists to the teeth with heavy weapons, SAM missiles, anti-tank missiles, etc.

    But Russia is losing – NOT my desire but the truth. I will be unpopular for saying this.

    Lavrov delays sending the 4 promised S-300s. 4 of them is NOT ENOUGH and even then he is NOT actually sending them. Only threatening. Like JHU! Russia should provide heavy weapons to BAA.

    BAA should deploy as many SNIPERS to HARVEST FSA, destroy hospitals in Allepo, close the Turkey border, stop Shiite-Sunni fights, use the air force while he can to the maximum. Unless he matches FSA CANIBALS, he loses.

    IF Russia plays cards well (I doubt Putin will CONTINUE to have a backbone) Russia will have a permanent friend in the region – Palestine nation. I personally don’t like it but it is now inevitable. The question is when.

    This war MUST be escalated. Otherwise FRANCE-UK-USA wins AGAIN over Russia-China. World will be a disgusting place with these GESTAPO world policemen.

    In the background of a middle east war Russia can hammer the US missile defence shield in Poland, Czeck, Romania while China can whack disputed islands and grab them. USA needs both of them over Syria, Iran, Israel, etc. which means they can do anything now.

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