Honourable Indian Prime Minister, please give the CHOGM a miss: true Sri Lankans will not miss you
Posted on October 18th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

‚ The poor Prime Minister of India is in a pathetic dilemma: he is reported to have said that he would take all factors into consideration before he makes a decision to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that is scheduled to be held in Colombo, in Sri Lanka, in November. He is lying: his only concern is the support from Jayalalitha and others of Tamil Nadu to keep his government going.

‚ There are almost 15 million Sri Lankans who would suggest to the Indian PM the obvious course of action open to him: -Please do not attend the CHOGM-. If the gentleman is ready to listen to them, he does not have to fish for flimsy excuses or resort to diplomatic gibberish, none of which will fool any person who has had at least a basic education.

‚ The Tamils in Sri Lanka are clearly proud of their ancestral links with the people in Tamil Nadu. It is hardly surprising, and no one will blame them if they wish to be closer to Tamil Nadu and India than to Sri Lanka. But, if they go as Sri Lankans, and carry a passport issued by the Sovereign Republic of Sri Lanka, they are under the moral obligation -” they obviously have morals that they wish to hold close to their hearts – to be Sri Lankans first and Tamils or anything else thereafter.

‚ The so-called Tamils of Indian Origin, who comprise 4.2% of the population of Sri Lanka today, are descendants of the labourers imported by the British in the 19th century to work in their tea and rubber plantations. The group that is categorised as Jaffna Tamils, a section of which waged a ferocious war against the Sri Lanka government and its people for three decades, treated the Batticaloa Tamils as Tamils of a lower grade and would not have touched the plantation Tamils with a barge pole, is reported to have come much earlier. However, as regards the ancestry of the Jaffna Tamils, Karthigesu Indrapala, who was initially a university don at Peradeniya, then in Jaffna and ultimately was compelled (by the LTTE) to move out of Sri Lanka, says in his PhD thesis submitted to the University of London, that there is no evidence of Tamil settlements in Jaffna prior to the 11th century. In contrast, the Vallipuram Gold Inscription, discovered in Vadamarachchi, is stark evidence that Sinhalese was the main language in Jaffna during the 2nd century, and place names that have since been Tamilised prove that there never was a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka-â„¢s Northern Province, or in any other part of the country.

‚ The Indian Prime Minister has no logical reason to demand special treatment to Sri Lanka Tamils, in the process shedding crocodile tears for the apparent lack of -a life with dignity and equality- for the latter – a hackneyed theme that is nauseating to the Sri Lankan of average intelligence. The Tamils of Sri Lanka are citizens of the sovereign and Independent Republic of Sri Lanka, and their welfare falls within the purview of the President of Sri Lanka. Over 80% of the budgetary allocation and foreign aid that Sri Lanka received has been spent on rebuilding the infrastructure in the North that was destroyed by the LTTE: the Indian Prime Minister should be intelligent enough to know that it was India that upgraded a rag tag bunch of street thugs in Sri Lanka-â„¢s North to the most ruthless terrorists in the world.

‚ A point that the Indian Prime Minster obviously knows, but conveniently ignores, is that the Sinhala ethnic group in Sri Lanka, too, has links with India. Some of the descriptions of the origins may be myths or folklore, but there certainly are links that connect the ancestors of the Sinhalas to West Bengal, Orissa and possibly to today-â„¢s Bangladesh, which until its independence from India in 1971, was a part of India.

‚ The real reason why the Indian Prime Minister sheds tears only on behalf of the Sri Lanka Tamils is the vociferous demands made by the politicians in Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, Vaiko and others of their ilk are at the forefront demanding that the Indian PM ensures -equality and justice- for their blood brothers in Sri Lanka, holding the poor man in New Delhi to ransom: -You do not give into what we want, and that is the end of your government-, is the threat under which the Indian PM has to live.

‚ The sad state of affairs is that India is not Tamil Nadu: there are 27 states other than Tamil Nadu (country of Tamils) and territories that comprise the preset day unwieldy behemoth that goes under the label India. Today-â„¢s India is a product of the British Empire, and quite a few of the states -” possibly Kongu Nadu, Ladakh. Gorkaland, Kukiland, Mitila and Bodoland, and Tulu Nadu to Kosal (http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2013/10/16/playing-the-indian-game/) that have been forced to be constituents of India may be happier to be on their own without the panjandrums‚  in New Delhi dictating to them how they should run their lives.

‚ Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans may not care a great deal whether the Indian PM attends the CHOGM in Colombo. He can follow the Prime Minister of Canada who has said that he does not wish to attend the summit on account of Sri Lanka-â„¢s human rights issues -” by the way, Greater Toronto and other areas of Canada have a large block vote of Tamils that Harper may not be unhappy to garner.

‚ Be true to yourself, Sir. Please admit that it is domestic politics, and that, by the way, is the pressure exerted by the Tamil Nadu politicians, which makes it difficult for you to arrive at decision as an intelligent, educated man. Stephen Harper of Canada is to give a miss to CHOGM: why not follow him?

13 Responses to “Honourable Indian Prime Minister, please give the CHOGM a miss: true Sri Lankans will not miss you”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Man Moron Singh can show his TRUE COLORS by NOT attending CHOGM.

    Then SL fools will realize how unreliable the Endians are.

    If he loves Tamilians so much why not take ALL Tamils in SL into Endia?

    Problem solved for Tamils, SL and Endia.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Ha Haa!! MORON SINGHEE, don’t come here and waste your time. Just wait and supervise the clean up of faecal matter, from the Road sides and Railway tracks. Give the Tamils of India, a life with Dignity and Equality, and stop them from collecting fecal matter from dry wells of High Caste Indians, with their bare hands. It is a Cardinal Sin.

    If you truly want to see the fun over here, take a shave, throw away your toorbhan, and jump into a fishing trawler, nobody will know. Get your household to say that you are indisposed. Don’t forget eh !

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    My Comment at NewIndianExpress.com on “Jayalalitha raps meek UPA line on Lanka”

    TN has a much larger fishing fleet than Sri Lanka, and the frequency of poaching by TN fishermen is correspondingly large.

    But the REAL reason TN fishermen are now increasing their poaching is to make this an international issue between India and Sri Lanka to SOMEHOW drag in the Union Govt of India into confrontation with Sri Lanka.

    So, who is assisting and urging the TN fishermen to do this and assuring political support and rescue should they run into trouble?

    You guessed it; it is being directed and orchestrated by powerful Tamil Nadu Politicians and Political Parties favoring the creation of a Tamil-Only separate state of Eelam. Dig deep … and you will find all the usual Racists … Jayalolita, Karunanidi, Vaiko, Ramdoss, Tirumavalavan etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseam at the bottom of the pit.

    These mutts believe they can ride the Eelamist TIGER if it comes home to TN to roost. Nothing could be more wrong: they will pay for it with their lives as the Sri Lankan Tamils did.

  4. Christie Says:

    Great, Manamohan Singh the greatest Imperialist of the day is not coming and we can understand it. Will Modi the aspiring fellow will take part?

  5. Christie Says:

    Tamils are Tamils and there are no different breeds of them. The so called Sri Lankan Tamils are Tamils who arrived first on the back of the British mainly Sepoys. The so called Indian tamils are Tamils to arrive lately to grow Tea and Rubber. All these Tamils are Tamils who arrived in the country after the arrival of British. There may be a few who have arrived before.

  6. Christie Says:

    It is the Indian who have been running the place since they arrived on the back of the British. These India colonial parasites are a problem everywhere.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    In order to be free of all Parasites, neo-Colonials etc., Lankans will have to get as Self Sufficient as much as is possible re our Economic needs.

    * Also, deport all illegal migrants.
    They are fodder for Separatists and other trouble makers.

    * Remove the 13-A.
    It is pointless having laws imposed under Duress and which are useless and inimical to the country.

    * Activate the 6-A.
    It is pointless having laws unless we use them.

    CHOGM may the platform to present to the C’wealth our real needs. India may not be able to continue playing nasty games with Sri Lanka to please Tamil Nadu politicos. Use the CHOGM platform to throw the truth out in the open for the whole world to hear.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Indians are not protecting their own Tamils. They treat a large majority of the low class Tamils ~~~ Dalits ~~~ with such inhuman ways, as getting them to collect Human Fecal matter with their bare hands. Why is India not protecting the Tamils in India, and why are they always saying that they will protect the Tamils in Sri Lanka ? WHAT IS THE CATCH ?

    The only reason I can think of is that THE TAMILS THAT THEY ARE REFERRING TO are Kallathonis that came to Sri Lanka from India during that Megalomaniacs time.

    Time India stop this nonsense of protecting tamils in Sri Lanka, when they even cannot protect the Tamils in India in a very humane way. STOP BEING HIPPOCRITES.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    The best way Endian govt. can protect Tamils is by taking BACK all Tamils to Endia.

    It is good for SL, Endia and Tamils.

  10. cassandra Says:

    The reported statement of the British Prime Minister that he intends to attend the CHOGM in Colombo “because of the importance we attach to the Commonwealth, irrespective of the location of the CHOGM” reflects a sane, practical view taken by David Cameron. But it does more than that. It is also a subtle rebuff to Stephen Harper who has stated he won’t attend and potentially to the Indian Prime Minister who might follow suit. Both these gentlemen should realise that they will achieve nothing with pious posturing and by not attending. You cannot contribute anything at a meeting if you choose to not attend. If you want to present your case effectively, you need to be present. In the end, by staying away, Stephen Harper and Manmohan Singh will only be doing themselves a disservice– and of course, a disservice to their countries as well.

  11. ranjit Says:

    Who will miss this old fool? Never mind take a break because this is your last chance. Harper you can play the Harp with your LTTE friends while we celebrate the BIG SUMMIT with all the peace loving leaders in the world who loves SRI LANKA.
    Indian lovers in Sri Lanka like our Opposition leader is trying to tarnish our country’s image by making false stories and sending wrong signals to the world during the summit. All their cowardly tactics will fail and they will lose more votes in the coming elections by doing so. These traitors should be hanged from a long rope at the Galle face. This summit is beneficial to all Sri Lankans and we should all cooperate and give our fullest support to this Govt instead of sabotaging it. People like Mangalaya and Ranil who has a very small margin of support from our population should be crucified for their evil acts to their own Motherland. We salute the nations who will attend and salute our Govt for organizing such a big event in style. God bless Mother Lanka.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Why should Sri Lanka be demonized and isolated? For Liberating itself … at great cost in blood and treasure … from the grip of murderous terrorism and internecine war?

    Western nations who did their utmost to hinder a military solution to LTTE’s reign of terror, thereby extending the conflict over 30 years, killing and maining several hundreds of thousands of people, and setting back Sri Lanka’s economic development by that many decades, do not have the MORAL HIGH GROUND to PIOUSLY PONTIFICATE to Sri Lanka for freeing itself!

    I ACCUSE these Western nations … who liberated themselves from the scourge of Nazi terror in World War II, and suppressed its revival with the iron of MILITARY OCCUPATION of Europe for nearly half a century … of the DEATH and IMPOVERISHMENT of these Sri Lankan citizens, by refusing to allow Sri Lanka to do the same for its citizens, and aiding and abetting by allowing the Eelamists to raise funds, buy arms, and providing safe havens in their countries.

    ASK US NOT to RECONCILE with these UNREPENTANT MURDERERS by continued diplomatic support for them. You asked for the support of the world against facism in your hour of need … and we provided it willingly! Today you plead for more support against terrorism when it invades your own countries; but you are DEAF to our pleas for support and aid, when the lives our people are threatened by the same intolerant, racist, murderous ideologies.

    NO! Sri Lanka SHOULD NOT RECONCILE with the Murderous Unrepentant Eelamists still striving for their separatist state by any means fair or foul.

    Instead, like the Allied nations of Europe who stamped out the scourge of Nazism with an IRON FIST, Sri Lanka should PROSCRIBE all Eelamist parties and STRIVE to DEMOLISH & ERADICATE the Eelamist Idealogy from every corner of Sri Lanka.

    The need is not for RECONCILIATION and ABJECT APPEASEMENT with Racist Murderers, but for SUPPRESSION of their Murderous Idealogy by EVERY AVAILABLE LAWFUL MEANS until the cows come home, and this generation of brainwashed jaundiced Eelamists pass forever from the firmament!

    Sri Lanka deserves support

    The Australian
    October 21, 2013

    SADLY, pressure for a boycott of next month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government summit in Sri Lanka is gathering significant momentum. India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, is now considering joining the campaign to stay away. The campaign has been spearheaded by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over Colombo’s alleged human rights abuses.

    British Prime Minister David Cameron is also under pressure not to go, following a demand by the House of Commons’ all-party Foreign Affairs Committee. Tony Abbott should ignore the clamour whipped up by the well-organised Tamil diaspora and maintain the firm opposition to a boycott he expressed after meeting Mr Harper at the APEC summit. Legitimate concerns do exist about human rights in Sri Lanka. That is hardly surprising after a civil war of exceptional brutality that lasted 30 years and saw 100,000 civilians killed. But the process of reconciliation, now demonstrably under way, would be seriously impaired by a boycott of what will be the biggest international event held in Sri Lanka since the 1976 Non-Aligned Summit. The Tamils inevitably would be blamed by the Sinhala majority for any failure, with potentially dire consequences.

    What Sri Lanka needs is more of the Tamil participation seen in the successful provincial elections just held in what was the war’s main fighting zone – with a remarkable 68 per cent voter turnout and the main Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance, winning 30 of the 36 seats. Increasingly, the Tamil diaspora – especially in Canada, which has the largest Tamil community outside Sri Lanka – seems at odds with the Tamils at home, whose priorities are reconciliation and reconstruction, not retribution. Australia’s interests would be best served by assisting that process, not in contributing to communal tensions, which would be the likely consequence of a CHOGM boycott. Stability and an assured place for Tamils in a prosperous and peaceful Sri Lanka would also cut the ground from under people-smugglers bringing asylum-seekers across the Indian Ocean. And it would make it easier for our government to hasten the repatriation of Sri Lankans already here.

    Mr Harper has sacrificed his place in a major forum with the potential to exert real influence on Colombo. Dr Singh and Mr Cameron should not follow him. Sri Lanka needs assistance on reconciliation, not isolation.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    We advise Man Mohan Singh to stay at home, and Sri Lanka to DOWNGRADE relations with India by CLOSING all except one of the Indian Embassiies, canceling the Sampur Power Plant agreement, taking back the Palaly airport and Trincomalee Oil Storage tanks, reducing Economic links with India, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, REVOKING the Indian imposed 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution and DISSOLVING ALL Provincial Councils.

    Then, we can say that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has EXECUTED a MASTER STROKE! Not Otherwise!
    Master stroke: Can Mahinda Rajapakse afford to be as daring as Sri Lankan cricketer Jayasuriya?

    By Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury
    October 23, 2013

    NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka has warned that a boycott of next month’s Commonwealth heads of state Summit in Colombo by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will have “consequences” for bilateral relations between the two countries, queering the pitch for the government ahead of a decision on the level of its participation. Singh is under intense pressure from Tamil Nadu politicians, including those in his own Congress party, to not attend the November 15-17 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) as a mark of protest against the treatment of Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority. The government intends to decide on Singh’s travel to Colombo after he returns from China on October 24, sources told ET.

    But India’s vacillations have frustrated the Mahinda Rajapakse government in Sri Lanka, which diplomatic sources in Delhi, said was pushing hard to have Singh attend the summit that is being held in Asia after 24 years. “Presence of Indian PM means a lot for the Rajapaksa government and Sri Lanka in general. They are obviously disappointed,” one source said. Colombo has threatened that Singh’s absence from the meet will adversely impact bilateral ties, although the sources said it was not clear what the consequences would be.

    While India’s Tamil parties are keen that Singh boycott the summit, a top Tamil leader in Sri Lanka – CV Vigneshwaran, head of pro-India Tamil National Alliance that runs the island nation’s Northern Province – is keen that the prime minister not only visits Colombo but also Jaffna, the seat of Tamil power and politics. In the event of Singh boycotting, India will be represented by Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid, which could be viewed by Colombo as New Delhi downgrading the importance of the summit.

    A foreign ministry official rued that state politics was affecting the course of foreign policy and harming national interests by pushing Sri Lanka into the arms of others. Sri Lanka has in recent years moved closer to China as well as Pakistan. China had supplied Colombo with arms to fight the LTTE, and after the war, also helped several infrastructure projects.

    The West too has been eyeing Sri Lanka’s strategic location for decades. Pakistan has supplied Sri Lanka with metal detectors and body scanners for the CHOGM Summit, reportedly after India dilly-dallied on the issue.

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