India’s relationship with Sri Lanka very strong: typical gobbledygook from India’s External Affairs Ministry
Posted on October 31st, 2013

Asada M Erpini

A spokesman of India-â„¢s Ministry of External Affairs has said, as reported on 31 October in the local media, that the -relationship between India and Sri Lanka is very strong and should not be characterized as usual-.

The response had been given at a media briefing when the gentleman was asked whether it was usual for a Chief Minister (CM) of provinces in foreign countries to approach the PM of India directly. -The Chief Minister of a province in a foreign country- in this situation is the much talked about CM of the Northern Provincial Council, who since being elected to the post has been able to garner, almost overnight, a great deal of media attention with his views and aspirations.

All that the spokesperson of India-â„¢s Ministry of External Affairs had to do was to give a straightforward -Yes- or -No-. Instead, he goes on talking about the welfare of the people of the North -” obviously of Sri Lanka – who have been adversely impacted. As to who was the root cause of the adversities is carefully avoided: the uninformed will jump to the conclusion that it was Sri Lanka-â„¢s armed forces and the majority Sinhala community that created the problems: India obviously cannot say that if not for the LTTE, which was nurtured, financed and trained by India, Sri Lanka by this time would have been a much more prosperous country than what it is today. And, India would not have to worry about the welfare of the people in the North (Tamils) at all.

Additionally, it is the Executive Head of one country that communicates with his or her counterpart in another: the protocol is that minions such as Chief Minsters of provinces have to approach the Executive Head of the concerned country first when it comes to bilateral or multilateral issues. If India wishes to go by the conventions and protocols of diplomacy and international relations, any communication from a CM of a province in Sri Lanka should have been disregarded.

The more important message as regards the relationship between the two countries, however, is that the average Sri Lankan may not be ready to share the views of the Ministry of External Affairs of India.

7 Responses to “India’s relationship with Sri Lanka very strong: typical gobbledygook from India’s External Affairs Ministry”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ASADA !! With great deference, The bearded MAN with the TOORBHAN got his wires crossed from the very start. So, he was looking for any excuse to extricate himself, from his moronic indecision. He was talking about getting Advisors to navigate him, TO BE OR NOT TO BE.

    Suddenly, Indias relationship has become very strong, an Indian Earth Quake at 7 on the Richter Scale. Not the ”usual” but`very unusual. This is typical Indian Rope Trick Magic. The Ministry of External Affairs India, has done an excellent job. All Sri Lankans, Please swallow this, or as the Americans say, please Buy this.

    It is my point of view that the PM of India, will step into Sri Lanka, with a lot of SRI LANKAN BLOOD on his hands. I suggest that he wear that black Muslim Head dress, to cover his whole face.

    As for the bearded CM from the NORTH of Sri Lanka, he appears to have no respect for His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse. Being a retired Supreme Court Judge, he seems to have no manners, and is very ignorant of basic protocol. He is exposing himself to be a scum bag. He has to be reigned in, sooner or later.

  2. Nanda Says:

    His hair is covering his face anyway ! no need of gonibilla suit , he is the gonibilla.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ethnic Integration will happen if Sinhala and Tamil people live together in the same communities, and all the things necessary to force interaction and interdependence are done.

    It may take a long time … even decades, perhaps until the present generation of racist die-hards die off … but it will happen in the long term, just as it had in the Colombo area before all the ethnic conflict began.

    Until then, we have to

    ….. Settle Sinhala people in the North and East, and elsewhere, until there are no Tamils-only & Muslim-only concentrations anywhere in the country

    ……Prevent all Separatist and Communal activities by all groups, including foreign NGOs meddling in Sri Lanka

    ….. Ban Communal parties and organizations, and ENFORCE the laws against TREASON strengthening them as necessary

    ……Make Communal Separatist groups feel HOPELESS .. to borrow your Lorenzo’s words … without Any Way to Succeed either as Communal Separatists

    …. Meanwhile, treat all Tamils and Muslims as equal citizens … with Equal RIGHTS to enjoy and Equal RESPONSIBILITIES to the nation … NOT ONE IOTA MORE, NOT ONE IOTA LESS! No special rights, no special limitations … NONE WHATEVER!

    These are ALL elements of Ethnic Integration, as I view it.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Gobbledygook indeed! India’s relationship to Sri Lanka is that of a rapist to the victim. Strong relationship … my foot … all abuse … no friendship!

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Time is ripe for Sri Lanka to march on towards a new horizon and a new paradigm – Towards a Reinvigorated and Assertive Sri Lanka. This is the missing element since the victory at Nanthi Kadal. This should have been done soon after May 2009. It is not too late even now.

    Just as the President uttered those brave words at the UN he should not hold anything back at those who come to denigrate Sri Lanka at the CHOGM.

    We must remind the world that Sri Lanka is just emerging from a 27 year old war – the longest war of the 20th and 21st century to date. We have the right to station our armed forces where we deem it necessary. Even after over 60 years American forces are still stationed in Japan, Korea and Europe.

    As for genocide and war crimes it must be very clearly pointed out that Sri Lanka is willing to stand in queue and be judged only after other genocides and war crimes of those in the front of the queue dating back to the last 500 years are investigated, judged and suitably punished. As a minimum we have to ask that the whole of last 27 years of the Tamil Racist war be investigated and not the last few months!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Nadu INSTITUTIONALIZED DISCRIMINATION (Caste/poverty) is the filling in the sandwich between Delhi Centre & Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka’s relationship with India and west have been spoilt due to Tamil leaders Separatism riding on the back of the Cold War. It started with the trumped up Tamil Caste Riot (Tamil High C vs Tamil Low C) Riots in 1983, and the Tamil EXODUS to the west of economic refugees.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    A strong relationship can also be an antagonistic relationship. If the last 30 years is any indicator India’s relationship to Sri Lanka has been marked with contempt, duplicity, treachery and a singular aim to divide Sri Lanka. Since the war ended with a victory by the Sri Lankan or majority Sinhalese military against the Indian supported Hindu Tamil LITE India has been relentless in her pursuit to realize Eelam using whatever method left to her.

    New Delhi has fully supported the rise of TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization), fully supported the illegal intrusion of Indian Tamil fishermen into Sri Lankan waters. New Delhi has gone out of her way to demonize Sri Lanka with trumped up charges of human rights based on a video that to date has not received the objective analysis needed to prove that 40 thousand innocent Tamils were actually killed by the Sri Lankan military or by the LITE or both and if the number is even accurate.

    That has not stopped India in using the UN to slap Sri Lanka with human rights violations on an issue that took place during the last days of the war. New Delhi has gone out of her way to avoid including the human rights violations perpetrated on the Sinhalese by the Tamil Tigers who got training, logistics and monetary support from India. India is still using this charade to justify her supposed high moral stand without taking into account her own moral turpitude which has rendered millions into servitude due to the Caste system and has earned the dubious position of having half the worlds existing slaves (in the classic sense of that word).

    A report stated of the 29 million slaves around the world 14 million are in India and that nation has the audacity to punish Sri Lanka on Human Rights issues, while never questioning the Tamil leaders of India of their duplicity in this blatant bigoted stand by India against Sri Lanka

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