MacRae and Channel 4 ‘s “Killing Fields”- Coming Apart at Its Seams-Was Channel 4 , the (Intentional) Victim, and, Is Ofcom, also Complicit?
Posted on November 16th, 2013

By lbw-¦-¦

The discovery of the original version of the gruesome killing scene inChannel 4-â„¢s -Sri Lanka-â„¢s Killing Fields-, with all dialog in Tamil, a sophisticated plot to modify videos for terrorist propaganda has‚  been revealed.‚  This confirm the earlier affirmations by experts that the -Ëœchannel-4-â„¢ video had been digitally altered to include dialog in Sinhalese, the language of the Sri Lankan soldiers.

A world-renowned expert from CISCO Inc.-â„¢s Digital Technology Division had earlier analyzed the video aired by Channel 4, in detail, and came with the definite proof that the Channel 4 video-â„¢s audio track had been altered in some places.‚  Also noted was, that much audio-distortion was added to other parts of the video in order to -Ëœhide-â„¢ the cracks and pops that are audible when different audio clips are -Ëœcut and pasted-â„¢. ‚ ‚ Furthermore, the inclusion of the announcer-â„¢s voice throughout much of the video

In this original, the exact scene depicted in Channel 4-â„¢s -killing of surenderees-, appears, albeit in much higher quality, along with clear and concise dialog: all in the Tamil language used by terrorists.‚  There is hardly any distortion in the audio track:‚ ‚  When compared to this original, the audio track in -Ëœchannel 4-â„¢ killing fields video contains high level of distortion, a method used to -Ëœhide-â„¢ momentary breakage of audio when different tracks are merged.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Sri Lanka says that the -UN had to admit that the video was fabricated-:‚  (7 min).‚  Yet, Channel 4 ays: -the UN has authenticated this video-.

Is Ofcom also complicit in clearing the video as-authentic-, despite the many official complaints that were accompanied bydetailed information?‚  Ofcom has not adhered to proper journalistic guidelines, and one wonders if any of the complaints were scrutinized with proper guidelines for ethical review, if at all.‚  This brings into question the integrity of Ofcom, the -Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries-, and associated- institutions.

There is enough evidence, now, for the Sri Lankan Government to finally bring the perpetrators that have been hell-bent to discredit the Country, to the attention of the World.‚  With terrorism raising its ugly head elsewhere in the World, it is also Sri Lanka-â„¢s duty to teach the world about the dangers of modern-day -digital terrorism- now used by terrorists to propagate fabricated propaganda.‚  To date, Sri Lanka has largely ignored the terrorist-diaspora-made tales to discredit Her, and it is high time officials brought their act together to shed the light on Channel 4.


2 Responses to “MacRae and Channel 4 ‘s “Killing Fields”- Coming Apart at Its Seams-Was Channel 4 , the (Intentional) Victim, and, Is Ofcom, also Complicit?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    “UN terrorism” staged by the Terrorist Nondi Pillay MUST be tackled now!

  2. Vis8 Says:

    Someone point out the difference between this and ch4 version to Cameron, please…..
    GoSL media: please step-up

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