After the Commonwealth Summit, Canada’s Deepak Obhrai comments
Posted on November 19th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

17 November 2013

Hon. Deepak Obhrai, MP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Deepak:

I have just read your Conservative spin about Sri Lanka in today-â„¢s BRANDON SUN-â„¢s National Breaking News, a Canadian Press news item which had a title -” Canada says Sri Lankan Tamils remain fearful, after Tory MP visits region.‚  According to your conclusion, it says, -The Harper government says Sri Lanka-â„¢s Tamil minority continues to be fearful of the country-â„¢s leadership, as a controversial Commonwealth summit wrapped there Sunday.-

Deepak, are you certain that the Tamils that you met with, who are fearful of the country-â„¢s leadership, are not from the LEAGUE OF LET-â„¢S LIE OUR WAY IN TO CANADA TAMILS?

Deepak, didn-â„¢t they tell you that it was the present leader of Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapaksa who gave them back their life that they enjoyed 35 years ago, when they were able to walk the streets without having to look over their shoulders in case the Tamil Tiger terrorists were following them with the pin of the hand grenade in a biting mode to pull it to throw at them, by eliminating these Tamil Tigers by whipping their butts and finally eliminating them on the shores of the Nandhikadal lagoon on 19 May 2009.‚  If they didn-â„¢t Deepak, then don-â„¢t trust them, as these Tamils are taking you down the garden path as they did with several other Canadian politicians in the past.

‚ Deepak, didn-â„¢t they tell you that it was this leader, President Mahinda Rajapaksa who gave the Tamil mother-â„¢s their lives back that they lived, once upon a time without fear 35 years ago, having eliminated the Tamil Tigers on 19 May 2009. ‚ And that now they didn-â„¢t have to wait at the threshold of their front doors at 2 o-â„¢clock each week day afternoon, waiting for their children to come home after school. The mothers feared that their children would be kidnapped by the Tamil Tiger terrorists and train to fight their adult war in the Baby Brigade only to be killed at the front line by the Government soldiers.‚  ‚ There were over 5,700 child soldiers in the Tamil Tiger Baby Brigade. ‚ If they didn-â„¢t Deepak, then don-â„¢t trust them, as these Tamils are taking you down the garden path singing -O Canada, what a fool this Deepak is-¦-

Deepak, didn-â„¢t these Tamils you met from the League of ‚ Let-â„¢s Lie Our Way into Canada Tamils tell you that they don-â„¢t have to hide their young sons and daughters anymore from the Tamil Tigers as they would demand one child from each family to fight for their mythical mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil separatist state Eelam, since the Sri Lanka leader President Mahinda Rajapaksa-â„¢s Armed Forces whipped the butts of these Tamil Tiger terrorists and eliminated them on 19 May 2009?‚ ‚  If they didn-â„¢t Deepak, then don-â„¢t trust them as they are a bunch of dishonest rogues singing -O Canada , we got another MP into our Net of Canadian Fools.-

You know what Deepak, these Tamils of the League of Let-â„¢s Lie Our Way into Canada Tamils ‚ have found out that the Canadian law makers are naƒ¯ve and can be easily made to walk down the garden path marching‚ to their lies so that they can enter Canada as refugees bypassing their homeland Tamil Nadu in South India where 70 million of‚  their Tamil brethren live. And once they get their Canadian passport take the first flight to Sri Lanka to have a grand time as tourists sunning themselves on the east coast-â„¢s Arugam Bay beaches to get back the tan that they lost during the Canadian winters.

Since you seem to be a bleeding heart, why don-â„¢t your Conservative ‚ -ËœEvangelical right-â„¢ government siphon all the Tamils who are fearful of the Sri Lanka-â„¢s present leadership, and bring them over to Canada.‚  And let the Tamils who are not fearful of‚  ‚ President Mahinda Rajapaksa-â„¢s leadership enjoy the fruits of reconciliation as well as prosperity and have their children go to school and later attend University to become, doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, teachers, et cetera, with out having to cradle Kalashnikovs and play ball with hand grenades .‚  Do that Deepak.‚  That might help your Conservatives to lasso back the Tamils who have deserted your party-â„¢s fold already and have sworn their allegiance to Justin Trudeau-â„¢s Liberal Party, and Tom Mulcair-â„¢s NDP.

-Controversial Commonwealth Summit-, you seem to have said.‚  The –Controversial- seems to be in your Canadian mind-set Deepak, as Prime Minister Harper wanted the CHOGM ‚ to fail big time. ‚ The foolish NDP-â„¢s Rathika Sitsabaiesan and Paul Dewar wanted a full boycott of the Summit and they failed too.‚  –O! Goodie!!-I would yodel, as a response.

I have been told by a little birdie with a yellow bill that sat upon my window-sill, that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been thumbing his nose at such foolish Canadian parliamentarians.‚  And I hope he did it too.‚  ‚ ‚ Not only thumb his nose but also say to them with a smirk on his face, -Na-¦nana-¦na na-¦Na-¦na na -¦ na-¦I did it.-

What has been reported is that -CHOGM ends on a successful note-.‚ ‚  It said, –The 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Colombo concluded successfully yesterday with a firm resolve by member states to face the challenges confronting the Commonwealth family.-‚  Whopee-¦Deepak, it must be smarting you and your bosses, Foreign Minister John Baird, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.‚  The same little birdie with a yellow bill told me that after all that effort to sabotage the CHOGM by Harper-â„¢s Canada, the Sri Lankan sun did rise from the east of Sri Lanka and fell over the waters of the western horizon as it has done always for eons.‚  The Canadian government-â„¢s threat of -We will huff and we will puff and we will blow your house down- wasn-â„¢t much of a success, and the Hurricane Baird was as weak as a shaking front-tooth of a five year old.‚  ‚ ‚ And no doubt you Conservatives found out that the Sri Lanka ‚ house was built on a sound foundation of respecting the right-to-life of its 22 million people. Wasn-â„¢t it Deepak?‚  Canada-â„¢s huffing and puffing skidded to an embarrassing halt, Deepak, as‚  Prime Minister Lee Hsien of Singapore said for Canada to hear, –¦.But really, you cannot impose reconciliation from the outside, nor is it our business to intervene in other countries affairs.-. ‚ And of course President Mahinda Rajapaksa pointedly told countries like ours –¦those living in glass houses should not throw stones at others.-‚  I suppose he was referring to Canada-â„¢s awful Human Rights records as pointed out by the UN, and yet, you had the audacity and temerity to tell Sri Lanka, -We are Holier than Thou.-‚  That was a crock full of cods wallop, wasn-â„¢t ‚ it Deepak?

It was on 2nd May, 2013 that the Ottawa Citizen-â„¢s Editorial writer said –¦. The diplomatic equivalent of a slap in the face-¦is for the leader of the country to refuse to attend a high profile gathering hosted by another country.‚  Well, Canada has just slapped Sri Lanka.-‚ ‚  Well, let‚  me tell that Ottawa Citizen editorial writer, -Well-¦.well-¦.well-¦what do you know, if we apply your reverse logic my dear friend, it was only Canada, India and Mauritius that boycotted the Commonwealth and the other 49 countries attended and the‚ 28 Heads of state present at the Summit no doubt slapped Canada for not attending the Summit 28 times.- ‚ ‚ Ouch! it must have hurt. ‚ I say, damn it, ‚ it serves Canada right, when we are not squeaky clean in our record of Human rights and had no moral right to preach Sri Lanka on Human Rights.‚  Aren-â„¢t we a bunch of arrogant, high-horse riding slobs, Deepak?

I am not sure what Canada gained by‚  Stephen Harper not attending the Summit and sending the third tier representation led by you?‚ ‚  I say to you Deepak, you gained‚  sweet-nothing for Canada, other than looking a fool ‚ and acting like a mischievous school boy by laying Canada-â„¢s -Wreath of Hypocrisy- at Elephant Pass when you were requested not to by a Sri Lankan official. ‚ ‚ A site that saw three historical battles by the Tamil Tigers to cut off that isthmus from the south and claim the Jaffna ‚ peninsular as their ‚ separate state, Tamil Eelam. All of Sri Lanka resented your boorish arrogance, and so did I.

Deepak, this is what bothers me the most with your arrogance on that stupid act of laying that Canadian Wreath of Hypocrisy on the grounds where three ‚ historic battles of the Tamil Tigers took place against the Sri Lankan armed forces. ‚ ‚ Surely, you could have found a neutral spot in that island of 25,332 square miles, but you didn-â„¢t and you were ‚ stubborn and specific to satisfy the Canadian Tamil Diaspora who still want their Eelam.‚  Dream on, I say to all of you.

‚ ‚ But this is what that got my goat. ‚ The words on the banner that you held above the Wreath of Hypocrisy said it all about the motive of the Conservatives, and it blew Canada-â„¢s seventh veil of hypocrisy on Sri Lanka off the Consevative GTA Tamil body-politic.

‚ ‚  And if what I am told by a Tamil linguist is true, then you guys are guilty of being mischievous to the point of being sick.‚  And all this to gain a Tamil vote in the Greater Toronto Area where your Conservatives are trying to hold onto to the nine seats that you gained from the Liberals and perhaps gain a few more in 2015.

The English words on the banner that you were holding said -” -In memory of all innocent Sri Lankan victims of violence.-‚ ‚  So that took care of all the victims from the majority Sinhalese community who were targeted by the Tamil Tigers, and also the minority Muslims that were targeted by the Tamil Tigers and also the minority Tamils that you are batting for.

Then came the linguistic somersaulting semantics of -Majority Sinhalese, we Gotch Ya!-â„¢ ‚ to keep the Conservative electoral Tamil clients happy.‚ 

And now the serious gambit to secure the Tamil favours.‚  The words in Tamil script‚ beneath the English line when translated read as -In memory of minority people who were affected by the War.-

‚ ‚ That Tamil line effectively ignored the majority Sinhalese.‚  My question to you Deepak is, Why? Why wasn-â„¢t your bleeding ‚ heart not ‚ willing to cry ‚ blood for my Sinhalese people as they were blown to smithereens by Tamil Tiger suicide bombers and claymore mines which happened almost every day. ‚ By the way the word -Ëœsiruphanmai-â„¢ ‚ in the Tamil line ‚ means -minority-.‚  It was not a case of -victims of violence- any more, as the Tamil script talked of -War-.‚ ‚  What-â„¢s that baloney, all about Deepak? ‚ Explain.

So Deepak, you can play your nasty Canadian political games any which way you want to, but to ignore the majority Sinhalese in this war who were killed and maimed by the Tamil Tigers, and ably aided and abetted by the incumbent Canadian governments during the war is a No-¦No.‚ ‚ And your Conservatives are toast in the eyes of‚  the Sinhalese-Canadians.‚  Your Conservatives, should count yourself lucky if you all can muster 5% of their votes across Canada in 2015.‚  Nor will I vote for your Conservatives in 2015, not even holding my nose tight, as your policy and agenda on Sri Lanka stinks to high heaven.‚  And that is how the cookie crumbles, Deepak.


Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “After the Commonwealth Summit, Canada’s Deepak Obhrai comments”

  1. helaya Says:

    Asoka, This bugger is Indian descend and full of hatred against Sri Lanka. I do not know why Sri Lankan Government let lay wreath in Elephant Pass.

  2. douglas Says:

    Dear Mr. Stephen Harper – The Prime Minister of Canada AND All the Citizens:

    “Harper Government says Sri Lankan Tamil community continues to be fearful of the country’s leadership”. This is a very valuable observation that your Tory MP Mr. Deepok Obhroi had made after a very brief visit to Jaffna to lay a wreath to commemorate the LTTE cadres who died in the war of 2009. You all know very well these cadres were the most deadliest terrorists the world, including Canada has ever produced. Leave that aside, we Sri Lankans wish to give an standing ovation to your MP, the “GENIUS PAR EXCELLENCE ” for making such a brilliant study and observation with only ONE VISIT to the Tamil Community. We know he was accompanied by your High Commissioner Ms. Shelley Whiting. This observation has now been made official by your Government. In this context we, Sri Lankans have to make some proposal for your equally brilliant consideration.

    1. Please set up a Canadian Government Agency, in Colombo, perhaps under Her Excellency the High Commissioner Ms. Shelley Whiting to accept applications from the Tamil Community who wish to migrate to Canada (Note: We really value and appreciate your generosity)
    2. An advertisement must be published in Local Media calling all the Tamil Community to respond within a stipulated period and must state all information(names,gender etc.) will be treated strictly confidential.
    3. Provide all applicants (no rejections please) with ONE WAY air ticket to Pearson International Airport and arrange Mr. Deepok Obhrai to MEET AND GREET them at the terminal. Once they reach Canada, we are confident of your ability to take good care of them, because they will be your “unshakable voter base”.
    4. To facilitate SPEEDY DEPARTURES from Colombo to CANADA, we will offer a reduced air fare on Sri Lankanair that comes within the administration of our President. This will definitely help to keep this “Leadership” that Tamil Community is so fearful, happy. If he does not support the move, we will demand him,our President, to extend all facilities, failure would result him being kicked out of office. We know you would like that very much and this is another way to achieve that ambition.
    5. Last but not the least, we Sri Lankans appeal to all Canadians to nominate your MP Mr. Deepok Obhrai to be the next recipient of the “PRESTIGIOUS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE”. We are also confident that this migrated Tamil Community would put him in the Premier’s seat.

    We, appreciate your very favorable consideration of the above proposals. May the GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DOUGLAS !! Very good idea indeed. Canada has billions of acres of land, and they can give just a small fraction of AH Tamils to keep themselves happy. They will even come and clean Deepuks toilet as a reciprocal favour. Deepuk, just let those unhappy tamils come under your watchful eye. All you need from them will be their vote. Sure, they will give it and also bend to you.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “The Harper government says Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority continues to be fearful of the country’s leadership, as a controversial Commonwealth summit wrapped there Sunday.”

    Good if they are fearful of SL’s leadership. Keep it that way. At least then they will NOT try bomb attacks and other violence.

    If they don’t like SL take the boat out. There is a special boat service departing Batticaloa every Monday at 5:45 am towards Indonesia. Rs. 850,000 per head. Guaranteed to LEAVE SL. Guarantee reaching either land or Tamil Elam (hell). Welcome onboard the Thamilini Cruise.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Just one question.



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