Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu where Tamils can all be happy – Sri Lankan Tamils too.
Posted on November 19th, 2013

‚ Shenali D Waduge

A question that needs to be finally asked and answered is whether the Sri Lankan Tamils are really upset that the LTTE has been defeated and how many Tamils elsewhere share the same sorrow? If tragically the majority of the Tamils wherever they live feel angered by the demise of LTTE-â„¢s ground force and leader we have some serious issues at hand. Tied to this notion of thought is the inability to understand why post-LTTE defeat, the Tamil party fielding the Chief Ministerial candidate for the North would continue to echo everything that LTTE stood for going further by demanding that all Sinhalese leave the North. The only difference now is TNA doing democratically what LTTE did through gun. What needs to be clearly articulated once and for all is that there cannot be 2 separate homelands for Tamils. Tamil of Sri Lanka came from India and when calls for Eelam originated and continues in Tamil Nadu, Eelam should be nowhere else but in Tamil Nadu and given that Eelam is meant to take care of all Tamils by Tamils and for Tamils ONLY they must all live in a place where they are gathered. 72million of the 76million World Tamils live in Tamil Nadu already. It is now opportune for the Tamils who are unhappy living in Sri Lanka to be given citizenship in Eelaam Tamil Nadu where they can live happily without living in a make believe fear psychosis sponsored by Western funds.

At times we have got mixed up with the Tamil -” LTTE issue. Both have at times been mutually intertwined

When India informs that the sentiments of Tamils played a role in India-â„¢s Prime Minister not attending CHOGM in Sri Lanka, despite India proposing Sri Lanka as venue -” it shows India-â„¢s domestic politics matters more than foreign diplomacy. This has been proven twice already with India voting against Sri Lanka in Geneva and using its power to get several other countries to vote against Sri Lanka too.

When India says it has always taken cognizance of Tamil sentiments, we wonder why India forgot to consult Tamil Nadu when deciding to send the IPKF to Sri Lanka.

When Tamil sentiments are upset because Rajiv Gandhi-â„¢s killers are not set free, we can only refer to Dr. Subramaniam Swamy who accuses the Congress Chairperson of using the LTTE to smuggle Indian artefacts out of India to be sold in two shops in Italy run by her sister. How could she deal with an outfit that blew her husband to bits and then visit the killers with her children and write a letter in 1999 to then President R K Narayan asking him to commute the capital punishment awarded to the three men and Murugan-â„¢s wife Nalini. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNxB4DYmiV4 These are all questions that confound our understanding of what Tamils really want.

Why would Sri Lankan Tamils wish to travel West when Tamil Nadu is waiting with garlands?

Why would Sri Lankan Tamils wish to put their lives in danger and get on to boats paid to travel to western shores when they can easily go to Tamil Nadu where the Tamil Nadu politicians are waiting to garland them. Certainly something fishy and that is connected to another racket LTTE is renowned for called Human Smuggling. Finally, countries like Australia are beginning to understand the logic -” why are they not going to Tamil Nadu and so Abbot Government has gifted 2 boats to Sri Lanka!

Why create another Eelam -” when an Eelam already exists?

Tamils say they want to be governed by their own, in an area called their own, named in Tamil and for Tamils. Isnt that already functional? Yes -” Tamil Nadu means state of Tamils, its official language is Tamil, every decision taken by the State legislature happens in keeping with Tamil customs, rites, Tamil sentiments etc, it is led by Tamils and it has 72million Tamils and there is no likelihood of a non-Tamil ever ruling Tamil Nadu. So why would any Tamil wish to create another Tamil territory. With all this in place and given that LTTE used Tamil Nadu as its logistical base and hide out over the years? Why would Sri Lankan Tamils wish to live in fear when they could easily live with their Tamil Nadu family that spends more time and concern about the Sri Lankan Tamils than the Tamils in Tamil Nadu?

Why Tamil Nadu cannot dictate to a foreign state

Tamil Nadu however is a federal State and just one state amongst 28 others in India. Tamil Nadu can breathe fire but that does not mean a sovereign nation like Sri Lanka needs to listen to it or has to listen to it. Sri Lanka does not take orders from Tamil Nadu but obviously if Tamil Nadu legislatures cannot get sleep because they are worried about their people in Sri Lanka then we need to seriously address the issue. Given that Sri Lankan Tamils get on boats to travel to western shores for a better life the underlying reality is that they think that life is not good in Sri Lanka. So if life is not good in Sri Lanka, then even Tamil Nadu must be better. There are only less than 2million Tamils in Sri Lanka, more than half of them are living amongst the Sinhalese and not by force but by their own choice.

Therefore, it is no good a time than now for Tamil Nadu to offer to Sri Lankan Tamils the opportunity to make Tamil Nadu their home where they can live in that Tamils Only State that they had been aspiring for.

Illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka

However, we are a little perturbed with our population calculations and census. With large numbers having left Sri Lanka over the years most of which remain unaccounted and large numbers of LTTE cadres that may also have been made up of people of Tamil Nadu, we need to also address this. How many illegal immigrants have flooded into Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu during the 30 year period that LTTE ruled the North as a defacto Eelam? How many of the claimed -Ëœmissing-â„¢ could be living without visas in the West illegally? All these Indian Tamils need to now be asked to kindly return to their original place without posing as Sri Lankan Tamils afterall the North is now no longer LTTE territory, it is part of Sri Lanka and belongs to ALL SRI LANKANS and NOT ONLY TAMILS as Chief Minister Wigneswaran seems to hallucinate.

But if Wigneswaran wishes to make the North a replica of Tamil Nadu he cant because the North does not belong to the Tamils, nor to the TNA nor Wigneswaran and certainly not Tamil Nadu or any of its politicians.

Therefore, it is perhaps a good time to decide whether to remain in Sri Lanka as part of a country that has communities of Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Tamils or to live in Tamil Nadu with Tamils Only. This question is put not because we want any of the Tamils presently living in Sri Lanka to go to Tamil Nadu but purely because 4 years after the LTTE terrorist outfit has been eliminated and we are thinking that the Tamils must be relieved that they too can live in peace, there are pockets of Tamils claiming they want to live amongst the Tamils ONLY. If this is the case they are quite welcome to pack their bags and it is Tamil Nadu-â„¢s duty to provide them home. Though we must not hesitate to mention that there are Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu languishing in refugee camps still and none of the -ËœWe care for Tamils-â„¢ rhetoric has left any of them been looked after and quite a number of them have been raped and abused too!

Yet, with the uproar for an area ruled by Tamils for Tamils and only for Tamils its not so honky dory in Tamil Nadu either.

There are 11million Dalits in Tamil Nadu -” that makes them 20% of the Tamil Nadu population.

Tamil Nadu looks after Tamils, well that-â„¢s what we thought but 50% of the 11million Dalits live below the poverty line.

90% of Dalits in Tamil Nadu do not own land or are not given to own land.

Dalits are given menial work and child labor has been a rising issue as well.

90% of Dalits are illiterate

Dalits suffer appalling abuses. Some examples taken from Indian newspapers:

5 September, at Kaundampatti in Dindigul district, Sankan, a Dalit agricultural worker was forced to drink urine because he lodged a police complaint of trespass against a caste Hindu following a land dispute.

22 May, Thinniyam village in Tiruchi district, two Dalits -” Murugesan and Ramasami were forced to feed each other human excreta. Their -Ëœcrime-â„¢ -” for standing by another Dalit, Karuppiah, who was engaged in a prolonged struggle against a former panchayat president and her husband to recover money given as a bribe to get a house allotted for his sister.

In 2001, the proportion of Dalits was 16.2% of India-â„¢s total population.

What about Tamil Nadu governance -” Times of India has reported that the Land Registration Department is the most corrupt in Tamil Nadu, the same newspaper reporting that Tamil Nadu tops immoral trafficking as well. The Indian Express has reported that Tamil Nadu has the highest cases of child sexual abuse exploitation. One supposes these are all acceptable because it is done by Tamils Only upon Tamils. Then there is also dowry death, molestation cases rising alongside rape with over 700 reported cases in 2012 -” again by Tamils upon Tamils. Then there is also the cruelty against women by husbands and his relatives which has also seen a steep rise. Is this also tolerable because it is by Tamils upon Tamils and can be solved in reconciliation and transparency with accountability.

Perhaps it-â„¢s a good time for the Sri Lankan Tamils to take cognizance of these statistics and ground realities before joining in the TNA-Wigneswaran chorus because the composers are all living overseas and deciding what tune is to be played.

Chief Minister Wigneswaran has issues with the Governor of the North too and wants him replaced because he WAS in the military. Would Chief Minister Wigneswaran refuse to meet John Kerry too for he too served in the US army and there are scores of other foreign leaders who had been in their respective armies serving their nations as well. What needs to be reiterated again is that the Governor was in the army and he is now well retired from military service.

However, with Wigneswaran and the TNA projecting such a dreadful scenario despite the statistics shown above Tamil Nadu looks to be far better than living fearfully in Sri Lanka as a Canadian parliamentarian Obharai has recently claimed. No one should get into boats and give Australian navy nightmares which end up issues for Australian Governments, when there is a ready made Tamil Eelam state in Tamil Nadu and when it is just minutes to travel to why would any Tamil get into a boat and travel the wrong way? This has been puzzling us for quite some time now and we need to have more people asking this same question from the Tamil Diaspora overseas and from foreign Parliamentarians speaking on behalf of the Tamils too. Moreso, Australia needs to be asking this question no different to Canadians asking the question too!

If Tamils are fleeing Sri Lanka it is best for their safety and to curb the nuisance to Australia that Tamil Nadu openly invite ALL Sri Lankan Tamils to make Tamil Nadu their home. It will make everyone all the happier and the aspiration of the Tamils will be fulfilled once and for all and we can finally get on with our lives in peace without having to listen to the same record being played whatever improvements the Sri Lankan Tamils now enjoy placing the country in a state of debt since US3billion has gone towards the Northern development for which the LTTE is solely responsible. So when Wigneswaran and the TNA and their cohorts fuss over this and that and nothing being done they need to know that nothing could be done because LTTE ran the area for 30 odd years and renew their spectacles to see what the North looked like prior to May 2009 and what it now looks like in 2013!

All those happier amongst Tamils, in an area already called Tamil Land run by Tamils, with Tamil as official language can make Tamil Nadu their home and save both countries having to severe diplomatic ties because they are using the 2 countries as a tug of war for their own selfish ways.

LTTE terrorists are now defeated. Sri Lanka-â„¢s North has seen development of the kind they had never seen before. They have been given the opportunity to pick up the pieces and start life afresh it is NOW their turn to offer the olive branch.

Shenali D Waduge

39 Responses to “Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu where Tamils can all be happy – Sri Lankan Tamils too.”

  1. helaya Says:

    If the TNA leadership want to leave all Sinhalese from the North, we should ask all the Tamils living in south to leave and settle in North. So we sinhlas have more room in the South.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Best form Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Homeland of eons. The salubrious Nilgiri Mountains ought to be the place for Eelam, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil culture, language etc can be preserved there in pristine purity, sans Caste. Raj Yoga can prevail instead of Caste.

    Tamil Eelam is foreign in Sri Lanka. It does not and never will belong in Lanka.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HELAYA !! Fully agree. Start from Wellawatte, Dehiwela, and then Grandpass, Mattakkuliya etc.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    The VERY BEST of SW.

    Why can’t SL leaders see this OBVIOUS truth?

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Helaya and SW,

    I fully agree with you BUT there are Tamils who UPHOLD UNITARY SINHALA BUDDHIST SL. Those Tamils MUST be allowed to stay WHEREVER they want to stay.

    They will end up becoming Sinhalese in a generation!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    I had pointed put the DANGER of India’s National Oil Corporation involvement in Offshore Oil Exploration & Production in Sri Lankan waters, and the ONGC bidding for new oil blocks off Mannar. I suggested giving them to Vietnam or China, instead.

    A high-powered Vietnamese Trade Delegation is NOW visiting Sri Lanka …. CUT AN OIL Exploration & Production deal with Vietnam and KICK INDIA OUT!

    Vietnam trade delegation in Sri Lanka to hold B2B meetings today

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 18, Colombo: A 17-member high powered business delegation from Vietnam is in Sri Lanka to participate in a Business Networking Event organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

    The visit of the delegation is organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Embassy in Colombo.

    The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in association with the Sri Lanka-Greater Mekong Subregion Business Council has organized the B2B meetings on Monday, November 18. The meetings will take place at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on Nawam Mawatha in Colombo at 10 a.m.

    The delegates’ areas of business interests include Agricultural machinery, engines and parts, agricultural products, such as: coffee, pepper, rice, Batteries, Diesel engines, Handicrafts, Medicines, Chemicals, Vietnamese agricultural products, instant noodles Oil, gas, petroleum products, Power Cables, Sugar Vegetable processing and maintaining, Supply the Agri-solutions from farming to finish products, Seedling producers and Rubber foam insulation among other things.

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  8. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Shenali & others. Very interesting to note that all responses have been from regulars who contribute to Lankaweb.. I would have preferred to see more females take up the challenge & express their opinions , Heart breaks under LTTE & other Tamils etc.

    Coming back to topic, the very words I SAID many times, that Tamils should go to TN, becasue they are Sri lankan Tamils supporters’ & kith & kin. Going to foreign land like Germany , France or Netherlands will be an added problem for EMIGRANTS, as they have to learn the working language of the HOST COUNTRY.

    Another reason why we should NOT give anymore concessions to Tamils of India ( plantation workers) & Illegal immigrants is that THEY CONSTITUTE a major problem for Sinhalese,, as they breed like animals, even if the they do not have enough to eat.

    Lankan Tamils who enjoy equal language status that priviledge SHOULD be withdrawn, as the Tamil population NOW amounts to ONLY 4.5%……..When they are such a small minority out of 21+ Sri Lankans, it is ONLY fair for them learn Sinhalese & get along with the MAJORITY RACE.

    With respect to Ananda from USA, I mentioned this too…..NOT TO GIVE ANYMORE contracts for oil exploration in Northern Sri Lanka to INDIA. India already have a strong hold on ALL LANKAN esential industries. Vietnam was my 1st choice, BUT THAILAND, So. Korea, Malaysia & Pakistan are very suitable countries. Pakistan have successfully explored & have some oil.

    I feel our Sri Lankans who love our country are NOT all that keen in expressing their views, because they are somewhat concerned. TO SUPPORT YOUR COUNTRY OF BIRTH is everybody’s right. If you canot do that, then you are not a TRUE PATRIOT.

    Look at America & India, they are so generous & take part in building their home countries EVEN at the expense of others. We DO NOT have to use FORCE or other means to suport your motherland. I especially refer to teh SILENT majority in Sri Lanka & our expat comunity who are well to do. They can take intiative to HELP PRESIDENT carry out the remaining reconcilation work.

    We all know how the Canadian & other western media, publishes, news items, MOSTLY in their favour sometimes behave like TAMIL NET of LTTE. This is why we need to be more vigilant in HOW WE BEHAVE & respond to criticism without loosing our temper.

    Again, a female has more SECOND THOUGHTS when they present a news item or express their opinions, because MOST of them have that KNACK of achieving results.

    Lets HOPE at least THIS TIME our Oil & gas projects WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO INDIA or its subsidiary companies. I also feel even Sri Lankans already in Lanka ,can take a MORE ACTIVE part in assisting our politicians to DO THE RIGHT THING.
    Thank you all…..again another expat babbling away from far……..J

  9. Dilrook Says:

    India has taken delivery from Russia its first operational aircraft carrier a couple of days ago. This is the first in Asia and changes the entire security and political situation around. Sri Lanka is certainly threatened by India having a blue water navy equipped with an aircraft carrier. This makes it very easy for July 1987 type invasions. Regional peace is threatened as other players will also deploy their military assets to counter India.

  10. thurai Says:

    Tamileelam defends Tamil Terrorism. Tamileelam will never give happiness to anyone. India play with
    Tamils in the Northern province. Tamils who live in South have no oppotunity to express their opinion.
    If there is Tamileelam seperated from Sri Lanka situation will be more worst than now
    for all communities in Sri Lanka. There will be Smuggling and illigal immigration between Tamil Nadu and Jaffna
    LTTE assests will be transmitted from all over the world in the Northern province.

    TNA and Diaspora Tamil Terrorist want unrest between Tamil and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. We have experinced for the last 30 years how Tamils and Sinhalese lived together in the south. In western countries people know very well
    about Tamils who cry against Sri Lanka. Only some politicians like Tamil Terrorist are supporting.

    GOSL destroyed Terrorism in Sri Lanka. Terrorism has many faces and hide everywhere.
    Now is the time for Sri Lankans who want peaceful life work together in Sri Lanka and all over the world
    aganst Tamil and world Terrorism. I hope representative of GOSL in the western countries consider the
    situation and take necessary action with Sri Lankan communities and western population.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Lankan Tamils !
    We are not SL Tamils ,We are Hela ( In Thamil Hela means Eelam ) nation specking Tamil language as our mother language !
    Their is only one Nation in Hela Lanka that is Hela Nation !!! Majority our nation speck language call Sin Hela !

    Tamil Eelam is foreign in Sri Lanka- not agrred Eelam is Mother Lanka !!! Currently called Sri Lanka (Formerly Ceylon many more etc….) .

    Our problm is not Language , Our problm is religien (Faith) !!!!

    We are one Nation forever !!! Thats why We kicked out IPKF from Mother Lanka & We rejected NEP given to us in gold plat by foreign Govt.

    United Mother Lanka for us forever , No short cut, United Mother Lanka !

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Our problem is religion (Faith)”. What part of Hinduism is troubling the Tamils ? It is only the Caste part,
    isn’t it ? Is Sri Lanka responsible for this or can Sri Lankans solve this problem ? NO.

    Embrace the Four Great Yogas of Hinduism which are devoid of Caste.

    Re: the Caste matter :

    As we said earlier, Caste is man made, not God made, and can be rejected by one and all. It was an ancient system to organize society to suit the rulers of those times. It is now redundant. If Caste were God made, it would be Universally accepted by all human beings and all Nations. All truly God made things are Universally accepted, there is no other option open to human beings. Made by God/Truth/Allah/Nature whatever we call It, such things are evident to us all. All that is in Nature is God/Truth/Allah made. The Earth itself, the sun & moon, other heavenly bodies, human beings, breath, air, water, food, trees, animals, microbes, everything is God/Truth made. Mankind should be custodians of all things on Earth, not the destructor.

    So your claim that religion is the problem is unfounded. In this modern age, Tamil folk ought to be able to reason Caste away. Heroic born Dalit Indians such as Dr Ambedkar overcame the Caste bind. He wrote the Indian Constitution and is universally respected.

    And Sri Lanka is not responsible for self created Tamil Nadu problems. No more tantrums in Sri Lanka due to Tamil Caste problems. No more Tamil illegal migrants either, to Sri Lanka or from Sri Lanka.

    To Tamils in Sri Lanka and Diaspora we say : Either blend into your country of residence (Sri Lanka, India, west, or wherever), or depart. What we in Sri Lanka seek is our lost reputation as a just Democracy which was lost due to the ltte & the Cold War, 1983 Riots and the Tamil Diaspora, and now must be be restored. Help us to do it or depart. Help us all say “we are proud to be Sri Lankan”. Praise Lanka abroad or if you have noting nice to say, say nothing. We will not stand for the denigration of our country that nurtures us all. Last but not least, make money within lawful activities.

  13. helaya Says:

    I agree Kumar. I am upset about the leadership of TNA.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Agree 100% with you.

    What suggestions do you have re : “Now is the time for Sri Lankans who want peaceful life work together in Sri Lanka and all over the world against Tamil and world Terrorism. I hope representative of GOSL in the western countries consider the
    situation and take necessary action with Sri Lankan communities and western population”.


    correction : read as ” …. if you have nothing nice to say …. “

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    I forgot to add the top honcho of the Tamil troublemakers, the Tamil leaders, especially the TNA. Starting with SVJ Chelvanayagam to present day TNA leaders, it was the Tamil Separatism card touted by Tamil leaders that ruined the Sri Lanka reputation abroad.

    With CHOGM over, now the Tamil leaders of today can see the damage they have done to Sri Lanka by misleading Tamil people for over 30 yrs. Will they at least now relent and become true leaders worthy of the title ‘leaders’ ? We are watching you all, so proceed with care within the Laws of the Land.

    Lives are all people are precious to us, so don’t play games with other peoples lives.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Another important aspect of the so called Tamil Problem :

    Tamils coming into Sri Lanka at whatever time, Colonial or independent Lanka, illegally or legally, looked for education, jobs and most of all, Liberation from the caste binds in Tamil Nadu.

    Lanka authorities mostly saw these people as Labor as USA sees Mexicans coming in there, legally or illegally. However, Lanka offered free education and health care for all including Tamils, and saw/sees no fault on their part. As far as we know, no other Democracy in the entire world has allowed jobs, free education & health care to illegal migrants, as done for Tamil folk of Lanka. But due to Tamil Separatism and Violence as means to do so, as envisaged by Tamil leaders, such a free ride into Lanka’s generosity has dried up.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamils coming into Sri Lanka – Agreed Tamil language came to Mother Lanka so do Sinhela language , Not Hela Nation not come from any ever (from India) !

    Yes I agreed Saivam ( Hindusim) have castle proble thats why Hindu born Lord Bhuddha created new religion call Bhuddism.
    Sadly in our Mother land our Piggus (Amaththru) are not doing what Lord Bhuddha required to do . (eg: last incident out side UNP head office).

    We are Eelaver ( In Sinhala Hela Nation) who speck Tamil !!! not Thamilar !!!

  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    To my understanding, Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha through Self Realisation in Meditation, same as Hindu Raj Yoga. He did not create a new religion, he created Understanding of Life and deepest Self Awareness in the student. All religions come after the Teacher/Master passes away, not while they live.
    While Masters/Teachers live, they impart to the sincere student an experience that is transcendental and hard to find without the Master/Teacher. Thus the failure of some aspects of religion. Without the wonderful experience of the deep peace with the Master/Teacher, the book stuff and rules may be rather hollow. The experience of spiritual Bliss, even rarely, is the true heritage of all mankind. It is an experience of the ‘other side’ or God/Truth/Allah within.

  19. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !!
    Actually, Caste came into being purely by accident, and not by design. The ancient Kings wanted certain people to do different chores for them. So the King appointed some people to wash his clothes, and they were called Dhobies, and their progeny became Dhobies. The Kings wanted some people to cultivate, and they were called Govi, and likewise their progeny too became Govi. Some became Fisher Folk, and so on. May be, also by accident, the Goviyas received a little better treatment, because they were bringing in the food for the people to eat. That is how I believe that the divisions took place, and also by accident, the concept was sealed. Thus it rocked the boat on Marriages, and people of one profession, avoided engagement with another profession. This is all man made. The people are much more educated now and should make a deliberate attempt to caste the CASTES away.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    “We have experinced for the last 30 years how Tamils and Sinhalese lived together in the south.”

    But we have not seen for the last 54 months Tamils and Sinhalese living together in the north (NO LTTE).

    This is the problem.

    South is Sinhala majority and THEREFORE NOT racist.

    North is Tamil majority and THEREFORE IS racist.

    So the solution is to make Tamils a MINORITY in the north. Then they will live together peacefully like they live in the south, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha through Self Realisation in Meditation- Agreed in his Birth certificate his religion is Hindhu ?

    he created Understanding of Life and deepest Self Awareness in the student- Yes Fully agrred but what happing in our mother lanka , why our Saththus are very unpleasant ( not all of them)

    The people are much more educated now and should make a deliberate attempt to caste the CASTES away.! Agreed
    but still long way to go ( getting marriage etc… )

    Hela Tamils are like to live with Hela Sinhalese than living any other part of the world including western world !

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are referring only to Caste matters among Sinhela folk. You are correct in what you say. I was referring only to Caste among Tamil folk who are Hindu by religion.

    The Caste System & Structures among Tamil folk are much more intricate and ancient and have been TIED to the Hindu religion for over 3,000 yrs. That is why it appears intractable. The Sinhela Caste system is/was a lose system and not tied to Buddhism. It is not tied to Buddhist religion and nor is it tied to Sri Lanka Government structures, unlike Hindu India which still classifies people through Caste in the govt. structures there. The Sinhela Caste system is erasing off rapidly with education and modernization of work.

    The Buddha stated that one is high born or low born according to ones actions only. What a wonderful truth !



    Prince Siddhartha was born into a Hindu Royal family – true. I never disputed that. He was dissatisfied with the religion of that time. I told you before that religions come after the Master/Teacher passes away and the experience with the true Teacher is lost. The Hindu religion is mainly a collection of Teachings from Guru Rama & Guru Krishna, plus ancient other teachings such as Upanishads, the Mahabharata, etc. which proved to be inadequate for the inquiring mind and feelings of the young Prince.

    Gurus Rama & Krishna did not create the Caste systems. The Caste System was added onto Hinduism to suit rulers of those times, to structure society for convenience, and has continued. Question : Is such a system relevant in Modern times ?

    Re our Buddhist priests : There are priests and monks. There is a difference here. Priests get involved in civil matters and so they should. The fact that they all wear the yellow robe makes it difficult to distinguish one sect from the other.
    However, in my humble view, avoiding rough scenes would be a good idea for priests. Settling matters through debate or writings may be better than confrontations. The Mahanayakas should advice ?
    Hindu priests confine themselves to the temples and poojas. Is this adequate ?


    Above written with good intent and harm to none.

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Please their are no different between Sinhela or Tamil castle matters both are same as our friend Susantha Wijesinghe expailed why & how this uncivilised castle created for selfish purpose by kings & war lords in past .

    Yes I agreed not only Tamil TN but also where ever Hindu people live this castle system follow ( eg: Patel Shah etc…)
    of cause We are like who lived in mother Lanka not follow this castle but not all of us are luck as in Jaffna at least 10 to 20% people still suffering even though SWRD passed the law long time ago .

    Hindu priests confine themselves to the temples and poojas. Is this adequate ? YES , Priest & monks has to be sathu who should teach us how we should live in this world .

    Priests get involved in civil matters and so they should.- I totally disagreed with you my Sakothram !!!! I am sure Lord Bhuddha agree with me .

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    I am participating in this aspect of religion and Caste so as to bring a bit of better understanding of the matters. I am not an expert, and am writing in only to avoid more M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction).

    I would like to add that the absence of the living Buddha is the drawback for the Buddhists too, as is the absence of Gurus Rama & Krishna for Hindu folk. However, there is an emphasis on Meditation in Buddhist Teachings, and that mitigates Ignorance. Not many HIndu people follow Raj Yoga which emphasizes Meditaion. In the end, it is one’s own personal experience in religious teachings that convinces one of the truth of it.

    It is said that Meditation is God/Truth talking to you, and Prayer is you talking to God/Truth.

    Comments welcome.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    The basis of Caste in Hindu India & Buddhist Sri Lanka is the division of society through economic activity. I agree with that.

    But, I don’t see how you can say that Caste is the same among Buddhists and Hindu folk. It is interwoven into religion in a seemingly intractable manner into the Hindu religion but not so in Buddhism. In fact, the Buddha rejected Caste with his words that one is high born or low born only by ones actions. Hindu folk are troubled because of the Caste structure. Tamil Hindu folk are troubled because of the Caste structure. I repeat : Caste is yet in the govt structures of Tamil Nadu and India, but not in the govt. structures of Lanka. Please don’t gloss over these points.

    That 10%-20% Jaffna Tamils are subject to Caste is not good. Also, there are 11 MILLION Tamil people in Tamil Nadu subject to Caste structure in the local govt. there. Can this fact be ignored ?

    I fail to see how priests (as opposed to monks) can better serve the public if they do not follow what is going on in civil society and comment, discuss or write on the matters, without physical confrontations. Times have changed from the Buddha’s time and society has to be guided in the right direction. We live in a Globalised world now with computer put out information, quite different to the Buddha’s time.

    In earlier days when Lanka was a peaceful place, I might have agreed with you that Buddhist priests ought not to get involved in civil society matters, but not now. Lanka has undergone a tragic near history which must never be allowed to be repeated. It would be stupid to allow that to happen again. In order to avoid future tragedy, we have to address the Root Causes of our tragic past and put it to rest once and for all. Once the Cause is known, the Cure is at hand.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    Without M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) there is NO PEACE in the world. That is what keeps the world at peace.

    e.g. If Endia and China were not at MAD, by now they would have killed each other.

    This is how the world works. You CAN’T swim against the tide. We must COMPLY with the world trend or we are HISTORY.

    “hitha honda gaeni hemathama badding”.

    I’m glad EVERY COUNTRY in the world uses this concept (bad in its outlook but good in its outcome) to be at peace and not go to WW1, WW2, WW3, etc., etc. as before.

    AFTER the M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) concept was introduced there was NO WORLD WARS. There will NOT BE ANY.

  27. Marco Says:

    Fran- with all due respects, its not that often(think once before) i respond to your fixation with the “caste” amongst the asian community in general.

    Interesting i note your comment
    [You are referring only to Caste matters among Sinhela folk. You are correct in what you say. I was referring only to Caste among Tamil folk who are Hindu by religion.

    The Caste System & Structures among Tamil folk are much more intricate and ancient and have been TIED to the Hindu religion for over 3,000 yrs. That is why it appears intractable. The Sinhela Caste system is/was a lose system and not tied to Buddhism. It is not tied to Buddhist religion and nor is it tied to Sri Lanka Government structures, unlike Hindu India which still classifies people through Caste in the govt. structures there. The Sinhela Caste system is erasing off rapidly with education and modernization of work.

    The Buddha stated that one is high born or low born according to ones actions only. What a wonderful truth ! ]

    Amongst all your comments at Lankaweb you appear to have a fixation that the conflicts/troubles between the Sri Lankan community is due to caste. In fact i would go so far as say, every comment you make there is the word “caste” in the comment hence i refer to it as a fixation.
    If you now live in Sri Lanka “caste” is the least more important and in fact non existent (unless you read the marriage column of the Daily News- where 90% of them wish to marry their daughters and sons to GB)

    Let’s examine the Tamils of Sri Lanka vis a vis Caste. I’m not denying 30 years ago there was a caste system not dissimilar to the Sinhela or Muslim caste system that prevailed at that time.
    Equally, the West has a Caste system, the north, south divide or the Blue, white colour workers etc.
    To my mind the Caste barrier was broken in Sri Lanka when Premadasa became President. There was indeed a certain resentment amongst the upper class Sinhela brethren but in time with results they came around they were equals.
    Another example being a group of low caste (as you may refer to them as) Tamils who were refugees to Europe, formed and run the most successful Mobile/Telecom Company in Europe valued at over £3billion and they are as humble, low profile and value humility.

    Caste was an issue in the past amongst Asians in general. It’s certainly not now with Education and knowledge.

    If you think the issues that we face was due to caste in Tamil Nadu or Orissa or Bengal: I regret to say you ought to come and visit us soon in Sri Lanka

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    The CONCEPT of M.A.D. is what prevents WWs, not preparations by each country for M.A.D. itself. WWs I&II were MAD enough to teach mankind lessons for all times, especially WW II with the Atom Bomb.

    If we spend our whole life preparing for M.A.D., then our lives are pathetic and we have to admit defeat. If we spend our whole life thinking of ways to kill other human beings, then our lives are lost in a morass of Ignorance of what life is about.

    You don’t see my point. My point is to avoid coming close to even preparation for M.A.D. or even wasting our time thinking of M.A.D. To do that we have to get to the Root Cause of problems, whether it is the so called Tamil Problem, or why Economic Problems or mental and physical diseases happen to man and beast, etc. Even a small effort in this direction is better than millions of atom bombs.

    WW I&II saw almost 100 Millions souls lose their lives. What a waste of lives & resources, the tears and trauma. Could not that have been avoided without the pain and the discovery of nuclear energy and bombs.

    It is the inner war in our untrained minds that causes the outer war of M.A.D. Lorenzo, ‘hitha honda ganni hamadama dukkeng’ – she has lost it all, her children to war and her earnings in taxes for wars. Wars and preparations for wars bring poverty and sorrow. Earthlings are at crossroads right now – do we chose Life or sorrow ? Do we chose responsible living or careless killing ?

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    I have responded to you earlier on the same matter. Marco, I am beginning to think you like me to stop writing on the Tamil Caste matter.

    My repeatedly referring to Caste is because it is the biggest issue with our neighbor, Tamil Nadu and lest we in Lanka forget it as we are notorious sleepers till the wolf is at the door.

    Tamil leaders and Tamil illegal migrants had turned Lanka into a battle field for 30 plus yrs. The resultant war, loss of reputation with some of the western countries and accusations of war crimes, is sad. Why not seek the cause of it all ? There are some 11 Million Tamils under the Scheduled Castes of Tamil Nadu.

    Some religions may lose their clout without the desperate conversions from Tamil illegal migrants. Do you care about this ?

  30. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    I have to agreed with Marco SL not have caste problm once Premadasa became President & VP time .
    our neighbor TN & India have problm .
    big question is What is our problm between Tamil & Sinhalese ????

    Times have changed from the Buddha’s time – Not agrred same humunatary in mother lanka ( eg: Three meal hace cooked & served by Bhuddist Sinhela forces to 297,000 Saiva Tamil IDP for Three years !!! ) for ever !

  31. Cerberus Says:

    In India you have a seething mass of poverty with 165 million low caste untouchables and of these 11 million are in Tamil Nadu. For these unfortunate creatures the only way to break the caste barrier is to escape to another land. That is why so many Tamils have migrated all over the world.

    12 miles away you have a lush salubrious land peopled by compassionate Sinhala Buddhists who are ever ready to accommodate all the sob stories in the world. We provide free health care, free education, free food for those of low income, free land and houses. We also give a Visa on arrival when they land since they are from Mother India even though Sinhalese going to India have to apply for a Visa. Most of the illegals who came during the last 30 years were issued with I.D. cards. When I look at all the people who are throwing them selves on Cameron’s car during his photo op seem to be the darker hued South Indians, obviously illegals from the not too distant past.

    Net result is a huge influx of illegal migrants. Sri Lanka must seriously take steps to curb illegal immigration by using radar to detect incoming fishing boats and also taking steps to sort out the illegals who came during the last 30 years by careful questioning of their past and background and then deporting them as USA is planning to do with 7 mn people from Mexico.

  32. Cerberus Says:


    Of course Sri Lanka has minimal Tamil Caste problems. That is why other low caste & Dalit Tamils want to come to Lanka.

    That is why Wigneswaran now asks for a Federal State so that the sleeping beauty Sinhela/Buddhists (soooo nice !) will pay from their taxes for all the development there plus give new powers to the new CM – to bring more and more Tamils from TN too and thousands of converts can happen for all religions to play with Lanka. Never mind the National debt, the endless harassment of Lanka, the rioting, building war machines, accusations of war crimes etc. – who cares a tup that our leaders from both sides are killed, murdered and maimed, along with hundreds of low caste Tamil folk included, in trumped up
    riots !

    Eistein said that LUNACY is defined as repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result.

  33. SA Kumar Says:

    to bring more and more Tamils from TN – not agreed as you know We Hela Tamil do not like estates Tamil or TN Tamils
    in our olden days for 50 SLR We Hela Tamils show Indian illegal workers to Police (that much of bustards We are – Now We beg TN Tamil to build house for us )
    other example in my school time in scrod We went tour to small village in Thirukonamalai to help 14 Estate (From Nuveralis )Tamil family settled their in govt land (Kani), but Mr Sampanthan MP came their to send back those family because he said to us he won’t let INDIANS (Eventhough they are Estate Tamil) to settle . Can you believe this the man is our Head of Tamil today .

    My sakothra(m)ya !
    One Nation , Two language , Four Reliegn
    United Mother lanka , no short cut, Unity in diversity !!!
    Sakkiliya Thamilan or Moddu Chinhalavan never understand , that is our KARMA !!!

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    Here is a typical Tamil.

    “A Sri Lankan Tamil refugee accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a disabled woman on a Sydney train will spend Christmas behind bars.

    Rasakumar Kanakaradnam allegedly got on the train at Mulgrave and sat next to the woman, who has Down syndrome, before sexually assaulting her.

    It is further alleged that the woman moved to another carriage but he followed her and stole items from her handbag before indecently assaulting her.

    The 19-year-old victim was travelling by herself from Richmond to Blacktown in Sydney’s west on the morning of November 1.

    Kanakaradnam, 34, didn’t come out of the holding cell when his matter was mentioned at Penrith Local Court on Friday.

    His lawyer didn’t apply for bail and it was formally refused.

    The accused will make his next court appearance at Parramatta Local Court on January 15. (AAP)”

    – adaderana.lk

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    With apologies to poet John Donne, I write :

    For no man is an island
    Every mans Act upon this sacred land
    Called Earth
    Will raise or demean us All
    For no man is an island
    Unto himself alone …

    His lot , his Acts, are thrown in
    With the rest of Mankind
    High Heights of Human Endeavor
    Or Humiliation are shared –
    For no man is an island
    Unto himself alone ….

    So be Mindful –
    Be Mindful of your Thoughts
    For Thoughts will always
    Lead to Acts
    And no man is an island
    Unto himself alone …

  36. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hallelujah! “Sri Lanka’s souring relations with India, especially with the state of Tamil Nadu, has seriously affected the number of Sri Lankans travelling to Chennai for tourism.”

    Boycott Tamiil Nadu; Boycott India!

    Jet Airways cancels its daily service from Chennai to Colombo

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 22, Colombo: India’s largest domestic airline Jet Airways announced today that it will cancel its daily service between the Southern hub at Chennai and Sri Lanka’s Colombo international airport.

    The longstanding daily one hour-twenty-minute flight operated with Boeing 737-800 equipment will be cancelled from 3rd January, 2014.

    However, the domestic carrier will continue to serve Colombo from its largest hub at Mumbai.

    India’s aviation observers say the Jet Airways’ decision is a bit of a surprise, given that the India-Sri Lanka market, especially with regards to inbound medical tourism at Chennai, remains robust.

    However, Sri Lanka’s souring relations with India, especially with the state of Tamil Nadu, has seriously affected the number of Sri Lankans travelling to Chennai for tourism.

    In addition, Sri Lanka’s national carrier SriLankan Airlines is planning a major Indian expansion, which could drive down fares and yields for Jet airways, industry observers say.

  37. Ananda-USA Says:

    Human Rights Suit against Sonia Gandhi for November 1984 violence against Sikhs.

    US Sikh body gets more time for plea against Sonia Gandhi

    November 21, 2013

    A US federal Court has given Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) time till Dec 3 to file an amended complaint against Congress President Sonia Gandhi in an alleged human rights violation case.

    Despite opposition from Gandhi’s attorneys, the federal court here Monday granted the Sikh rights body’s request for more time to amend its complaint about her role in protecting and shielding Congress party leaders who allegedly participated in the November 1984 anti-Sikh violence.

    SFJ and violence victims are seeking compensatory and punitive damages against Gandhi for allegedly shielding and protecting Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and other Congress party leaders.

    While SFJ claims that the court summons were served on Sonia Gandhi through hospital and security staff at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York on Sep 9, Gandhi’s attorneys are challenging the service of summons.

  38. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oh My! Looks like India has a Human Rights Holocaust in its own backyard to attend to, before preaching to Sri Lanka!

    Bloody Indian HYPOCRITES!

    Scrap draconian Laws: UNHRC to New Delhi

    By P K Balachandran
    March 7, 2012 02:14 AM

    COLOMBO: Margaret Sekaggya, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders in India, has called upon New Delhi to ensure the abrogation of Acts, including the National Security Act (NSA), the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the Unlawful Activities Act as they drastically restricted the legitimate activities of human rights campaigners.

    Addressing the 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Monday, Sekaggya recalled that during her visit to India in January last year, she had come across “numerous testimonies about female and male human rights defenders, and their families, who have been killed, tortured, ill-treated, disappeared, threatened, arbitrarily arrested and detained, falsely charged, placed under surveillance, forcibly displaced or had their homes raided and files stolen, because of their legitimate work in upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

    Sekaggya went on to state that the human rights campaigners were “often” labelled as Maoists or terrorists. She added that “most” of the reported human rights violations were attributed to the law enforcement authorities, especially, the police.

    “Impunity for such violations was reported as a chronic problem. This is of great concern,” she said.

    India’s Stand

    The Indian delegate, who also addressed the Council on the same day, though, dismissed Sekaggya’s charges as being “unsubstantiated and generalised”. “(They were based on the testimony of) some NGOs, that do not represent the eminent ones which did good work in India,” the delegate said.

  39. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is AMAZING how Indians who RECOGNIZE that “it is the standard practice of the separatists in Kashmir, insurgents in the Northeast and the Maoists in what was once known as the Dandakaranya area in central India to position themselves behind women and children when they attack the police” STILL FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT acknowledge that the LTTE separatists did the same, not only in the last phase of the Eelam War IV, but throughout their terrorist rampage spanning 30 years.

    I recall how the LTTE emptied Jaffna of people at gunpoint and moved all them to the Wanni when the Sri Lanka Army re-captured Jaffna, so they can hide behind their bodies.

    Mao’s famously declared that guerillas must swim like fish in the sea of people to survive; the LTTE took this to the extreme, emptying the sea in one place and carrying the captive sea to the Wanni!

    BLOODY Indian HYPOCRITES … offering excuses for the deaths of civilians in their own situations, but accusing Sri Lanka of war crimes in exactly similar situations!

    This is why India must be PERMANENTLY SHUT OUT of involvement in Sri Lanka’s internal matters! Indians are HYPOCRITES INCARNATE waving DOUBLE STANDARDS!

    Double standards in the name of human rights
    August 8, 2012

    The lexicon defines human rights as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled. In India human rights mean different things to different people, particularly for human rights activists. If a woman or child is caught in a crossfire between the police and an insurgent group or the Maoists, they shout about the enormity of human rights violations in India. It does not matter to them that the shrillness of their protest is grossly disproportionate to the excesses of the police, given the inhospitable terrain in which they operate.

    A report from Odisha highlighted the routine manner in which those protesting against the POSCO steel project used school children as human shields against the police. Nothing surprising as it is the standard practice of the separatists in Kashmir, insurgents in the Northeast and the Maoists in what was once known as the Dandakaranya area in central India to position themselves behind women and children when they attack the police. Perchance something untoward happens to the human shields, human rights activists pounce upon policemen, little realising that the khaki-clad, too, have families and emotions.

    Human Rights Watch, an international body, has in a recent report highlighted how the Maoists have been targeting civil society organisations. They are there to provide such services as education and healthcare, but the Maoists see in them a threat to their own existence. They do not want any development in the area for they know only too well that once the people are educated and develop aspirations, they would stop listening to them. What the Maoists, therefore, do is to brand anyone offering social service in the area as police informers and hound them out of the area. If anyone tries to resist them, he or she will be dealt with in the most brutal manner. However, that is not a human rights violation because the perpetrators are not policemen. What a tragedy!

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