Bully Cameron – The God of the GTF – Just do it
Posted on November 28th, 2013

‘Old Soldier’

“The end justifies the means to save lives”

“Trial by television”(Margaret Thatcher)

David Cameron as a guest of Sri Lanka, ostensibly to attend CHOGM, threatened to put his host in the dock at the UNHRC in Geneva. The first lesson even a Corporal of the Brit army is taught is not to threaten. Bullies threaten. Sri Lanka has only this to say to him, just do it chum and we’ll goose step with you every yard of the way. Heil Cameron.

Northern civilians who were held as human shields by the LTTE coming to safe areas. File photo

David Cameron

Jaffna. Hit for Six. After claiming first prize for visiting Jaffna and letting his heart bleed for some of the citizens there, he had a plan to subvert our Murali on his return to Colombo. It was intended to make a splash not with the GTF, TNGTE and TAG of Eelam UK who are tolerated only for their economic and political clout but to entertain the MCC members at Lords with a prize Tamil catch, so he thought. He said he had seen Murali bowling England out several times. We believe that as he told us so many tales. Unfortunately what he learnt was that Murali knew how to hit sixes too and hit Cameron hard and true when he said “you’ve been misled…SL is 1,000 times better now”. The last time a foreign PM was hit for six in Sri Lanka was when Rajiv Gandhi was here. Maybe that was why Manmohan did not come. Silly, bully David did and survived! Ch4’s Jon Snow too tried to do the same snow job on Murali but was frozen in his tracks by Murali again.

British military unit

LTTE and Cameron. Cameron should not waste time saying he has heard the LTTE was ‘bad’. He should tell us what he knows of the LTTE so we know he is talking of the LTTE we too knew. They were called terrorists not just ‘bad’. It took HRH Prince Charles to see what tremendous development had taken place in Sri Lanka since the tsunami. Cameron gave a regulation passing nod too not knowing what even a tinker knew about the difference. So Cameron had to visit the LTTE’s birthplace but not the scenes of its terror or the victims of its deeds to ‘understand’ the terror that stalked Sri Lanka for nearly 30 years. Instead he visited the remnants of its supporters who sadly said they continue to suffer yet. He did not visit one single place the LTTE had done its gruesome work. He did not want to. Neither did he speak to the victims of LTTE terror. He came, he saw, he blundered.

Churchill. Cameron unable to stop boasting and with his understanding of history said the treaty of Versailles (1918) was testimony to Churchill’s magnanimity and an example for Sri Lanka to follow. Hitler, the Germans and independent observers have said this ‘magnanimity’ it was that led to WW2 in which 90 million (80 per cent Russians) died. Churchill was the man who called Gandhi a “naked fakir” and who said he would not be the Queen’s first minister to dismember the British Empire. He also said one could communicate with Indians with just three words –‘chalo’ (come) ‘jao’ (go) and ‘tallyho’ (for every other thing –it was an English fox hunting cry!). So there went the Empire and now with Cameron where will the Commonwealth go? But did Churchill when he stepped into Germany after WW2 first speak to the Germans first to ask them what their problems were? Would Cameron dare to go to the Bog side in Northern Ireland and ask the same of the Catholics, especially now that the report on how an undercover British military unit in Northern Ireland (Military Reaction Force-MRF) acted as a death squad?

War crimes. Hang losers or winners? The German Generals were hung in double time. The conquering Allies picked Germany clean. There was a ‘No fraternization’ order. Sri Lanka never had one. Did the Allies at least try to punish those on their side who were guilty of war crimes too? Did Churchill support gas attacks and bombing of civilians as in Hamburg, Dresden and Cologne? Who will answer for the invasion of Iraq with over one million dead, Blair’s war crimes, duplicity and Afghanistan with the score board mounting? There are also the rendition flights, the notorious prisoner of war camps in Iraq and Guantanamo and the behaviour of the UK’s own troops to answer for.

Tony Blair

Land issues. The UK, having ordered out the inhabitants of Diego Garcia (Chagos archipelago) handed over the island to the USA to be used as a strategic air base, decided the answers to the demands of the dispossessed 2,000 ‘non blonde islanders’ was “quiet disregard…until the UN challenges it”. What right has Cameron then to talk about lands issues in Sri Lanka?

Geneva. So Cameron wants to bring Sri Lanka the winners of the conflict to trial by (the Ides of) March in Geneva but not the LTTE terrorists who lost. Well, Sri Lanka has not yet said it wants Blair (and who ever has become an accomplice after the fact by trying to suppress Chilcott’s report on that villainy) for what the UK has done in Iraq. There is now Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Egypt for Cameron to answer.

How would Cameron have acted in a Nandikadal situation? Cameron must let Sri Lanka know just one thing. How would he or his God Father and master Obama have taken out the LTTE in Mullativu? There were 300,000 volunteer ‘ hostages’ shielding the LTTE who were an exceptionally well proven land force with a battle tested sea combat capability and a fledgling air force like no other terrorist group. He should know that a Tamil media outlet ‘Puligal Today’ of February 17, 2009 said that there were 40,000 LTTE cadres there. Is it a coincidence that the figures for the number killed in the last phase of the war initially given as 7,000 by UN’s Weise ended up finally in the same UN as 40,000 too? So did these 40,000 LTTE die in a Masada siege like suicide as was expected or was it an imaginary mix of LTTE and hostages or even a Channel 4 fairy tale that created 40,000 out of 7,000?

Civilian hostages

Cost of minimizing casualties. When the LTTE conflict reached what was to be its final phase at Nandikadal, Sri Lanka agonized not only for the 300,000 desperately suffering ‘civilian hostages’ but also for its own soldiers. SL knew that when it was decided to withdraw air cover and also limit its supporting artillery to minimize casualties to the ‘hostages,’ whether they were volunteers or not, the cost would be borne fully by the troops who would go virtually naked into battle. The LTTE had an array of field, medium and heavy artillery. Thus SL lost 6,000 troops in the final six months effort. That’s equal to what the ISF has lost in Afghanistan and Iraq after a total of over 10 years of war. Does Cameron know or care?

Iranian Embassy siege 1980. Take no prisoners. The Lankan conflict was one where there were few prisoners. The LTTE killed over 2,000 including about 20 during the last stages of the conflict. The SL troops did their best to stick to the conventions and the law on the issue of prisoners. The ICRC too over the years had helped in educating both sides on such conduct. However Cameron should before he blunders again by preaching on treatment of prisoners read the 5th paragraph of page 169 of James Adams book ‘Secret Armies’. It says with reference to the siege of the Iranian Embassy at Prince’s Gate London on May 5,1980 “On this occasion, it was made clear …… that they were to take no prisoners.

Sir Winston Churchill

The government recognized that captured terrorists tried in British courts and sentenced to long terms in British prisons would simply make the country a more prominent target for terrorists wishing to force the release of their comrades”. And these were not a lot with any known organization or suicide cadres or anything like the LTTE. Also the UK MOD thought ‘There would be a degree of awkwardness about too many prisoners”. Eventually just one prisoner was taken amid allegations by the very rescued hostages that surrendered terrorists were executed. So the UK can decide when not to take prisoners but not others. That was in only one building in London. No wonder Cameron was non plussed when the President of SL as host of CHOGM politely said “those in glass houses should not throw stones”.

Channel 4

Nandikadal. SL’s battle was in a shrinking land mass in tropical jungle terrain that had many buildings and a 17 mile long lagoon (Nandikadal) with 300,000 ‘volunteer’ human shields. SL deliberately chose to minimize ‘civilian’ casualties. It meant, as the US Ambassador wrote, ‘a very high casualty rate for SL forces as it restricted the use of the best of its fire power’. Yet SL did well rescuing 295,000 hostages, many if not most of them who had worked for the LTTE in combat related work. It also took over 12,000 LTTE prisoners even as the LTTE executed every single prisoner it held. SL did not ever issue any orders to do the same. Where has there been any other humanitarian effort like this before in any country and where were such precautions taken?

Original film (Channel 4). The original of the film that Channel 4 showed had the men in uniform talking in Tamil. They were strangely shown later talking in Sinhalese. Curious and unexplained by Channel 4, even if it does not worry those making allegations about SL.

Gibraltar. Maybe the UK as they condemn SL, would not like to be reminded about what happened in Gibraltar in May 1988.Three IRA members were killed near the Shell petrol station suspected of having arranged to blow up a routine changing of the Guard at the Governor’s residence with a remote controlled bomb. The three dead had been shot as follows: McCann (five times) a woman Farrell (eight times) and Savage, who ran away and was chased, 16 times. None of them were armed. Material for a bomb with a conventional timing device (not radio controlled as suspected and given as the reason for opening fire without a challenge) was found in a car, keys of which were on Farrell’s body, at Marbella 74 kms from Gibraltar by the Spanish police. No remote trigger was found on the 3 IRA. The SAS team of three was acquitted 9-2 by a jury that concluded that the killings were ‘lawful’. A subsequent Thames TV documentary ‘Death on the Road’ said “there was a strong air of a Government cover up”. It was however condemned by Margaret Thatcher ironically as ‘Trial by Television”. Cameron must think there are two laws in operation, one for the West and another for SL and the third world. Remember the innocent ‘non blonde’ Brazilian in the tube station at Sheppard’s Bush after the London bus bombings? He was shot many times too.

Final battle

Has Cameron got the foggiest? So who is Cameron to criticize Sri Lanka as to how it finished its over 30 year old conflict in which 100,000 died? Can Cameron tell SL how he could have ended this hostage situation? One Corelli Barnett wanted to teach Field Marshal Montgomery how the battle of Alamein which he called ‘The unnecessary battle’ should have been fought. In those days some UK Prime Ministers were also former military officers too like Churchill and Macmillan who had been to war unlike the present ones who bow to the US and order their troops to die in foreign lands that did them no harm. So Cameron is welcome to follow British journalists’ tradition. After all having embedded them in his reconnaissance in force travelling in bullet proof land rovers with SAS body guards to peaceful Jaffna, he too should be able to tell SL how the final battle could have been won. He will dare not ask Israel how it would have operated.

Hostage rescue examples. Given below are some examples of how other armies conducted hostage rescue efforts:

US Hostage rescue attempts -Iran. The hostage release efforts of the West beginning with the USA serve as very sorry and tragic examples. The USA made a disastrous attempt to rescue 53 American embassy officials held hostage in Iran from Nov. 1979 to 1981 after the Shah of Iran gained refuge in the USA. The attempt was abandoned after three helicopters malfunctioned in the desert and one of them when taking off crashed into a C 130 aircraft killing eight servicemen and injuring three. The hostages were released after 444 days in captivity. SL rescued 295,000 hostages call them what you will.

Cambodia. The SS Mayaguez incident (May 12 -15, 1975) occurred when the Khmer Rouge ‘arrested’ the American ship a few days after the USA withdrew from Vietnam. The rescue attempts ended with the release not rescue of the crew but only after 10 Marines were killed and only three helicopters of 11 originally deployed were serviceable after being hit by gun fire. Three marines were abandoned and were later executed. Other Marines assaulted an empty ship.

North Korea. The USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans who accused it of being a spy ship. They kept the surviving crew captive 11 months from the date of their capture on June 23, 1968 but did not release the ship which is on display in their naval museum. So who blames the SLN for not attempting to take out the hostages by sea?

British – Iraq. During the first Iraq war, August 1990, Iraq held hostage 385 passengers and crew including nine under cover servicemen of a British civilian aircraft that landed despite warnings in Kuwait city shortly after the Iraqis had captured it. The nine ‘under cover agents’ posed as engineers and surveyors but had no visas for travel. With all other hostages they were used as ‘human shields’ and released only by Dec 1990. Thus Cameron cannot plead ignorance of what restrictions on the use of force ‘human shields’ place on the rescuers even if they are from SL and not UK. Yes SL could have waited until Prabhakaran ordered the release of the hostages but since the hostages did not wait but tried to escape, thanks largely to the pressure applied by the SL troops, the LTTE started shooting them. Now what would Cameron have ordered? Cease fire until Velu P finished off the hostages?

No Go areas. They were No Go areas in Northern Ireland. They apparently exist in Muslim dominated areas in UK now. There is nothing the UK government is willing (hopefully not incapable) to do about it. Should SL have allowed a No Go area in Mullativu where Velu could have his code of law and practices and continue his rule or go for the jugular and bring peace to a tortured land?

Black and Tans. Cameron, who upholds the Northern Ireland agreement as an example to conclude hostilities if not terror despite killings continuing, must know of the extremely brutal way the British army acted in Ireland after WW One during the Irish war of Independence. The ‘Black and Tans’ composed mainly of former WW 1 soldiers were recruited to join the Royal Irish Constabulary spearheaded their response and murdered at will. They were never prosecuted. Gandhi said of the British peace offer to the Irish that ‘it is not the fear of the loss of lives that has compelled a reluctant offer of peace from England but the shame any future imposition of agony upon a people that love liberty above all else”. The later ferocity of the IRA was in no small measure a consequence of the ‘Black and Tans’ atrocities which will never be forgotten by the Irish.


LTTE scot free in UK. SL would like to know why Cameron who knows so much about the bestiality of the LTTE allows the head of the LTTE women suicide bombers, Adele Balasingham, to be fed, housed and looked after by the UK government and also how much of GTF etc funds go to the British politicians and media?

Channel 4. According to this lot they saw several people giving them the thumbs up sign (right hand presumably) but did they also see who gave the same lot a 2 finger response with their left hands? Something soldiers did gleefully when they saw the LTTE and others attending ‘peace talks’. Being proper Scrooges they also tried to rook a poor taxi driver of his fees. They identified policemen as soldiers in Jaffna too to present a totally false picture of a city under military control. They thought anyone with a moustache was a secret service man. When questioned whether they too benefitted from the blood money the Tamils contributed to help Tamils, their leader McRae turned lobster red.

BBC. Frances Harrison, still wearily ‘counting the dead’ with a self audited score of 140,000 and looking ready for martyrdom, ran a spot on BBC on some more alleged war crimes by SL. She made a trite comment that ‘rape’ was ‘considered a terrible shame especially by Tamils. Of course she must think other ‘races” do not have any similar thought on rapes. But she should have also considered that these rape stories have abounded with abandon in Jaffna in the last 30 years. However senior most Tamil politician Anandasangaree who risked his life for many years when the LTTE was all powerful, denied the first one; that the massacre of 13 Light Infantrymen in Tellipillai in 1983 was a revenge attack for the rape of three women in Jaffna. Of course the same was said ad nauseam when the IPKF (referred to by the Jaffna folk as the Indian People Killing (and raping?) Force was in SL. Everyone in SL believed it. But the IPKF was not here in 2009. So they could not be responsible? It is said that such actions were rife in the IDP camps where with 295,000 present, the victim’s claims that it happened day and night for several years could just be sadly credible.

Andy Capp. Today Cameron leads an England that Andy Capp personifies. Is it also called ‘living off the land’ as in army survival training? Is that why the Channel 4 ‘on the dole’ like characters tried to play out the poor driver who brought them in his van from Anuradhapura when large crowds blocked the train they were travelling in? Best of luck David and Andy and all the free bootees of the media who came from GTF UK. Of course SL reserves the right to claim ‘blood money’ for the murders, rape, burning and looting that took place in 1818 in Uva Wellassa which even the Norsemen could not rival. No wonder Cameron cunningly avoided visiting Southern areas and SL journalists and preferred to pose with hotel staff. But in the ides of March Cameron too will have questions to answer.

Thank you. SL says a big thank you to the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of South Africa and the Prime Minister of Singapore amongst many other heads of Government and their foreign Ministers for supporting SL. Their message was very clear. It was only SL that could decide on how to deal with its own problems in the best interests of its people and outsiders have no business to dictate any solutions. Australian PM Tony Abbot’s remarks that ‘we should not give up old friends to make new friends” will not be forgotten by SL. Thank you too China, our unseen old friend.

– See more at: http://www.dailynews.lk/features/bully-cameron-god-gtf-just-do-it#sthash.BYVezamf.dpuf

6 Responses to “Bully Cameron – The God of the GTF – Just do it”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    But SL govt. is secretly doing what Cum-Moron threatened SL to do!!

    Daily News is trying to fool the patriots.

    Govt ass licks the west and Tamilians from the MOUTH and plays bravado trumpets against them from the BACKSIDE.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Cameron, was like a chimp in LTTE Tamil Heat. A UK friend told me that Camerons income from the GTF and the WTF, is ten times the salary he draws as PM. That is why Cameron entertains them in Parliament Premises. Even Lobster Red Mcrae serves his GTF and WTF for very high pay. WHY IS CAMERON ALWAYS WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN, AND HIS FOREFINGER UP ? Interesting to know. Can somebody enlighten ?

    Anyway let the bugger meet Sri Lanka on the Ides of March.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Govt ass licks the tamilians for sure, with their mouths, because Tamilians have plenty of GOLD in their ARSES. No wonder ! This is why Cameron too has his mouth open, and a forefinger ready.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    It is time to get ready for the aftermath of another anti-Sri Lanka resolution at the UNHRC in March 2014. The resolution will pass with a large majority as 2 previous years with India voting against Sri Lanka.

  5. Christie Says:

    Old soldier has forgotten the “Sacred bull” next door. It is this bully the cause the suffering of the subjects of the former British-Indian Empire now, after WWII the Indian Empire. Cameron carry on for the Indians in the UK. Majority in Mauritius are Indians. Harpers FM or something Deepak Obraih is a former Indian colonial parasite; now an Indian vermin in British Canada. Adelle Balasingham is a woman mislead by her socialist beliefs and exploited by Anton Balasingham with the help of India in the name of love and socialism. There are few other western women who have been subjected to the same treatment by Indian intelligence service the Third Eye.
    It is India who trained armed financed and managed and Branded Tamil Tigers.

  6. jayasiri Says:

    Very interesting & enlightening article. NOW as many have responded, ARE WE ANY NEAR to achieving our goals re: India, 13th amendment etc. I guess the answwer is NO.

    It is very thoughtful to write & comment on isssues BUT if we are NOT UNITED in our resolve to issues that are CRUCIAL to independence of sri Lanka, then we have failed.

    There were many who contibuted to the news item in Lanka paper “THE ISLAND”. According to many of those who analysed what happened to OUR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS & Diplomatic Corp:? I know our Ambassador in LONDON Dr. Nonis commented about Mr. cameton’s visit. That is NOT THE ISSUE, why is it that a group of TAMILS resident in the UK & in Canada are so ORGANIZED & POWERFUL where as our Govt & our citizens in the UK & in Canada are somewhat lukewarm in their support to get things done.

    India keeps on harping about 13th amendment while our leaders & citizens have NOT YET produced an action plan to get RID OF THIS AMENDMENT which was imposed ON US BY INDIA.

    Tamil Diaspora are having all important meetings in the UK HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT & to some extent Canada also allows secretly LTTE RUMP in Canada to have more say than our own Sri Lankan Govt. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

    Why are not we organized & have a plan to STOP INDIAN interference in Lankan issues? WHY our learned legal minds are STILL SLEEPING at the switch?

    My feeling is we never have a UNITED FRONT in anything we do, we fail miserably in influencing our own Govt: NEXT we fail in DEMANDING ACTION from our political leaders to do the RIGHT THING. We waited till the CHOGM was over, NOW we have no excuse but to act. I am sure if we all contact EXPAT community who are PATRIOTS of Lanka, they will be ready to help.

    Presentations must be made to our LEADERS and insist they carry them out. Among the most impportant is the TAKING OUT 13th amendment & then ofcourse the long drawn process of SENDING TAMILS & MUSLIMS from COLOMBO, to North & East.

    At the same time sending MUSLIMS & Sinhalese to NORTH & EAST to neutralize their power of being a majority North & East. If we solve these two, at least others can be pursued gradually.

    Hope some like minded people from Lanka & epat communities get together and DRAW UP A PLAN to execute these.

    Although I complain, I am TOO DOING THE SAME THING, writing & expressing, that SOME GOOD WILL COME out of our excercise………..Another expat from Canada babbling away………J

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