Letter to Stephen Rapp
Posted on January 9th, 2014

Warna Hettiarachchi Toronto, Canada

Mr. Stephen Rapp,

Here are some questions for you:

1. How many terror suspects do you currently have imprisoned  at Guantanamo Bay?

2. How long have they been incarcerated for?

3. Where is the investigation of US military abusing prisoners of war (POW’s) at Abu Gharib Prison in Iraq, where terror suspected were subjected to inhumane extreme humiliation, torture, killing and  denigration?

4. Where is the investigation of US AH-64 Apache helicopter gunship killing two Reuters journalists and ten other innocent unarmed  civilians including children in Baghdad during invasion of Iraq?

5. Where is the independent investigation of US War Crime of using highly radioactive Depleted Uranium Shells in Iraq, exposing both the US military and innocent unarmed Iraqi civilians to dangerous levels of ionizing  radiation? This tantamount to a crime worse than using chemical or biological  weapons, as the half-life of Uranium is very long and it will kill Iraqi  civilians in those areas for generations to come… Does the US think they can  do whatever suits them at their own convenience, no matter how ghastly a war  crime can be?

6. Where are the independent investigations of the US, UK  military bombing unarmed Iraqi and Afghan civilians, including schools while in  session? How many millions did you kill in Iraq and Afghanistan under the disguise of War against Terror?

7. After more than a decade, how many US troops still occupy Iraq and Afghanistan?

8. Why did the US force UK’s Chilcot inquiry / report NOT to be published and its content were secretly hidden away from publicity?

    What do you have to hide? In your legal expertise, did the US not commit any war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Do you say what happened during the US’ forceful invasion of Iraq with UK’s support was perfectly TRANSPARENT?

    How many Iraqis were ACTUALLY killed to this date?

    How many innocent, unarmed civilians were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan separately, by the invading US and British military forces,

    including “in the line of fire” and “Collateral Damage”?

    Is America afraid of all the garbage it tucked under the carpet would be exposed and its stench and stink be released?

    If you are fair and play by the rules and if the US of A has fought wars according war conventions, then you got nothing to hide or be  

    concerned about a report by Mr. Chilcot. UK will soon release this report through tabloids… Perhaps Edward Snowden may tell

    us about it. Its the law of Karma that eventually prevails in the Universe. Not American  Law.

    In fact, America has no shame of guilt. It will shrug its shoulder and plan for the next invasion to destroy more nations and kill more people. 

    Humanely or inhumanely.
Mr. Rapp, can you go to sleep at night in peace, KNOWING the absolute truth in your heart? You can speak the lie, you can act the lie and you can even smile the lie just to please your masters back home, who in turn expect kickbacks from Tamil Diaspora in votes and millions of dollars worth campaign and other funds…But your inner conscience, Mr. Rapp: it knows well what you and the US is doing to Sri Lanka. You cannot lie to your inner conscience. Many Americans still respect their ethics and absolute truth, not the convenient truth or controlled truth in the mainstream media that your colleagues directed last night to support your objectives.

Now, think about how the whole world look at the United States of America today! Does Americans have respect they had in the 70’s and 80’s? America should walk the talk. Not dance to the tunes of liars and dirty politics.

Sri Lanka fought and WON one of the hardest wars of our planet… much more protracted and hard fought and destructive than Vietnam war, which you lost. It was not conventional guerrilla warfare… Tamil Tigers had a four-dimensional fighting mechanism, thanks to European and Canadian raised funds feeding its war machinery. Their front line was decorated with kidnapped and brainwashed little children of 10-16yrs forced to wear a cyanide capsule and carry heavy weapons. LTTE had a powerful naval wing, an air force, submarines, world-wide well-orchestrated shipping mechanism to smuggle contraband, drugs, money laundering, human trafficking, weapons and artillery, gun running, and they had a vicious army with more powerful weapons that would take a small country down in a day. They smuggled explosives and invented SUICIDE JACKET. They killed innocent civilians no matter what their ethnicity, religion or cast or creed.. mainly killed Sinhalese and Muslims to ethnically cleanse the north-east parts of SL. the list of their destruction is all too well known to you, the State Dept, FBI and the CIA.

And Finally our army saved tens of thousands of innocent Tamil civilians who were forcefully herded like animals by LTTE to form a human shield. You have seen the satellite photos. SL Govt gave them sufficient time to lay down weapons and surrender, and release the civilians trapped. It was SL military that saved those civilians while LTTE fired at them and even attacked them with suicide bombers. Our military gave these innocent folks shelter and gave them their rations to eat… then they cooked for them and fed them..until proper resettlement after mines were cleared and infrastructure was restored.

Mr. Rapp, These criminals killed one of our elected Presidents, killed a Prime Minister of India, our truest statesman Mr. Kadirgamar, several Tamil leaders, our cabinet ministers, destroyed the airport, burned oil storage tanks, rammed explosives-laden trucks into buildings.. killed Buddhists worshiping at temples… Why are you not subjecting Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and GTF to independent investigation of ALL THESE CRIMES, for which we have REAL PROOF AND EVIDENCE?

Why are you not prosecuting Adele Balasingham, the Tamil Tiger woman from the UK who was in charge of abducting children, training them as child soldiers and directing them to bite the cyanide capsule? Is not subjecting children (minors) to such torture, violence and abuse a crime punishable by law? Does the silence of US that barks on human rights reflect political agenda? Are these not violation of human rights? When is the UN prosecuting her?

Just as LTTE leadership on terror front in Sri Lanka was wiped out, its legacy continues overseas through TGTE, GTF, Tamils for Obama, Etc.. Why doesn’t your itinerary include investigating them for crimes against humanity? Is it not a bit suspicious why this one-sided finger-pointing, Mr. Rapp? Come on, now, you are a legal expert. You know its not always the real criminal that gets punished, right? The richest client, with the most cunning lawyer wins the case and gets declared not guilty. No further questions, Mr. Rapp.

8 Responses to “Letter to Stephen Rapp”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Might is right.

    We are wasting our time TRYING to point reason to these fools.

    MIGHT is right.

    As long as we are WEAK we will ALWAYS be WRONG.

  2. aloy Says:

    They went to war with Viet Nam to contain communism. They lost the war but was successful in their mission. Now they want to contain China; the same thing their ancestors did in the 15th or 16th century and gained upperhand. What they are doing has nothing to do with war crimes over here.
    They had the advantage of technology over China at that time: navigation and superior fire power. They have the technological edge with computer technology and carrying out spying. We do not know what google, Microsoft and their defence departments can do. We blindly use them.
    US is becoming an enemy of this nation. Enough is enough. Our leaders should boot them out of this country. Do we have leaders with backbone?.

  3. douglas Says:

    “Have you ever addressed accountability issues in Iraq; Afghanistan; Libya;” Gotabhaya Rajapakse asks Ambassador Repp”.

    This type of STRAIGHT TALK is what we want. This is how the message must be given and show our strength.

    In equal strength UNO and its Secretary must also be asked the same question.

    Hopefully GR will be included in the next delegation to the UNO. Better leave External Affairs “Pundiths” behind.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Better leave External Affairs “Pundiths” behind- He has applied for his old lecturer job at Law University

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Other pertinent questions to ask:

    Why are the black minority in such an economic crisis for so long?
    Why is the US police not doing anything to stop black on black crime since it is surging.
    Why does the US have the highest number of prisoners in the world?
    Why are people still in prison for the use of marijuana when it has been legalized in so many states?
    Why are the beggars in America on the rise and what is being done to help them out?
    Why is abortion legal (this is against Buddhism and as a Buddhist nation it is a violation of human rights. Time to use our values on them)
    Why is the inhumane treatment of domestic animals on the rise?
    What is being done on the inhumane treatment of the cattle and meat industry. (information on this can be found in any organization for animal rights in the US. Again a Buddhist value that has equal validity in global politics.
    Why is rape and murder of children on the rise.
    The litany of human rights questions just on the US culture is growing as the US culture is decaying

    Sri Lanka has powerful allies that absolutely detest the US and the UK and they include China a Security Council member, Russia as well and Pakistan. It is time to accuse the accuser

  6. Nanda Says:

    “Sri Lanka has powerful allies that absolutely detest the US and the UK and they include China a Security Council member, Russia as well and Pakistan. It is time to accuse the accuser” very true.

    China is doing that all the time.
    North Korea is doing it all the time.
    Iran is doing it all the time.
    Even some countries as small as us doing it. ( eg Venezuela, Ecuador )

    Why can’t we do that ?
    Because our leaders depend on USA and the West for them to accumulate their personal wealth.

  7. aloy Says:

    We must take full advantage of the “Kobragade” affair. She was a top diplomat until India acquired an Aircraft carrier from Russia. This sort of hand cuffing a top diplomat, strip and cavity searches wont happen between two friendly nations. Very good for the Indians who voted with US against us. Perhaps their IT exports (inferior stuff) and outsourcing business has dwindled and hence the present economic mess in that country. May be people in the know may be able to enlighten us.

  8. jayasiri Says:

    I have NOT much to say as others have already pointed out the FALLACY of USA. Crimes commited in the name of protecting Human Rights & bogus accusations, are no way of solving or helping countries of the world to punish TERRORISTS.

    I feel knowing the background of this man NOW, many would wonder how transparent & accountable USA is?

    Only select a weak country & bring resolutions at UNHRC just to BRAND countries as HR violators. The America we knew in 60s, 70s, are gone & new form of DIPOLMACY is at play, as USA loses its strength in the world.

    As one writer pointed out IT IS TIME TO practice BUDDHISM & its EIGHT FOLD paths, THEN ONLY I feel USA can improve its status………….Thank you all………J

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