Sri Lanka pointedly rejects US sponsored Resolution
Posted on March 26th, 2014

Courtesy The Daily News

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha responding to the High Commissioner’s Report on Sri Lanka, informed the UN Human Rights Council on March 26, 2014 that rather than encourage and support the ongoing reconciliation process in Sri Lanka, as well as the constructive engagement Sri Lanka continues to maintain with the Council, it was ironic that the draft resolution on Sri Lanka being mooted by some members of this Council, is reflective of the same partisan politicized agenda through its request to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to undertake “a comprehensive independent investigation.” Assistance to this process by third party experts whose mandate and credentials are far from clear and its deliberate exclusion of a significant part of the duration of the terrorist conflict from the period under investigation via the introduction of a particular time frame, would be both precedent setting and prejudicial to the interests of all member and observer states of this Council in the future.

Responding on behalf of Sri Lanka to the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council on the High Commissioner’s Report, Ambassador Aryasinha said, the Government of Sri Lanka has consistently and with good reason rejected previous resolutions on Sri Lanka proposed by the US, which have emanated from a politicized process and mandate and without the consent of the country concerned and would do so again. He said, Sri Lanka reiterates that any action taken in the promotion and protection of human rights of a country, must have the consent of that country.

Ambassador Aryasinha said to the trajectory that had emerged with regard to the recommendation contained in the Report of the UN High Commissioner, reflects the preconceived, politicized and prejudicial agenda which has been relentlessly pursued with regard to Sri Lanka.

He said politicized processes will only impede the delicate balance of the ongoing reconciliation process in Sri Lanka, as well as the constructive engagement Sri Lanka had continued to maintain with the Council.

While pointing out to a clear lack of mandate and per-conceived nature of its recommendations, he said his delegation was surprised by the numerous errors and interceptions contained in the draft report on Sri Lanka which was despite the High Commissioner and her team having undertaken a comprehensive, week-long visit to Sri Lanka during which time they were provided with unfettered access to study first hand the situation on the ground. Expressing deep concern at such glaringly erroneous information in a Report of this nature, he said, one would have expected that the OHCHR to have undertaken a more stringent scrutiny of facts.

Pointing out to a deviation from last year on the OHCHR refusing to accede to Sri Lanka’s request to publish as an “Addendum” to the Report, the “Comments” of Sri Lanka on the High Commissioners Draft Report as done in 2013, he said it demonstrated the disregard of an established precedent which seriously impeded the visibility and integrity of subject between the two documents.

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16 Responses to “Sri Lanka pointedly rejects US sponsored Resolution”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Ambassador Aryasinha said to the trajectory that had emerged with regard to the recommendation contained in the Report of the UN High Commissioner, reflects the preconceived, politicized and prejudicial agenda which has been relentlessly pursued with regard to Sri Lanka.”


    Just say it.

    Pee-illey is a TAMIL woman so she is NOT IMPARTIAL. Because of that we have NO FAITH in her.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Sri Lanka got strong support from Russia, China, an Pakistan in worded comments. While the Us backed human rights charade of a resolution was backed by the US allies to the last nation. Still there are many other nations who will vote against this resolution be it for their own vested interests or because of the rising tensions between Russia and the US.

    The US has resoundingly lost two major issues with Russia. Both in Syria and in Iran the US has lost to Russia. In Syria the US has closed our Embassy and consulates and given the victory to Russia. In Iran the sanctions have failed to stop Iran from achieving her goal to rise as the Persian nuclear power. In response the Obama government has lowered or softened the sanctions and agreed to enter into talks with Iran.

    This has infuriated the US long time alley Saudi Arabia who is also the long time nemesis of Iran. Saudi Arabia is now contemplating becoming a nuclear power and could achieve that in the same manner Iran achieved it. Iran got her nuclear technology from Dr. Khan, Pakistan’s nuclear father who set up a “nuclear bazaar” selling that nations nuclear weapons secrets to the highest bidder. Even though he is now under “house arrest” he is free to travel and live a normal life. Islamabad would be more than willing to sell such technology to Saudi Arabia since her economy is in shambles and an infusion of Billions of dollars would be heartily welcome from Saudi Arabia.

    Regarding the UNHRC I believe that this organization puts politics before human rights issues and by that is a corrupt organization. In this light Sri Lanka should formerly remove herself from this organization and close their offices in Sri Lanka. Get rid of this parasite of the equally corrupt US and the UK.

  3. NAK Says:

    It is time Sri Lanka start keeping the UN at arms length and it can begin in Geneva. If the UNHRC and the high commissioner are only interested in the US,UK agenda and in total disregard of the interests of others,it might as well be asked to go to hell and mind our own business.
    Also, it is high time Sri Lanka begin to down size the missions of US,UK and India. The former two in Colombo are virtual concrete fortresses.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    Why is the GoSL trying to play diplomacy with the bully boys of the west? Why not hit right in the head calling Pillai woman the Tamil racists and all others crying their eyes out for Tamil votes. Corrupt bums must be called corrupt bums. Instead the spineless GoSL is playing the diplomacy. Do these idiots think the corrupt west will understand the language Bloody idiots go to hell.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Well stated, Mr Ariyasingha !


    Some points related to this subject :

    (1) Ms Pillai is running her personal Agenda with Sri Lanka, not the UNHRC Agenda. Her personal Agenda bit is to remove INSTITUTIONALIZED DISCRIMINATION (ID). Sri Lanka has no Institutionalised Discrimination.

    There was Tamil Caste based ID in the North of Lanka which was removed through the Social Disabilities Act of 1957 (SWRD Bandaranaike). Free Education and Health care are given to all Tamils of Sri Lanka. There is no ID in Lanka.
    Since she is unable to tackle India direct for ID in Tamil Nadu, she is attempting to do so obliquely, via false accusation against Sri Lanka.

    As Ms Pillai has a personal Agenda to run, she is unsuitable to lead the UN in judging Sri Lanka’s war against Tamil terrorism which was started with the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976).

    (2) The V’koddai Resolution is still in place. The V’koddai Resolution declares to gain a separate Tamil only state, Eelam, using violence as a means to do so. How can this be when Tamils of Lanka depend on the rest of Lanka for all their needs and are given Free Education (including University) & Health care too ? What is the TNA doing about revocation of the V’koddai Resolution ?
    Also, the Thessavalami Law has to removed. This is up to the TNA.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here are the results at the UNHRC :

    Resolution on SL passed at UNHRC (List of countries)
    Mar 27, 2014

    The US-sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka was adopted at the 25th Session of the UNHRC.

    Twenty three (23) countries voted for, twelve (12) countries voted against and twelve (12) countries have abstained.

    List of countries that voted in favour of:

    1. Argentina
    2. Austria
    3. Benin
    4. Botswana
    5. Brazil
    6. Chile
    7. Costo Rica
    8. Cote D’ivoire
    9. Czech Republic
    10. Estonia
    11. France
    12. German
    13. Ireland
    14. Italy
    15. Mexico
    16. Montenegro
    17. Peru
    18. Rebuplic Of Korea
    19. Romania
    20. Sierra Leone
    21. Republic of Macedonia
    22. UK
    23. USA

    List of countries that voted against:
    1. Algeria
    2. China
    3. Congo
    4. Cuba
    5. Kenya
    6. Maldives
    7. Pakistan
    8. Russia
    9. Saudi Arabia
    10. UAE
    11. Venezuela
    12. Vietnam

    List of countries that abstained:
    1. Burkina Faso
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Gabon
    4. India
    5. Indonesia
    6. Japan
    7. Kazakhstan
    8. Kuwait
    9. Morocco
    10. Namibia
    11. Philippines
    12. South Africa

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    We can be sure that whoever who voted for this Resolution will not be the people who will ever do the ground work to uplift Sri Lanka. The actual work, mental or physical, will have to be done by true blue Lankans and, at the end of the day, it is they who will really count, along with the Parliament, the planners, the entrepreneurs, the educators, the elders, the parents, the investors, the thinkers. the children, the list of Lankans who have made life in Lanka possible and pleasant for countless eons of times, it is they who will matter to us all. Outside people can advice and help too in sincere ways, if they so want to.

    Let us move forward, happily and together, whoever who is in Lanka. LANKA WELCOMES GOODWILL, SMILES AND HAPPINESS ONLY !

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    We appreciate the HARD WORK of Pakistan, Russia, China and Cuba to defeat the resolution.

    The REAL ENEMIES of SL are TAMILS who engineered this.

    Revive the “LTTE” and make TE demands through them to TNA. If TNA agrees and acts upon it, punish them under PTA. If not let the “LTTE” punish them.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    We can manage without the ‘LTTE’ ! No more LTTE, please – that is past, gone, kaput !

    Move On from now onwards. Do not repeat bad past. Learn from the past. Learn from history.


    The Vadukoddai Resolution and the Thesalawami Law too must go. The TNA must see to that. We hope Lanka Parliament will plan the future with care and do away with divisive politics. We are tired of this nonsense that has gone on too long.

  10. Lorenzo Says:



    The past was VICTORIOUS.
    The future like this is DISASTROUS.

    We must revive a fake “LTTE” and destroy all TEs. That is the ONLY WAY.

    There is NO legal way to destroy Vesawalami, Vadakundi, 13 amendment, etc. Especially NOW after another UNHRC vote against SL.

    The truth is we can win cricket matches but we CANNOT win superball.
    We can win wars but CANNOT win at UNHRC.
    We should pick a battle we CAN WIN.

    We have to think OUTSIDE THE BOX.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:


    Be patient.

    There is no such thing as a ‘fake LTTE’. Also please remember that we are in the present difficulties mainly due to the LTTE and their atrocities which has brought in the war and subsequently the 3 UN Resolutions.

    There is a small type of Cold War on right now. That period must pass for peace to come to the region.

    Let us remember that there are NO WINNERS in any type of war.


    Cold Wars start because of energy needs mainly and also religious disharmonies, and Ignorance – a lack of understanding about Life and the purpose of Life. We are having huge populations on Earth right now (7 Billion) and must take care that there are no ‘explosive situations’ any more. Needs have to be thought of carefully and met according to available resources. Birth Control must be freely available. We cannot afford wars anymore, Lanka or any other country. Two World Wars never solved anything, did they ? The problem is in each human being and carries to the outside as fear and war. We all have to co-operate not compete if we are to survive on Earth.

    I am writing down my thoughts on the ongoing events ….. pls bear with me.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    NO there is.

    There is ONE TOUGH LAW for govts. NO LAW for NON STATE ACTORS. So we should use NON STATE ACTORS to achieve our goals.

    There are WINNERS is MOST wars.

    e.g. We won the 2009 war.
    e.g. USA-Russia-UK, etc. won the WW2. That SAVED people from (S)Hitler and Hirohitho. If people refused tog o to war with them, no one would have survived.

    Philosophical things have NO USE in real life when the problem is real.

    e.g. Hunger goes away when you eat (of course it has to be repeated) not when you meditate on the food cycle.
    e.g. Urge to excrete goes away when excreated (of course it comes back) not when you meditate on it.

    The world is a violent place. We have to be sufficiently violent to save ourselves.

    “hitha honda gaani emathaama budding”.

  13. Nanda Says:

    Rather than simply rejecting resolutions by racists and keep doing it year at a huge cost, Sri Lanka should attack with resolutions against USA asking for independent international investigations into their war crimes.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Go to the heart of the Tamil problem viz. Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty bind. Caste/poverty bind is he terminal illness from Tamil Nadu, fought in Sri Lanka.

    Otherwise, it is like a doctor treating a common cold when pneumonia has set in. Won’t work.

    Ms Pillai must be made aware that we know ALL of the information regarding the so called Tamil Problem in Sri Lanka.

  15. RohanJay Says:

    Fran Diaz Interesting about the list of countries that voted in favour of the resolution. First thing that would be surprising would be that some Asian, African and South American countries voted for the imperialist resolution. Why would these countries side with western imperialist nations when they could be next on the target list. However for those who have done their homework its not a surprise.
    In Asia Rep of Korea – Under the Roman Catholic Church

    The African countries that voted have corrupt western puppet leaders installed in power generally by nefarious western intelligence organisations like the American CIA and British MI6. They specialise in putting corrupt African leaders installed by them into power in various african countries. So that the west can continue to steal the vast african mineral resource wealth.

    South American countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costo Rica,Mexico ,Peru again no surprise as they are all Roman Catholic Countries with Roman Catholic Cardinals and priests ruling the roost there.

    Solution for Sri Lanka ask Russia and China to build military bases in North and East of Sri Lanka.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Rohan Jay,

    Yes, there are reasons why countries vote the way they do. Some reasons known, others unknown.


    Ask most citizens of any country what they want – they will say a secure, peaceful, happy and at least a somewhat successful life. Is that what is happening ???

    Why the failure on planet Earth ?

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