UK should be declared a ‘Country of Concern’ not Sri Lanka
Posted on April 13th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

 When the country that had been occupying Sri Lanka, plundering its wealth and advocating policies to exterminate the majority populace and dividing the people continues to harp on inquiries against Sri Lanka and now declares a travel advisory against Sri Lanka, we need to next question exactly how safe Britain is. Having being declared the most violent country in Europe, with crime statistics worse than South Africa or the US, the UK can hardly afford to be issuing travel advisories. Instead, countries including Sri Lanka must issue ‘country of concern’ advisories against UK. UK appears to continue to think it rules Sri Lanka to be poking its nose into affairs that are domestic and outside the conduit of the UK Parliament. It is for the UK politicians in particular the Prime Minister to be more concerned about the grave situation in the UK than wasting UK tax payers money globe trotting to look into affairs of citizens who are not British or British subjects either.

The British are angry. One if 5 jobs are filled by immigrants. In the last 5 years 160,000 immigrants have taken jobs that would have gone to British subjects (75% of all jobs). Mass immigration has left an alarming legacy. This has diminished the integrity of UK parliamentarians and aspiring politicians. Cameron whose government has been allowing the influx of immigrants to patch up things declares ‘’We must say no to giving work to immigrants just because our young people aren’t up to the job’ yet he and fellow politicians run behind these immigrants for their bloc votes and even compromises UK policies for such votes.  So the British must now ask the MPs of both Labor and Conservative Parties not to fool them anymore. As for the British themselves they are getting a taste of how natives felt when the colonial British occupying their countries had no choice when thousands of indented labor were brought in and dumped in their countries and these countries had to be saddled with them.

For the country that should be declared the mother of all the world’s troubles, the UK has a heavy price to pay for the crimes it has plotted upon every nation it has descended up over time.

How safe is UK?

Racial profiling / Racial Harassment in UK

Lets not forget racism started with the British when they launched translatlantic slave trade transporting blacks and Indians across the world in millions.

We can also recall numerous race riots across UK throughout 20th century. Riots in black areas of St. Pauls, Brixton, Toxteth, Moss Side, Notting Hill, Handsworth and Tottenham comes to mind.

The Joint Campaign Against Racism committee reported that there had been more than 20,000 attacks on non- Indigenous Britons including Britons of Asian origin during 1985 alone.

  • A BBC undercover investigation revealed that UK tenants do not rent out homes to non-whites though under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for businesses to refuse to provide a service based on ethnicity..
  •  Muslims must note that over 700 mosques have been attacked in the UK since 2001 ” how safe will Sri Lankan Muslims be travelling to UK? how safe are Sri Lankan dual passport holders living in the UK?
  • As of 11 February 2011 attacks on Muslims in Scotland have contributing to a 20% increase in racist incidents over the past 12 months. Reports say every day in Scotland, 17 people are abused, threatened or violently attacked because of the colour of their skin, ethnicity or nationality. Statistics showed that just under 5,000 incidents of racism were recorded in 2009/10, a slight decrease from racist incidents recorded in 2008/9
  • From 2004 to 2012 the rate of racist incidents has been around 5,000 incidents per year.
  • In 2011-12, there were 5,389 racist incidents recorded by the police, which is a 10% increase on the 4,911 racist incidents recorded in 2010-11.
  • A third of Brits admit they are racist. Data from 90 councils detail 87,915 ‘racist incidents’ at primary and secondary schools between 2007 and 2011.

UK Racism at work

·         Undercover job hunters reveal huge race bias in Britain’s workplaces –

  • According to the UK government, there were 1.94 million violent crimes in the UK during 2011.
  • The violent crime rate in the UK is 3,100 per 100,000, and in the US it is 380 per 100,000 population.

UK police are no saints

Police forces in the United Kingdom have been accused of institutionalised racism since the late 20th century.

During the 2011 London riots, a Metropolitan Police officer, PC Alex MacFarlane, arrested and attempted strangling an African origin male and used racial words like ‘nigger’ and ‘black cunt’ on him.

Prison guards are almost twice as likely to be reported for racism than inmates in the UK; with racist incidents between prison guards themselves being nearly as high as that between guards and prisoners. The environment has been described as a dangerous breeding ground for racist extremism

Attacks on Lawyers

New laws violating human rights

  • Justice and Security Act ” enables secret courts to be set up with secretive closed material procedures (CMPs) into the main civil courts in England and Wales
  • The system of Special Advocates ” lawyers who are vetted and chosen by the government ” “have a very limited ability to conduct a cross-examination and cannot discuss full content of confidential materials with their client thus undermining the right to a fair trial,” ” this highlights heresay evidence or evidence based on torture.
  • Failure for public inquiry into the State’s hand in the 1989 murder of the Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane. David Cameron has even apologized to the Finucane family after a scathing report by the former war crimes lawyer Sir Desmond de Silva QC
  • The UN Committee against Torture accused UK of human rights abuses during the so-called war on terror and the mistreatment of prisoners in British custody in Iraq. The Committee says it is “deeply concerned at the growing number of serious allegations of torture and ill-treatment, as a result of the state party’s military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
  • UN has flagged 40 separate incidents on which the UK government must act.
  • an escape clause” in the Criminal Justice Act (1988) enabling British officials to escape prosecution for inflicting severe pain or suffering if they can show that they had “lawful authority, justification or excuse” for doing so.
  • Intelligence Services Act (1994), ensures intelligence officers cannot be prosecuted within the UK once a warrant giving them lawful authority has been signed by a government minister.
  • failure to date to prosecute anyone for the torture of Iraqi prisoners and in particular the failure to convict anyone for the murder of Baha Mousa who died in British custody in 2003.
  • Accusations of UK officials being evasive when questioned about Britain’s human rights record during a two-day hearing in Geneva
  • The British Crime Survey reveals that in 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority ethnic communities said they had been a victim of a racially motivated crime. They had suffered 49,000 violent attacks, with 4,000 being wounded.
    • UK is accused of colluding with US in the torture and rendition of terror suspects. The Constitution Project dossier also claims MI5 agents under the last Labour government knew prisoners were ill-treated at the hands of their captors.   Abdel Hakim Belhadj is suing the British Government, its intelligence agencies and former foreign secretary Jack Straw for helping transfer him illegally to Libya, where he was tortured.

Mr Belhadj and his wife were seized in Malaysia in 2004 and flown to Tripoli on a CIA jet, which it is claimed flew via Diego Garcia, the British territory in the Indian Ocean.

War Criminals living in the UK

 Press freedom in UK!

UK passed the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill.  A bill gagging charities, NGO’s, bloggers, community groups and most attempts at organised opposition to the government in the year prior to a general election…and just in time for the General Election next year.

UK security agency GCHQ gaining information from world’s biggest internet firms through US-run Prism programme

Britain appearing 28th (while US is 47th) on the World Press Freedom index hardly gives Britain any moral ground to preach.

What can Britain that demands other countries provide press freedom arrests the Guardian reporter David Miranda for leaking Edward Snowden’s documents? Under the UK government’s logic, several Guardian reporters and editors could also be guilty of engaging in “terrorism”,

The UK already has draconian measures in place that prevents newspapers from reporting freely on government. Newspapers are under constant fear of being censored under the Official Secrets Act, the Guardian was forced to destroy harddrives containing the Snowden files last year, and they are reportedly under active criminal investigation as well.

Why is the US silent about UK using terror laws to curb press freedom in the UK?

Like everywhere else you get the traitors within your own. The Daily Mail’s headline was: ‘MI5 CHIEF: GUARDIAN HAS HANDED GIFT TO TERRORISTS‘. The Times had: ‘SPY LEAKS PUT BRITAIN IN DANGER SAYS MI5 CHIEF‘. And the Daily Telegraph: ‘MI5: LEAKS A GIFT TO TERRORISTS TO ATTACK US AT WILL‘ and, for good measure: ‘GUARDIAN LEAK OF MI5 FILES CRITICISED‘.

Not only did these newspapers appear to have no qualms about uncritically adopting the views of the security service rather than defending investigative journalism, but they gloated about participating in the official pressure on the Guardian.

Be that as it may, UK’s statistics doesn’t allow it to gloat upon any country and it is better for Cameron to use the British taxpayers money to improving Britain rather than concentrate his time on countries that are no longer under the British Empire.

13 Responses to “UK should be declared a ‘Country of Concern’ not Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Don’t worry. In another 15 years’ time Muslims will be the largest religious group in the UK.

    After that UK will live under SHARIA.

    Crabs dance only until the pot boils!!!

  2. Samanthi Says:

    Well said, Shenali. Thank you for exposing the hypocrisy of Ca-Morons!

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    This report indeed justifies the declaration of British administrations under any of their current political leaderships, as regimes of major concern to good governance in the UK, freedom of the British press and other nations valuing independent existence.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Britain is the most violent country in Europe, worse than South Africa or US – Shenali

    Just a thought about Kerry wanting democracy practiced in Sri Lanka.

    Consider the spate of college and campus shootings and stabbings that have occurred over the last several weeks in the USA. Some guy just grabs a gun, walks into a campus or a school and starts firing at everything that moves. Another college student pulls out a knife and stabs and slashes everyone within his reach.

    Can we call such a country with such horrific youth violence a democracy? It has all the signs of an ‘anarchy’.

    The very vast majority of college and university students do not make the grade. Their other option is joining the army in its various units, much of which is based overseas, spreading death and destruction in smaller defenseless countries. Such future fall outs, fully conscious of their hapless condition and situation, nourish their dreams by focusing on the only sure job outlet available to them. Even while in college and campus they nourish their minds on the deeds or rather ‘misdeeds’ of their compatriot youth, the modern version of Billy the Kid, the one who fired first and asked questions later already serving in the army. So engrossed in their eventual future military posting,their minds filled with murder and mayhem, how else can they react but by converting their schools, colleges and universities into virtual battlefields! Their slogan is exactly that of their youthful comrade killers (literally ‘contract killers’ – under contract by the US government of which Kerry is the spokesperson) operating on foreign soil.

    That such an anarchy could advice others on the practice of democracy is like a pig wallowing in the filth preaching to others animals to keep their dens clean.

    For all that just watch Kerry and others singing the USA national anthem their right hand on their breasts and solemnly vaunting the glory of ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’.

    The goal of the USA and Britain is to impose their norms of depravity and degradation on the whole world.

    USA = Unusually Stinking Anarchy

    Mario Perera

  5. Christie Says:

    This sounds like an Indian site. We have been brainwashed by Indians.

  6. jayasiri Says:

    Shenali is correct in all fronts. UK continue to criticize other countris, to justify their inadequacies. Then no one will call for CHILCOTT report which is still hidden.

    THOSE are real ways of UK & others try to conceal their crimes. When UN has no other business to occupy itself they PLANT any human rights accusations in former colonies of declining Britain.

    It is time ASIANS name UK as a COUNTRY of concerns to Asians…………J

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    British PM David Cameron said some months ago : “most of the trouble in the world today is due to Britain’. We agree.

  8. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The British were the first to use Concentration camps in the Transvaal South Africa 19th century. Thousand died. Nazi Germany followed that idea on a grander scale.

    To mario_pereira: Every nation of various government types have violence. But the US Democracy is in question not because of civil violence but because of the compromise to our Constitution. When the Supreme Court upheld Obama care based that it was a tax and not a health care issue, it made it legal for the Federal government to sell any product to the people and force them to buy it. If they fail to buy this product they are punished and penalized. This is a first in US “Democracy”. From the Amendment one which covers freedom of speech to freedom of expression which has been severely compromised by Homeland Security to the National Security Agency (NSA) to the 10th amendment that limits the size of the Federal government, the US Democratic system is dead. It is now a Colonial style Oligarchy where a select few elite run the nation as they see fit.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    Franklin Delano Roosevelt also forced the US workers to “BUY” into the Social Security Program to provide for people reeling from poverty in the Great Depression. Today is the ONLY guaranteed safety net providing an INCOME for the Citizens of the United States (like the Provident Fund Program in Sri Lanka) in their old age. Do you think that US citizens would give up Social Security INSURANCE in exchange for a PRIVATE 401(k) account, subject to market fluctuations, as some Republicans have proposed? I think NOT!

    In your view, the creation of the Social Security System too would violate the US Constitution. So would the use of Eminent Domain by the Govt to forcibly acquire land for essential projects in the national interest, and the Federal Income Tax that was introduced in the early 1900’s to sustain essential social programs and defense expenditures. What about military drafts enacted forcing young people into the armed forces … in the national interest?

    There are very few things that the US Govt cannot do in the National Interest. The ONLY REQUIREMENT is that the LEGISLATURE APPROVES it. ALL of the Govt programs I cited above are LEGAL and APPROVED by the Legislature.

    So is Obamacare, my friend!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    But, I do agree with you that the NSA has gone above and beyond its mandate, and is spying on EACH and EVERY US citizen (and foreign citizens and their govt leaders as well).

    According to Sen. Diane Fienstein of the Senate National Intlligence Oversight Committee, and formerly a huge supporter of the NSA, the NSA is spying on and threatening her Senate Oversight Committee members as well to the extent they are AFRAID to carry out their LEGITIMATE duties.

    Furthermore, former President Carter recently said on TV that he is being spied upon by the NSA, and he does not use ANY electronic means of communication (phone, email etc) to avoid eavesdropping by the NSA!

    It seems that George Orwell’s Big Brother (in his book “1984”) … a Govt that eavesdrops on everyone and everything, at every moment of peoples lives … has FINALLY come HOME to ROOST in the United States in 2014! SIMPLY AWFUL!

  11. RohanJay Says:

    Britain also has been for some time one of the worst places to live in in the western world. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to live in Britain for any length of time will know what I mean. For all its faults US is a much better place to live in. The Americans place high value on improving the standards of living or used to a high level. For example countries like Australia managed to create a very high standard of living because Australians took what was best in urban planning and infrastructure from America. True America is now in steep decline, however compared with the dreary dump that is Britain give me America any day. Personally though if I had to choose the best country to live in the western world it would be Australia. That is only because in previous decades Aussies had the good sense to adopt the best things from America rather than Britain. The British were and always were about enslaving people and keeping them poor and not improving the standard of living of peoples. Unlike Americans, Canadians and Aussies despite their faults. Shenali is right about Britain.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    For Sri Lanka, take the best ideas from all over the world to make life work for all.

    After WW II, US President Harry Truman and his team imposed worker participation at the workplace directorate in Germany, the key area of discontent in Europe. This created a new approach to Labor needs and dignity of Labor. Recently, when the recession loomed over Europe, the German govt. made the companies cut labor hours of work, but met full pay to Labor through govt. funding. The German eople were able to produce and buy goods made in Germany, and the recession had very little effect on the German economy. This was innovative thinking that saved the German economy.

    Innovative ways to meet needs of masses will prove to be the winners.

    Sri Lanka’s need of the hour is Clean Water for all Provinces (CKD issue). Are any of Lanka’s ex-Colonists at all concerned about this ? NO ! Instead, the UK (via the C’wealth) is offering free advice to their ex-colonies re rape, etc. and has issued a travel warning to Sri Lanka ! O tempora ! O mores !

  13. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Ananda: You are wrong when you compare Social Security with the Affordable health care act aka Obama care. The Social Security system is a trust fund where the people contribute and if they are disabled or reach the age of 65 the government pays back the person as a pension. The Obama care with about 20 taxes to it is a health care system that is not needed. It has destroyed the health care sector, private insurance policies and by the Supreme court’s decision made it compulsory for Americans to companies to buy this or be penalized if one does not. There is no penalty on the Social Security System.

    Before the Obama care insurance the people who really were not covered were the illegal immigrants who should never have received any insurance. the very poor received Medicaid and the rest received Medicare. Between the Social Security System, Medicaid and Medicare there was no reason for Obama care. That is my position

    But lets take your position. lets assume that Social Security is another example of the Government forcing the people into a plan. Does that make the Obama care right? does one wrong justify another wrong?

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