Scathing attacks by Sx-Kx unholy couple on Nonis!
Posted on October 12th, 2014

 The Sxx-Kxx unholy couple is going after Dr. Chris Nonis, who lost his position as the Sri Lanka high commissioner in the UK, with scathing attacks, internal sources as external affairs ministry told Lanka News Web. We previously reported that a fax message by the ministry had been received by the high commission in London on the afternoon of October 03, telling Dr. Nonis that the government had accepted his resignation and that he should relinquish his duties.

Later, on October 06, when Dr. Nonis had gone to the high commission, Sxx-Kxx couple had sent a diplomat by the name Cxx Rxx, to meet him. By that time, on the advice of Sxx, ministry secretary Kxx had appointed, by letter, Rxx as the acting high commissioner.

In the morning of that day, Kxx had called her and ordered her to obtain custody of the official vehicle and the driver, of Dr. Nonis as soon as he arrives and also to obtain the key to his room in the course of the day itself. Rxx had been severely inconvenienced by this order because she has had a good rapport with Dr. Nonis when he was the high commissioner.

Anyhow, as soon as Dr. Nonis arrived, Rxx had gone to him and asked that the keys to the official vehicle and the room be returned by the day. Surprised by that demand, Dr. Nonis had politely asked that he be allowed to take his leave with dignity. Without heeding the request, she had implemented to the letter the orders she had received from Colombo.

Kxx had telephoned Rxx every hour and was informed of what had taken place. Kxx has also told her to get high commission staff to sign a petition to claim that Dr. Nonis had treated them in an inhuman manner. Presently, Rxx is in the process of collecting signatures to that petition. Several employees of the high commission told LNW that they had signed it because they feared they would lose their jobs if they did not sign. They also said this would be a good lesson to other diplomats as well as to persons like Chris Nonis who had unashamedly campaigned for the murderous regime.

The petition being prepared against Dr. Nonis is expected to be submitted at the inquiry against him ordered by the presient, say the sources at the external affairs ministry.

The Sxx-Kxx unholy couple has incited the president to accept the resignation of Dr. Nonis, by telling him that he had tried to get the Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka cancelled and to prevent the president’s trip to Rome. They have also accused him of having told websites operating from London soon after arriving there about the incident of the attack.

An activist of the SLFP branch in the UK told LNW that Dr. Nonis had attended a Bandaranaike commemoration function at London Buddhist Vihara two days after the attack, and had not hinted that such an incident had taken place. The SLFP activist said he did not believe it when the media reported the incident, as Dr. Nonis had not at least given a hint at the ceremony that he had been attacked.

Even after being attacked, he had behaved like a real gentleman, and this again proves the gospel truth that the Rajapaksa regime has a place only for vagabonds like Sxx Vxx, and not gentlemen like Dr. Nonis.

At the annual convention of the ruling Conservative Party, British minister of state at the foreign and commonwealth office Hugo Swire has told Dr. Nonis in front of a group of Sri Lankans. Chris, do you understand now why we are exerting such pressure internationally against the government of your country?” The Sri Lankans present eagerly awaited the reply by Dr. Nonis, but were disappointed to see him leave the British minister with downcast eyes without replying him.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “They also said this would be a good lesson to other diplomats as well as to persons like Chris Nonis who had unashamedly campaigned for the murderous regime.”

    Murderous regime? This is Tamilnet language.

    I can see LTTE in action because apart from the LTTE, this regime has NOT murdered anyone!

    (Unlike Run-nil’s regimes in 1983, 1989 and Mrs. B’s regime in 1971.) Am I wrong?

    So they want all diplomats to quit supporting SL!

  2. Marco Says:

    I must express my surprise in Lankaweb in providing links articles and reports from the likes of lankanewsweb, nevertheless i respect their editorial decisions provided they conform to consistency and uniformity.

    I have no wish to comment any further on the above expect to say the Sri Lankan EAM has set fire to the two ends of the bridge.

  3. radha Says:

    SLK does not need LTTE diaspora; its dirt work is being done by MR himself and now by these two terrorists in unholy alliance, SVG and KS. I think LTTE D is small fry when these cannibalistic killer sharks at work

  4. Nanda Says:

    “murderous regime” ,- definitely LTTE . Thank you Lorenzo for pointing out because even I did not catch it. I first feared Lankaweb has fallen to LTTE, but it is not, it is a copy from another site.

    Therefore this whole storey, which is VERY PROBABLE becomes a huge fabricated lie.

    ” Chris Nonis who had unashamedly campaigned ” – also assassinates the character of Nonis too, therefore this whole writing is from LTTE, which Marco respects as “editorial decisions “.

    Anyway as I said earlier , this incident is a serious but a distracting issue, we have more important issues at hand.
    Only value it adds is , it shows the characters of MR and his bad company.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    But it is GOOD LW publishes these articles even from Mangala’s Lankanewsweb. We have look at ALL SIDES OF THE PROBLEM.

    Yes it is a distraction after all. SCRAPPING 13 amendment, wiping out Jihadists are BIGGER REAL issues.


    “I think LTTE D is small fry when these cannibalistic killer sharks at work.”

    NOT TRUE. But ut surely it is a OWN GOAL by GOSL!

    LTTE RUMP is MUCH larger (1,000,000 +) and their financial power is MORE THAN SL’S GDP!
    LTTE RUMP financers many websites, NGOs, MPs, orphans, political parties in SL too.

    Same with the JIHAD TERROR NETWORK now operational in SL. JIHAD TERROR NETWORK financers many websites, NGOs, MPs, orphans, political parties in SL. They day the two of them CLASH will be fantastic. Last time the Israelis (Amey Yaar) did the good work for us pitting these 2 against each other. We should be grateful for them and invite them again. I’m sure they will do it FREE again. ;)

  6. Nanda Says:

    I don’t visit and comment on other sites. Even these comments are not because of “my desires”. It is out of inability to sustain injustice to people and to the good name of the country.
    Now GOSL is no better than LTTE. My every comment will be criticism. So better not to waste time and contemplate on my main aim of advancement in samsara.
    Please let us know when your website starts going.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Very sad to read this article.Seems KS is now immersed in S***,after stayng in the island where there’s so much of it floating around.
    Yesterday we spent a splendid time at the Mac Wood’s tea estate tea room enjoy a pot of tea,where his mum’s picture was proudly displayed,a mother of a true decent patriotic person must be going through some real trauma.
    I noticed the minor staff at the present HC is not up to standards,obviously may not like a decent person to administer them.
    I wish him good luck,I wish to join him to set up an independent tea Centre in the West End of London. Politicians saw to the end of the official site.

  8. radha Says:

    Lorenzo……….. You missed the point I made. I am not measuring the size of enemies in volume and spread. I am assessing the damage caused by enemies to the Country’s name and regime. When two or three people, camouflaged as our own kind, do this sort of damage, and when our own President is dream walking like a deaf and dumb and blind person to what is going on in his name, then they together cause far more damage to the country’s already sunk reputation. So why should LTTE even bother to harrass the Regime; the swollen headed enemies of the nation are already within the Regime; they are only concerned about their dirty tricks campaign to bolster family fortunes.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA-UNP group is DEEPER trouble now with Paki Sara and his CPA falling apart!

    CPA is funded by the CCIIAA.

    Now two groups of CPA are going at each other. GOSL should make MAXIMUM use of this to infiltrate their TNA circle and destroy it from within.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Looks like some good news finally. Hope our buggers have some intelligence left.

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