Do not sacrifice Executive Presidency to please errant politicians and yellow robed political pandits.
Posted on November 11th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

In the corporate environment the Executive President” is the officer that exercises the majority of control over a company. It is his/her job to lead the company and guide it into a direction of profit and success. They work often with the COO and CFO of the cooperation to govern the company as a whole. At some companies this title is also referred to as CEO, Chief Executive Officer. If a said company has a Board of Directors the Executive President/CEO will often serve as Chairman of the Board.”

It is the same with an Executive President. During the past nine years It has been demonstrated in Sri Lanka that the Executive President is a positive power centre to fight enemies efficiently and keep at bay intruding enemies to thwart  progress and development of the country, and bring peace and security to the people.  Sri Lanka needed that environment. An Executive President proved extremely useful in the situation it was found in 2005 when Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse was elected to the high Office.

It was more important that the hands of an Executive President were not bound by checks and balances and kept free to exercise his executive powers for the protection of the country and the welfare of its people.  In that the removal of the 17th Amendment was useful and the  18th Amendment that replaced it was essential to allow the Executive President to move freely in the exercise of his office.

Checks and balances do not help very much a President who wants to provide people with welfare measure as it is well seen in USA today.  The President Barrack Obama’s welfare projects have been nipped away by the Congress and the Senate.  Do we want same thing to happen here bringing back the 17 Amendment to limit the powers of the executive President ?

Sri Lanka had not seen any major development since its independence except for a few irrigation schemes,  and  settlements.  The democratic Westminster Parliamentary system with regular changes of government deterred Sri Lanka’s independent development outside the colonial frame.  It was the breakaway from that system to fall back on national values that helped development and progress.

Executive powers of the President is very important,  as  one,  Sri Lanka despite its sovereignty is still interfered into by the West, and  two, an unfriendly Tamil Provincial Council in the North and the Muslims in the east are claiming separate regional administrations.

It is comprehensible that the lay politicians of the UNP, JVP, SLMC and TNA are all out to bring an end to Executive Presidency as they see in that the key to oust the President Mahinda Rajapakse,  and  make Sri Lanka a West friendly underdeveloped mendicant Nation State. But what is not comprehensible is what the Buddhists monks have to do with the abolition of  the Executive President.

The Buddhists Monks taking to politics is the worst thing that could have happened to Sri Lanka with a majority Buddhist population. While a generation of lay Buddhist youth sacrificed their lives to save this country  five times sanctified by the visit of the Great Buddha from its enemies, the political Buddhist Monks  are paving the path to allow    terrorism to raise its head  once again to divide this country.

The Buddhists monks,  the Chief Prelates- the Mahanayakas, Madolowawe Sobhita and Ratana  have no place in politics.  They do not understand the fundamentals of politics.  Their place is  in the villages and with the Buddhist people to bring back the fast eroding Buddhist values amoung the Sinhala Buddhist.

To day the rate of suicide in Sri Lanka is in the increase, criminality makes  Buddhist Sri Lanka stink beyond its shores.  Mothers throws their children in to wells and sea or  give them poison to kill, fathers smash the little heads of their babies on  rocks, fathers, and grand fathers  rape their children and grand children, love affairs end in stabbing the beloved through jealousy and anger, drug addiction, and intoxication amoung the Sinhala Buddhists is on the increase.

Is Sri Lanka a Buddhist Country ?  What is happening  to the Buddha Sasana ?

Who is there to  protect the Buddha Sasana and  help the Buddhists to follow the eightfold path to meditation to attain Nibbana  or are they also to follow the political monks to remove the Executive President through which to find the purity of Buddha Sasana ?

Buddha said to his disciples- the yellow robed monks: Go forth for the good of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the welfare, the good and the happiness of gods and men. Let no two of you go in the same direction. Teach the Dharma which is beautiful in the beginning, beautiful in the middle and beautiful at the end. Proclaim both the letter and the spirit of the holy life completely fulfilled and perfectly pure.

The Buddha did not ask them to spread hatred and work to change governments and do politics.  These are pseudo monks a shame to Buddha Sasana.  They should be despised by the Sinhala Buddhists, as they are  abusing the role they are meant  to play as wearer of the robe of a Buddhist monk.

Under SWRD Bandaranayake any progressive development of the country was hampered by Chelvanayagam-Sundaralingam Tamil crowd that pushed back National development by seeking separation of the people on the question of language, raised purely for the sake of selfish political power for the upper class Jaffna Tamils.

Nothing has changed today after 30 years of untold suffering of the whole of the people of Sri Lanka under terrorism, the Tamil politicians have brought Sri Lanka back to square one.  Nine years of enormous  development to the country,  from south to north and west to east  have not changed the mean mental attitude of the Tamils who still seek separation despite the lessons learnt in several riots followed by  an inhumanly  ruthless terrorism.

The Tamil People in the North have been given every thing that they never possessed before , electricity, water, an efficient transport system including a fast and modern train service, education and health facilities, IT communication system, Banks , an Industrial zone, and above all the right to elect their own representatives to a Provincial Council.

Nevertheless the CM  C.V.Wigneswaran  a supposed to be educated man  of  an  above average intelligence and a retired Supreme Court Judge has turned out to be  a virulent Tamil racist all out to keep the Tamil people separated from the rest of the Communities.  This shows the inadequacy of University education in Sri Lanka, which turns out graduates who pass exams merely reading books and notes without developing the ability to think independently to understand meaningful human capacity to  bring people together, rather than aligning towards primitive separatism with a tribal mentality.

Wigneswaran is one of those lacking  the  ability to think independently and intelligently, there by falling into uneducated sentimentality seeking cheap popularity amoung petty crowds to receive  their applause.  It is proved in his  visit to TamilNadu, unable to make  an intellectually ennobling lecture  blew nauseating venom speaking about his  country where he was born and educated.

In TamilNadu Wigneswaran  was a TamilNadu Tamil,  rather than a visiting Sri Lankan intellectual.  He forget that the honour of his being invited to India to give a lecture was the result of the elimination of terrorism by the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, and bringing back  democracy  and civilization” to North.

This is what this bafoon Wigneswaran said in Tamil Nadu:  “State violence in Sri Lanka continues. Tamils, though the worst affected by far, are not the only ones… Other minorities such as Muslims and Christians have been targeted with a view to project a government that is representative only of Sinhala Buddhists and to portray new enemies and targets,”.

He then called India’s interference into Sri Lanka…”India has legal and moral obligations to ensure the welfare of Sri Lankan citizens.

“It should do so by holding the Lankan government to its promises and to its obligations under international law. It should lend support to international processes that were in furtherance of justice and truth.  It should do so by ensuring that the right of self determination of the Tamil speaking peoples of Lanka is realised within a united Sri Lanka,” Then recalling his earlier contentions that militarisation of North in Lanka took place to “maintain a stranglehold” over Tamils, he said despite cases pending before the apex court, “Army continues to destroy whatever is left of the buildings, homes, holy places or hallowed school premises inside the High Security Zone.”

I do not think even  today’s Modi’s India will take him seriously though the TamilNadu terrorist friendly bafoons may give him accolade.

It is in this situation that it would be better for Sri Lanka to have  instead of an Executive President a leftwing Dictator, to put traitors into prison and halt Western interference and  govern the country with strong fist.  That is how China was able keep away the west, and break through poverty and underdevelopment,  to be the economic giant that it is today.

UNP knows that Ranil Wickramasinghe would merely  be an also ran”  against President Mahinda Rajapakse. Sajith Premadasa with his big talk hasn’t the back bone to hold even the post of a Deputy  Leader of the UNP let alone presenting himself for a Presidential election. .  When he was once offered  the post of Deputy Leader some time back he shied away proposing that it should be given to  Karu Jayasuriya.

Karu Jayasuriya is eagerly awaiting his chance to be nominated as the Common Candidate, but  he will not be a unanimous choice of the UNP, and may therefore be conveniently overlooked.   They are now proposing Chandrika Kumaratunga knowing that she will not win but may  divide the Sinhala Buddhist votes  putting President Mahinda Rajapakse into a difficult situation.  Kumaratunga may not have the accepted support from the SLFP.

Who would want to back a loosing horse ?

But this anti Executive President band, is so divided and  antagonist towards each other they will not stand a chance to defeat the President Mahinda Rajapakse at the Presidential election.

Executive Presidency should be retained at any cost as Sri Lanka is not out of the tunnel of danger with the Tamils still marking time for a Tamil Eelam, and the terrorist sleepers are awaiting  a chance to wake up.

 What is wrong in an Executive President ?  An Executive President is not a Dictator, though  a left wing Dictator may be more appropriate in the present situation.

An Executive Prime Minister is bound by the Parliamentary procedures and his executive authority has to be approved by the Parliament.  That would be a great handicap when quick decisions have to be taken to avert any danger to the security of the country from inside or outside enemies.

16 Responses to “Do not sacrifice Executive Presidency to please errant politicians and yellow robed political pandits.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Madolowawe Buddharakkita is a venegeful man. His temple in Kotte is a POLITICAL OFFICE than a temple. He hijacked Ven Soma’s foundation.

    SL needs executive presidency for NATIONAL SECURITY.

    Otherwise who can tame the chief ministers? Now they fear the EP and tone down their racism. Otherwise they will dictate terms to everyone.

    But MR should make good use of his powers and SCRAP 13 amendment. Otherwise NO USE of executive president. IF he doesn’t scrap 13 amendment, executive presidency should be removed because then it is useless.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Executive presidency needs restricting and not abolishing.

    Supreme court, President and the parliament should be three pillars of the governing system. If one goes the above the others, the other two should be able to stop it.

    right now, President has both the parliament and the Supreme Court by throat.

    As some one suggested, the govt should abolish the 13th amendment and instead should go to a defence agreement with Modi-Govt which understands the problems of Hindus.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Executive presidency needs restructuring and not abolishing.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article states this “The Buddhists monks, the Chief Prelates- the Mahanayakas, Madolowawe Sobhita and Ratana have no place in politics.” WHO DECIDES THIS?

    Even in self proclaimed secular nations the clergy plays a role in politics. in history it has been the same In Sri Lankan history the Sanga and the royalty worked in tandem to the benefit of the people


  5. callistus Says:

    Monks did not put on robes to do politics. Monks may give advice to politicians if advice is sought from them. They should stay with what they are expected to do. Doctors don’t do carpenters work. Dentists don’t do barbers work.

  6. AnuD Says:

    Even the Supremem court appointments should be mostly for Sinhala-buddhists. System should be arranged in that way. IF others want a position they should abide by our rules. for example, a Tamil-buddhist should be able to become a Supreme court judge.

    Once that happens if there are prblems within the system supreme court should be fair and democratic.

    The present democracy in Sri lanka is anarchy and minorities and special interest groups engaging in reverse discrimination.

  7. stanley perera Says:

    Lanka lovers need the Exececutive Presidency in its present form and MR must use the powers and revoke the Indian 13 A.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Although it is advisable that monks restrict their work to their profession, there cannot be any law restricting them from politics. It must be remembered that it was an all Buddhist monk party in 2004 that forced the UPFA to go to war. Had they not done so, the SLFP and JVP would have continued as all previous governments did. The Church is into politics and Muslim Councils are also into politics. A few Christian ministers (of their religious ministries) are MPs.

    Let the voters decide who is most suitable to lead the nation. If their choice is a monk, so be it. If lay politicians are able to address people’s aspirations, there is no room for monks in politics. For comparison, Narendra Modi is an equal to a monk who infact did spend sometime as such. Absence of family concerns and nepotism can certainly help in their decision making. Unfortunately these are two huge evils the country grapples with today whether its foreign service, provincial councils or budget allocations. His immediate family and extended family are burdens for the incumbent.

  9. douglas Says:

    Just making a cursory glance over what is presented above, my attention was drawn to two matters:

    1. DO NOT ABOLISH THE PRESIDENCY. When I read this, I could not help reliving in the year 2005, when I voted Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse to be the President. I voted him, because, he told me in WRITING, in a document called “MAHINDA CHINTHANAYA”; “PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2005”; as follows:


    I propose to change the Parliamentary Election System to ensure that the public opinion will be represented and Stable Government will be effective. With the consensus of all I expect to present a Constitution that will propose the ABOLITION OF THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY and to provide solutions to other issues confronting the country. In the INTERIM, I propose to present a Constitutional Amendment through which the Executive President will be made answerable to the Parliament by virtue of holding said office”

    2. THE DETERIORATION OF THE SOCIAL VALUES (Please refer to paragraph ten of the article) I noticed and underwent tremendous hardship from before the year 2005. Then I had a WRITTEN undertaking given by Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse, in “MAHINDA CHINTHANAYA, PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2005, as follows:

    “AN END TO THE DRUG MENACE: I will be dedicated to the task of TOTALLY eradicating the Drug Menace presently experienced in Sri Lanka. I will do so within a PERIOD OF THREE YEARS through a coordinated efforts covering the implementation of laws, the actions of police and other social institutions. I will work towards the elimination of child abuse, rape, underworld and organized crimes”

    I am being a, TAX PAYER and a VOTER, also legally a SHARE HOLDER. If my choice of CHIEF EXECUTIVE/COO/ THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT has NOT FULFILLED and not ACTED according to the MANDATE given to him, there is no option but to change him OR give him time to correct himself and change the course so that our Government will be better run to achieve our common goals.

    Please think of the above matters seriously, before we argue for the retention of this position of EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY.

  10. AnuD Says:

    Please think of the above matters seriously, before we argue for the retention of this position of EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY.
    The problem is not with the executive presidency. the problem is with the individual. If Politicians are good Buddhists, if they feel ashamed when they lie or lied, they would not do the way they do.
    But, that is not happening. Everybody knows, since JRJ, every president disappointed voters by killing innocents, massive gathering of illegal wealth and by using their position for them, their relatives and for their friends advantage etc.,

    That is all because of the individual and not because of the system.

    There is no point of abolishing executive presidency and making a weak president or prime minister who cannot do anything because that dissatisfy some other minority opinion. Or minority opinions get together overpower the majority opinion etc.,

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Did MR achieve?

    Parliamentary Election System – NO
    Executive President will be made answerable to the Parliament – NO
    eradicating the Drug Menace – YES to a good extent
    elimination of child abuse – YES to a good extent. NO child soldiers, NO baby farms, NO child labor
    elimination of child rape – NO
    elimination of underworld and organized crimes – YES to a good extent. NO LTTE. NO underworld cartels as before

    MR did achieve 50%. Pass mark.

    We want him to achieve 100% but 50% is a good start.

    Douglas, what happened to your prediction on SC decision? Wrong, eh? May be you have to verify your information sources. Someone is stuffing you with WRONG info.

    Ananda may be right. Ultimately the real common candidate will be none other than MR!! Heard the story of the wolf?

    Once upon a time there lived a shepherd boy. He thought of some fun. He shouted WOLF. People came running to save him. He repeated this and had a good laugh. One day a real wolf came and ate his *****. No one came to his rescue. Our common candidates are like that fool. People are fooled with SO MANY common candidates even WITHOUT an election. Ultimately people will reject this joke.

  12. Dr.K Says:

    Executive Presidency (EP) is set by JR not simply for his own security or survival. He was consented as a leader by 5/6 ratio of public majority and din’t have a threat on him. He took a timely decision with his precious knowledge over the things happening in the country and created this stable position to keep the Sri Lankan nation unshaken in front of any sort of future monsters resulting from western’s influences or from the people within the country who are with negative thoughts and betraying the nation for their personal gains. This fact was already proved by MR by defeating LTTE, the biggest monster we ever had who had roots all over the world.

    There will be more and more such monsters in the future. Who could say NO? if no one says no then , we have no other option other than protect EP. ‘Maha Sanga’ the ‘Muradevathavo’ of the country have a big responsibility to lead the public not to demolish Executive Presidency but to select the most suitable person for this position and encourage him to be the best leader.

    MR in his first term was encouraged by Maha Sanga with Hela Urumaya and he acted as the best leader and freed the people from three decades curse of LTTE.

    But in his second term even though the public rallied behind him and expected more from him he was defeated by the corrupted politicians, drug dealers and misleading advisors and ultimately he neglected public voice specially the voice of Sinhala Buddhists.

    However, we strongly believe that Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa is still with full capacity and potential to hold this position and re-track the country into correct path. The people who love the country to assist him to open his eyes.

  13. SenaD Says:

    Lorenzo, I totally agree with you in that “SL needs executive presidency for NATIONAL SECURITY.” and “But MR should make good use of his powers and SCRAP 13 amendment.”

    The current parliament can function till April 2016; therefore when the president gets re-elected he has a golden opportunity to do away with the 13th amendment and bring in a better electoral system where an elector can identify his/her representative at the National State Assembly.

    Future threats will not end with the removal of the 13th amendment; therefore it must be kept for the future too.

    For a developing country, the Westminster system is a recipe for dithering and stagnation.

    With the right man/woman, keeping in mind nobody is perfect, as the president it is a boon to the country. The Sangha has a role to play in guiding him.

    We saw what happened with the previous one with the same executive powers, of all things she invited Norway in. What would happen if anybody of RW’s calibre is ever to occupy that position is crystal clear from what he did even without the executive powers.

    So, it is the calibre of the individual who occupies the executive presidency that makes it good or bad. In my view what has to be put in place is a method not tying the EP in knots, but only stopping going completely out of control.
    Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha, I agree with you when you said “The article states this “The Buddhists monks, the Chief Prelates- the Mahanayakas, Madolowawe Sobhita and Ratana have no place in politics.” WHO DECIDES THIS?”

    If Charles meant that they must not do party politics because then they appear to be ordinary laymen and for Buddhists the Sangha represents one of the Triple Gems I do have some sympathy with it because they appear to be driven by personal ambition rather than the concern for the welfare of the country.

    When people of other faiths or no faith say so, one can only guess what their motives are, it is certainly not because they are worried about the good name of the Sangha..

  14. dingiri bandara Says:

    Imagine what it would been, with the quality of most of the representatives we have in our parliament today,if we did not have an executive president. May be J R Jayawardana of UNP, uncle of Ranil, fore saw this and started the executive presidency. But of course in the hands of the wrong hands, it could be disastrous like with JR himself. Although a smart , cunning, witty and and an educated person, he did not do much to settle the problems of the country. He tolerated corruption of his people and , turned a blind eye, antagonized India. If I remember correct, he once said , in reference to the Mahaweli project, Mahaweli is flowing through 5th lane where Gamini Dissanayake was living. As leader of the country with executive powers he could have done lot more. He let his cronies burn the Jaffna library which was one of a kind
    The Buddhist monks should not get engaged in direct politics except that of an advisory capacity. They have a bigger role to play. They need to teach and propagate true Buddhism and protect the Buddhism as well as its followers.

  15. Lorenzo Says:



    This is interesting.

    “The current parliament can function till April 2016; therefore when the president gets re-elected he has a golden opportunity to do away with the 13th amendment and bring in a better electoral system where an elector can identify his/her representative at the National State Assembly.”

    But it will NOT happen automatically. People have to DEMAND it BEFORE the PE. MR has to win the parliament too. Unlike MR, his MPs are junk. So they have a LESSER chance of re-election. MR can turn this around by SCRAPPING 13 amendment after the PE but BEFORE GE.

    As for GR, we have to agree to disagree. I still think GR should get into politics now. Now or never.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Sarath Silva has made vile comments against the supreme court (after losing his argument). He should be punished for INSULTING the court. SB Dissanayaka was punished for insulting the court, so why not Silva?

    Opposition’s main demand is CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE. For that they NEED Silva. REMOVE Silva and their campaign will COLLAPSE.

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