Statement by Ms. Sitsabaiesen in Parliament on Nov.27,2014
Posted on November 29th, 2014

Ira de Silva London, Ontario Canada

Hon. S. Blaney, M.P.
Minister for Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Sir:

It is reported that you were “shocked and appalled” by Ms. Sitsabaiesen’s statement in parliament to commemorate Tamil Heroes Day which honours the Tamil Tiger terrorists who died during their violent terrorist campaign in Sri Lanka over a period of thirty years. What seems to have upset you is that she likened it to Remembrance Day, the day on which Canada honours those Canadian soldiers who gave their lives for Canada.

It is ironic that you should be “offended” only because of the comparison of Heroes Day by the Tamil Tiger supporters to Remembrance Day in Canada. Sri Lankans have been “offended” for decades by Canadian politicians support of the Tamil Tiger terrorists from Canada because thousands of them died because of this support.  You ask for an apology from Ms. Sitsabaisen just because of her “comparison”. When will the Canadian Government apologize to Sri Lankans for their political and financial support to the Tamil terrorists to terrorize Sri Lankans and cause thousands of deaths by that support?

It was a well known fact that  Ms. Sitsabaisen supported the Tamil terrorists as shown on her Facebook page –  BEFORE she was elected. She used that as her badge to the other Tamil Tiger supporters to get votes. It is no different to what your Conservative Party did when you endorsed the candidacy of a well known Tamil Tiger supporter in the Toronto area to be your candidate at the last election.  The fact is that all the current political parties vying for the “Tamil votes” in the greater Toronto area, have pandered to known Tamil Tiger supporters for votes. You have asked her  to stop shopping for votes from terrorist-linked groups and to immediately apologize to veterans and all Canadians for these comments.” When will the Conservative Party  “stop shopping for votes from terrorist-linked groups” of which the Tamil Tigers are the best known in the Toronto area? Now that you have publicly acknowledged that Tamil terrorists are “different” to Canadian soldiers will you make a statement that your party  will not “shop for  votes from Tamil terrorist supporters” or appoint them as Conservative candidates even if it is not based on the principle of not supporting terrorism from Canada?  I am copying the leader of the Liberal Party whose ministers attended fund raising dinners and imported thousands of Tamil Tiger cadres into Canada as “refugees”, knowing full well that they were bogus refugees, just to get votes for the Liberal Party as well as the leader of the NDP who is well aware that his MP is closely linked to the Tamil terrorist supporters, so that they can do the same, following your lead to stop shopping for votes from terrorist-linked groups. 

Up to now the Tamil terrorist supporters who have come to Canada in thousands have been sought after by all Canadian politicians at election time, policy on Sri Lanka has been based on what this Tamil vote block wants as  illustrated by the actions of ministers of your government who go to Sri Lanka and report back to those who have dictated Canadian policy on Sri Lanka to them. Mr. Obhrai and Mr. Kenney are classic examples of this.  As Tamil “remembrance days” have for decades been graced by Canadian politicians and speeches made to eulogize the Tamil terrorists who have died, is it any wonder that a rookie Canadian politician considers them “heroes” and remembers them as Canadians do of their “heroes”? With a federal election no too far away Ms. Sitsabaisen is playing to her base. What will you do for these votes?

 Mr. Mulcair is well aware of  Ms. Sitsabaisen’s close alliance to the Tamil Terrorist supporters. The Liberals and Conservatives are also aware of this because there have been numerous letters to all parties clearly indicating her close association with the Tamil terrorists. As stated before, all political parties in parliament are aware of and have promoted the cause of the Tamil terrorist supporters for political gain in Canada. To now state that you are appalled and want an apology is a farce unless your party stops supporting Tamil terrorism to get votes as you have clearly done up to now.
Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
London, Ontario

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    “Tamil Heroes Day” why Sita jump roof high for whom and for what? It is wanted only for tamil racist terrorist and the tamil bogus political but economic refugees to bring some more tamils to western countries to earn $ and Euros for their dowry. This is a dowry hero’s day. My surprise is why don’t they go to tamil country (tamil nadu) just 24km from Sri Lanka if they really worried on language issue.
    If tamil racist terrorist can openly ask for a commemoration day for racist, terrorists gang then Hilter’s Nazis, Bin Laden’s Al qaeda terrorists and ISIS terrorists also will ask and they too have a equal right to ask so in Canadian parliament if they have a member.

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