Posted on November 30th, 2014


 There is no question the recent political events in Sri Lanka are appalling from any ethical standard.  The betrayal by the Secretary of the ruling party, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena surpasses many other political betrayals, in the world, as he saw it fit to sign off on the incumbent President’s nomination for the forthcoming election, participate in dinning pleasantries with the President, and join the enemy, the opposition parties, the very next day, to contest the Presidential election as the Common Candidate. Leaving aside the ethical considerations, Mr. Sirisena gave two reasons for his crossover. His first concern was the deterioration of law and order in the country due to political interference. He cited the example where, the President had assisted the sons of other Ministers that were indicted but had not used his influence to get his son discharged from custody. It is difficult to assess how Mr. Sirisena would uphold law and order if he doesn’t understand ‘using influence’ is a reason for the degradation of the judicial system?

 The second reason for his defection was the escalation of the Executive Presidential powers to that of a near dictatorship. He however appears to have failed to realize that he, as a core member of the ruling party, was in many ways responsible for the escalation. In fact he was a promoter of the 18th amendment.

 The unfortunate saga is further complicated by the assurance he has given to repeal the Executive Presidency and appoint the opposition leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe, as the Executive Prime Minister, within a period of 100 days, despite the resistance to his nomination by his own party. The non-practicability of realizing these, on the cuff assurances, without a 2/3 majority appears to have escaped the Common Candidate. Nevertheless, Mr. Sirisena’s defection no doubt has brought celebration to many fronts. To Ranil, this is a God-sent opportunity to achieve his lifelong ambition to be the President or the Executive Prime Minister, which he wouldn’t have ever achieved through the election process.  He has grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Ranil, who never wanted a ‘National Government’, even when the country was burning at both ends with terrorism, is now prepared to join any party/individual for a regime change, to be the Executive Prime Minister.

  The Tamil Diaspora and the West are rubbing their hands with glee and are proud of their man on the ground, Ranil, to have pulled off this stunt with a chance of some success for a ‘Regime Change’. All previous attempts, such as getting Students, Trade Unionists, Journalists, Lawyers, farmers etc. on to the streets, with the support of the West had not had much success. Other concocted stories of white vans, abductions, grease devils etc. were also failures. The Diaspora, in particular, is overjoyed with the potential hope of Mahinda, if defeated, can be charged with war crimes at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). US led Western countries are pleased with the possible transfer of power to mediocre Sirisena or someone western oriented, like Ranil, who could follow their orders to settle the ethnic issue and thereby save their pride by seeing to be of some help to the Diaspora, even-though they had failed to save Prabhakaran.

 An outcome of the recent fall out is that once again the country is at crossroads with a choice between the ‘known’ and the ‘unknown’. The ‘known’ scenario of the Executive Presidency is somewhat marred by corruption and ill effects of a virtual dictatorship. The damage to the incumbent President is somewhat mitigated by Mahinda’s repertoire as the savior and protector of the country from terrorism and foreign interventions; and his alluring non-vindictive nature. The question arises however, whether anyone else stepping into his shoes with such potential power would continue his legacy of patriotism and the respect for democracy. The Executive Presidency, although imposed from outside, has been of value to the country. LTTE terrorism that plagued the country for 30 years would not have been defeated within the short period of time taken through the traditional parliamentary system, where Sri Lankan politicians are so passionately divided on party lines.  Unlike in the West there is no bi-partisan support for national issues. Forming a National Government to deal with terrorism was never a success because of this reason.

 The ‘unknown’ scenario of national government under Sirisena, disguised as support for Democracy is one of confusion.  People are aware of the fact that the office of Executive Presidency cannot be rescinded without a 2/3 majority in the Parliament, which requires at least 80 members to cross over from the ruling party. This expectation is no doubt a pie in the sky. The only course of action is through a general election and any party or a coalition of like-minded parties receiving a 2/3 majority, at a general election is another unrealistic expectation. The role of the Executive Prime Minister is also an unknown factor. Is the Executive Prime Minister only a name change for Executive President?  Also can Ranil be trusted in the role of Executive Prime Minister? People are aware of the difficulty of getting rid of Ranil as the party leader even after the defeat of 29 elections! Will he ever give up his chair as the Executive Prime Minister? Also, how would Ranil deal with the 13th Amendment? His non-nationalist repertoire forewarns an ethnic solution unacceptable to the majority of Sri Lankans. He is even caught in recent times negotiating with the enemy – GTF (Global Tamil Forum) and Diaspora, for the Tamil vote for the forthcoming election. What about the economy? Will there be foreign cheap goods dumped on our shores, as was the case before, in place of local produce.  Will we stoop back to a dependent economy on imports for sustenance?

 In this state of confusion and uncertainty, it is unbelievable that the JHU and other defectors abandoned the ruling party; perhaps eyes closed, under the guise of Democracy and constitutional change. Perhaps the crossover is more personal than political or is it a case of throwing the baby with the bath water?


  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    JHU is a dead horse now. JHU will be rejected by their supporters once they sleep with their fierce enemy UNP.

    Unlike in the West there is no bi-partisan support for national issues. Forming a National Government to deal with terrorism was never a success because of this reason.
    and according to Gomin Dayasri
    “If the people elect Sirisena to Presidency, to expect him to defang himself of the powers of an executive president, when the constitution does not permit him without a 2/3 majority, with a protective mom in the background waiting to regain her lost glory, is to read another script with another plot. Don’t trust politicians of any kind, having suffered long in believing in their promises. Only a gullible politician will believe another of his tribe as they outsmart each other to gain extra ground”.


  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    And JHU agreed to implement the 13th amendment fully.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Any system is as good as the people who implement it.

    If the president is genuine and not an dishonest person, still the present executive system is good.

    But, what happened in the past and in the present with executive presidency was abuse of it for personal gains.

    In most occasions, it was not used to even to advance the country.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Ratana thero has made some very hard hitting remarks about the president. I say had he read Lankaweb, he would not be in this sad situation. Bad people surrounded the good man and ruined him. He didn’t know they were dragging him to DEFEAT.

    “The President is only in posters and cutouts hanging from light posts but he is not in people’s hearts says Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thero.

    Speaking at a meeting held at Colombo Town Hall on the 27th Ven. Rathana Thero said, “The President, as a person who won the war and ended terrorism, could have gone to history as a leader. However, the policy he followed in the end blackened everything he did.

    Even now I hope MR will make a U-TURN on Tamil and Endia appeasing policies and get back to BASICS.

    I have cried long for the plight of Sinhala passengers of the northern train line. It has WORSENED now. Govt. has put ADDITIONAL TRAINS but they too start from Jaffna and packed with Tamils when they reach Sinhala majority areas!!

    It is like Kottanchena or Wellawatta. Like the story of the camel. The owner is now kicked out of the tent!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    MS planning to use the DOVE symbol.

    But it is the election commission who ultimately decides.

    He should NOT use the BJP symbol LOTUS flower. It may put off Muslims.

  6. Independent Says:

    JHU says they will not support anyone who supports full implementation of 13 A. They say The President is going to do it soon and that is one of the main reasons for them to leave the government.

    This is one their conditions to support My3. They will not support My3 if 13 plus is given as per President’s promise.

    Nevertheless even at the moment , as Lorenzo said, 13A has been fully implemented (to the limit of the law).

  7. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Independent
    MY3 has no say in that issue once Ranil is appointed as the executive Prime Minister . It is up to UNP to decide. Let’s see the MOU if it is disclosed it. Anyway JHU has already agreed that all powers of executive president would be given to Ranil Wickremasinghe by making him the executive Prime Minister .This decision was approved by the executive committee of the UNP also. UNP policy is to implement the 13th amendment fully. Who is goint to stop it

  8. Independent Says:

    Dear NMY,
    Thanks for the explanation and I respect your choice fully but I just have one appeal to you. That appeal is be FAIR.

    I believe JHU still have not even decided whom to support. That is why I asked you to watch that. They support policy by policy basis.

    There is no such thing as “Executive Prime Minister “, it is just “Prime Minister”. He is answerable to the parliament. He cannot implement 13 plus ( 13 is already given by the President by conduction elections with the objection of the whole nation except TNA ). If by any chance Runil tries to give “PLUS” to satisfy India which was promised by the current president, JHU, JVP, SLFP , MEP , Muslims , you name all the parties except TNA are not going to vote.

    So, based on this impossible and totally your own mind made assumptions, you declare ” JHU agreed to implement the 13th amendment fully “, based on the very reason why JHU left the government, that is to protect Motherland.

    If there is one party who will protect the motherland , that will be JHU.

    Now, I don’t’ approve what they are doing and what they did fully but they appear to be far thinking which we do not see. But to be fair to them our President has done so many things we don’t approve at all.
    People support the President merely on the war victory but even that is initiated by JHU and the president never denied that claim.
    How unfair is this world can be ?

  9. Christie Says:

    SWRD did the same thing.

  10. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Independent
    Yes, Mangala says that It is only the Prime Ministers post that will be transferred to Ranil. But Premadasa says all powers of executive president would be transferred to Ranil Wickremasinghe by making him the executive Prime Minister and this decision was approved by the executive committee of the UNP..

    Please refer the news report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p0U4i9tQHE

    But anyway if they abolish the executive power of the president, then prime Minister will get the executive power.by default.

    By the way, according to the latest information, Gammanpila is about to leave JHU and go back to the government.
    Rev Rathana has already informed that JHU will join common opposition and sign the MOU on Monday

  11. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Independent
    Read the article appeared on today’s Divaina on Grand conspiracy hatched on My3 affair. Rev Rathana is also one of the top organisers who had satellite telephones given to them by some unnamed foreign embassies to organise the plot. The Report says an initial amount of Rs200 million was transferred to these organisers through some NGOs.

  12. cassandra Says:

    Janaki Chandraratne is clearly a great admirer of MR, even if she does concede that, “The ‘known’ scenario of the Executive Presidency is somewhat marred by corruption and ill effects of a virtual dictatorship” But I am not sure that I will buy her line about MR’s “alluring non-vindictive nature”. That does not quite bear out when one recalls the way the likes of Sarath Fonseka and Shirani Bandaranayake were treated. Nor is it consistent with MR’s recent statement that he has files on all those who defected from the government!

    Gomin Dayasiri makes more sense with his observation, “Don’t trust politicians of any kind, having suffered long in believing in their promises”

  13. Independent Says:

    Well said Cassandra !
    Remember when we listen to them without attachment or aversion you can catch the stupid mistakes they make. Only thing is we should always listen with full awareness and clear comprehension.

  14. Independent Says:

    Dear NMY,

    These are the lies. If they really do that will the LTTE so stupid to disclose the secret to Aljezeera ?
    Anyway , the whole country will destroy My3 and Runil if they do that.

  15. Independent Says:

    Dear NMY,
    I know you are a good Buddhist. I know you hate to see monks in politics. But may I beg you to listen to this with full awareness. Budu Saranai. Please google search again with the following.
    Rathana Thero Speaks about Maithripala | Presidential Election 2015 Sri Lanka

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Navin Disanayaka joins opposition.

  17. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Navin should have been with his father in law Karu Jayasooriya long ago. MR has already allowed him to join Karu a few weeks ago to make their family united.

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