JHU – Where will they end up?
Posted on November 30th, 2014

S. Akurugoda

According to the latest available news items, JHU, has given-up further discussions with the Government and is going to  talk to the Maithripala Sirisena expecting a positive response to their proposals.

The outcome of the JHU-Maithripala talk is very clear since we do not see any difference between the so-called proposals of the Maithripala camp and those of JHU since the so-called proposals could have been originated from the same source that were planning to install a puppet of the West in place of MR, for a long time.

Since 1956, SLFP under the leadership of SWRD and Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the main political party made representation of majority Sinhala Buddhists up to 1994.  This was changed drastically after Chandrika Kumarathunga took over the leadership of the party. Both the leaderships of the main political parties, UNP led by Ranil Wickramasinghe  and the SLFP led by Chandrika, adopted policies of sharing power with the LTTE instead of  eliminating terrorism.

The formation of Sinhala Urumaya in the year 2000, later named Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) and contested the parliamentary election in 2004 with some success was a necessity of the era since the main political parties were disregarding the heritage of the majority Sinhala community who were responsible for the establishment of the centuries old civilization of the country.

Since its formation,  JHU played a considerable role to derail the attempts by both Ranil and Chandrika of appeasing terrorist and the so-called ‘co-chair’, new form of colonialism formed to interfere with the internal affairs of the country under the guise of peace facilitation.

JHU, with no doubt,  was one of the key organisations which was helpful to the country’s executive president and the armed forces to win the war against terrorism, by providing the  moral support apart from other local and international nationalistic groups. The roles played by the JHU when fighting against Chandrika’s infamous  Tsunami  Joint Mechanism signed with LTTE and appealing to the supreme court to cut President  Chandrika’s term short in 2005 are remarkable.

In appreciation of the stand taken by the country’s executive presidency when eliminating the terrorism, as I remember, it is the JHU who went to the extent to say that the country needs a dictatorship to solve crucial issues.

However things appeared to have changed with time. Mahinda Rajapaksa won both the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2010 comfortably. As a political party confined only to western province having managed to get only two elected parliamentarians out of the 144 UPFA elected, JHU was effectively not in a demanding position within the ruling coalition. Naturally, JHU’s failure to get the required support for their ‘anti-conversion bill’ and the voice they made with regard to the abolishing of 13th Amendment, among other undisclosed things, may have initiated frustrations.

I remember, how Ven Athuraliye RanthnaThera who visited Australia, few years ago, addressing a small gathering at a private residence indicated his frustrations claiming one or two personal incidences said to have had with the President. The Rathna thera even  sought further discussions over telephone\skype with some of the participants of  the said gathering, at a later stage, as to what step should be taken  towards this end. However the discussion with the Thera didn’t take place as requested since the majority view was to strengthen the hands of the President to move forward with the Mahinda Chinthanaya and not to leave him alone with the well known anti-war federalist who changed their camps after winning the war. Frustration of the Minister Champika Ranwaka is evident when his ministerial position was changed from Power & Energy to that of Technology, Research & atomic Energy under a Cabinet Reshuffle. Thus the conflicts between JHU and the President appear to be somewhat old.

Historically opportunists and conspirators have taken frustration/conflicts of well known personalities, including monks,  to their advantage.  We remember how  the frustration said to have had  within a section of the SLFP  led by C.P de Silva had been used by opportunists even in 1964 to bring down the government of Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Buddharakkitha Thera of the Kalaniya Temple who played a leading role in 1956 to bring S.W.R.D Bandaranaike into power made use of another monk named Somarama to assassinate S.W.R.D due to what appeared as personal issues. As a child, I remember how Buddharakkitha Thera delivered his condolences  over the radio, soon after the assassination, making the listeners weeping.  It is evident how the conflicts between the Rajapaksas and former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka was manipulated  by foreign conspirators with the aim of regime change during the last Presidential election..

Asian Tribune dated 26th November 2014, identifies how Maithripala Sirisena was in United States 2013 ‘Potential Leaders’ list. As per its findings, nomination of Heath Minister Maitripala Sirisena as a recipient of the Harvard Health Leadership Award for 2013 was a joint effort by the Colombo offices of the USAID and US diplomatic mission, with the concurrence of Washington, an indication that they had identified Mr. Sirisena a ‘potential leader’. Those who have closely associated with American diplomats are well aware that identifying a potential leader was/ and is done having extensive knowledge about the individual which include the persons developed mind-set in a given political environment, the persons attitude and perspective toward the organization and its individuals to which he is connected to and how useful the person can be to further American interests in the host country.

Washington State Department, throughout, is very knowledgeable of this process and is well briefed about those who get into this ‘List’. The Colombo diplomats and USAID officials use many different maneuvers and techniques to obtain this vast knowledge of individuals. http://www.asiantribune.com/node/85935

Thus it is evident how and why the so-called common opposition presidential candidate  was chosen, with the aim of making a regime under Ranil,  the long awaited dream of the West.

According to another media report, Ven Rathna Thera has already gone to Sirikotha and pledged his parties  support to Maithripala while revealing that it was he who did  most of the spade work in selecting Maithripala.  Rathna Thera’s revealing and Maithripala’s equating  of Rathna Thera’s role to that of Kudapaola Hamuduruwo are clear indications that the so-called proposals of the JHU must have been framed to  suit their ultimate aim, although they are attempting to hide the truth from the public.

It is surprising to hear when Rathna Thera was uttering  that  leader of the UNP  Ranil Wickramasinghe is a very matured and an intelligent politician and when Champika Ranawaka is saying that they had no issues working with the TNA and the SLMC.

Although the politicians whom we had some respect have placed their political interest before the nation’s for pity issues and opted to bring the traitors into power, it is doubtful whether the general public who suffered three decades long  terrorism have forgotten the past to the same extent of those politicians. Whatever said and done in the past, their expressions and  new affiliation with well known  pro-separatists elements and foreign conspirators will lead nowhere but to serve their own selfish ends.

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    JHU is a dead horse now and cracks are already appearing among the top hierarchy.

    Certainly, the local and international supports of JHU are reluctant to believe that JHU will ever join their arch rival UNP.

    But reality is unbelievable, local JHU support is gradually eroding and JHU will not have a future in the long run.

    It all started when Uduwe Dammaloka thera left JHU. When he was leaving he voiced his final displeasure in a few words;
    “Maha Sanga said that they would use the JHU Party as a boat. But what has happened today is that we find that the Maha Sanga has been made prisoners in the boat. Within this milieu it is not possible either to protect the Sinhala Buddhist Heritage or maintain our respect as Monks”-Ven.Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera.

    There are a few reasons for my conclusion;

    1. GOSL has given best opportunity for Ranawaka to prove his capabilities. Unfortunately he has failed the test. Apart from many reasons, most important one is corruption under coal purchase deal by Lanka Coal company private limited which has got 60% ownership by Ceylon electricity board. It took almost two years to admit that coal was purchased without proper tender procedure. As the minister in charge of Ceylon electricity Board , it is his prime responsibility to set out the tendering procedure for purchase of Coal for power generation. So he is totally responsible for the money lost and the corruption involved.

    2. Generally, his ministerial performance was not up to the mark, subsequently he was removed unceremoniously from the post and from that time onward they were looking for an exit door and an opportunity to quit the government.

    3. They have found this golden opportunity when somebody drafted a 19th amendment to the constitution on back of an envelope.

    4. Instead creating an opportunity to submit it to the Parliament Select Committee PSC already assigned to that purpose, they decided to take it straight into a political discussion to bargain and trade off their support for presidential candidate. However, in contrast, In September 2013 Science and Technology Minister, Champika Ranawaka decided not to participate at future sittings of the Special Parliamentary Select Committee to resolve the national question, as the PSC has failed to revise the 13th constitutional amendment before the upcoming elections. Now they are fighting for a diagonally opposing issue “abolition of executive president post”.

    5. JHU being a very inefficient performer, they knew that the government will not give in to their demand and Ven Rathana has taken the decision even before JHU committee decision, to go against Mahinda and an assurance was given already to the country prematurely that he will defeat MR at the next election.

    6. Champika Ranawake being a former JVP member, he has got his mind set still tuned to the Marxist theory of economic development through socio-political thought of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    7. That is the main reason why he is against borrowing money for development and he never be able to appreciate our strong per-capita growth rates in recent years. He never admit that we are ahead of other countries in the South Asian region..

    8. He does not want to believe ADB statement that Growth in the gross domestic product (GDP) of Sri Lanka was consistently robust in the first half of 2014: 7.6% in the first quarter and 7.8% in the second. Growth in agriculture slowed to 0.2% in the first quarter as drought prevailed through most of the country but rebounded by 5.9% in the second quarter largely on favourable weather in tea-growing areas. Faster growth in construction, textiles, and apparel maintained steady expansion in industry, which averaged 12.4% in the first half of the year. Services grew by 6.5% in the first quarter but slowed to 5.7% in the second as high growth in hotels and restaurants moderated, as did wholesale and retail trade. The projection of 7.5% growth in 2014 is maintained despite the downside risk that a prolonged drought could affect growth in the second half.

    9. Ranawaka never believes proof of the country’s “easing debt level” a fall in the ratio of debt to gross domestic product (GDP) to 74.3 percent, from last year’s end indicator of 78.3 percent and we are in the right track. He was completely unware that our economic performance is also monitored by many international monitoring institutions such as ADB, World Bank Fitch and Bloomberg. He was always under the impression that Central Bank is deliberately issuing false report even though not a single report was discredited by any of the international monitoring institutions.

    10. He wants development without capital transfer and where on earth such methods are utilised to develop a country.

    11. When the world bank refused to lend money during Mr. Bandaranake’s time, we still remember how we survived. JHU with their limited understanding they want to recreate similar situation and wait for another 100 years to get our development which we can achieve in a few years.

    That is the reason why JHU is a non-entity in Sri Lankan Politics.

  2. AnuD Says:

    One of the reasons that USA going down is it’s production has gone to other countries. Every time U”S imports good from china money is gone and jobs are gone.

    Sri lanka is in the same situation most of needs are coming from overseas. right now even rice is imported and they havn’t allowed open market to decide to fluctuate rice prices. They havn;t any mechanisms to that. store rice when rice prices go up.

    Most of the GDP coming women working in the middle east, tourism all have caused major problems in Sri lanka. Casinos, brothels, male and child prostitution, islamic extremism, broken families, child molestation by relatives, gambling and alcohol addition, mentally devient people… are some problems

    So, we import even rice from overseas and country is full of social problems.

    What are we talking.

    Sinhala-buddhist country with agricultural country is becoming a polluted city.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Winning the HARVARD award for his excellent work in health should be appreciated.

    He is NOT a US citizen after all when we have MANY US citizens in the govt. A US citizen or a PR holder is BOUND to serve US interests.

  4. Independent Says:

    As a Sri Lankan you normally feel bad when you apply for foreign citizenships. It is not a good feeling but you feel OK if you can keep the citizenship ( dual).
    Some of the JHU leaders have the ability to easily become USA, Canada , Aus or NZ citizens.
    Those who stay there to fight it out ( in both camps) are great people than those who criticise them from USA.
    This is why our President is greater than all his siblings.
    It is easy to critisies but difficult to do.
    When you look at My3’s family members you will know.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    AnuD said,

    “right now even rice is imported and they havn’t allowed open market to decide to fluctuate rice prices. They havn;t any mechanisms to that. store rice when rice prices go up.”

    1. Have you not heard that there was SEVERE DROUGHT that drastically reduced rice production in Sri Lanka?

    I know this well … for I visited many tanks that were dry in the North and East of Sri Lanka, including the massive Iranamadu tank that was bone dry with cracked clay covering its bare exposed bottom, and its sluices and dams, completely out of the water, projecting like “natabun” into the sky.

    2. Have you also not heard that with the rice fields of the war zone restored to production, Sri Lanka was GROWING more than than required for internal consumption BEFORE THE DROUGHT, and was EXPORTING rice to other countries?

    3. The ONLY VALID CRITICISM you have made on the TOPIC OF RICE, is that Sri Lanka is NOT STORING ENOUGH RICE produced when there is an EXCESS for use in times when there is a DEFICIT. But HOW MUCH is ENOUGH?

    You clearly made a mistake when you said RICE be STORED when the price goes UP; in fact rice should be bought and stored when there is an EXCESS and the price goes DOWN.

    As it happens, Sri Lanka does store massive amounts of rice in Government Warehouses, but it does not STORE ENOUGH to ride-out the most SEVERE DROUGHTS like most recent one.

    What then is the OPTIMAL AMOUNT of RICE to STORE that is the most ECONOMICAL for the country given that some rice can be IMPORTED in times of severe weather-related reductions in local production? Storing rice to accommodate the most severe weather related production DEFICITS can be much more expensive tham IMPORTING rice when such severe DEFICITS occur. This is a standard problem in designing storage systems to accommodate fluctuations in supplies to meet expected demands, whether it is in fossil fuel, hydroelectricity, construction materials, or staple foods, rice as in this case.

    That should be decided by those officials who mange RICE PRODUCTION, PURCHASING, STORAGE and DISTRIBUTION in Sri Lanka, whose job it is to be familiar with the all aspects of the issue.

  6. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I was in Sri Lanka a few months ago and I stayed at a tourist hotel owned by one of Sirisena’s brother. According to the information I got, his brothers are terrorising people at polonnaruwa.

    To get more information please visit these websites

    Seeing the glamour of Dudley’s luxury star hotel, located near Grand Hotel, the president’s face darkened and he has told those close to him, “Younger brother has not wasted what the elder swindles from multi national companies.”Dudley had bought it from him for eight million USD and spent a further four million USD to modernize it. In the end, a smiling president has said, “Now, there are USD millionaires in Polonnaruwa too.”

    Dudley Sirisena denies minister brother helped him
    Q:Alright. Now let us focus to the Araliya Hotel which is alleged to be detrimental to the Parakrama Samudraya reservoir. We have heard that you bought it at a low price.
    A: In 1998, I bought the hotel at a People’s Bank auction, but not for a lower price as you say.
    Q:How much was it?
    A: Rs. 2.5 million.
    Q:Isn’t that amount cheap?
    A: I bought a hotel which had been closed for 13 years and not the present hotel.

    Then you were the only businessman in Polonnaruwa who was rich enough to buy Hotel Araliya which was publicly auctioned.
    A: Even today, only Minister Siripala Gamlath and I own hotels in Polonnaruwa. All the other hotels belong to outsiders.
    Q:Did such outsiders come to purchase Araliya Hotel?
    A: Yes.
    Q:Your brother’s cohorts stopped them at Habarana.
    A: They accuse me of preventing others who wanted to buy the hotel and also paddy buyers coming to Polonnaruwa. Can I do such things? Is there no rule of law in this country?
    That is why we ask?

  7. cwije Says:

    At present JHU is the only entity talking about 13-A.

    What are all these comment-maker sabove say about 13-A?

    We lost the war because MahindaR gave 13-A to TNA.

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    You have just woken up. Last time JHU was talking about 13-A was in In September 2013. 13A issue was never included in JHU recent proposals. Lankaweb published the JHU’s proposal for 19th Amendment.


  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    You pointed out MANY valuable things about the JHU and its leader Ranawake that we should take note:

    1. “Champika Ranawake being a former JVP member, has got his mind set still tuned to the Marxist theory of economic development through socio-political thought of the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    2. “He wants development without capital transfer, where on earth are such methods are utilised to develop a country?”

    3. We CONCLUDE, Ranawaka does not believe in borrowing money for Infrastructure Development. His method is to judge economic well being by indices such as the “cost of living” affecting ordinary people, as if that is unrelated to the investments that are made, and DO NOTHING to improve it by BORROWING the money for INFRASTRUCTURAL PROJECTS that will jump start the ECONOMY to generate INCOME for the citizens. He wants to WAIT until money is magically becomes available in national savings, without even creating a mechanism to generate and sequester such savings for development. In other words, he depends on CURRENT INCOME to improve the lot of his people, without devising methods of GROWING that income through merhods such as BORROWING for INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT.

    Clearly, he is UNAWARE how many countries have used BORROWED CAPITAL to CREATE THE INFRASTRUCTURE needed to PROFITABLY GROW their ECONOMIES and deliver a higher standard of living for their citizens.

    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for example, extricated the United States from the grip of the Great Depression with spending on NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE, that forms much of the backbone of the economy even today. US Funding from the Marshall Plan helped war-torn European nations rapidly restore their economies after WW II.

    Spending for INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING is an LONG-TERM INVESTMENT that endures after the money is spent. In that respect it is completely different from CONSUMPTION SPENDING in which the money is GONE after it is spent without leaving a store of value behind.

    Indeed, these former “viplavakarayas” do not understand the difference, focused as they are on the current living conditions and the “struggle of the proletariat”, and lack any CLUE on how the living conditions can be improved through judicious borrowing and spending to create the MEANS OF ECONOMIC PRODUCTION. When nothing grows with their flawed philosophies, they accuse the external world.

    To them we are forced to say “Disce’ aut Discede'”!

  10. Independent Says:

    Dear NMY,
    Elsewhere you have suggested three proposals identical to JHUs.

    These are excellent and may even be adopted by the President. If you listened with full awareness, President in that Sangha function said “we will be pursuing Vinaya from now”, not the exact words. I am sure it was not meant for Sangha ( he can’t do it as he does not follow even 5 precepts), but it means law and order. This is excellent news. But will he do it ?

    One more thing. I read the article you posted above. This is a anti-Mahinda web site. They have posted it to show his jealousy, not My3 brother’s wealth. I know at least one man from the south with no education and more wealthy than that but does not show off. He earns every cent justifiably. But not sure about Tax.

    So your above posting show weakness of the president, not his strengths. So many years he did not punish My3 brother
    . This is the same as “FILE” stupidness. This is not Vinaya which we are hoping for.

  11. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo – maybe YOU are impressed with a Harvard award, but having studied under more Harvard professors than I care to mention, I can say with 100% certainty that the institution is about power and control of the world, and will use ANYONE in the pursuit of that aim.

    Now back to the Maithripala Harvard award, the only question you have to ask yourself is WHY did the folks at the US Embassy in Colombo nominate Maithripala for this award in the first place? Has Maithripala distinguished himself in some way as Health Minister that none of us are aware of? On the single issue he championed concerning smoking, he has failed, as nearly all Tuk-Tuk drivers smoke, and if you stand even one minute at the corner store in any village in Sri Lanka, you will find addicted cigarette smokers desperately trying to get their next fix by cutting in line ahead of everyone else for two or three more single cigarettes. These addicts don’t even see a ‘package’ that the cigarette’s are contained in because they can’t afford to buy an entire package. So package labels as proposed by Maithripala would do absolutely nothing to deter cigarette smoking in Sri Lanka.

    And what about the health metrics that are usually part of a health award like reducing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV, etc.? Did any of those numbers go down as a result of anything Maithripala did? No! So quit this naive foolishness of believing Maithripala ‘earned’ his Harvard award – he received the award SOLELY because he was identified as a future leader America can control to further the American agenda of maintaining its superpower status around the world.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    That is not the point. The point is a SL minister hailing from a very remote part working hard to RID the country from the tobacco, drug, etc. menace recognized by Harvard.

    Even MR praised MS for winning ANOTHER WHO award for the SAMETHING!! So it IS a BIG deal.

    When the comparison turns to MR and MS, MS wins.

    BTW tobacco company became the MOST VALUABLE CORPORATE in SL in 2013. MS tried hard but failed thanks to NO SUPPORT from the top. We change constitutions to increase EP powers, but not to CUT DOWN the tobacco and CASINO mafia.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have no CLUE on where the JHU will end up, but I KNOW where Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena will end up!

    He has laid a FIRM foundation for a BRILLIANT CAREER as a STAND UP COMIC with his pronouncements on his policies as the newly elected Executive President in the first 100 days.

    If that fails, he can always scrape more Coconut on the Hiraney in his kitchen!

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Vimutti …. Well said, indeed!

    “And what about the health metrics that are usually part of a health award like reducing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV, etc.? Did any of those numbers go down as a result of anything Maithripala did? No! So quit this naive foolishness of believing Maithripala ‘earned’ his Harvard award – he received the award SOLELY because he was identified as a future leader America can control to further the American agenda of maintaining its superpower status around the world.”

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    We lost the war because MahindaR gave 13-A to TNA.

    A GOLDEN statement.

    Damn FOOLISH to think SL WON the war in today’s context.

    Security forces, NOT politicians defeated the LTTE and cricketers NOT politicians WON the world cup in 1996.

    We defeated LTTE in 2009 but its brainchild TNA defeated SL in 2013. So now the TNA rules the north! TNA demands WITHDRAW THE ARMY and the army is withdrawn drastically. TNA demands DEVOLUTION and a PSC is appointed to look into it. TNA’s ANANTHI is ABOVE the SL law. She can go to UN, UNHRC, etc. and BASH SL. Nothing happens!

    I’m NO fan of JHU liars but their GOOD WORK must be appreciated. The link given by Neela was originally given by me. JHU walked out of PSC sham because it was not going to SCRAP 13 amendment.

    It was the president, his brother and his speacial appointee Dayan J who promised full implementation of 13 amendment. IF EP can be scrapped, the parliament is free to SCRAP 13 amendment. This is why JHU is RIGHT.

    SLFP including MR was against the EP until 1995. But when they got the taste of unlimited power they changed their mind.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    It is FOOLISH to believe MATHATA THITHA when CEYLON TOBACCO COMPANY became the MOST valuable corporate in the country in 2013!!

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    “many countries have used BORROWED CAPITAL to CREATE THE INFRASTRUCTURE needed to PROFITABLY GROW their ECONOMIES and deliver a higher standard of living for their citizens.

    The southern expressway, airport road, Mattala airport, Mihin Air, Magampura port, etc. are used by a VERY VERY few SL citizens. But they ALL have to REPAY those loans!

    BTW there is a youtube clip someone driving a Lambogini in the southern expressway. That’s me!!

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    If you can afford to drive a Lambhorgini, even a loaner, more power to you … we all enjoy fast cars, don’t we?

    On your statement above that the “JHU walked out of PSC sham because it was not going to SCRAP 13 amendment” pray tell me why REPEAL of that very same 13th Amendment that the JHU felt so concerned about, is MISSING from the LIST of their CURRENT DEMANDS from the President?

    Perhaps, strategizing how to bell the MR cat … er, Sinhala lion I mean … discombobulated them so much so that their previous Principal Patriotic Issue, the REPEAL of the 13A, slipped completely from their minds ACHING after all that many months of INTENSIVE COGITATION?

    On January 9, 2015 after the election, they will have MANY MORE HEADACHES with the true dimensions of “Allapu Athtath Naha and Payagahapu Athtath Naha” comes home to roost!

  19. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “Security forces, NOT politicians defeated the LTTE”.

    If that is the case, and security forces can win wars in a vacuum unsupported by Political Leaders, why didn’t they win in the PREVIOUS 30 years?

    No war can be won by Security Forces alone; that was the PRINCIPAL DEFECT in the war against terrorism in the previous 30 years. They did not have Principled, Dedicated Political Leaders committed to providing the Arms, the Motivation, the Money, the Diplomatic Protection, committed to SUSTAINING the War through to Victory at GREAT PERSONAL RISK to THEMSELVES. The UPFA Govt did that and EARNED the TRUST of the Security Forces that they will not be ABANDONED either in the field of battle, or after the war has ended.

    The moves by Neo-Colonial Western Powers to drag our War Heroes, both Military and Political, to the ICC is an INTEGRAL PART of that PERSONAL RISK they all took on our BEHALF!

    It is our BOUNDEN DUTY as Sri Lankan Patriots to RALLY AROUND to DEFEND and PROTECT our HEROES Military and Political for the ABSOLUTELY LEGITIMATE actions they took in the defense of their Motherland and the LIVES of all of their citizens.

    We should QUIT NITPICKING against them, and SUPPORTING the Regime Change Agenda of the jaundiced Western Powers and their Local Puppets as you are doing. QUIT THAT RIGHT NOW!

  20. Independent Says:

    Why do you say JHU are liars ?

    I have said before MRA Mattala has an income of $150. Don’t know about the rest.

    Countries spend on infrastructure development with their own money when economic slowdown is eminent, or to come out of a recession. This is to keep people occupied and keep companies alive, not to keep foreign contractors alive.

    No other country government spent on “loosing money” infrastructure development with borrowed money at 8% interest when they have 7% growth and continuing. To do such thing there should be clear cut direct or indirect economic benefits.

    When someone with a brain sees these expressways empty ( I mean 5 cars per km than 100 vehicles including busses trucks per km) you know that they cannot bring economic benefits.

  21. Independent Says:

    JR’s army almost won the war , he was not scared but India really invaded he chose to keep Lanka’s honour intact.
    In 2009 India helped Sri lanka, USA helped because 9/11.
    No one praises JR.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    I have explained this many times.

    With 2/3 in parliament 13 can be SCRAPPED.

    But why cannot it be scrapped? Because the president, his brother, his Dayan J have given promises to Endia, UN, UNHRC to fully implement it. For that reason MR is NOT letting the parliament act on its own and get rid of 13.

    IF EP is made to be accountable to parliament, the parliament can scrap it. MR is also safe.

    Re: war victory

    Of course JR, RP, DBW, CBK, RW (he got down weapons too) and MR contributed to war victory. The war was NOT won in 4 years. It was won in 26 years. But it was the people and soldiers who really put their lives to win the war. SL has ENOUGH “leaders” but lacks “doers”.

    MR has been paid for winning the war in 2010. NOTHING else is due to him.

    MS will protect MR and ALL war heroes from ANY investigation, etc. But the immunity of war criminals like KP cannot be guaranteed. IF KP drags MR with him, that is an internal affair between the two friends.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    Although JHU works to get rid of 13, they don’t STATE it openly. There is no need to worry about Tamils and Muslims. They have NO choice. They have to vote for MS if they want MR out.

  24. Independent Says:

    That is true. I don’t know why. But when question, they said what I mentioned before

    In my calculation I allowed 20% northern Tamil votes for the President. But for other areas I allowed only 10%.
    Do you think these are fair figures ?

    I don’t know why Northen Tamils do not vote for the President. He has taken so much form Sinhalese and done so much for them. So , I am thinking they might return higher 30% this time. We must think of TNA strategy. For them to survive and keep on crying, will they prefer the President and secretly ask to vote for them ?

    I am very confident about other areas, because my method worked in the previous election too. But I am not sure this time.

  25. Independent Says:

    you said “MR has been paid for winning the war in 2010. NOTHING else is due to him.”
    Not only MR , even useless thugs like Sajin, Mervyn, Duminda has also been paid.

    But remember. Sinhala mind is different. We are kind and generous people who have a lot of “gratitude” in heart. It is difficult for us not to vote for him unless we get angry.
    People have problems but they are not desperate. Going to work everyday is a huge struggle with terrible transport system getting worse and worse. Then they see Lamborghinis passing by. Unless these foreigners live there like locals, don’t spend dollars, travel by bus daily at peak time, they don’t understand – so the gratitude remains, which is understandable.

    This is exactly why JHU supported him until now and very reluctant to leave him. But he, misguided by greed ad bad company, ignored them.

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