Are These The Champions Mr. Sirisena And His Allies Were Hoping Would  Carry Them To Victory? A Disillussionment Surely!And What A Revelation!
Posted on December 11th, 2014

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

December 9th. 2014


So! The high and Mighty USA who continued to harass and intimidate Sri Lanka, seems to be in an impasse! Egged on by the global Tamil Tiger sympathetic diaspora and all the enemies of the Nation of Sri Lanka who combined  with so many dubious entities like the now Infamous Channel 4, the departed Naveen Pillai of the UN, the EU as well as David Brown of the UK and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and others of similar ilk who chose to jump on ther bandwagon of speculative innuendo,based on falsified reports and tear jerkers of very creative artists to mislead the world at large despite their unprovable nature sans tangible credence or evidence attesting to culpability of criminalities do not justify the validities sought based upon the recently exposed indiscretiions to which all of them were surely part and parcel of in a vert logical sense!

 Beyond speculation and conjecture, they now have a huge dilemma on their hands towards accountability for criminal activities involving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which has very recently come  to light in very provable perspective. A shocker and a shameful revelation which should send a loud and clear message that this surely is poetic justice for all the intimidations and wrongful accusationd made in collaboration with sources opposed to Sri lanka including the United nations Human Rights Watch perhaps throwing a mantle of ignominy over all of Sri Lanka’s adversaries in this respect and projecting the imagr of president Rajapaksa Sky High!!!

This comes at a time when the President of Sri Lanka has called a Presidential Election and his opponents led by the likes of ship jumping Maithripala  Sirisena  the common candidate who appears at times to hang in the inertia of ineptitude in limbo as well as his novice like approach to politics depending on the wisdom and wit of half wits and deadbeats with whom he appears to have cast his lot! The sure sign of a loser! 

Given all his meanderings which at times only point to how obsessed he is towards seizing power undoubtedly a quest which he has disentitled himself to even before the Presidential Race began and together with his new found buddies the Ranil Wickremasinghe camp and his disjointed UNP, Chandrika Kumaratunga  whose incapacities were revealed during her tenure  as  President he seems to be on a one way street to defeat.

CBK significantly a sore loser and  possibly a former would be betrayer of the Nation to her enemies  the LTTE predominantly as well as Tamil Nadu covertly perhaps  who sought to compromise her integrities towards her loyalties to her country and the rest of the deserters of the UPFA who once aligned themselves with the President and have quit for painfully obvious reasons that weren’t conducive towards their personal ambits appeared ever ready to take up the cause of the UNHRC allegations led by the US /UN  et al alliance but now must be considering their options.The Sinhala Nation hopefully will become very aware of this prior to casting their presidential votes as the would rue the day they voted for the motley bunch of campaigners led by this willy nilly  indecisive orator of borrowed punch lines and cliches  which were echoed by his champions not so long ago albeit ignominiously dumped and now their hopes of a US backed boost could be fast fading as the US indiscretions towards their own liabilities towards Human Rights have conme to light in the most incredible manner!

They have very visibly now formed an alliance hell bent on dethroning the President  and in the face of the transparencies pointing towards US culpability towards Human Rights violations  which are not only contemptible but also alarmingly bold given the officious rhetoric that was constantly used against Sri Lanka by the US authorities over the related issues at a time when there were many analysts pointing out the indiscretions of the US whose own backyard was in dissaray , here now is proof of the pudding! .

Maithripala Sirisena and his allies while appearing to be ever willing to engage the one great patriot of Sri Lanka  in confrontation appear to be making a grave error. The foremost leader who delivered Sri Lanka from the worst enemies in her history, who fought the most remarkable battle against the worst enemies Sri Lanka has ever had to deal with and won within the requirement of a legitimate campaign against terror while  also conducting his campaign in a compassionate and nation friendly manner towards preserving sovereignity and territorial integrity.

Needless to say Sirisena and his allies may be left high and dry in their quest as backing the USA over their Human Rights accusations against Sri Lanka  was a major issue  as part of their campaign platform alongside other puny issues which are more than likely to backfire on them as they seem hardly feasible towards uplifting Sri Lanka as opposed to dragging it into the mire of indecision and negative progress which will surely be viewed objectively towards disenfranchising any ambitions towards a run for the presidency as he already seems to have established his own dreamt of a franchise towards the presidency somewhat prematurely.!

Here are the findings of the US Senate relative to the culpabilities of the USA and its Central Intelligence Agency where they have neiter cause nor mandate to hurl accusations at Sri Lanka over the issue uf the UNHRC which in fact appears to be fast becoming a non issue! One which aspiring Presidential Candidate was a sure shot towards projecting his victory which now seems farcial from this singlemost perspective.Wrong guidance, wrong inspiration from the wrong sources perhaps in a Nation that adulates the securities her  President has provided on an ongoing basis for all Lankans, with no NGO links that could leave many vulnerabilities exposed!!



” In a career-defining speech, Sen. Mark Udall took to the Senate floor Wednesday to disclose classified information regarding an internal CIA investigation into the agency’s Bush-era “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Udall, an outbound Democrat from Colorado, began revealing key conclusions from the so-called Panetta Review, written in 2011 and named after then-CIA Director Leon Panetta. Udall says that the Panetta Review gives evidence that the CIA is still lying about the scope of enhanced interrogation techniques used during the Bush administration.

That deceit is continuing today under current CIA Director John Brennan, Udall said.

“One disturbing finding: Director Brennan and the CIA are continuing to willfully provide inaccurate information and misrepresent the efficacy of torture,” Udall said. “In other words: The CIA is lying.”

Obama, Udall said, “has expressed full confidence in Director Brennan and demonstrated that trust by making no effort at all to rein him in.” Udall additionally referred to Brennan’s “failed leadership” and suggested that he should resign.

Udall said that redactions in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s landmark torture report obfuscated key details about the CIA’s harsh interrogation methods. Among those, Udall said, the report is ambiguous about how many CIA officials participated in the brutal practices. In reality, it was only a handful, he said.

“Torture just didn’t happen after all,” Udall said. “Real, actual people engaged in torture. Some of these people are still employed by the CIA.”

Udall said it was bad enough not to prosecute these officials, but to reward or promote them, Udall said, was incomprehensible. Udall called on Obama “to purge” his administration of anyone who was engaged in torturing prisoners.

“He needs to force a cultural change at the CIA,” Udall said.

As he spoke, Udall continued to give a blistering and detailed account of the CIA leadership’s and their refusal to come clean with the American people on the Bush-era program. Udall accused the CIA of outright lying to the committee during its investigation.

“CIA was knowingly providing inaccurate information to the committee in the present day,” Udall said.

Udall publicly disclosed the existence of the Panetta Review during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last December. It has been previously reported that it harshly criticized the utility of the CIA’s brutal Bush-era interrogation techniques.

Udall and other Democratic senators on the intelligence panel have suggested the Panetta review strongly corroborates the findings in their committee’s torture report, which was released Tuesday.

Since the torture report’s release, top CIA officials including current Brennan have swiftly defended the agency and its practices and accused the intelligence committee’s investigation of being misguided.

The speech Udall gave Wednesday will likely be the last of his Senate career. In November, Udall lost his seat to Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. The defeat was viewed by many in the privacy and civil-liberties community as a stinging loss, as Udall for years has aggressively criticized perceived abuses wrought by intelligence agencies, including mass surveillance operations carried out by the National Security Agency.”

13 Responses to “Are These The Champions Mr. Sirisena And His Allies Were Hoping Would  Carry Them To Victory? A Disillussionment Surely!And What A Revelation!”

  1. Vimutti Says:

    What was left out in the article above is RANIL was the one who allowed Sri Lanka airports to be used as part of the US CIA rendition and torture of US terror suspects when he was Prime Minister from 2001-2004. The torture techniques included anal penetration with broomsticks, anal feeding with hoses, cordless power drills on sensitive body parts, simulated drowning, and simulated death where subjects spent days in closed coffins. This is a BIG BLACK EYE for Sri Lanka, as it is now listed with the other 54 countries that helped the US CIA with these illegal actions.

    Now Ranil is up to no good again by trying to regain the glory he once had as Prime Minister by hiding behind his front person, Maithripala, as the opposition candidate who has promised Ranil the Prime Ministership if he is elected.

  2. Christie Says:

    Here we go again, the West the worst on earth. But what I see is the Indians, Indian colonial parasites and vermin. Sirisena is not different to SWRD or CBK or Sarath Fonseka. They are all puppets of India. Mahinda did not become a puppet of India though he was installed by India instead of Ranil.

  3. Vimutti Says:

    India was one of the countries that REFUSED to help the US CIA with its illegal torture program, whereas Sri Lanka with Ranil as Prime Minster did whatever the CIA told them to do.

    I think India is being used by the US unwittingly in the US China Containment Policy, in that the US has convinced India that China is some sort of existential threat to them. Once India figures this out and unites with China, the whole US China Containment falls flat on its face in this part of the world, which will remove the US meddling in Sri Lanka for good as they would no longer have any real interest in the region.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    If given the opportunity the usual scenarios of suspicious helicopter /plane crashes, poisoning and greater covert conspiracies could be attempted with all the goings on. CIA notwithstanding.
    Hopefully these possibilities will be well monitored and preventive action taken as the vicious circle that wants regime change could be quite widespread and msy go to great lengths.One which probably will pay a heavy price.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Sunil Mahattaya,

    Why would they kill their own citizens!!

    Someone is working in NASA. The NASA astronaut program includes training at the US AIR FORCE.

    Only the MOST trusted people are recruited. Think.

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    I think You misread me Lorenzo ~ I was refering to a hypothetical situation involving our Prez knowing the modus operandi of the US/CIA and enemies within where there have neen numerous analogical instances of this around the globe going back in time. Many regimes have been toppled a la the CIA and Sri Lanka should not leave any vulnerabilities towards this.Don’t you see a pattern where the body language of the desperate coalition and its common candidate who would stop at nothing, their rhetoric about the US and how they would deal with the Human Rights issue etc. pointing towards many dangerous possibilities. where they could pave the way for foreign elements to get involved in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka which of course beyond their blinkered vision could cause mayhem in Sri Lanka!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I do have a deadly defect … I write too much sense! I should be jumping up and down like our resident war-games expert Lorenzo yelling “The Emperor is Corrupt” and presenting copious LISTS of INSIGNIFICANT molehill issues that he desperately wants to blow up into veritable mountains, in his Regime-Change war-game strategy!

    Corruption in Sri Lanka was NOT INVENTED by MR; he inherited a society and a political system that was oiled by corruption. In every government Sri Lanka had, there was corruption, with Ministerial portfolios as licenses to grow rich at the expense of the public. That was so during Ranil’s, Premadasa’s, CBK’s, JR’s, and even Sirimavo’s governments.

    However, while there was corruption in those governments, there was ALSO LITTLE ECONOMIC PROGRESS, in the country, and NO PROGRESS on preserving the territorial integrity of the nation and security for the people to live safely. These governments tried to be “good Buddhists” abandoning their PRIME DUTY to protect and preserve the lives of the people. Also, the SIZE of the ECONOMY stagnated, the economic pie was not getting bigger to serve the rapidly increasing educated population with increasing aspirations and expectations. There was NO VISION for defending nation or for growing the pie.

    ALL THAT changed dramatically with the rise of the current UPFA government.

    The war to eradicate separatist terror was fought with the will and determination required to win it, and the economic war to drag our Motherland into the Modern Age was, was injected with a new Vision. Judicious Economic and Investment Risks required to give our people the tools to help themselves, were taken. This involved expanding the banking system to make investment money available to businesses, and borrowing the necessary investment funds to create the necessary capital intensive infrastructure, and establishing alliances with other nations that are willing to invest in Sri Lanka without interfering in and destabilizing the recovering post war society.

    All of this expanded involvement in the economy by the GOSL meant that large sums of borrowed money, a thousand fold greater than deployed hitherto by previous governments, was being spent visibly for massive infrastructure undertakings, making that a target of the jealous anti-government forces. Some money was certainly leaking out through corruption, but no more as a percentage than in previous governments; but the amounts are large because the budget is very large, and it is a source of envy by those out of power.

    These insanely jealous groups, out of power, now given an object lesson of how the country can be developed rapidly, without access to the government till, and steamrolled into impotence by the SUCCESS that is being wrought before their very eyes, searched for ways and means of getting back on the gravy train.

    They saw how regimes were changed in the Arab Spring by propaganda alone, they saw the friction developing with the Regime-Changing Western Powers as a result of the Sri Lanka – China Alliance, they see as a useful tool the Tamil Diaspora with their fabricated War Crimes allegations. They then decided to ADOPT the same strategy for REGIME CHANGE change, and to ally themselves with Sri Lanka’s foreign enemies for that purpose. It is not without reason that the puppets, without any intrinsic merit of their own, received invitations to MIT and Harvard and elsewhere for onsite coaching on Regime Change strategy, and were pandered to by the Regime Change artistes as they had pandered to Ahmed Chalabi of Iraq!

    Ergo, we have a massive wave of foreign-funded propagandists online, flooding the social media, Facebook, Twitter, web blogs, text messaging, newspapers, all funded, aided and abetted by the Regime Change artists who brought down the governments of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Ukraine, engineered a rebellion in Syria, and are pursuing the strategies in Russia and China as well.

    Propagation of Human Rights and Democrazy is their PRETEXT, but preservation of Western Hegemony at all costs, whatever the cost in lives and human destruction they sow, is the OBJECTIVE with local people and anti-national forces greedy for pomp and power in their countries, soon to be destroyed, as their puppets and weapon choice to do their bidding.

    And so it is that we find ourselves today in Sri Lanka, poised on the threshold of foreign inspired Electoral Coup-de-Etat in collusion with local collaborators to OVERTURN the PATRIOTIC NATIONAL GOVERNMENT of the country that stands in their way.

    The projected path to their goal is through winning a Presidential Election and using the Executive Power of the Presidency to Gut the National Constitution ILLEGALLY, to Change the Leadership of the Parliament ILLEGALLY, to Enact a de-facto partition of the Nation to the defeated separatists, and to SERVE their FOREIGN PAYMASTERS by ENSLAVING our Sovereign Motherland to a foreign yoke.

    That ENSLAVEMENT to a foreign yoke, and not the pre-textual elimination of corruption, and uplifting of democracy and human rights, is in a NUTSHELL, what is afoot and at stake in this Presidential Election.

    PATRIOTS! RISE UP in your millions to UTTERLY DEFEAT & DEMOLISH this FOREIGN CONSPIRACY to ENSLAVE our Motherland by RE-ELECTING on January 8, 2015 our heroic war-winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to the Executive Presidency!

    Let us CONTINUE our MARCH as ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, unfettered and free, under his PATRIOTIC Leadership, to build Mother Lanka into the New Wonder of Asia!

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear Sunil Mahattaya,

    Elections are NOT REGIME CHANGE. That is ruling party change.

    Let me give you some FACTS which are known to all.

    USA will NEVER change the SL govt. Why should they!

    1. 56% of the SL budget is managed by US citizens/greencard holders.

    2. OTHER US citizens are VERY powerful in the govt.
    e.g. Dallas, Ali Zaheer, Milinda.

    3. SILK ROAD agreement will NEVER see daylight despite talks since 2008.

    4. TOP SLs are working at top secret US agency – NASA.

    5. In 2007 SL signed a defence agreement with USA. In 2003 also SL signed a defence agreement with USA.

    6. Since 2010, SL has carried out 3 joint military drills with USA.

    7. USA is still SL’s largest trading partner. China will NEVER replace USA in SL this way.

    8. ALL US demands at UNHRC are met by SL.

  9. Independent Says:

    When elections are not held or cheated all the time, against the will of people, then so called “REGIME CHANGE” will come. There will be excuses then. It is justifiable.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    Naivete’ cannot substitute for wisdom.

    If you think the REGIME CHANGES in Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco happened automatically because elections were not held and the people were cheated all the time, then I have a Suspension Bridge in New York spanning the Verazzano Narrows I would like to sell to you. Going DIRT CHEAP; PLUNGE IN & BUY IT NOW!

    The REGIME CHANGERS destroyed those countries sowing chaos and impoverishing millions of people, using “Internet Democrats” and power hungry locals as their preferred tools.

    Under Gaddafi, Libyans enjoyed the best economy and public services in the Arab world, but today Libya is in tatters … another lawless Somalia.

    Hillary Clinton who orchestrated the whole show, hot footed it to to Benghazi and proclaimed “it is US Govt Policy that Gaddafi should be killed”. He was captured and killed the next day.

    Hillary moved on to Tripoli the next day, and imperiously proclaimed apeing Julius Caesar “I came, I spoke, he died”!

    Back in Washington, Hillary proclaimed the triumph of her policies to enhance Human Rights and Democrazy through REGIME CHANGES at minimal cost to the US!

    The HIGH COST in destroyed lives, national treasure and foregone progress is borne by the nations that swallowed that bitter Human Rights and Democrazy prescriptions of the REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES! It will all sort out in the end for a better outcome they say!

    Tell that to the citizens of the countries given the REGIME CHANGE medical treatment they never wanted or asked for!

  11. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Regime Change loosely translates to changimg existing system of Government which equates to Ruling party.
    Theoretically Regime applies to the system that rules.The term Regime Change has been used to describe circumstances in countries thwt were voted out of power by the people or overthrown with US interferenc (CIA), internal conspiracies ( Military Takeovers), Coup d’etats etc but predominantly referes to the change in Administrative power.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    House of Lords on Thursday discussed plans to encourage more bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, one of UK’s most important bilateral trading partners.

    ……The transformation to a most important trading partner happened in last 5-years of post war development!

    the strong Sri Lankan economy and business base ….citing Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business and infrastructure development among others.

    ……The “infrastructure development” happened in the last 5 years!

    “The future potential for Sri Lanka is huge …

    …..This new view emerged in the last 5-years recognizing Sri Lanka’s own Vision to become the New Wonder of Asia!

    “With a Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed shortly adding to the existing FTAs with Pakistan, India, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka could act as a regional hub to over 3 billion potential customers.”

    ….These trade agreements were established …. in the last 5-years!

    Sri Lanka is actually the highest rated country in South Asia in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index but there are opportunities to improve the position still further.

    …. highest rated country in South Asia for doing business … happened in the last 5-years!

    WHAT have the PREVIOUS governments of Sri Lanka, and two of their leaders CBK and Ranil W now criticizing and undermining the present UPFA government, DONE to grow Sri Lanka’s ECONOMY when THEY HELD POWER?


    RE-ELECT President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Executive Presidency so Sri Lanka can CONTINUE its MARCH FORWARD to become the New Wonder of Asia!

    Jayawewa, Sri Lanka! Jayawewa, Mahinda Rajapaksa Mathithumani!

    UK parliament discusses enhancing bilateral trade with Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 12, London: Britain’s upper parliament, House of Lords on Thursday discussed plans to encourage more bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, one of UK’s most important bilateral trading partners.

    Introducing the subject, Lord Mohamed Sheikh said UK is one of the top five investors in Sri Lanka and its number one EU trading partner and noted that the balance of trade has risen significantly in favor of Si Lanka in recent years.

    “In the longer term, we must look to address this imbalance,” Sheikh said asking the UK government to clarify what action is being taken to achieve this.

    “Aside from our historical ties and the strong Sri Lankan economy and business base, there are many other reasons for us to promote and further bilateral trade,” the House of Lords member said citing Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business and infrastructure development among others.

    However, he said, further modernization is needed and the opportunities for British businesses are vast.

    “The future potential for Sri Lanka is huge, but it will be reached only through continued and expanded bilateral trade with countries such as ours,” Sheikh said.

    Speaking at the short debate, Lord Naseby, a long-time supporter of Sri Lanka said “With a Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed shortly adding to the existing FTAs with Pakistan, India, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka could act as a regional hub to over 3 billion potential customers.”

    The Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills & Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lord Livingston said Sri Lanka is actually the highest rated country in South Asia in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index but there are opportunities to improve the position still further.

    “We are encouraging the Government of Sri Lanka to take steps to make it easier for British companies to do business there and to reduce the barriers to foreign investment. We believe that Sri Lanka and Britain can also build further trade relationships through the Commonwealth by utilizing the expertise and drive found in organizations such as the new Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, which I am delighted to say is being partially funded by this Government,” Livingston said.

    The UK Government will also look to hold more trade missions to Sri Lanka so that companies can understand the scale of the opportunities, as they are indeed immense not only within the country itself, but also as a regional hub, he said.

    Livingston told the House that the UK Government wants to build an even stronger bilateral trade relationship with Sri Lanka in exports, in imports and in investment while continuing to urge Sri Lanka to make progress on the important matters of human rights and reconciliation.

    “In that way, and together with trade, Sri Lanka can secure long-lasting peace and prosperity for all the people of that country,” the House of Lords member said.

  13. Independent Says:

    India is now better friend than ever. Buddy buddy with the president. We make Indian criminals into innocent Tamils.
    British getting better with the president. Trying to be buddy buddy with the president.
    Europe will follow.
    Surely , USA and Obama will join as a buddy too, followed by Tamil Canada.
    But I declare the president will soon be buddy of the Elam to escape war crime beggars wound.

    Where is the conspiracy then ?

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