Ranaviru Commomeration 19/5/24
Posted on May 18th, 2024

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson USLA.

Thank you for affording me the privilege of being able to reinforce for the 15th  consecutive year, as I have done in all of these past commemorations,  our  deep debt of gratitude to the Ranaviru for their sacrifices to secure peace for Sri Lanka and remember every one else who was affected by the conflict in one way or another from every race and religion . Though I am unable to attend this years  event in person, the USLA President has suggested that I could do so through a message. Hence this.

As members of USLA, we have every reason to be happy and proud of the many acts of generosity that USLA has been engaged in over the years, I many ways,  contributing  to the welfare of those disabled by the conflict and the families left without their bread winner or with a disabled bread winner. These have over the  years amounted to many tens of thousands of dollars.

However time has  come now to reflect on what further are our obligations to honour these supreme sacrifices.

In commemorating these supreme sacrifices we owe it to them not only to maintain the peace they secured, at this tremendous cost, as we have  done hitherto, we also owe it to them that we do what it takes to secure prosperity for all in Sri Lanka. Prosperity is the other side of the coin of peace”.   Doing the former has been the challenge that we all have been not as successful.

Just two years ago, in April/May 2022 Sri Lanka reached a very low ebb in terms of   prosperity, with the country having to acknowledge to the international community that they were bankrupt and were unable to pay their dues. There were severe shortages  of foreign exchange , and with it shortages of fuel,  , electricity, cooking gasses, basic foods etc.

Thankfully none  of the above are a reality today though they come at a cost. Depressingly poor planning and management has seen nutritious food at low cost being discarded for  animal consumption , when claims of childhood malnutrition is rife, even at the Sri Lanka’s largest food fare in Dambulla. Mean while  temperature ,and humidity controlled food storage facility that would have prevented this waste, awaits completion despite being over five years since commencement,

It is plain to every one that Sri Lanka needs to have leadership that not only can analyse the basis of the ills of the past  and present but also have a vision for what is  needed for Sri Lanka’s future prosperity and have demonstrated the capacity to deliver them.

In this election year, one hopes that it  honours the hitherto mentioned sacrifices of Ranaviru and others by electing a  leadership having the above capabilities, to further progress it’s fledgling recovery of the past two years,

May the blessings of the Triple Gem protect the Ranaviru and Sri Lanka.

Dr.Chula Rajapakse MZM



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