If Mahinda wins….he stays in power till 2024….if that happens what should Opposition do….
Posted on December 11th, 2014

Listen SriLankans 

Here’s a scenario to think about….

More and more it appears that the 2015 Presidential Election is a ONE HORSE RACE.

If the horse wins he remains President for 8 years (until 2024)

Now what does that mean for all those in the Opposition?

They will remain in political wilderness till 2024…now when we know most of them are already in the departure lounge… what is the only solution…give up the UNP….it will get nowhere now that bandit queen has returned….and Ranil has no chance with her pulling her weight.

That is why John Amaratunga is leaving…

That is why Harin Fernando is planning to leave

That is why Daya Gamage intends to leave before his businesses collapse

And… now

Rajitha must be having sleepless nights

Radhakrishnan and other man must be wanting to kick themselves

Welgama must be having second thoughts so too Wickramanayake, Nimal Siripala, Duminda Silva and a lot of others and probably why Maithri must be wanting to puke

Now President must take note of all these characters and ensure they have no place in his new Govt…

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    Listen Sri Lankans, what is your problem? Are you an astrologer? Why did you leave out Champika, Rathena thero, and Udaya Gamanpila? What about Pramadase’s son, Pramadase’s wife, Pramadase’s daughter and the son-in-law? Money printing office? If not for the good minister Johnston Fernando, no one will know about Money Printing office. India wants may ham after the elections so. Best of all Sobitha thero is not contesting because he has to declare his assets. He lived inside an area no one can access with out Prabhkeran security guards escorting.


    Udaya Gamanpila, just joined the government. (Infolanka news website) I think he knew that there will not be a way back into politics as well as a pay check?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THATS A GOOD ONE:- “”If not for the good Minister Jhonston Fernando “”

    Somewhere in May/June 2013, Jhonny threw 20,000 Coconuts into the SEA. Speaker Chamal Rajapakse in Parliament said, “” If these Coconuts were given to the Samurdhi Officers, they could have distributed it FREE to the Poor.”” I watched this being told on ITN Sinhalese news. GOOD MINISTER JHONNIE. COME HOME PLEASE.

    Not one Coconut was washed ashore. So what happened to this ship load of Coconuts. Not one in Parliament opened their mouths, including the President. EVERYBODY IN PARLIAMENT IS CORRUPT. SO NO ONE SPEAKS UP.




    GOOGLE ‘Jhonston Fernando throws 20,000 Coconuts into the Sea, and all what I said is there.

  4. Independent Says:

    Good question but very hypothetical.
    It will be happy days for traitors with the government LTTE and India.
    1. KP
    2. Karuna
    3. GL
    4. Milinda
    5. John Amaratunga ( millennium City) will have a good time till their death.

    Obviously , opposition have to struggle. Sinhala have to struggle. Buddhists have to struggle.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    ALL cutouts in Colombo are for MR.

    80% of Colombo cutouts are removed. MILLIONS OF GOVT FUNDS wasted on cutouts.

    MR’s cutouts in KEY places are guarded by the army!

    This madness should stop. Actually they create hate in people. MR should STOP this cutout business.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I do have a deadly defect … I write too much sense! I should be jumping up and down like our resident war-games expert Lorenzo yelling “The Emperor is Corrupt” and presenting copious LISTS of INSIGNIFICANT molehill issues that he desperately wants to blow up into veritable mountains, in his Regime-Change war-game strategy!

    Corruption in Sri Lanka was NOT INVENTED by MR; he inherited a society and a political system that was oiled by corruption. In every government Sri Lanka had, there was corruption, with Ministerial portfolios as licenses to grow rich at the expense of the public. That was so during Ranil’s, Premadasa’s, CBK’s, JR’s, and even Sirimavo’s governments.

    However, while there was corruption in those governments, there was ALSO LITTLE ECONOMIC PROGRESS, in the country, and NO PROGRESS on preserving the territorial integrity of the nation and security for the people to live safely. These governments tried to be “good Buddhists” abandoning their PRIME DUTY to protect and preserve the lives of the people. Also, the SIZE of the ECONOMY stagnated, the economic pie was not getting bigger to serve the rapidly increasing educated population with increasing aspirations and expectations. There was NO VISION for defending nation or for growing the pie.

    ALL THAT changed dramatically with the rise of the current UPFA government.

    The war to eradicate separatist terror was fought with the will and determination required to win it, and the economic war to drag our Motherland into the Modern Age was, was injected with a new Vision. Judicious Economic and Investment Risks required to give our people the tools to help themselves, were taken. This involved expanding the banking system to make investment money available to businesses, and borrowing the necessary investment funds to create the necessary capital intensive infrastructure, and establishing alliances with other nations that are willing to invest in Sri Lanka without interfering in and destabilizing the recovering post war society.

    All of this expanded involvement in the economy by the GOSL meant that large sums of borrowed money, a thousand fold greater than deployed hitherto by previous governments, was being spent visibly for massive infrastructure undertakings, making that a target of the jealous anti-government forces. Some money was certainly leaking out through corruption, but no more as a percentage than in previous governments; but the amounts are large because the budget is very large, and it is a source of envy by those out of power.

    These insanely jealous groups, out of power, now given an object lesson of how the country can be developed rapidly, without access to the government till, and steamrolled into impotence by the SUCCESS that is being wrought before their very eyes, searched for ways and means of getting back on the gravy train.

    They saw how regimes were changed in the Arab Spring by propaganda alone, they saw the friction developing with the Regime-Changing Western Powers as a result of the Sri Lanka – China Alliance, they see as a useful tool the Tamil Diaspora with their fabricated War Crimes allegations. They then decided to ADOPT the same strategy for REGIME CHANGE change, and to ally themselves with Sri Lanka’s foreign enemies for that purpose. It is not without reason that the puppets, without any intrinsic merit of their own, received invitations to MIT and Harvard and elsewhere for onsite coaching on Regime Change strategy, and were pandered to by the Regime Change artistes as they had pandered to Ahmed Chalabi of Iraq!

    Ergo, we have a massive wave of foreign-funded propagandists online, flooding the social media, Facebook, Twitter, web blogs, text messaging, newspapers, all funded, aided and abetted by the Regime Change artists who brought down the governments of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Ukraine, engineered a rebellion in Syria, and are pursuing the strategies in Russia and China as well.

    Propagation of Human Rights and Democrazy is their PRETEXT, but preservation of Western Hegemony at all costs, whatever the cost in lives and human destruction they sow, is the OBJECTIVE with local people and anti-national forces greedy for pomp and power in their countries, soon to be destroyed, as their puppets and weapon choice to do their bidding.

    And so it is that we find ourselves today in Sri Lanka, poised on the threshold of foreign inspired Electoral Coup-de-Etat in collusion with local collaborators to OVERTURN the PATRIOTIC NATIONAL GOVERNMENT of the country that stands in their way.

    The projected path to their goal is through winning a Presidential Election and using the Executive Power of the Presidency to Gut the National Constitution ILLEGALLY, to Change the Leadership of the Parliament ILLEGALLY, to Enact a de-facto partition of the Nation to the defeated separatists, and to SERVE their FOREIGN PAYMASTERS by ENSLAVING our Sovereign Motherland to a foreign yoke.

    That ENSLAVEMENT to a foreign yoke, and not the pre-textual elimination of corruption, and uplifting of democracy and human rights, is in a NUTSHELL, what is afoot and at stake in this Presidential Election.

    PATRIOTS! RISE UP in your millions to UTTERLY DEFEAT & DEMOLISH this FOREIGN CONSPIRACY to ENSLAVE our Motherland by RE-ELECTING on January 8, 2015 our heroic war-winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to the Executive Presidency!

    Let us CONTINUE our MARCH as ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, unfettered and free, under his PATRIOTIC Leadership, to build Mother Lanka into the New Wonder of Asia!

  7. Daya Says:

    Opening premise wrong: it is NOT a one horse race.

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe

    Corrupt deals of Sirisena brothers were exposed by JVP long before he decided to contest for Presidential election;
    Read This news articles

    1.Dudley Sirisena denies minister brother helped him

    2.Minister Sirisena’s brother’s rice mill encroaches on ‘Parakrama Samudra’

    3 MaRa eavesdrops on Maithri – Berty discussion: Minister Maithri’s brother the timber thief remanded

    4.Brother of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) General Secretary, Maithripala Sirisena, Priyantha Sirisena, surrendered to the Polonnaruwa Police last morning in connection with the assault of a wildlife officer at Manampitiya

    5 Minister’s brother, accomplice in remand for their wild ways

    4 Watering Corruption

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NMY !! Thanks. Yes, I read some, not all.

  10. Vimutti Says:

    I think the second shoe to drop on the UNP is in April when they lose even more ground in Parliament. This is indeed kamma at work – seek to divide the Buddhist vote and it becomes unified.

  11. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Crime case filed against Maithripala Sirisena
    December 12, 2014 at 5:44 am | lanka C news
    A complaint has been lodged in the Colombo crimes department against the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena.

    It is learnt that a super luxury vehicle imported under a government permit had been sold by him for rupees million 14.4 and had taken it back forcibly for a sum of rupees 20.4 million.Attorney at law Bimsara Dissanayake has made the complaint.In order to get the original documents a gang of thugs had been sent to his place and had threatened him…<<<

    What is "POOR FARMER" MS doing with a 20 million rupee (152,000USD) car? Most AMERICANS do not have vehicles that cost so much and most Sri Lankan's HOMES are not worth that much, so how can MS claim to be a common man?

  12. Vimutti Says:

    To put this in perspective the AVERAGE price for new vehicles in the United States last year was $31,000USD (about 4 million rupees). Maithripala is therefore spending more than FIVE TIMES (500%) the average price Americans spend on a new vehicle while living in a comparatively much poorer country (Average yearly incomes in US are $39,000USD versus $2,700USD in Sri Lanka).

    Given such ENORMOUS EXCESS of Maithripala, it is difficult for him to claim that he now suddenly during election time represents the Buddhist values of simplicity and meagerness.

  13. Dr.K Says:

    Opposition is always oppostion and they will continually pull the leggs all time regardless it’s good or bad that MR does.

    However, this time MR has to face the world number one opposition team that consist of not only the politically oppsing people like JVP, Rev Sobitha, Rev Ratana and Champika but also there are people who are with hatreds and who are wishing him to be destroyed.

    General public have not forgotten the service that MR has done to the nation. They have not forgotten that they now live fearlessly in a war free country. They could find food when they felt hungery but they had to live with death fear in both day and night in 3 decades.

    In his 3rd round MR has to reschedule his programme and take care about the issues that are raised by real political opponants as they are worth to be listen and solved to for the sake of future of the country.

  14. ranjit Says:

    I hope and pray that the President will correct all the mistakes in the past and rule the country according to law and order and bring our country to a high level of Governance. He has done everything he has promised up to now and he will do the rest too with the blessings of Maha Sanga and the good public of Sri Lanka. His intentions were always good and we owe him our lives for ending the dirty war of 30 years.

    All the lunatics and Hypocrits will be vanished to thin air after January 8th and they will not be able to do any more politics because the citizens of Motherlanka will reject them in wholesale this time. The citizens must use their brains and think wisely not to vote for Kudu Karayas,Gangsters or un-educated useless dirty harris to come to the Parliament in the next General elections also The President should not give Minister posts to any drug lords or corrupt individuals although they were party stalwarts. He must choose a clean team of good hard working individuals who can keep up the good work of this Govt. Foreign Minister should be a strong person with a good record who loves the Motherland and should be a Buddhist.He should give the place to good educated young people not these old Goats who was just sitting there and doing nothing to the country. Don’t take people who says “Yes Sir No Sir” You must have a good team with all rounders like Matthews or Jayasuriya who bat and bowl and field to win the hearts and minds of the people. I hope and pray that we will have a better tomorrow under the leadership of this great man from the South.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    “What is “POOR FARMER” MS doing with a 20 million rupee (152,000USD) car? Most AMERICANS do not have vehicles that cost so much and most Sri Lankan’s HOMES are not worth that much, so how can MS claim to be a common man?”

    How about the poor son of the politician driving a LAMBO of 100 million rupees AND a ASTON MARTIN?

    He can buy 10 of My3’s “luxury” cars.

  16. Vimutti Says:

    You are totally missing the point, Lorenzo!

    Maithripala is telling us to vote for him because he is a “poor farmer” and “common man” just like most Sri Lankans, when the reality is ONE of his vehicles (40,000,000 Rs.) costs more than most of our HOMES in Sri Lanka! His ONE vehicle is also FIVE TIMES MORE expensive than the average new car bought in AMERICA, even though Sri Lanka is much, much poorer than America with average yearly incomes of only $2,700USD compared to $39,000USD for Americans.

    Maithripala wants to live a life of EXTREME EXCESS like a VERY WEALTHY AMERICAN (not a common American) yet wants us to believe he is a common Sri Lankan abiding by Buddhist values of simplicity and meagerness. Who is he trying to fool? Himself?

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    Its all about CHOICE.

    So which one is LEAST corrupt?

    Lamborghini owner or Toyota owner?
    Politicians with MANSIONS in USA or a businessman with a poor submerged hotel in Polonnaruwa?

    Remember they have NOT worked in their life. ONLY politics!

    How can they buy a Lamborghini each for their kids?

    “umbalata Lamborghini, apita badagini.”

    (At least keep the $500,000 Lambo hidden without showing off in Kandy sacred city.)

  18. Vimutti Says:

    Sorry, Lorenzo, but a contest for president of Sri Lanka is NOT a moral purity contest, it is a contest of who has the VISION and proven CAPACITY to lead the country and improve the human condition in Sri Lanka.

    If it were simply a moral purity contest, I am sure there is some monk in the forest we can find that is more pure than all of us, but do you seriously believe this monk has the VISION and CAPACITY to lead Sri Lanka?

    Maithripala has not accomplished ONE thing in his three decades of government service that would give the voter the impression that he has the vision and capacity to lead the nation. He has simply rose through party ranks through attrition, not based on any unique ability to govern the country.

    I know you don’t like G.L. Peiris, but he hit on something that I think ALL Sri Lankans should focus on in this election in his recent interview with the Daily Mirror. He said Maithripala has promised people in his coalition diametrically opposed outcomes that would be impossible to pursue as president. For example, you can’t promise TNA devolution of powers, demilitarization, and an eventual separate Tamil state and then promise JHU that you will not divide the country. The reason why Gammanpila left the JHU and returned to the government is because he knows when it comes down to it MS is going to choose TNA demands over JHU if he ever got elected.

    Here is G.L. Peiris’ interview with the Daily Mirror: “http://www.dailymirror.lk/58669/what-maithripala-is-promising-is-a-hodgepodge”

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    Not that I don’t LIKE GLP.

    GLP was instrumental in the CFA and he called LTTE Anton Balla, YOUR EXCELLENCY which means he ACCEPTS AB was a HEAD OF A STATE.

    Shame MR has to rely on CFA people (on both sides) now as patriots have left him!

  20. Vimutti Says:


    You are confusing diplomatic language with policy. GLP was never confused about Sri Lanka policy toward the LTTE, this why they were defeated in 2009.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    GLP didn’t win the war. He was instrumental in signing the CFA!

    IN FACT except Run-nil all other CFA people are with MR today.

    Recently MR said in Anuradhapura that he stopped LTTE attacks such as the one in Anuradhapura in 1985. But he failed to say the TERRORISTS who attacked and killed people in Anuradhapura that day are now with him! (KP and KA). This is in addition to ALL CFA traitors (except Run-nil).

  22. Vimutti Says:


    Who has got their foot on the neck of terrorism right now – MR or MS? Do you think MS with his plan to de-militarize the North and the East could have uncovered the Krishnarasa-SunMaster plot to deceive the UNHRC with blank signed papers in which they could make up whatever war crime they wanted to and submit them to the UN? Who from the government would have been on the ground in the North and East to uncover such a plot if MS devolves police power and demilitarizes the area?

    READ G.L. Peiris’ interview with the Daily Mirror: “http://www.dailymirror.lk/58669/what-maithripala-is-promising-is-a-hodgepodge” and understand the DANGER you are putting Sri Lanka in by promoting this Maithripala character.

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    House of Lords on Thursday discussed plans to encourage more bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, one of UK’s most important bilateral trading partners.

    ……The transformation to a most important trading partner happened in last 5-years of post war development!

    the strong Sri Lankan economy and business base ….citing Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business and infrastructure development among others.

    ……The “infrastructure development” happened in the last 5 years!

    “The future potential for Sri Lanka is huge …

    …..This new view emerged in the last 5-years recognizing Sri Lanka’s own Vision to become the New Wonder of Asia!

    “With a Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed shortly adding to the existing FTAs with Pakistan, India, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka could act as a regional hub to over 3 billion potential customers.”

    ….These trade agreements were established …. in the last 5-years!

    Sri Lanka is actually the highest rated country in South Asia in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index but there are opportunities to improve the position still further.

    …. highest rated country in South Asia for doing business … happened in the last 5-years!

    WHAT have the PREVIOUS governments of Sri Lanka, and two of their leaders CBK and Ranil W now criticizing and undermining the present UPFA government, DONE to grow Sri Lanka’s ECONOMY when THEY HELD POWER?


    RE-ELECT President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Executive Presidency so Sri Lanka can CONTINUE its MARCH FORWARD to become the New Wonder of Asia!

    Jayawewa, Sri Lanka! Jayawewa, Mahinda Rajapaksa Mathithumani!

    UK parliament discusses enhancing bilateral trade with Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 12, London: Britain’s upper parliament, House of Lords on Thursday discussed plans to encourage more bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, one of UK’s most important bilateral trading partners.

    Introducing the subject, Lord Mohamed Sheikh said UK is one of the top five investors in Sri Lanka and its number one EU trading partner and noted that the balance of trade has risen significantly in favor of Si Lanka in recent years.

    “In the longer term, we must look to address this imbalance,” Sheikh said asking the UK government to clarify what action is being taken to achieve this.

    “Aside from our historical ties and the strong Sri Lankan economy and business base, there are many other reasons for us to promote and further bilateral trade,” the House of Lords member said citing Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business and infrastructure development among others.

    However, he said, further modernization is needed and the opportunities for British businesses are vast.

    “The future potential for Sri Lanka is huge, but it will be reached only through continued and expanded bilateral trade with countries such as ours,” Sheikh said.

    Speaking at the short debate, Lord Naseby, a long-time supporter of Sri Lanka said “With a Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed shortly adding to the existing FTAs with Pakistan, India, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka could act as a regional hub to over 3 billion potential customers.”

    The Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills & Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lord Livingston said Sri Lanka is actually the highest rated country in South Asia in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index but there are opportunities to improve the position still further.

    “We are encouraging the Government of Sri Lanka to take steps to make it easier for British companies to do business there and to reduce the barriers to foreign investment. We believe that Sri Lanka and Britain can also build further trade relationships through the Commonwealth by utilizing the expertise and drive found in organizations such as the new Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, which I am delighted to say is being partially funded by this Government,” Livingston said.

    The UK Government will also look to hold more trade missions to Sri Lanka so that companies can understand the scale of the opportunities, as they are indeed immense not only within the country itself, but also as a regional hub, he said.

    Livingston told the House that the UK Government wants to build an even stronger bilateral trade relationship with Sri Lanka in exports, in imports and in investment while continuing to urge Sri Lanka to make progress on the important matters of human rights and reconciliation.

    “In that way, and together with trade, Sri Lanka can secure long-lasting peace and prosperity for all the people of that country,” the House of Lords member said.


    Susantha, thank you for the update, Johnston Fernando probably sold it for a higher price and made a big profit. People take up politics because they know they can violate the law and get away with it. I will give you an example: Since I am an old man, it will be an old story. M.D.H. Jayawrdena was the trade minister under Dudley Senanayake. He went to Jaffna Hospital where my Sister was the senior physician. He walked into her office, without asking her got to the telephone and called some agent in Madras, ordered 200 British pounds worth saris and told him to send it next day to where he was staying in Jaffna. And the man at the other end agreed. Day light smuggling. Now why I called Johnston Fernando a good man because is because he prevented a strike by railway engineers just before MR opened the new railway line and the new station. Johnston, telephoned the General secretary of union, Joseph Stalin, and told him all their grievances will be attend to. Joseph Stalin also told that he will request Karunanidh’s son Lenin to come over and assist him. If I was Johnston, I would have told him I will ask Beria’s grand son who lives in Moscow to come and strangle you. Any way Susantha, thanks for the URL’ and brining this incident to open.

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