JHU splits; JHU strongman Udaya Gammanpila resigned from the JHU to support President Rajapaksa
Posted on December 11th, 2014

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At the government (UPFA) press conference  held at the SLFP headquarters the Deputy General Secretary of the JHU and ex-Minister of the Western Provincial Council Udaya Gammanpila  pledged his support to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“I am resigning from the JHU and will support President Rajapaksa as an independent member,” he said.

Addressing the press conference Mr. Gammanpila further said that he has taken this difficult decision after couple of restless nights considering all the possible consequences that may arise if Sirisena wins and subsequent discussion with his friends and supporters he had .

Maithipala has given his assurance to JHU that he will abolish executive presidency in 100 days while he has promised contradicting position in relation to this policy when he met UNP.

It is unfortunate that if Sirisena wins, and if he try to implement what he has promised to TNA, then JHU will face a real dilemma  and will not have any other option, but to leave the joint opposition. This position prompted him to take this difficult decision

Meanwhile  the JHU General Secretary and ex-Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka commenting on the decision of party strongman Udaya Gammanpila to support government said ‘He is a clever politician. I wish him all the best. Let people decide what kind of a political leadership this country needs now’.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Ministry of science and technology or CHIEF MINISTER POST of WPC!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    41 local government councilors have resigned from the government and joined the deputy ministers P. Digambaram and V. Radakrishnan to support the common candidate say reports.

    Four provincial councilors and 34 members of Pradeshiya Sabhas are among this group that joined the common candidate Mr. Maithripala yesterday (10th). With the defection of this group Mahinda faction has completely lost its vote base in Nuwara-eliya District say political sources. Mr. Navin Dissanayaka, a politician from the district and was the Minister of Public Management Reforms, left the government first and is revealing frauds and corruption in the government. With the defection of the 41 representatives from the government the vote base Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa had in the upcountry has completely eroded say sources.”


    Nuwara Eliya, Badulla, Kandy and Matale heading for a landslide for My3. Central provincial council may also go to My3.

    This is insane.

  3. Independent Says:


    This is getting interesting day by day. some good hot news after long time.
    Well said Champika, without typical mud slinging !

    Looks like Tirupati Deviya is better than Buddhist Deviyos. We saw him with a very friendly gesture with the president few weeks ago. This is a very good win by the president.
    No wonder his website showed the old stuff still heavily criticising Ranil , rightly so.
    But let us see Udaya’s true colours.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    At least ONE JHU leader has COME TO HIS SENSES in TIME to SURVIVE the coming Landslide, aware of what is AT STAKE for the Nation as a Whole!

    Let those NURSING GRUDGES against President for DEMOTING them live in Virtual Reality Land until January 8, 2014, after which they will WITHER and FALL AWAY like drying leaves!

    There will be QUITE A FEW MORE joining the UPFA soon! Stay tuned folks, as the Ship-Jumping Tornament continues. You will see Forward Jumpers, Reverse Jumpers, Double Flip Jumpers, and Triple Flip Jumpers! Please place your bets on Ship-Jumping candidates NOW!

  5. Independent Says:

    But I am not happy that My3 lost Udaya , even though he won support of Tamils. This is because Udaya supposed to be a good Buddhist and a clean man. But young and ambitious.

  6. Independent Says:

    My3 has no ship. He is a pirate only. A good pirate.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Upcountry Tamil MPs ALWAYS bide their time and JUMP at the last moment depending on who bribes them the most; there is NO LOYALTY there to anyone, except their own narrow agendas. Even the TNA is biding its time, watching ANXIOUSLY as the Ship-Jumping Tournament proceeds; fingernails have already been bitten to the bone, I hear!

    But, wait a little … the Ship-Jumpers Tournament ain’t over by a long shot; the BEST IS STILL TO COME. The HORSE TRADING is in Full Swing, small ones are half-a-crown, big ones are cheaper now! Only the FITTEST & CANNIEST will SURVIVE, but those who jump onto the Common Candidates SINKING ship will DROWN; no one will throw them a life raft! It is FEAST or FAMINE TIME for Ship-Jumpers!

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Udaya has a plan.

    Now MR will appoint him as the chief minister of WPC.

    Then he will UNLUG many councilors and crossover.

    Today’s crossover

    1 PC councilor from COMMON OPPOSITION to govt.
    4 PC councilor from govt to COMMON OPPOSITION!!

    Pity Ananda’s math skills remain much to be desired. :)

  9. Ananda-USA Says:


    “My3 has no ship. He is a pirate only. A good pirate.”

    Ah, yes. A good pirate, but unfortunately also a back stabber, treacherous turncoat, foreign regime-change puppet, and an uncommonly stupid man … as you will see come January 8, 2015.

    Besides, even a good pirate, without his own ship flying the Jolly Roger is NO GOOD EVEN TO HIS OWN CASTAWAY CREW!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Now, Udaya Gammanpila is what we call a Double Flip Jumper: One Forward Jump + One Reverse Jump.

    What has he gained, except an armed guard at his office to see that he does not execute a Triple Flip Jump? BLOODY FOOL! He should not have done the Forward Jump in the first place!

    This is the guy who published an article in Lankaweb, trying to CONVINCE US to JUMP over the CLIFF with him, without the aid of a parachute! He must be a war-games expert … like Lorenzo! Ha! Ha!

    JHU Deputy Secretary Udaya Gammanpila to support President

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 11, Colombo: Deputy Secretary of Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) Udaya Gammanpila has become the latest politician to switch sides ahead of Sri Lanka’s presidential election.

    Gammanpila, who resigned from his Western Provincial Council minister post last month in support of the opposition, has jumped back to the government side today and pledged support to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    The senior leader of JHU has pledged to support the President today during a press conference held at the SLFP headquarters.

    Gammanpila along with the JHU General Secretary, former minister Patali Champika Ranawaka resigned from their respective ministerial portfolios on November 18 saying that the party cannot work with the government since the government would not implement the proposals and constitutional amendments proposed by the party.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    “Pity Ananda’s math skills remain much to be desired. :)”

    I know, my friend, I know! It is very SAD is it not?

    An Engineering PhD from MIT with a Minor in Mathematics is not what it used to be in the late 1800’s! When I got mine, the ROT had already set in!

    I should have attend war college and gotten an “advanced degree” in war-game theory, like you! But, I will persevere with what I have; too late to start from zero … all over again!

  12. Vimutti Says:

    I wonder where Lorenzo is going to be on January 9th?

    He obviously has been compromised as he of all people should know that the same folks behind Ranil/Fonseka in 2010 are behind Ranil/Maithripala. If Lorenzo doesn’t care about that he really doesn’t care about Sri Lanka. Fortunately, the VOTERS will not be fooled by Ranil, Chandrika and the US Embassy folks and will back the president again by a wider margin than the victory against Ranil/Fonseka in 2010.

  13. Hiranthe Says:

    ‘He is a clever politician. I wish him all the best. Let people decide what kind of a political leadership this country needs now’.

    Calling him a “clever politician” is an underestimation. He is smart and could read the situation better than Patali, who started to think of himself as the only patriot who could see the future and pushed MR to wage the war till the end, as I gathered from one of his latest talks. He feels that he is a hero in that camp.. true… because all the rest of the fellows are useless..

    Due to his ego, he cannot leave the “Traitors of the Mother Lanka” gang now. He got stuck with Gonseka, Mangala, Run-nil, Anura Kumara and Bandit Queen and now lost Udaya… Bad time Champaka. Now face the two of the main Dukkas preached by Lord Buddha. “Apriyayan ha ekweema” and “Priyayangen wenweema”… Sorry state!. You can still reduce the damage if you come down from the Ego tree and stand on the ground ha ha…

  14. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    General trend is clearer now, more and more Tamils are supporting Sirisena.

    As Mr.Gammanpila pointed out, the content of the MOU signed by Sirisena with TNA brings all this sudden surge.

    Even though Sirisena could influence the top UNP hierarchy (Ranil Wing), he has completely failed at the grass root level.

    This is because of the sheer number of MOUs Srisena has signed with politically diverse and diagonally opposed political parties.

    Sirisena will not be able to convince local UNPers that he is appearing on behalf of the UNP. My estimate is he will not be able to tap even 40% of the hard core UNP votes.

    There may be some more surprises at the MR’s Anuradapura rally today

  15. Vimutti Says:

    >>>It is unfortunate that if Sirisena wins, and if he try to implement what he has promised to TNA, then JHU will face a real dilemma and will not have any other option, but to leave the joint opposition.<<<

    This is the MAIN POINT of the JHU member crossing back to the government that Lorenzo fails to discuss. MS cannot satisfy JHU if he moves forward with devolution as promised to the TNA. And the VAST MAJORITY of Sri Lanka voters will not support devolution to the North and South as promised to the TNA by MS, and this is why this deal was done in secret.

    Google: "Manchurian Candidate" This is what Maithripala is – a political opportunist that will sell his own country and Buddhism down the river just to get some power and fame while pretending to be a champion of the Buddhist cause. Kamma is REAL, and MS will face a Great Hell for his actions, and Sri Lanka will not be harmed. Sri Lanka will continue to be a united Buddhist country that accepts all religions and ethnicities, not a divided country that has separate regions for Tamils and Muslims who do not want to live with the Buddhist majority.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have heard that Ranil W is having heart palpitations from the stress of coping with CBK’s presence in the “Common Opposition”.

    Do you think he will become a ship-jumper himself by executing a “Forward Jump” from the UNP to the UPFA, to escape this unbearable stress and looming threat?

    Surely, the President should be able to create SOME SORT OF A Deputy Ministership for him, purely out of Maithri for a fellow career politician? But, in Ranil’s case, the President will also need to assign an armed guard at his office door, to prevent him from hurting himself!

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    “The President will observe religious rituals at the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi before the rally, sources said. ”

    The President will pray at the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi before launching his campaign in Anuradhapura today. As good as the Sri Dalada Maligawa for Sri Lankan Buddhists like me, don’t you think?

    In addition he has done his “diplomatic pooja” at the Sri Venkateswara Hindu temple in Tirupati, thus honoring the Hindus.

    Aw, I am sorry …you didn’t know! And, I thought you were in charge of his daily events schedule!

  18. Vimutti Says:

    Leaves UNP, Hashan Tillekeratne joins to support President

    The former organizer of UNP Avissawela,a former member of provincial council and former captain of the Sri Lanka cricket team Hashan Tillekeratne has left UNP and joined with president to support him in the presidential election.He had said this addressing a media briefing in Colombo.

  19. Independent Says:

    If you are a Buddhist, just look at that picture where he is sitting down like a child. Is he a Buddhist ? Shameful. Please read Dharamasiri’s writing, a true Buddhist he is.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I am a practicing Buddhist.

    However, I will not attach any SIGNIFICANCE to how he sits.

    My own knees are too stiff now to maintain a crossed-legs posture, or even to remain kneeling for too long. That is another one of those INSIGNIFICANT things, I often criticize Lorenzo for focusing on. How one sits does not define the man he is.

  21. Nihal Fernando Says:

    PS councilors crossing over to M3 side will not have much impact on the vote base to weaken the President. At this rate Ranil will also cross over to support MR.

    The lesson I learnt recently was, ‘do not have hoppers at night even with your best friend because on the following morning he will betray you retail & wholesale’

    Since Jesus was betrayed by Judas, M3 is the biggest traitor in the history of politics.

  22. Christie Says:

    All Indian colonial parasites be they from Jaffana, North, East, Colombo or Malay Nadu (Kandu Rata) will vote against Mahinda as they do allways. Navin Dissanayake like his father depended on Indian colonial parasites from Nuwara Eliya. Once I met him when he was visiting a Western country and I asked him why there was always a Tamil in his visits. He blushed and said it is politics. Navin wil face the same if he did not suck to these Indians.

  23. Independent Says:

    We are at different frequencies.
    I am not complaining how he sits. I prefer if he stands and bends a bit like he does to respect monks. he is paying much greater respect to hindu gods than to Buddha !
    As I said if you read Dharmasiri’s write up, that is exactly how I feel.

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    I am not complaining how he sits.- FYI MR is 70 years old .
    He respect all faith , specialy Hindhum & Bhuddusm both base on same concept Tharma & Karma .

    MR (GR) deserve & need 3rd team to complete Eelam war IV .
    end of 3rd team All his brothers than back to USA & He can go to Rome(Hugue).

    live &~ let live until Eelam war V.

  25. Vimutti Says:

    Come on, Independent!

    This has to be a joke, right?

    If MR pays homage to the Pope at the Vatican, then he is a closet Catholic? This really is silly and shows you have no clue or interest in how to unite the various ethnicities and religions in Sri Lanka.

    Remember, ONE SRI LANKA is MR, and DIVIDED SRI LANKA is MS and his Western sponsors. If you want to divide Sri Lanka into smaller ethnic and religious parts as desired by the TNA and the Western former colonists, then you vote for MS; if you want one Sri Lanka where all ethnicities and religions can live and work and are welcome and represented in ANY part of Sri Lanka, then you vote for MR.

    Keeping it simple like this keeps us from getting too far out on these red herring tangents you and Lorenzo keep pushing.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:


    As I was implying, we are examining the President too closely and too critically as if he is not mortal. No man can be as perfect at all times under the microscope he is placed under by many of his arm-chair critics. Ask yourself whether you, as a mere mortal, can be half as respectful, just, fair and able as this man has been.

    I am not a very self-effacing man by any rational standard, but having held and experienced the politics of many scientific, business and community leadership positions, I know that this President is a much wiser and abler man than I am, and I am very glad that he is available to lead Sri Lanka into its next Golden Age.

    He has EARNED my TRUST as no other leader of Sri Lanka has.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    Tamils, Muslims and MOST Christians have LONG left MR.

    Now Buddhists too leave him.

    Don’t attach too much importance to UG’s return. He came AFER HIRUNIKA left. He is eyeing the CHIEF MINISTER post!

    BTW thank you for allowing my comments. You are a good Buddhist with TOLERANCE.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    What an insult is that!

    My3 gave PRIORITY to Buddhism.

    MR gave priority to a south Endian Hindu shrine. (And to Pope in a month’s time.)

    That is the difference.

    e.g. On the new year day I do religious work. FIRST I go to church. ONLY afterwards I go to a Buddhist temple.

  29. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Lorenzo Says:
    December 11th, 2014 at 5:34 am<<<

    Again, a RED HERRING!

    No one is questioning MR's Buddhism or commitment to Buddhism, as it was he that finally defeated the LTTE, not Ranil nor Chandrika nor anyone else sponsoring Maithripala.

    There ARE some questions, however, from Hindus and Catholics concerning whether MR cares about them. so it makes perfect sense for him to go visit their Pope and sacred Hindu temples.

    And you should be mindful that the FIRST campaign rally of the season started TODAY at the site of holiest Bodhi tree in the country under the blessings of the MAHA sangha, not at a Catholic church or a Hindu temple.

    Maithripala is AFRAID to go to a Hindu temple or a Catholic Church because people DO question his Buddhist bona fides, as he has never hung out this much with monks in his entire life. The US Embassy folks gave him one mission – go out and DIVIDE the Buddhist vote and we will take care of the minority vote. And from what we can see, this is EXACTLY what Maithripala is trying to do.

  30. Independent Says:

    “Maithripala is AFRAID to go to a Hindu temple or a Catholic Church because people DO question his Buddhist bona fides, as he has never hung out this much with monks in his entire life.”

    Is this your OWN personal knowledge of the news desk from “Weerakoon” ?

  31. Independent Says:

    Yes. We do. Because we have given him so much respect for so long. That is more than enough.
    There are better suited people than him. He should have left with honour rather than taking 2/3 of the country to his own and his relatives control.
    I too have spoken to many in Sri Lanka. Most are fed up with him. Just look at the stupid poster campaign. What kind of low class wonder of Asia are we ? Shameful !

  32. Vimutti Says:


    I have taught Dhamma school at a local temple here in Kandy, and when I heard Maithripala try to sing an old Dhamma school song in front of the media, it was clear that he was trying TOO hard to convince others that he is a sincere Buddhist. It just wasn’t natural.

    And when have YOU seen Maithripala hang out with monks PRIOR to this election? I have searched relentlessly for any Buddhist connection and could not find any. It’s as though he went to Dhamma school as a kid many decades ago and then completely forgot about Buddhism during the rest of his life in his quest for more fame, recognition, and power.

    And have you asked yourself why Maithripala does NOT go to a Catholic church or Hindu temple to campaign? If he does not think he has these votes in the bag like the US Embassy folks promissed, then this is peculiar behavior.

  33. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HOT NEWS.!!!!

    I said in one of these columns that TWENTY..20.. UNP ers were to CROSS OVER TO THE GOVERNMENT SIDE. THEY WERE ALL WAITING FOR A PARTICULAR DEVELOPMENT AND SIGNAL. What is this development ? They were waiting for a positive response to secret MOUs signed particularly with the TNA. Now the essence of the SECRET PACT confirms that those three who signed them, THE TRAITOR, THE SALIVATING FOX, AND THE BANDITKWEEN, have sold the Country back to the Terrorists Tamils of the infamous TNA, on an irrevocable damning agreement.

    ALL THE UNP MEMBERS ARE VERY DISTURBED ABOUT THIS DEVELOPMENT. They now want to beat the figure 40 cross over in the upcountry district. UNP ers are not going to take this challenge to sell the country to TAMIL TERRORIST-TNA




  34. SA Kumar Says:

    Hindus and Catholics concerning whether MR cares about them. so it makes perfect sense for him to go visit their Pope and sacred Hindu temples.- agreed. also he should go to Muslim Mosque as well .
    Even We Tamils not able to find any wrong doing even though He killed Our Thesiya Thalaivar.

    MR deserve 3rd team to complete Eelam war IV (not finished yet) to fully implement 13A.

  35. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  36. SA Kumar Says:

    What we We-Tamil do with this jumping business ? leave us alone We fighted for a TE for last 33 years losted at Nanthikadal but you gave us Two TE (NP -Saiva TE, EP- Muslim TE)

    A BOMB PLACED IN THE ENGINE ROOM- No our Eelam war V not start yet ( We’ve not recovered from Mullivakkal yet- it may take at least another 33 years)

  37. Eusense Says:

    Mostly you write sense. However, I need to ask you this question, why are you a staunch supporter of MR. MR has done an excellent job getting rid of terrorism and bringing peace. He has taken every effort to make SL a better place to live by building roads and highways, getting foreign investments and beautifying Colombo etc. etc. However, I see he has allowed the country to be corrupt to the core and over the years he has shown no interest in remedying the situation. In his current election manifesto/pledges I see no mention of mending corruption. Don’t you think we have given him enough time to shape up or get out?

  38. Samanthi Says:

    I knew from begining that Udhaya would come back. He is a real son of Mother Lanka. Although he was initially misguided and forced by the separatist elements in the JHU to leave MR, Udhaya has the brain to separate good from bad. It is also a cap in the feather of GR who is his real mentor!

  39. Samanthi Says:

    Please also see what Venerable Ellawala Medhanandha Nayaka Thero has said in this regard:

    ජාතික හෙළ උරුමයේ රතන හිමි හා චම්පික රණවක මහතා එම පක්‍ෂයේ ප‍්‍රතිපත්ති වලට ගරු කරන්නේ නම් බෙදුම්වාදී දෙමළ ජාතික සන්ධානය සමග එක්වී සිටින රනිල් වික‍්‍රමසිංහ හා චන්ද්‍රිකා කුමාරතුංග කණ්ඩායමට බැදී මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතා පරාජය කිරීමට කටයුතු කරන්නේ කෙසේ දැයි ජාතික හෙළ උරුමයේ හිටපු නායක පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත‍්‍රී හෙටක් රටක් සංවිධානයේ සභාපති එල්ලපාවල මේධානන්ද හිමියෝ පවසති.

    කොළඹදී පැවති සග සමුළුවක් අමතමින් උන් වහන්සේ කියා සිටියේ රතන හිමි සහ චම්පික ඇතුලූ කල්ලිය විසින් හෙළ උරැමය බෙදුම්වාදී අගුපිලට දක්කාගෙන ගොස් ඇති බවයි.

  40. Lorenzo Says:


    MR didn’t win the war alone. It was the sacrifices of 27,000 soldiers that won the war.

    MOST important is WHAT he did AFTER the war. He messed up.

    He gives SECOND PLACE to Buddhism unlike My3 who gives Buddhism the SUPREME FIRST PLACE.

  41. Lorenzo Says:


    UG returned after the CHIEF MINISTER post of WPC became vacant with Hirunika crossing over.

    NOT out of any good reason. Tissa joined MR for the HEALTH MINISTRY.

    I think you have not forgotten the Benz car incident of a certain Buddhist monk.

  42. Samanthi Says:

    My learned friend Lorenzo, I am sorry to say that you’re wrong this time. I am not sure what ministerial position Hiru Nikam held at WPC (if at all she held any position other than a mere councilor post of the local body)but surely not the CM position. The CM position never felt vacant; it is hold by Prasanna Ranatunge.

    Yes, I know about the Benz car incident. It was CBK who offered a Benz car to the Most Venerable Maha Nayake Theoro of the Asgiriya Chapter to silence him against CBK’s separatist agenda. But the great monk returned it to the dismay of CBK. In any case, what is the relevance of it here?

    Also, I don’t think Tissa is greedy about the Health Minister position. In his speech, Tissa categorically said that he asked MR to wait until the end of Prez election to offer it but MR is the one who insisted Tissa to begin the work in this very imporatnat ministry right away. I think the main reason why Tissa left UNP is his frustation about the sabby treatment meted out to him by some members of the newly appointed leadership council. Didn’t you hear that Tissa resigned from his membership in that LC a few weeks ago?

  43. Independent Says:

    Please asked the Chief Monks Malwatte and Asgiriya and the Subodharamaya local temple Ven. Dhammavasa thero for their opinion.

  44. Independent Says:

    I don’t know what you taught is Dhamma School. But a person going to Tirupati Temple for blessing at a very important time of his life is definitely is “Mitya Dushtika” category.

  45. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I do have a deadly defect … I write too much sense! I should be jumping up and down like our resident war-games expert Lorenzo yelling “The Emperor is Corrupt” and presenting copious LISTS of INSIGNIFICANT molehill issues that he desperately wants to blow up into veritable mountains, in his Regime-Change war-game strategy!

    Corruption in Sri Lanka was NOT INVENTED by MR; he inherited a society and a political system that was oiled by corruption. In every government Sri Lanka had, there was corruption, with Ministerial portfolios as licenses to grow rich at the expense of the public. That was so during Ranil’s, Premadasa’s, CBK’s, JR’s, and even Sirimavo’s governments.

    However, while there was corruption in those governments, there was ALSO LITTLE ECONOMIC PROGRESS, in the country, and NO PROGRESS on preserving the territorial integrity of the nation and security for the people to live safely. These governments tried to be “good Buddhists” abandoning their PRIME DUTY to protect and preserve the lives of the people. Also, the SIZE of the ECONOMY stagnated, the economic pie was not getting bigger to serve the rapidly increasing educated population with increasing aspirations and expectations. There was NO VISION for defending nation or for growing the pie.

    ALL THAT changed dramatically with the rise of the current UPFA government.

    The war to eradicate separatist terror was fought with the will and determination required to win it, and the economic war to drag our Motherland into the Modern Age was, was injected with a new Vision. Judicious Economic and Investment Risks required to give our people the tools to help themselves, were taken. This involved expanding the banking system to make investment money available to businesses, and borrowing the necessary investment funds to create the necessary capital intensive infrastructure, and establishing alliances with other nations that are willing to invest in Sri Lanka without interfering in and destabilizing the recovering post war society.

    All of this expanded involvement in the economy by the GOSL meant that large sums of borrowed money, a thousand fold greater than deployed hitherto by previous governments, was being spent visibly for massive infrastructure undertakings, making that a target of the jealous anti-government forces. Some money was certainly leaking out through corruption, but no more as a percentage than in previous governments; but the amounts are large because the budget is very large, and it is a source of envy by those out of power.

    These insanely jealous groups, out of power, now given an object lesson of how the country can be developed rapidly, without access to the government till, and steamrolled into impotence by the SUCCESS that is being wrought before their very eyes, searched for ways and means of getting back on the gravy train.

    They saw how regimes were changed in the Arab Spring by propaganda alone, they saw the friction developing with the Regime-Changing Western Powers as a result of the Sri Lanka – China Alliance, they see as a useful tool the Tamil Diaspora with their fabricated War Crimes allegations. They then decided to ADOPT the same strategy for REGIME CHANGE change, and to ally themselves with Sri Lanka’s foreign enemies for that purpose. It is not without reason that the puppets, without any intrinsic merit of their own, received invitations to MIT and Harvard and elsewhere for onsite coaching on Regime Change strategy, and were pandered to by the Regime Change artistes as they had pandered to Ahmed Chalabi of Iraq!

    Ergo, we have a massive wave of foreign-funded propagandists online, flooding the social media, Facebook, Twitter, web blogs, text messaging, newspapers, all funded, aided and abetted by the Regime Change artists who brought down the governments of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Ukraine, engineered a rebellion in Syria, and are pursuing the strategies in Russia and China as well.

    Propagation of Human Rights and Democrazy is their PRETEXT, but preservation of Western Hegemony at all costs, whatever the cost in lives and human destruction they sow, is the OBJECTIVE with local people and anti-national forces greedy for pomp and power in their countries, soon to be destroyed, as their puppets and weapon choice to do their bidding.

    And so it is that we find ourselves today in Sri Lanka, poised on the threshold of foreign inspired Electoral Coup-de-Etat in collusion with local collaborators to OVERTURN the PATRIOTIC NATIONAL GOVERNMENT of the country that stands in their way.

    The projected path to their goal is through winning a Presidential Election and using the Executive Power of the Presidency to Gut the National Constitution ILLEGALLY, to Change the Leadership of the Parliament ILLEGALLY, and promising a de-facto partition of the Nation to the defeated separatists, and to SERVE their FOREIGN PAYMASTERS by ENSLAVING our Sovereign Motherland to a foreign yoke.

    That ENSLAVEMENT to a foreign yoke, and not the pre-textual elimination of corruption, and uplifting of democracy and human rights, is in a NUTSHELL, what is afoot and at stake in this Presidential Election.

    PATRIOTS! RISE UP in your millions to UTTERLY DEFEAT & DEMOLISH this FOREIGN CONSPIRACY to ENSLAVE our Motherland by RE-ELECTING on January 8, 2015 our heroic war-winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to the Executive Presidency!

    Let us CONTINUE our MARCH as ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, unfettered and free, under his PATRIOTIC Leadership, to build Mother Lanka into the New Wonder of Asia!

  46. Indrajith Says:

    I am a Buddhist, but when I go to Nagadeepa I also go to the adjoining Hindu temple, when I go to Trinco, I go to Koneswaram Kovil, When I go to Katharagama, I first go to Kiri Vehera and then the Maha Dhevalaya. When I go to Kathmandu, I go to Pasupathinath and Swayambunath Hindu temples. When I go to Singapore, I go to the Buddhist temple as well as the Weerama Kali Amman Kovil. However, all these years, I remain a Buddhist although not practicing it 100% perfect. I think our going to Hindu temples along with Buddist temples is a part of our culture going back to Polonnaruwa era. So, I don’t see any wrong in going to Thirupathi temple by Prez Mahindha Rajapakse. In the last two occations too he went to this particular temple and his winning as Prez helped us to win the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world!

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