Dhumb Sirisena & the Peanut Episode – Absolute Power Corrupts Most Humans!
Posted on January 20th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

When the Korean Airlines executive Ms Cho Hyun-ah, abused her power over a packet of peanuts, as the daughter of Cho Yang-ho the Executive Chairman of Korean Airlines, she was publicly “Grounded” from all her powerful positions in the company.



Similar incidents are now racing around Colombo by Dhumb Sirisena, the newly empowered son of the newly elected President Maithri Sirisena.

Actually looking at the Dhumb Sirisen photos in Facebook, he resembles somewhat like, Namal Rajapaksa, but with a face more like a common ill-educated thug.

Unless, President Sirisena uses his own personality to control the “wild horses” of CBK-Ranil, as well as his own Sirisena clan, now led by his own thuggery son Dhumb, the Sirisena government will run into “Brick Wall” sooner than expected.

Already the “dead-men” from LTTE Tamil Terrorist Diaspora are beginning to walk, using the great road infrastructure built by ex President Rajapaksa. Parallel to the Tamil-Muslim ambitions, the corrupt UNP brigade is sharpening their horns, will be the first to gore President Sirisena by highlighting the corruption from within, by his own family.

One writer pleaded to ex-General Sarath Fonseka that the ole soldier should be prepared to take over the reins, in the absence of comfort from the New Regime.

Although, Sarath Fonseka might still have affable connections in the Defense Forces, Fonseka still carries the “stigma of corruption” by using his son-in-law (now released on-bail).

“Sarath Fonseka, his son-in-law Danuna Tilakaratne and Director of HiCorp Pvt. Ltd. Wellington De Hoedt were accused of defrauding the Army by purchasing military hardware going beyond the tender procedure.”


Time will show “How the Cookie Crumbles!”

PS: May I add that, I supported ex-President Rajapaksa, Chamal Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa, Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, and with a low-esteem on Namal Rajapaksa, till the news hovered around the family connections to corruption.

I have followed opinion of Lorenzo with interest, and look forward to his practical and patriotic comments.

As a fellow journalist, I hold a deep respect for Mr. HLD Mahindapala, and his approach towards the Sri Lankan political bandwagon.

An example of corruption!
I was approached by a Sri Lankan businessman-entrepreneur during 2013-2014, seeking an investment of US$40-50 million for a questionable Business Plan.

The “bottom fell-off” when I was told that the “cash-price” or bribe to a well known (Opposition) UNP politician who is able to “make-the-clock-tick” within Temple Trees, would be US$ 5 million, upfront. This sounded more like a “Silly Scam” for the Deaf & Dumb. “Sh*t” then hit the fan or the pan. The project interest was flushed down the Dubai toilet, in disgust.

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46 Responses to “Dhumb Sirisena & the Peanut Episode – Absolute Power Corrupts Most Humans!”

  1. Vimutti Says:

    As stated before: ALL POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT! This means Ranil and the UNP are just as corrupt as the SLFP, and at some point the Buddhist voter will figure this out and stop dividing their vote over the corruption issue and DEMAND that the government deliver on THEIR issues: High Cost of Living, Jobs Growth, and Security.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Lanka News Web seems to be very good in publishing somewhat accurate independent news. There I have found some advice to Dhumb Sirisena and his behaviour compared to Malaka Silva.
    This dumbo must be stopped right now if we are to have any hope on My3 based on these reports.
    I believe Prof is referring to the same incident and he may have more connections.

    But I would like to paste a report from the same website for his information as he still loves MR.

    Mahinda’s ivories surface at Jayantha’s yard!

    Monday, 19 January 2015 08:09

    Peliyagoda police have seized two container-loads of ivories and artifact owned by former president Mahinda Rajapaksa. According to police sources, the two containers had been seized at the container yard owned by Nawaloka group chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa.
    Yard workers have told police the two containers had been brought there at midnight on January 09. The raid was conducted on information received by Peliyagoda police. Custodians of the yard have told police the two containers belonged to the ex-president.

  3. Nanda Says:

    I honestly belive Prof. Mclean’s intention was to bring this young man to proper path, for his own good as well for the good of the country for which his father has a lot of responsibility.

    It is very important that that the fathers must contorl their sons firmly, not allowing them to ruin themselves. I remember Maa-Hindaa said recently to “leave the sons alone” as an advice to My3. This is wrong advice. How could he, who is breaking all 5 precepts advice My3. My3 has the qulifications to advice his son firmly ASAP

    Please see this hot news. We don’t know how true, but it is a good lesson.

    Yasara accuses Yoshitha of murdering her friend!

    Thursday, 15 January 2015 16:17 Lanka News Web

    yasaraYasara Abeynayake accuses Yoshitha Rajapaksa of having murdered, at Park Road, Colombo 05 in 2009, the Muslim rugger player Mohamed Wasim Thajudeen, during the time the president son was having a love affair with her. Thajudeen, playing for Havelock Sports Club, was also the vice captain of the Sri Lanka rugby team.

    Yoshitha, who has a very bad temper, had suspected that Thajudeen was having an affair with Yasara, a suspicion which made him murder the rugby player, Yasara alleges. Yoshitha had hated Thajudeen for having mentioned a birthmark Yasara was having during a heated exchange of words with Yoshitha.

    According to Yasara, Yoshitha had sent Navy officers friendly with him and PSD men to commit the killing at dawn on a day in 2009. After killing Thajudeen, his body had been set on fire inside his car. Police found his wallet from another location at Park Road, which proved that he had been killed there, body put into the car and set on fire.

    Yoshitha had covered up the investigation through the notorious DIG Anura Senanayake. Following the murder, the senior policeman had gone there on the order of Yoshitha and took hold of the investigation reports made by the traffic division of Kirulapone Police and destroyed them, Yasara says.

    Yasara, who lives in Australia now, says this killing ended her love affair with Yoshitha. Thereafter, she and her family had been sent to Australia at the instigation of the Rajapaksa family in order to hide this particular killing as well as the nefarious deals done by Yoshitha, she says.

    She also says Yoshitha is now having a love affair with a daughter of Lohan Ratwatte in order to marry into an upcountry aristocratic family and get appointed as Basnayake Nilame of Sri Dalada Maligawa.

    Yasara says in conclusion that if all the appointments made by the former Rajapaksa regime to the Foreign Service are cancelled and they were brought back to Sri Lanka, the lives of her family members as well as that of her own would be in grave danger.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    OK, I get it prof!!

    But still I agree with the Prof.

    Pachcha Sira (Dudley) and Dasa Sira (Daham) are going to cause A LOT of trouble for My3 (affectionately called Maru Sira). We are yet to see the REAL antics of Pachcha Sira. He is determined to control ALL paddy and rice trade of the country. There is another SHADOWY figure lets call him Kochchi Sira who is also into notorious work. Even Bokku Sira is now after government construction contracts.

    After he became president, many of his poor distant relatives have surrounded him begging for money, land, houses, jobs, business, etc.

    We have complained to My3. NO response.

    Hopefully he will keep them LEASHED. He knows what Namal was up to and how he ended up.

    Leadership is all about achieving the EXTRAORDINARY from ORDINARY people.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Come on now Nanda!

    Please don’t paste that Lankanewsweb CRAPP. Don’t believe them.

    Its all BS. They NEVER tell the truth.

    Abeynayakes are trying to SIDE with My3 and KEEP their POSH foreign SL govt. jobs. Don’t be fooled.

    Moderator, please DELETE.

  6. ranjit Says:

    Yahapalanaya has already started in every corner of the country by CBK,Ranil,Sirisena thugs joined by JVP thugs. How much support does JVP has in Sri Lanka? We do not know any good thing they have done to the progress of Sri Lanka except we do know that they were the architect of two insurrections which killed many youths in 80’s & 90’s. All the bad corrupt guys in yesteryear has started to go hunting on corrupt guys in the Rajapksa Govt as if they haven’t done nothing sort of corruption at all. Ravi Karu is a well know master crook and they have appointed him as Finance Minister. What a joke. Lucky for everyone that he hasn’t got the Sathosa this time.

    All the jokers are acting like first timers in their jobs. We will see more of Matugama incidents in the future with these Gestapo clique. Already the bigwigs son’s have started to play havoc on the ground and we can see more of those dramas in time to come. I hope within three months in the coming General elections these cowboys will be sent home by the ballot of our countrymen.

  7. Nanda Says:

    As I said I don’t trust it even 70% but Their previous news have been accurate. But I don’t dismiss it either. That include some hot news Lankaweb itself published, quoting them.
    But please don’t remind the moderator. It is none of your business. Of course the moderator will do it if necessary.
    You may have links to My3 but don’t try to teach people.
    I have no links to anyone and I will be the worst criticiser if it becomes necessary.

  8. Nanda Says:

    “Yahapalanaya has already started in every corner of the country by CBK,Ranil,Sirisena thugs joined by JVP thugs. ”

    At the moment it is not as bad as Mahinda’s thugs. But it may evolve further to worse side. Politicians become blind when they come to power. They become saints close to elections.

    But you said “I hope within three months in the coming General elections these cowboys will be sent home by the ballot of our countrymen.” , which is not right. That means you have predetermined.
    If all depends on My3’s behaviour. If UNP behave bad , who cares ? Let them behave that way.
    But if good people’s children behave bad whom are you going to vote for ? Their will not be a Mahinda for you to vote. It will be SLFP le by My3 or UNP. What do you chose ?

  9. Christie Says:

    Namaste; One has already gone to Delhi the new Centre and the Capital of the Indian Empire to thank for the support provided by Indian at the recent election. The Emperor may visit the Colony in March. Jai Hind.

  10. Sarath W Says:

    President MY3 has to remove the h in his son’s name and it will be Dumb Sirisena. Then people will forgive him when he does stupid things.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Indian Empire to thank -Agreed you only listen , do not worry We-Demilays ready to kick next patch of IPKF .

  12. aloy Says:

    This is where the catch is
    “All the parties in the coalition would have a forum under the leadership of Chandrika Kumaratunga, tentatively called the National Executive Council. (Times of India) – ”
    They want to ride on somebody’s back and break his legs, perhaps a sinister plan.

  13. Nimal Says:

    Looks like we can’t save our beloved country from homebred thugs and crooks, hope the new not will pull their skeletons out of their cupboards to haunt the country. If this lot fail us then we must have the likes of colonials back to save the island. That’s the honest truth.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    a sinister plan- So won war but you lost the country .
    never mind We-Demilays will get it back than give to you to fight with us.
    otherwise to boring to live in our mother lanka where 80% passed GCE O/L .

  15. Nimal Says:

    SA K
    SL belongs to all communities. If you want a land for yourselves the TN is the place.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Sorry I am Hela-Demilaya (Eelath Thamilan) .


    SA Kuma, What happened to Hela-Demilaya VOTE. Where did they disappear to. Which ballot box did they end up with? It looks like Hela-Demalays are more patriotic than Hela SINHALAYS! 70% of killinochchi votes against MR, Who can believe this?

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    Please accept defied as you know We-Tamil would have been voted 100% to MS .
    We do not like only because he killed our TE 33 years self declared Thesiya Thalaivar VP.

    passed is passed live & let live until Eelam war V.

    NB/ please one can explain me why UNP is sitting ruling side in parliament & SLFP in opposite party side.
    UNP got majority now in parliament 225/2 =112 plus ???
    Amme I do not understand ??? My Sinhala brother what happing ? bring back VP from graveyard or Gota !!!

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Prof Hudson.

    “Patriotic Comments” by backstabber, turncoat and despicable Drohiya “Facebook” Lorenzo???

    You have GOT TO BE KIDDING, right? Or have you been imbibing some moonshine hiding behind your desk?

    “Facebook” Lorenzo is ONE who burrowed deep into the Patriotic FRont and bided his time to stab our Motherland in the back.

    Now, the unashamed HYPOCRITE that “Facebook” Lorenzo is, he and his TEAM (aka Nanda, Independent etc etc ad nauseam, ad infinitum) are trying to crawl back under cover among the Patriots making a few comments CRITICAL of Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisens, our newly elected President thanks in part to them, to smoothe the path back in!

    They are FIRMLY convinced that the “Patriots” will accept them with “Open Arms” in the spirit of “Reconciliation” until the next time they will STAB the Sinhalaya in the back again, given their CORRECT belief that “Sinhalayas are Modayas, Kavum Kanda Yodayas!!

    BUT, once in a while the “Kavum Kana Yodayas” fail to conform, and wipe out the “Unceasing Waves” completely!

    That 2nd WIPE OUT EVENT is building now; WAIT FOR IT … this time it will be terrifying to behold and there will be NO RECONCILIATION at all!


    On a RELATED MATTER, LankaWeb bloggers,

    Have you noticed something strange lately … that is, ever since the MS victory in the Presidential Election?

    Well, “Nanda” used to be a Buddhist Scripture spouting anti-MR blogger, writing broken English but excellent Sinhala! Everything he said was in support of Dharmishta “Yapalanaya” albeit with undisguised VENOM directed against MR and the UPFA.

    NOW he DOES NOT WRITE IN SINHALA, but writes excellent English!!!

    Wow, what a sudden transformation!! Must have gone in for a crash course in GCE O/L English tuition!

    Did I FAIL TO SAY, that there is a TEAM of REGIME CHANGE puppeteers blogging at LankaWeb.com in cahoots with “Facebook” Lorenzo??? Pardon me for the lapse, if I didn’t folks!

    DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS as to whether these are real individuals, or are interchangeable AVATARS on a PROPAGANDA TEAM led by “Facebook” Lorenzo!

    Watch CAREFULLY for the coming metamorphosis from traitors back into patriots, Now you see it, and now you don’t!!

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    Apita epa eka angalakwath,

    Annuge deseka mey mahapolowe!

    Malath nodemu eka angalakwath,

    Api ipidunu mey maupolowe!

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    ranjit said,

    “Already the bigwigs son’s have started to play havoc on the ground and we can see more of those dramas in time to come.”

    These guys NEVER LEARN do they, that what they SEND around will COME around to haunt them too …. in the not too distant future?

    Birth, death and rebirth of foolishness in an eternal unending cycle!

  22. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more thing, now the war is written up in US and Indian articles as a “civil war” when we have gone through this for many years after the war ended that it was a “war against Tamil Hindu terrorism”. We detailed why and under Rajapakse the media finally came around in calling it just that “a war against terrorism”

    Now that Rajapakse has been ousted it is back to being a “Sri Lankan civil war”

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let us see how Maithripala Sirisena protects our war heroes from Western and Tamil Diaspora witch-hunts and what he will TRADE in EXCHANGE! Nothing short of Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity I FEAR!

    This will MAKE OR BREAK the new Government!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What have you done to our Motherland??

    Helping Sri Lanka’s New Democracy

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Jan 20 (NYT) Sri Lanka’s voters shocked themselves and the world this month by tossing out their president, who crushed the Tamil insurgency in 2009 and then led the country, along with his brother as defense secretary, to the brink of authoritarianism.

    The new president has promised to restore freedom of the press, independence of judges, and the rights of religious and ethnic minorities.
    Democracy advocates, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say this is the country’s most important chance to open a new chapter in more than a decade.

    But the country must make sure that members of the ousted regime do not return to power and that the new government can secure its authority. The United States – and only the United States – can do something to help make that happen.

    The former president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, and his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, aren’t politically dead yet. Critical parliamentary elections are scheduled for April. The new president, Maithripala Sirisena, rode to electoral victory on the back of a diverse group of parties. He must now consolidate his power so that democratic reform can go ahead.

    What can the United States do to help? Mr. Kerry said the United States would take up longstanding human rights concerns with the new government. The State Department has spearheaded the creation of a United Nations investigation into war crimes committed under the Rajapaksa regime during the country’s civil war, which lasted from 1983 to 2009.

    But that inquiry offers both too much and too little at this point. Too much, because pushing for full, sweeping accountability in this fragile moment of transition could destabilize the new government and jeopardize the warming of relations between the United States and Sri Lanka. Too little, because the United Nations investigation doesn’t have any teeth -the panel leading it doesn’t have the powers of a criminal tribunal, and cannot even impose a financial penalty.

    Here is where Washington can play a constructive role.

    Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former defense secretary, oversaw the Sri Lankan armed forces’ worst atrocities during the final stages of the civil war and, as it happens, he is a naturalized American citizen. (Indeed, he used to live in Los Angeles, where he worked as a computer systems operator at Loyola Law School.)

    As a citizen, Mr. Rajapaksa can be held liable under the War Crimes Act of 1996, which puts war crimes anywhere in the world under the jurisdiction of United States courts if the perpetrator, or the victim, is a United States citizen. Put another way, the United States has a perfect justification to go after Mr. Rajapaksa individually.

    Independent observers have long viewed Gotabaya Rajapaksa as an obstacle, perhaps even more than his brother, to a smooth political transition in Sri Lanka. There is little indication that he will respect the new government, which has opened an investigation to look into widely reported allegations that he and his brother attempted to engineer a military coup to overturn the election results.

    It is in the new government’s interest to move decisively to protect its democratic victory by eliminating the threat of Mr. Rajapaksa’s return to power. That is a distinct possibility if his brother, Mahinda, succeeds in a bid to maintain control over the powerful opposition party.

    That’s why marginalizing Mr. Rajapaksa now is important. The new president, Mr. Sirisena, has signaled that he is open to domestic criminal prosecutions to ward off foreign war crimes trials. And the president’s spokesman has indicated that the government may be willing to prosecute specific war crimes, such as the so-called White Flag incident, in which surrendering Tamil leaders with white flags were allegedly executed by soldiers on the final day of the civil war. That’s a highly significant statement because, as many Sri Lankans know, and as the State Department reported to Congress, the army chief at the time said that Mr. Rajapaksa gave the order �they must all be killed,� and later added that he would be willing to testify in a war crimes trial.

    But proceeding against Mr. Rajapaksa will be politically challenging for the new Sri Lankan government to do on its own. The United States could help by signaling its own interest in opening a criminal case against Mr. Rajapaksa in the event that Sri Lanka doesn’t. That would give the new government both an opportunity and a justification to clean its house. Because of Mr. Rajapaksa’s citizenship, the United States would also be less vulnerable to accusations that it was meddling in the affairs of another nation.

    The Obama administration might even say, in a very public way, that it will decide whether to proceed with its own criminal inquiry after giving Sri Lanka’s new establishment an opportunity to move first. Such signals from the United States could help politically marginalize the Rajapaksas at a critical point in the life of the country. They would also bolster President Sirisena’s efforts to have the country repudiate the past and recognize that its best future lies with his administration. The United States should do its part to bring accountability to Sri Lanka and assist its transition to democracy.

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    I feel really sorry for Ananda-USA. He is still in the DENIAL PHASE of mourning.

    Get over it Ananda-USA. We all have the right to support WHATEVER political party of our choice. I ran a massive campaign for My3 in facebook, etc. Gave KILLER propaganda and election ideas to My3 camp which they were WISE enough to accept from humble Lorenzo. TRUE! That is MY right. That does NOT make me a TERRORIST or a TRAITOR or anything else.

    The rest was done by MR, SB, BBS, etc.!!

    SL does not equal MR. There are 21 million other SLs there.

  25. AnuD Says:

    This articled and some comments are all to protect the old-boys club. they mourn the loss of Rajapakse clan. Even the prof says, that the Temple trees supported corruption. but, he did not say which UNPer wanted $ 5 million deposited in his name in order to carry out this business deal.

    Rajapakse sibilings are of enormous number criminal, defrauding and corrupt activities. President’s son has gone to the race course with a large number of security and that pi$$ed off this patriots.

    Come on, grow up guys. You people think all are dumb just like you guys.

  26. Indrajith Says:


    Mangala promises demilitarisation of North, domestic war crimes probe

    … calls upon TNA to join govt.

    January 20, 2015, 10:16 pm


    Our Special Correspondent

    NEW DELHI, January 20: Sri Lankan Minister of External Affairs Mangala Samaraweera has outlined a series of steps President Maithripala Sirisena’s Government will undertake to achieve national reconciliation in the civil war-ravaged island-nation.

    Talking to a select group of journalists here on Monday, he said the new government will demilitarise the Northern Province, order a domestic probe into the excesses reportedly committed during the last phase of the so-called Eelam War IV in 2009, and take suitable steps to provide relief and justice to victims of the civil war that tore the country apart for nearly three decades.

    He also said the government will soon initiate a dialogue with the one-million-strong Sri Lankan diaspora scattered across the globe to seek its help to rebuild the North.

    The minister expressed the hope that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will respond positively to President Sirisena’s invitation to join the government and actively participate in executing its plans to transform the country into an inclusive liberal democracy.

    Samaraweera said the appointment of veteran diplomat HMGS Palihakkara as the civilian Governor of the Northern Province in place of one-time Jaffna military commander and Major General GA Chandrasiri, and the lifting of restrictions banning foreign nationals visiting former war zones are initial signals of what the government wants to do to achieve national reconicliation.

    When I asked what the government plans to do at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva when the human rights situation in Sri Lanka will come up for discussion in March, he said the government will soon set up a domestic probe with UN assistance into what actually happened in the war zone in the months before the LTTE was militarily defeated by the security forces in May 2009.

    He said he has summoned Sri Lankan envoys in Washington, New York and Geneva to Colombo to discuss this issue on Tuesday.

    He dismissed apprehensions that such a probe may upset the majority community in the island, and said: “There is no question of anybody being upset by an honest domestic probe into the crimes the world community says were committed during the last stages of war.

    “We owe it to those of our people who were wronged, who were displaced, and who were made to suffer. As an inclusive democratic government, we should try to provide justice, relief and compensation to all those who suffered,” Samaraweera declared.

    When he made an appeal to Sri Lankan Tamil refugees who fled the island during riots and civil war and living in India and other parts of the world to return home, a journalist said former LTTE cadres and banned Tamil terrorist groups may come back and make trouble again, the minister said nothing of the kind will happen.

    He explained: “They all are our people. They left their homeland for certain reasons. We are now trying to set things right by running an inclusive government. For decades, we have been trying to achieve national reconciliation without success. People of all communities have voted our government to power. There is a consensus that we all must live together in peace and harmony.”

    He said it was primarily to dissuade the Sinhalese from voting for the opposition that the previous regime tried to instil in their minds the fear that the LTTE will be reborn if drastic steps are not taken to put the Tamils down. I have met some of the people in London whose groups were banned by the earlier government. I do not believe that they are terrorists.”

    Samaraweera said the government has been talking to the TNA. “We have invited them to join the government. We are looking forward to having them in the government, and to their active help and participation in achieving genuine national reconiciliation.”

    He said there are already lots of proposals made to achieve national reconciliation, such as the Thimpu Proposals, the Mangala Moonesinghe Proposals, the CBK (Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga) Proposals, to name but a few. Who go for a new Parliament Select Committee? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

    “All these years we failed to achieve national reconciliation because there was no political will. Now there is a political will. We are optimistic about pulling it off this time,” the minister asserted.

  27. Nanda Says:

    Ananda- USA CITIZEN,
    There was a time, 40 years ago, both you and me wrote , spoke broken English but excellent Sinhala. Now at this age both of us have the ability to write in good English but at this age we miss out words, letters, commas, capitals easily.

    I still have the Sir Lankan ID, Passport, properties and pay tax there. I can still write excellent Sinhala and teach you Buddhism.

    You, who has given up Sri Lankan citizenship and declared full alliance to the YankiLand only have unceasing desire to travel in Rakapakse’s highways, enjoy stay in his hotels, enjoy nights out in Colombo but have no heart to respect the vote of everyday Sri Lankan struggling to survive thanks to this brutal thief’s Hora Palanaya.

    Your unceasing waves of patriotism is to ONE MAN AND HIS FAMILY and to your selfish desires.

  28. Nimal Says:

    Just now on the 9 PM news saw Mr Rajapaksa attending the Sri Dalda Maligawa,truly sad to seem after all he fought the separatist and destroyed them. He is most welcome to be my guest in UK and I will remember him and his united family for that effort.
    Sincerely hope he will make an effort to damage control the darker side of his alleged bad reputation and come to an agreement in compiling the assets to the benefit of the country.
    He had bad company that brought his demise and egg on our faces. He should now retire and let the history judge him for his good deeds. Hope the present regime will make it easy for him, while going after the vile bunch who seems to have disgraced him.

  29. Nimal Says:

    You are right about the expatriates coming back to SL and not knowing the struggles of the suffering people. I do mingle with people at the street level most of my time in SL but spend a day or two in Cinnamon grand just to escape the depressive state of the country that gets into you.

  30. Nanda Says:

    This unelected , 90% UNP government can promise anything , but people of Sri Lanka has given mandate ONLY to implement policies Mr. Maithripala Sirisena published.

    Anything against it or even something hidden inside there, people have the right to have street protests to do a Regime Change easily, unlike previous government, who were destroying the country and its unitary nature slowly and secretly. We all can join these protests and I invite my ex-friend Ananda the USA CITIZEN to join, as he now can travel without permits, everywhere in Sir Lanka, unlike his beloved MR’s government time.

  31. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “There was a time, 40 years ago, both you and me wrote , spoke broken English but excellent Sinhala.”

    Again you side step the point, which is that after you started commenting at LankaWeb, just a few months ago, you were writing in broken English but writing excellent Sinhala and quoting Buddhist Scripture to hide you real agenda. That was until MS won the Election after which you speak and write excellent English, but no Sinhala!

    That is a DEAD GIVEAWAY of role players hiding under sheepskins; they cannot maintain the facade of deception forever. You were what we call an AVATAR at blogsites.

    Trying to draw red herrings across the trail to DIVERT ATTENTION won’t work here!

    BTW, Excepting typos, I NEVER SPOKE or WROTE BROKEN English for any reason, at any time, including 40 years ago!

    Furthermor, you keep on writing BS about my citizenship matters you really have NO CLUE about, and I am not going to enlighten you!

    Also, in saying “Your unceasing waves of patriotism is to ONE MAN AND HIS FAMILY and to your selfish desires” is WAY OFF BASE!

    My PATRIOTISM is for my Motherland, and loyalty towards those LEADERS who fought HEROICALLY in many ways to liberate and protect it, is in SUPPORT of that ALLEGIANCE to the Motherland. If we abandon those heroic leaders in their TIME OF NEED, who will come forward to do the same in the future?? NO ONE!

    Nanda, you are just ONE MORE REGIME CHANGE DROHIYA trying to teach Patriotism to the Patriots! Bah!

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    Nanda & “Facebook” Lorenzo!

    REJOICE! Indrajith just posted ANOTHER CONSEQUENCE of your “Yahapalanaya”:

    “Mangala promises demilitarisation of North, domestic war crimes probe

    … calls upon TNA to join govt.

    January 20, 2015, 10:16 pm


    Your are CHEERING to the ROOFTOPS …. no doubt! BLOODY HYPOCRITES!

  33. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook Lorenzo”,

    No need to feel SORRY for me, save those CROCODILE TEARS for yourself …. having LOST your sheepskin cover as a PATRIOT, and BEEN ROUNDLY EXPOSED as a TRAITOR and HYPOCRITE!

    You have a right to do anything you like that is LEGAL!

    And we have a RIGHT to OBSERVE your TREACHERY and HYPOCRISY and to TAR & FEATHER you for it! HYPOCRITE!

    LankaWEb bloggers: Please note Lorenzo’s CLEAR ADMISSION of what he has done, to wit:

    “I ran a massive campaign for My3 in facebook, etc. Gave KILLER propaganda and election ideas to My3 camp which they were WISE enough to accept from humble Lorenzo. TRUE! That is MY right. That does NOT make me a TERRORIST or a TRAITOR or anything else.”

    This was the SAME DROHIYA who posed as a PATRIOT applauding the BBS, advocating a Military coup-de-etat, and white-vanning people not too long ago!

    Then he felt ALL CRIMES were acceptable to achieve his ends, but now he is a VOCIFEROUS PROPONENT of “Human Rights”, “Democracy” and “Eradication of Corruption” arguing with me about the NEED for those EXTREME and ILLEGAL actionns he espoused so FERVENTLY!!


  34. Nanda Says:

    Dear MR Lover USA Citizen,

    Your or my broken Sinhala and English has nothing to do with your love for ONE MAN and your anger and intention to insult people.
    I believe you hate My3 because he cannot speak English but your lover and speak some broken English. You also got caught here darling, proclaiming you are from a proud English Speaking elite family.

    But my main point is, I made ZERO contribution to election campaign since I was not commenting here since Lorenzo warned both of us not to fight and moderator may stop us.

    I agree that I could be called a REGIME CHANGE DROHIYA by your foolish definition. Regime change , yes. But 52% Sri Lankans voted for regime change because they are not foolish like you.

    REGIME CHANGE is a good thing. Patriots scarifies their lives remove brutal , stupid, selfish, greedy and criminal regimes. This is done in most unselfish pure motivation and it is not defined as DROHIYA by people in a normal mental state.

  35. Nanda Says:

    USA Lover,
    I have already commented on Indrajit’s cut and paste. You are too SLOW

  36. Nanda Says:

    My3 gave me a call and said just one quote. Nahi Verena Verani , so I shall follow my friend Lorenzo and develop compassion to USA LOVER and stop answering.
    Thank you and we will catch up when you are calm.

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    Now we are all going to get kicked out of here fighting in someone else’s house.

    I will talk to you when you are SOBER and have finished your mourning.

    BTW I’m no traitor or drohiya for supporting My3. My MORAL COMPASS is in working condition. 6.2 MILLION SLs cannot be wrong!! Can they.

    You may find solace is Buddhism and meditation.

    1. anicca
    2. anaathma
    3. dukka
    4. paticca samuppada

    Wish you Maithree!

  38. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo and his puppet Nanda, are both PREACHING Buddhism to the Patriots now, after having been CAUGHT RED HANDED helping to deliver the Motherland bound hand and foot to its ENEMIES.

    Both of you are DROHIYA’s INCARNATE, but Lorenzo is the GREATER DROHIYA as the knowing Leader, than Nanda LESSER DROHIYA as the blind Follower!

    Consider that already:

    1. There are WITCH HUNTS all over Sri Lanka against MR’s supporters in a TRUE REFLECTION of the Maithree Yahapalanaya coming home to ROOST!

    2. Tamil Eelamists are cock-a-hoop in SL and in Tamil Nadu, demanding devolution of land and police powers, and resettlement of fake refugees with land grants in SL.

    3. The US and the UK are already planning to RAMP UP War Crimes Charges against the leaders of the previous UPFA GOSL, and to FORCE the new Government to comply if they prove to be reluctant puppets. I posted a news article on this at LankaWeb.

    Avamangala Samaraweera is calling for War Crimes prosecutions against MR and others already. This is a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of MS’s victory.

    4. Knowing that China will not offer loans as in the past, the new GOSL is looking for IMF loans. As in the past, IMF loans will come with ONEROUS STRINGS attached that will infringe on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity! Neither the USA, nor other Western nations have the money to offer large loans (withput strings) like China did. They want to acquire compliant puppets on a shoestring. Sri Lanka will not get 3 billion USD in loans from the USA like Israel does to REPLACE the loans we got from China! No way, Jose’!

    5. India is jumping on the bandwagon, demanding early resolution of the “Tamil Question” to placate Indian Tamils at SL’s expense, while seeking restrictions against future visits by Chinese Naval ships and submarines, and military alliances with China. This is an INFRINGEMENT on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, to which the MS GOSL will abjectly agree!

    It will take another DECADE for SL to get back on the TRACK OF RAPID PROGRESS that we were on under MR’s GOSL, after the newly elected government supported a consortium of diametrically-opposed anti-national political forces comes CRASHING DOWN under the weight of its own putrifying flesh.

    Remember the DEBACLE of Western engineered REGIME CHANGE in Egypt? Long tiime President Mubarak was toppled by West supported Facebook Democrats, only to REAP the Muslim Brotherhood Govt of Mohammed Morsi hated by the West, and that in turn was toppled in favor of an OUTRIGHT MILITARY DICTATORSHIP under Sisi!

    Western REGIME CHANGE SPONSORS know not what they do, toppling GULLIBLE 3rd world nations from the frying pan into the fire, and LOSING WHAT LITTLE LEVERAGE they had in the beginning!

    So it shall be in Sri Lanka as well: IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME for that HISTORY WILL REPEAT itself in Sri Lanka, despite the best laid plans of Western REGIME CHANGE ARTISTES!

    BTW, I will NEVER STOP MOURNING the abandonment of the UPFA government by enough Sinhala Buddhists to enable the REGIME CHANGE that took place, for it augurs an ENORMOUS SETBACK for Sri Lanka’s National Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, Internal Peace and Future Prosperity.

    This will DELAY, or ENTIRELY STOP, Sri Lanka’s EMERGENCE as the New Wonder of Asia!

    Aiyoooo Sirisenaaaa …. What have you done to our Motherland!!!

  39. douglas Says:

    Dear Lorenzo: You have a “Mighty Task” to perform, because our “Prof” says to you:”… look forward to his(referring to you) practical and patriotic comments”. Please educate him on the “100 Day” Programme that is being executed by the “Common Front” with the newly elected President. Today the Parliament met and everyone (Government & the Opposition) pledged to support to implement it. So it is now a “Common Programme” of the elected representatives of the Legislature. That is going to be the “BEGINNING” of a “NEW CULTURE” in the Political System. Please keep track of its progress and “educate” him on the development.

    Dear Prof: You referred to a $ 40 to 50 Million project that someone tried to commence in my country. That became a “scam” to you when the proposer wanted to give a “Upfront” of $ 4 ( i.e 10% of the total estimate) Million through the UNP. That was nothing and I would consider it to be a very “Generous” and an “Under Estimated” amount of the “Upfront” in 2013/2014; because the “GOING RATE” during that time was between 150 to 200%. The terminology for this “Upfront” in my country is “COMMISSION”. That is our “Miracle of Asia” – Sri Lanka. Let us see what that is “Going To Be” with the so called of “Change of Culture” in the Political system.

  40. Nanda Says:

    Hope USA LOVER is better now.

    It only took 2 months to prove USA LOVER’s foolish baseless prediction of landslide victory of God Maa-hinda wrong !

    It will take another 6 months for him to learn that,

    1. There exist Sir Lankan citizens who are not bigger or lesser DROHIO’s because the kicked out his God
    2. Simple human being My3 is 10 times better than his God.
    3. Sri Lanka will have 8% growth this with household income increased by 9% (unlike less than 1% last year)
    4. Other development work continues in a better way (except I don’t know what to do to Mattala airport , may be car racing shifted their for Rajapaks’s kids to have some fun during release time from the jail)
    5. People do not live in fear of thugs and white vans
    6. Kudu business depreciated by 50%
    7. Alcohol consumption reduced
    8. All Sri Lankans live in aananda (bliss)

    Jayaweva !. Please be kind to by Tamil Guru Lornzo too. He too suffers the same way as the Sinhalese suffer. He too will have to to undergo aging and death.

  41. SA Kumar Says:

    All Sri Lankans live in aananda (bliss)- too good to be true!
    Hope & pray I am wrong .

    Live & let live until Eelam war V .

  42. Indrajith Says:

    Another “Cut and Paste”, from today’s Divaina Editorial.


    “තනිවයි උපන්නේ
    තනිවයි නටන්නේ

    ඉන්දියාවට ගිය මංගල සමරවීර විදේශ ඇමැතිතුමා අගමැති නරේන්ද්‍ර මෝදි හමු වූ බව අපි දනිමු. දෙදෙනා අතර කවරාකාර සංවාදයක්‌ ඇති වී දැයි අපි නොදනිමු. කෙසේ වුවද තම සංචාරයේ කොටසක්‌ වශයෙන් පුවත්පත් සාකච්ඡාවක්‌ පැවැත්වූ මංගල පහත සඳහන් කාරණා පැවැසී යෑයි නවදිල්ලියේ සිටින අපගේ වාර්තාකරු එස්‌. වෙන්කට්‌නාරායන් දන්වා එවා තිබේ. ඒ මෙසේය. (21.01.15 The Island පුවත්පත බලන්න.)

    * උතුරු පළාත යුද හමුදාවෙන් විනිර්මුක්‌ත කරනු ලැබේ. (මෙයින් අදහස්‌ වන්නේ යුද හමුදාව විසින් උතුරු පළාත අත්පත් කරගෙන සිටින නිසා හමුදාව පලවා හැර නිදහස්‌ කර ගන්නා බව නොව දැනට එහි තිබෙන හමුදා කඳවුරු ඉවත් කර ගන්නා බව ය.)

    * හතරවන ඊළාම් යුද්ධයේ අවසන් කොටසේදී සිදු වී යයි කියන යුද අපරාධ සම්බන්ධයෙන් දේශීය මට්‌ටමේ පරීක්‍ෂණයක්‌ කිරීම.

    * ශ්‍රී ලංකාවෙන් පිටත සිටින දශලක්‍ෂය ඉක්‌මවූ දෙමළ ඩයස්‌පෝරාව සමඟ සාකච්ඡා පටන් ගැනීම.

    උතුර යනු ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ පැවැති බෙදුම්වාදී යුද්ධයේ මූලස්‌ථානයයි. ප්‍රභාකරන් සියලු මෙහෙයුම් කරන ලද්දේ උතුරේ පිහිටි කිලිනොච්චියේ සිට ය. යුද්ධය නැතත් යුද්ධයේ ‘විකිරණය’ අදත් උතුරේ පවතී. ඒ නිසා එහි හමුදා කඳවුරු පවත්වා ගෙන යැම අත්‍යවශ්‍ය ය. දෙමළ බෙදුම්වාදය තවමත් උතුරේ තිබේ. දෙමළ ඩයස්‌පෝරාව සමඟ සාකච්ඡා වටයක්‌ පවත්වන අතර උතුරේ හමුදා කඳවුරු ඉවත් කළොත්, එයින් හට ගන්නා උත්තේජනය විසින් මේ රටේ අනාගත බෙදුම්වාදී ව්‍යාපාරය උත්තේජනය කරනු ලබන්නේ ය. උතුරේ හමුදා කඳවුරු ඉවත් නො කළ යුතු බව ජෙනරාල් සරත් ෆොන්සේකා පවා පිළිගන්නා කතාවකි. එක්‌තරා සාම කාලයක දී උතුරේ හමුදා කඳවුරු සීමා කිරීමට එවකට පැවැති ආණ්‌ඩුව ගත් තීරණයට එවකට උතුර භාරව සිටි හමුදා නිලධාරියා වූ සරත් ෆොන්සේකා විරුද්ධ වූ අතර ඔහු වහාම කොළඹට මාරු කරන ලද්දේ ය. බෙදුම්වාදී යුද්ධයක්‌ පැවැති භූමියක හමුදා කඳවුරු අඩු කළත් සම්පූර්ණයෙන් ම ඉවත් කරනු නො ලැබේ. බෙදුම්වාදී චෙච්නියාව තුළ අදටත් රුසියන් යුද කඳවුරු තිබේ. එය කිසියම් ආකාරයක පෙර සූදානමකි. කොතරම් සනීප කළත් උණ යනු නැවත නැවත හැදෙන රෝගයකි. බෙදුම්වාදී උණ ද නැවත නැවතත් හට ගැනීමට ඉඩ ඇත. ඒ නිසා ලෙඩට ප්‍රතිකාර කළ හැකි බෙහෙත් ශාලා නිතරම විවෘතව තැබිය යුතු ය. පාසලක්‌ වසන විට හිර ගෙයක්‌ අලුතෙන් ඇරෙන බවට කියමනක්‌ තිබේ. බෙදුම්වාදී යුද්ධයක්‌ පැවැති යුද බිමක තිබෙන හමුදා කඳවුරක්‌ වසා දමන හැම විටෙකම අලුතින් හිරගෙයක්‌ ඇරීමට අවශ්‍ය කළමනා සම්පාදනය කර ගත යුතු ය.

    උතුර යුද හමුදාවෙන් විනිර්මුක්‌ත කර දෙමළ ඩයස්‌පෝරාව සමඟ සාකච්ඡා පටන් ගන්නා බව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ විදේශ ඇමැති ඉන්දියාවේදී ප්‍රකාශ කරන විට තමිල්නාඩුවේ සිටින කොටි හිතවාදීන් තුළ මෙන්ම කොළඹ සිටින රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධාන කාරයන් තුළ ද මහත් චූන් එකක්‌ හට ගන්නවා ඇත. ඒ චූන් එකට නැටීමට කැමැති කට්‌ටිය ආණ්‌ඩුව තුළ හෝ විපක්‍ෂය තුළ නැති බව අපි නො බියව කියමු. එසේ නම් මෙය මංගලට තනිව නටන්නට සිදු වන නැටුමකි.”

  43. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Most of Sri Lanka’s problems and even that of India happened under Coalition governments. In the case of Sri Lanka most of the war against Elam was fought under coalition governments. The war was defeated when Colombo came under a single party with a determination to end the Tamil Tigers

    Since then Sri Lanka’s economy was the most progressive for many years. Recently India dumped her coalition government with a massive landslide victory for a single party government under BJP. Sri Lanka just went the opposite way and elected on the most diverse and broad coalition parties she has ever had.

  44. Marco Says:

    “In the case of Sri Lanka most of the war against Elam was fought under coalition governments.”
    Shows how much you know about the Sri Lankan politics the past 30 years.

  45. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Maithreepalanaya” has ALREADY BECOME “Vairapalanaya” with SYSTEMATIC attacks on the defeated UPFA leaders and supporters!

    “Yahapalanaya” has become “Borupalanaya” with the NUMBER OF MINISTERS, now 52, MORE THAN DOUBLE and VASTLY EXCEEDING the PROMISED LIMIT of 25!

    “Maithreepalanaya” has become the “Kotipalanaya” with the REMOVAL of the Military Governor of the FORMER WAR ZONE flodded with UNREPENTANT SEPARATISTS, and soon to become EELAM in all but name when Land & Police Powers are DEVOLVED to the SEPARATISTS as PROMISED to gain their support to topple President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    It was NOT NECESSARY to topple the EXISTING war-winning PATRIOTIC government, the SOLE BARRIER to disintegration of Sri Lanka, to KNOW that this would be the RESULT of that TREACHEROUS ACT by a motley gang of ANTI-NATIONALISTS!! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE??

    The STUPID Sinhala Buddhists who fell into the “Maithreepalanaya” TRAP can now RETURN HOME to the Patriotic Fold, crying “Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa, Mea MAXIMA Culpa!

    However, the TREACHEROUS DROHIYAS who ORCHESTRATED the Regime Change, like that HYPOCRITE “Facebook” Lorenzo and his LAPDOG Nanda, both hidden Eelamists, will not be accepted into the PATRIOT fold!

    Their FURIOUS BACK-PEDALLING after the DIRTY DEED is done, that we see now, DOES NOT ABSOLVE THEM of their TREACHERY! WE KNOW, that is all a DEVIOUS STRATEGY to hide among the PATRIOTS until it is TIME TO STAB THE MOTHERLAND in the back, ONCE AGAIN!


  46. Lorenzo Says:

    According to Ananda-USA Nanda and I are ELAMISTS now! What a change!

    There was NO MILITARY governor in the north. GA Chandrasiri RETIRED before assuming the post. SO he was a CIVILIAN not military.

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