Scientific energy saving cooking technique saves over 60% gas or electricity.
Posted on January 27th, 2015

Dr Hector Perera, England

My scientific energy saving cooking idea is not spring chickens”, I experimented the technique for many years in order to improve the technique. When I came to England unlike in Sri Lanka, I had to sleep, study and cook in one room. That is because I couldn’t afford no more than a single room in a large house. One of my good friends bought a large house for his son and daughter while they were studying in England because he could afford but I couldn’t afford at the start.  I am sure everybody understand that cooking spicy food gives out plenty of smelly cooking aroma. I had to cook one or two Asian style curries and some rice in the room on a hot plate. Even from those days, I didn’t like to eat takeaway food on daily basis as they are too oily and salty. Not only that far too many chemicals as well are added to the food to give better flavour.

That time I was studying in Kingston Polytechnic but later it changed the name as Kingston University. One can imagine the smell of cooking aroma on the clothes when I cooked in the same room as I had to do all my work. Then thinking in the right direction, I found out how to control the escape of the cooking aroma then simultaneously, the idea of energy saving.

Practice is important

Who would think that famous footballers, cricketers, golf players, basketball players or any other sportsmen and women got the hang of the technique then never practiced it again and again to improve the technique, they constantly practice to improve the technique. Similarly I had to experiment it for years until I really got the idea of scientific energy saving cooking technique. I must say still I have to practice to keep in touch. In other words, I cooked different things repeatedly to get the technique correct.

Cooking aroma controlled and no burnt rice

When I invited the sustainable energy authority in Sri Lanka to witness scientific energy saving cooking technique, I was quite confident of my work. The Director General, The Director and two other top officials as well witnessed the method from the start. In other words, I cooked rice, chicken and lentil curry while they were watching, nothing to hide. There was no curry and chicken cologne to wear whereas most Sri Lankan ladies shower with this cooking aroma. Not only that there was no, Dankuda” or burnt rice. Unlike those ladies, I didn’t open the vessels to stir while they were piping hot or didn’t check the water in the pot of rice. The officials were quite satisfied with the technique of my scientific energy saving cooking. I am glad to say within a matter of days, they issued me a certificate as well and approved my method. This was in May 2014 or in the month of Vesak.

Demonstrated to the public in Sirasa TV

That time we were holidaying in beautiful Sri Lanka. Fortunately, I had the chance to demonstrate my kind of energy saving cooking technique in a famous TV called SIRASA. The two well experienced presenters, one lady and a gentleman questioned about the technique in order to educate the public. Then we answered a few telephone inquiries as well. I must thank the film crew who filmed it in detail from the start to end. We were very close to the cooker where things were cooked but none of us got any curry smell on us because the method was based on science.

Many people can benefit by saving energy

I am sure nearly all Sri Lankans eat rice and curries almost on daily basis. If they could adopt my method, I am certain they are able to cook easily and save some energy as well. None of us get energy for free so why they should waste energy unnecessarily?

I was wondering what I would do to get more attention of the public. Have I got to run in nude like Archimedes or how about riding a white horse like Lady Godiva did with a long wig?  I am not allowed to run nude in public so I cannot do that! I would be arrested even before I go pass the front gate “Energy saving ideologist runs nude”, certainly it will hit the media headlines then I would get my message to the public. Unlike in the past, town criers, now in the time of new technology, fast media publicity, web sites, email marketing  and many more ways to let the public know your news, no need to run naked in the public,

British TV cooking

Sometimes I watch some cooking programmes in different channels in different days and time. There is a morning show as well where the chef cooks while the presenter lady conducts some interviews in a small studio. When beef, lamb or chicken are grilled or cooked, I am sure you have noticed some oily vapours escape. In the vapour there are chemicals and some of them are capable of depositing on anything, once they lose the kinetic energy. If cooking is done on regular basis, I am sure there should be oily, sticky deposits on the cooker base, the studio cupboards or even on anything near the cooker, not forgetting on the person who cooks and also the people nearby as well get this smelly oily cooking aroma deposited on them.  When cameras are focussed very close to the piping hot cooking vessels, it is likely to deposit some of them on the cameras and on the other expensive equipment’s as well. The studio is full of cooking aroma while they cook and nearly everybody have to inhale those unhealthy vapours for a while.

In fact British TV is full of cooking programmes. Sometimes there are about 6 chefs cook different dishes in order to win a title and convince the judges. I like the idea of helping the people in that kind of programmes. Sometimes the cookers are on full blast burning gas wastefully while giving out cooking aroma all over. Sometimes they catch fire or some of them set fire to draw the attention of the public. If that is the type of cooking they prefer, it is up to them. Some people look at the TV cooking shows for real entertainment so they set fire to the cooking pans in order to impress the viewers. I assume that none of them really help the viewers to improve their style of cooking at home.

 Spices have antibacterial, antifungal and medicinal values

To me all food are nothing but chemicals and they should be handled carefully. In all ingredients including any spices have volatile chemicals and the idea of adding them to fish, meat or vegetables are to get a better flavour. Some of the spices have antibacterial, antifungal and medicinal values but I wonder if some of the chefs have any idea of the correct use of ingredients. Just one thing, Cinnamon can lower the cholesterol levels in the blood and excess salt affects the high blood pressure, better keep off excess salt.

Whole nation can benefit by saving energy

After all if it works, it benefits everyone, the whole nation, save gas, electricity and also waiting time in the kitchen can be reduced then cuts down some environmental pollution as well. As Asians we must know how to cook rice.  If they are convinced then I can show how it applies to other things. The ladies who say that they have no time to cook, would really welcome my method, all they need is to see it clearly. I am prepared to demonstrate again my energy saving cooking.

Just imagine if one million people save about 60% gas or even more, every single day for three months then for a year, how much foreign exchange would be saved? So don’t you think I got something to offer?

They are good entertainers than chefs

In my opinion, in this country UK, these so called celebrity cooks are just entertainers, not quite educating the people. I assume that they don’t know any useful ideas of science that applies to cooking, just put this and that, make mistakes purposely and make the people laugh, sometimes say very rude words, set fire to cooking food, still they are paid very handsomely.

I am a qualified scientist, my arguments are based on scientific reasons, I would invite any scientist to witness my work and open to questions. I use scientific terms and explain to them how my work is based on these arguments but for TV and for general public, I would keep to simple explanations. If you have anything to say please email to  Please don’t waste gas, wasting gas is really burning money, use gas efficiently!

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  1. douglas Says:

    Dear Dr: Please tell us “HOW” and “WHAT” we should to save that 60% of Gas & Electricity in cooking our local dishes. I failed to find those “TECHNIQUES” in the above article. Thank you.

  2. Raj Says:

    The good doctor may be thinking of patenting his ‘Technique’, so he won’t tell us.

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