Why Mahinda Rajapakse lost the Presidential Elections
Posted on February 1st, 2015

Percy Silva

In 2005 Mahinda Rajapakse won the Presidential elections with a wafer thin margin. To date, controversy remains as to whether Prabakaran was bribed though that seems quite far fetched though it is pretty obvious that the tiger leader did not wish to deal with Ranil and his Western Christian agenda though LTTE is closely linked to and steered by the Catholic church. Essentially the Church plays a critical role in the political framework of Sri Lanka and President Rajapakse would know too well for he has countless times submitted himself before the Church in what we can term a cowardly act of appeasement. While the lion in him roared to take Sri Lanka to the international map claiming to be the only nation to have defeated terrorism in 2009, thereafter it was a downfall orchestrated by his own pigheaded behaviour and do not care attitude for his people.

Thus the 2010 Presidential election bid was an effort to oust him which failed though the experiment encouraged the current success story as a result of Rajapakse’s own follies… we now list down these in no particular order.

  1. Bloated head following victory over terrorism – thinking that he and only he was the man behind the war effort. Though partly true, the soldiers should not have been forgotten and more benefits should have come to them far more than they have got over the years.
  1. Betraying the Sinhala Buddhists that voted for him, that backed him throughout the war effort, throughout the calls calling for war crimes trials – whereas other than a small handful of Tamils and Muslims the majority of them were all not bothered what happened to Mahinda Rajapakse, Gotabaya Rajapakse or any of the soldiers who won the war.
  1. Betraying his religion and going 4 times to the Vatican to bring the Pope and allow an Indian to be made a Saint in Sri Lanka where in he should have known that Joseph Vaz came as a spy to convert the masses and therefore what an insult it was on the part of a Govt that was bound by the constitution to protect and foster Buddhism to have initiated a visit of the Pope and a canonization just because his wife was a Catholic. It was this very Church that worked behind the scenes to orchestrate his downfall with European intelligence agencies and they must all be laughing at Mahinda Rajapakse and his family. Yet inspite of this Mahinda Rajapakse did not have any qualms about coming all the way to Colombo to kiss the hand of the Pope and worship him. He cannot come before the people as a Buddhist leader. He has given up that right.
  1. Advice was given in galore to his administration on what the govt needed to do and should not do. None of these advice were taken despite expats working tirelessly on their own money as think tanks to help the govt deal with pressing policy matters… 13a was ignored, taking legal action against TNA was ignored, judicial action against ltters were ignored, Sinhala settlements to north given step motherly treatment and treated shabbily while the govt saw no issues in allowing tamils to build condomoniums/flats throughout Colombo where none of them are rented out to Sinhalese. proposals to allocate flats as per national ethnic ratio was ignored and flats went into the hands of muslims and tamils because of the palms greased.
  1. Nefarious sets of advisors, thugs, goons and what not beame the inner circle of a president making him a laughing stock amongst the masses and the international public. little did mahinda rajapakse realize that all ‘dictators’ are allowed to flush the nation of its wealth but a scorecard is kept and when they go for the kill the downfall is no better than death… now can the rajapakse sons enjoy car racing in lamborghini’s? the other example that gave a message to the people that mahinda rajapakse cared not what the people thought was the incident when his golden boy sajin vaaz slapped uk ambassador chris nonis and despite requests for sajin vaaz removal.. what did the former president do.. he took him to Nepal and to the Vatican…. these are just a handful of examples that go to show that he did not care what the masses thought and took the people for suckers thinking that just because he kept LTTE at bay he could drain the country dry and his family could do as they like… people thought different…it is a total different matter that we have landed ourselves in bigger trouble.. but the people thought that this was enough and that should show that as a lesson to others as well.

Mahinda Rajapakse has been punished by higher celestial powers… that he fell prey to… astrologers could not save him from the sin he committed in betraying the nation and his religion – Buddhism… a lesson to other leaders too…



13 Responses to “Why Mahinda Rajapakse lost the Presidential Elections”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    I have not written to the Lankaweb for quite some time because I have been watching the developing scenario. It has proved to be like something of a Sci-Fi horror story unfolding because the Law of the land has been thrown out of the windows –
    Aththa Naththa karanawa boru vachana valling through the social and mass media.

    The Sinhala/Buddhist population of Lanka welcomed MR & his govt with open arms twice to lead the way to remove the LTTE menace and build up the nation’s economy. MR defied the powers that be and removed the LTTE and did develop the nation in a lot of ways to the best of his ability at that difficult time. What a difficult task he had to do will be appreciated by one and all much later, when the euphoria of the new govt has worn off. It is justice that we praise MR & his govt. for accomplishing an well nigh impossible task which the present day leaders would not touch.

    Granted there were some errors of action from the MR govt. – but who in the world is without error ?

    The outcry agains MR & his govt. is out of proportion to the errors. In fact, at present, I do not even want to say I am a Sri Lankan ! Shame on the mode of governance of the new govt.

    That said, the Question of the Century I have to ask is :

    As a religion, does Buddhism or any other religion really condone/allow for warfare ? No.
    So what have other religions got that Buddhism hasn’t ? Please analyse and see how and why governments that have other
    religions seem free to conduct wars.

    What are Buddhists supposed to do when terrorism strike their land ? bow down and expose the jugular to be cut by forces inimical ?

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    Welcome back. In all honesty you must accept that some of your defence of MR was wrong when I made those complaints.

    People did NOT vote against war. People voted against MR for NOT giving them the PEACE DIVIDEND. Tamils got it and as UNGRATEFUL as they are voted for My3. Same with Muslims.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


    Don’t be a silly twit !
    The war against terrorism & MR are indivisible. The man who brought the PEACE DIVIDEND to Lanka IS MR & HIS GOVT.

  4. Independent Says:

    Q “What are Buddhists supposed to do when terrorism strike their land ? bow down and expose the jugular to be cut by forces inimical ?”

    My A
    If the government is truly Buddhist and most citizens live according to Buddhist principles, the question will not arise.
    But this ideal situation is very unlikely to happen. More we deviate, more the troubles. Therefore by trying hard to achieve the goal problems can be minimised.
    Answer is simple. Terrorist will be caught and punished at the very inception. Our problem was we were even worse than those westerners in following Buddhist principles. Our leaders were corrupt and greedy , thus, frightened to do the right thing and did not want to end the terrorism at the beginning.
    Coming to later comments from Fran Diaz, MR was worse than others in that sense (corrupt and greedy , thus, frightened ) after the war ended and it is good thing people got rid of him. Otherwise even bigger terrorism will sure to arise again and even before that our country would have been reached a very “unBuddhist”, uncivilized and rogue status.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:


    I do not agree with you re your statement re MR : “corrupt and greedy , thus, frightened”. MR was an exceptionally courageous and able leader and he was cornered with an unjust trumped up War Crimes charge. This made him take various steps to protect himself and his family, as well as his Parliament & Nation. All actions taken by MR have been vastly exaggerated and misconstrued, as done to Pres. Obama during the media blitz against him by the corporate sector and their hired (bought) politicos.

    I wonder what you would have done in MR’s position as a post-War president in a small, poor Asian country ? Please feel free to give a candid answer to this query.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have not been following the Lankaweb analysts these many years about all the Tamil leaders’ mindset re SEPARATISM to solve the Tamil Caste problems, and later the Caste problems riding on Cold War problems in to gain attention of the west as well as unify the Tamils.
    In those times, Sri Lanka would have had to jail all the Tamil leaders of that time if we were to follow your suggestion i.e. “Answer is simple. Terrorist will be caught and punished at the very inception”. You seem uninformed of the past history of Tamils of the North and even rather naive to make such a suggestion.

    At the time of the Cold War (1946-1991), Sri Lanka, leaders in Colombo (Sinhala & Tamil) were all with the west and the Tamil Caste issues were overlooked. However, even then, SWRD Bandaranaike saw the inequities in the North and brought forward the Social Disabilities Act (1956) and that broke the Caste system quite a bit as Tamil low caste children were allowed only then to enter school class rooms.

    It is the factor of Gratitude that is lacking in Tamil people as the Tamil leaders are constantly misusing them/misleading them in order to stay in power. With the arrival of illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu, as well as virtual segregation of Tamils in the estate sector, the caste problems are still very much alive among Tamils.

    Now that Mr Modi is the PM of India and he himself a man of Dalit origin, Tamils who are dissatisfied with Lanka ought to go to the Tamil Homeland of Tamil Nadu, India, and make a new life for themselves there, with new social ideas that the Smart Cities will surely bring.
    At the outset of his new appointment, Mr Modi invited People of Indian Origin to return to India, if they so wish.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    “Don’t be a silly twit !
    The war against terrorism & MR are indivisible. The man who brought the PEACE DIVIDEND to Lanka IS MR & HIS GOVT.”

    Now now Fran don’t try to BEAT the sourest loser Under-USA for the title. IF MR and the war against terror are inseparable what on earth did SF do with a green costume and mutiple LTTE attacks on him? How many injuries did MR sustain from war? NONE! You can’t fight wars from AC rooms.

    BTW where is the peace dividend under MR? NO ONE except Tamils and Muslims got it. Only My3 gave it to Singhala people in 2015.

  8. Independent Says:

    Dear Fran,

    Before answering your question I want to remind you of ex-president’s expenditure budget allocated for 2015 was Rs. 10 billion (according to the new President) = US $ 750 million which disproves one of the basic assumptions of your question (poor Asian Country). Secondly do not underestimate knowledge of others based on their opinion.

    If I were the ex-President , after 2009
    1. I would try and keep all 5 precepts as far as possible but the 5th precept 100%.
    2. I would encourage all others to follow. (this covers the corruption 100%)
    3. I would not allow people like Mervyn Silva to destroy image of my country at ANY COST.
    4. I would never allow by brother to protect Duminda Silva
    5. Law and order of the country would be kept perfectly by 2012.
    6. I would have ordered a credible internal investigation on all credible allegations by 2012.
    7. I would have ordered never to hang my pictures anywhere ( cut outs are prohibited completely for all).
    8. I would definitely have looked after REAL war heroes way better than MR did
    9. No Maha Raja song for me please
    10. My children will not be given political advantage.
    11. My relatives and my wife’s relatives will not be given any job unless more than 100% qualified.
    12. My Presidential budget would be 5% of $750 billion
    13. Better foreign ministry with only those can handle national interests.

    The list I can continue until tomorrow. The writer has given some points too. All the above are based on proper Buddhist principles.

  9. Nanda Says:

    Naked truth exposed by Percy Silva. Agree with all 5 reasons. Well said !

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    All of you chaps who are overly critical of the past govt., why don’t you apply for the Presidency of Sri Lanka and govern the place according to your sweet dream wishes ?


    Percy De Silva no one wants to know how MR lost the election? Yes the Election Commissioner stopped the Computer and adjusted the results, there times?
    1, Fran Diaz, It is a good idea, but what about the Election Commissioner? Will he allow it? He is still the President of Sri Lanka! Who give orders to the CID, TDD and TID to raid houses?
    2. Nanda, you syndicated columnist, it is not worth replying to your stupid comments.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    YAKO, “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    Fran Diaz was SPOT ON when he said MILDLY

    Don’t be a silly twit !
    The war against terrorism & MR are indivisible. The man who brought the PEACE DIVIDEND to Lanka IS MR & HIS GOVT.”

    I ECHO Fran Diaz’s sentiments; there are NONE SO BLIND than those who REFUSE TO SEE!

    Aiyoooo “Facebook” Lorenzoooooo …… Are YOU STILL HERE at LankaWeb? SHAMELESS!

  13. Nimal Says:

    I agree with 1 and 5

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