Posted on February 3rd, 2015

Professor Nishan C. Wijesinha

Being a Professor of Medicine and Law  for many International Universities; and coming from the most noble Mudaliya Family of Louis Corneille Wijesinha; who being my great grandfather and the genius scholar who translated the great Mahavamsa from Pali to English; and thus of this aristocracy of the Nations Most Selective Class of Nobility, I have come up with the most remarkable and emphatically up-to-date  eventfully rationalized and democratically nationalized;


                  This in my opinion will help the nation in its pathway to good governance”.

 Mathuru Bumi

11 Responses to ““NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM””

  1. lokubanda Says:

    Professor, your ancestral background alone appears to be giving a lot of credence to your request! (Or let’s hope so!!)

  2. Independent Says:

    It is good is this professor read the other professor’s ( prof. Hudson) advice.

  3. samurai Says:

    Can Professor Wijesingha name any country – including India – although home to many ethnic and religious groups using the term ‘multi’ (bahu) repeatedly in its national anthem to emphasize that it is a the land of many communities?

    There is no one hundred percent multi-religious and multicultural countries anywhere in the world. There is always a predominant religion and culture which determines a country’s national identity and prominent traditions although others groups may live under that cultural umbrella as it had been in Sri Lanka since the time of the kings. The last four Kandyan kings were Tamils but they identified with the predominant Buddhist culture and religious traditions of the island.

    I do not see anything wrong with the present National Anthem of Sri Lanka. Let us not make it a bahu bhootha ‘national anthem’

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    With all due respect to the good Prof., I don’t think it is unnecessary to change the National Anthem. Our present National Anthem is very beautiful.

    Sri Lanka has been multi cultural for a long time. A National Anthem reflects the main culture of the country.

    Let us not change the pillow for the headache.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Let us not change the pillow for the headache.-like it
    I love our national anthem singing in both language .
    I remember We I was 5 or 6 years old I always stand in cinema theatre ( in MGR films) when film start national anthem song.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Pls read as ” I don’t think it is necessary to change ….”

  7. Senevirath Says:

    මා මවුනී ……. ගීතිකා සිහිකරවය් මාතෘ භුමි…..මාතාවේනම් ඒ මාතාවට තවත් භූමියක් ඇත්ද ….නිදහස් නිවල් පොලොතලය රැක්කේ කවුද විනාශ කරන්නට ආවේ කවුද …… මනුෂ්‍ය කමේ දර්ශන නදිය නාදයෙන් දු පුතුන් රැකගන්නේ එය භයානක නිසාද
    ප්‍රතිඥා ””””’ නාදා ””’ විහිළු වචනයකි සාමරටකම විවිධ ජනවර්ග ඇත . එහෙත් රටබිහිකල ජාතියක් ද ඇත ජාතික ගීය ඒ ජාතිය සතුය ඇමරිකාවේ හැම ජනවර්ගයක්ම ඇතත් කොල්ල කාර සුදු කිතුනුවෝ ජාතික ගීය ගයීමෙදී හැමදෙනා ලවාම සුදු කිතුනුවන්ගේ දෙවියන්ට පුදවති —- in god is our trust —— වසර දහස් ගණනක් තිස්සේ රට හැදු වඩු සිංහලයන්ට එවන් අයිතියක් නැද්ද

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let us keep our beautiful and meaningful National Anthem of Namo Namo Matha just as it is!

    I have NEVER heard another National Anthem in the ENTIRE world that is as BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL as Sri Lanka’s National Anthem of Namo Namo Matha.

    It EXPLICITLY identifies and gives advice on ALL the IMPORTANT things that I LOVE & TREASURE about my Resplendent Motherland.

    So, here it is in FULL for your enjoyment:

    Sri Lanka National Anthem

    Sri Lanka Matha,
    Apa Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

    Sundara siri barini,
    Surändi athi sobamana Lanka
    Dhanya dhanaya neka mal palathuru
    piri jaya bhoomiya ramya.

    Apa hata säpa siri setha sadana,
    Jeevanaye Matha!
    Piliganu mana apa bhakti pooja,
    Namo Namo Matha.

    Apa Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

    Obave apa vidya,
    Obamaya apa sathya,
    Obave apa shakti,
    Apa hada thula bhakti.

    Oba apa aloke,
    Apage anuprane,
    Oba apa jeevana ve,
    Apa muktiya obave.

    Nava jeevana demine,
    Nithina apa pubudu karan matha.
    Gnana veerya vadavamina
    Ragena yanu mana jaya bhoomi kara.

    Eka mavekuge daru kala bavina,
    Yamu yamu wee nopama,
    Prema vada sama bheda durarada,
    Namo Namo Matha.

    Apa Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

    English Translation:

    Mother Lanka – we salute Thee!
    Plenteous in prosperity, Thou,
    Beauteous in grace and love,
    Laden with corn and luscious fruit
    And fragrant flowers of radiant hue,
    Giver of life and all good things,
    Our land of joy and victory,
    Receive our grateful praise sublime,
    Lanka! we worship Thee.
    Thou gavest us Knowledge and Truth,
    Thou art our strength and inward faith,
    Our light divine and sentient being,
    Breath of life and liberation.
    Grant us, bondage free, inspiration.
    Inspire us for ever.
    In wisdom and strength renewed,
    Ill-will, hatred,
    strife all ended,
    In love enfolded, a mighty nation
    Marching onward, all as one,
    Lead us, Mother, to fullest freedom.
    Mother Lanka – we salute Thee!

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Let us keep our beautiful and meaningful National Anthem of Namo Namo Matha just as it is!- Agreed
    any one can post Tamil translation please …..( Leela can you remember from your old golden days in Japanaya?)

    Namo namo Thaye
    Nal oli pira sura nee ..Nalangal Navin nirai SriLanka…
    Namo namo Thaye

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    National Anthem of Namo Namo Matha Tamil translation

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    භාෂාවන් දෙකක්! එක් ජාතියක්!
    இரண்டு மொழி ! ஒரு தேசம்

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