Posted on February 8th, 2015

Chandrasiri Atukorale

Some years ago before Sudda left this Island; the great patriot late Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala had made a forecasting to the Nation by way of a warning. This was what he said On some future day when Sudda departs from this land, it will do  so by leaving behind it here on our soil, a coterie  of Anglophiles trained to look after its colonial Interests.. With the recent election victory of President Maithreepala Sirisena regaining Sri Lanka dream of our erstwhile colonial masters have become a political reality. On 04 February 1948, Sudda left in order to stay. Though Sudda left in 1948 it is still haunting in our midst. This was nowhere more marked than when we look at the manner it changed the Rajapaksa regime. This in fact is nothing, but neo- colonialism. It is not clearly visible to our eye of flesh, but to our eye of wisdom. All these past years, they have been brainwashing the minds of our people. They have conducted seminars, printed newspapers & magazines, offered scholarships to local politicians in such way that they could manipulate the minds of the members of the civil society. The most pathetic thing is that some of our leading Buddhist monks, not knowing the truth as they truly are have fallen prey to this stratagem. Very recently it was they who planted in or midst the bogey of executive presidency. All powerful Parliament is more dangerous than the executive presidency as obtaining it now. Today the erstwhile colonial masters are colluding with some of our local politicians and leaders’ through the instrumentality of foreign funded NGO’s to find ways and means for regaining Sri Lanka.

That is why they propose to give more and more powers to parliament thereby restricting the powers of Executive Presidency. As things stand at present our elected representatives in parliament are bound by the will of the people and they can act in disregard of the party directions if it clashes with the will of the people.

Under the guise of proposing more powers to Parliament they try subtly to curb the power of elected representatives to use its free vote and make elected representatives subordinate to Party domination. This is a strategy to kill two birds with one shot. Once the proposed amendments are passed no elected representative can crossover from one side to the other side. If anyone crossed over he could be unseated after a disciplinary inquiry. We must thank former C.J Sarath N de Silva for giving legal recognition to the elected members of parliament to exercise its power as a right. The old colonial masters know very well some of our political party leaders and elected representatives are susceptible to bribery & corruption.

And further they also know very well that those who control the parliament also in fact    control the country’s whole governing process. The likely result of all this is the country will be getting a powerless parliament and a powerless Executive. Whither the peoples sovereignty.

The defects of our Executive Presidency is to be found not in the powers of Executive Presidency, but elsewhere. It is the lack of direct checks & balances in the constitution for people to exercise its sovereign powers. It is here that we need to have embodied in our constitution remedies like Recall & Referendum. The right to unseat an elected representative ought to be a right reserved for the electorate which the respective member concerned represents. To elucidate the gravity of this situation we cite Moriss Duverger : Executive and Legislature government & parliaments are constitutional facades ;in reality party alone exercise power. We must be on the alert against anything which tends to blunt elected representatives independence. In Sri Lanka political parties are dens of corruptions .Some of them are funded by foreign NGO’s, erstwhile colonial masters collude with these so called party leaders to disrupt the Sinhala Buddhist culture. In conclusion I appeal to patriots like Ven Alle Gunawasnha Thero, Dr, Gunadasa Amarasekera , Gomin Dayasiri to enlighten the Sinhala Buddhist population against the possible danger inherent in this present move to make parliamentarians subordinate to party rules ignoring the will of the people or the electorate,. If we fail to defeat this move the future anti Sinhala Buddhists governments will be able to crush the Sinhala Buddhist power permitting minorities to rule the majority. At the moment we hear very unpleasant things about some of our local political parties. How much they are anti-national can be gaged from the fact that some of those parties are affiliated to the British Conservative & the American Republic parties which promoted the cause of Eelam. Through the instrumentality of the local parties USA,UK & NATO countries can dictate its terms to us..


  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting the article:

    “If we fail to defeat this move the future anti Sinhala Buddhists governments will be able to crush the Sinhala Buddhist power permitting minorities to rule the majority.”

    That was the case during the war when the voice of the Tamil Tigers equaled if not surpassed that of Colombo
    That was the case in South Africa where the minority White Africans of 5 million determined the future of the 20 million black majority.
    That is how the Mahatma used ‘grievances” to demand “home rule” from an Empire that controlled a quarter of the world
    That is how Ali Jinnah supported the British notion to further divide the Mahatma’s concept of India to create a separate homeland for the Indian Muslims.
    When the minority dictates the terms of a nation over that of the majority, that is how a nation is divided and new nations are formed.

  2. AnuD Says:

    I think the idea of abolishing the executive presidency was replaced with the suggestion that power of the executive president should be curtailed so that future executive presidents would not be able to abuse their powers. that is why the 19th amendment comes into power.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    When the minority dictates the terms of a nation over that of the majority, that is how a nation is divided and new nations are formed.- first with in 30 days Saiva TE (NP) TNA CM(PM) & Muslim TE(EP) MC CM (PM) completed.
    balance 70 days Land & Police power , Army with drawl unavoidable.

    VP you done it Thalaiva ! if We knew in you dead We can get two TE We would have killed you long time ago.
    Rest in peace our Thesiya Thalaiva (How can you rest in peace after killing last 33 years children,Womans, poor baby Amathurus etc… for your madness).

    NB/ Batticalo Tamils & Muslim have same mentality as not relaiable people(eg Our VP’S kaddala thalapathi Karuna) so they can live together in Muslim TE (EP)

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    There are only 2 choices.

    1. KEEP My3 as executive president with full powers.
    2. KEEP My3 as executive president with LESS powers.

    There are NO other options! Why can’t some people understand this?

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K !!! Yes, poor baby Amathurus too. Like Cheddi and Setti.

    NO! He is not resting in peace, he is resting in one piece. Grrr

  6. ranjit Says:

    Short way to EELAM that’s what the Americans and Indians are planning to do thru their paid agents like Ranil/Chandrika/Mangalaya and the rest. Our patriot sons & daughters of Motherlanka should get together and educate the masses the danger we are going to face in days to come if we allow these Yahaplanaya Trio MY3/CBK/Ranil to go along with this change.

    Our country is all to live in harmony not to demand this and that separately. Who ever runs the Govt must treat all alike as we are all Sri Lankans. If Tamils & Muslims can live in every corner of our great country then Sinhalese too can live anywhere they like because this country belongs to Sinhala people. The Govt must make all facilities available same like the other areas in the land for the people to go and live and make a good living. Should not allow to call Tamil areas or Muslim areas it should be all mixed as we were living side by side for years. As a sovereign state we should not allow outsiders to interfere in our affairs. The rulers must rule as per the constitution of the country not as per the liking of Americans or Indians. We should not work to divide Sinhalese but to unite and lead the country to a better state to live with pride.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    NO! He is not resting in peace, he is resting in one piece. Grrr- correct where is other piece ( with kovanam -with underwear) last found at Nanthi kaddal on 19th may 2009 .

    We need him urgently now. Sampanthan & MA Sumithtaran need to be summoned to Killinochchi !!!

    Velu where are you ? (pulampa waichchi dada- I am talking myself- no good sign).

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  9. Independent Says:


    Most people on this forum are hoping for ,
    1. Keep My3 as executive president with less powers.
    2. Bring back MR with executive prime minster with more powers.

    Don’t you understand ?

    I am already disappointed with My3’s interview.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    SenaD said

    “MR’s imperfections pale into insignificance in comparison with RW’s and CBK’s proven track record.”

    Bravo! This is what I HAVE BEEN SAYING all along!

    SIMPLY said, there ARE NO PERFECT PEOPLE, but MR is the BEST we have had since the days of Parakramabahu the Great!

    And what did the Sinhala people do? Enough of them BELIEVED the REGIME CHANGE PROPAGANDA and JOINED the Anti-National Forces arrayed against themselves to OUST, as H.L.D. Mahindapala quite correctly put it, “The Greatest Overachiever of Our Time”!

    Why could we not keep the ONE LEADER that we had who could match that BELOVED 4-Term US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) who RESCUED the US from the Depth Of the Great Depression, propelled the US Economy into an EFFICIENT JUGGERNAUT through INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, and died as President near the end of WW II having shepherded the USA through that Herculean struggle against its enemies. FDR was NOT PERFECT, but he was the BEST LEADER they had in a century!

    If only WE Sinhalese had the WISDOM of the Americans of that era to PROTECT, DEFEND & KEEP the Patriotic LEADER who had led us to VICTORY and BEYOND to ESCAPE from 3rd World Status Forever!

    How STUPID can WE Sinhala People BE??? We are bedeviled by SIMPLY TOO MANY “Gamaralas” and “Watti Ammas” without Strategic Vision among both our leaders and our voters!

    NOW, We can FORGET about RESUMING our MARCH towards Our National Vision of TRANSFORMING our Motherland into the New Wonder of Asia for AT LEAST ANOTHER DECADE.

    The Patriotic Forces will have to LAUNCH A HARD FOUGHT STRUGGLE to REGAIN the REINS OF POWER and the RETRIEVE the MOMENTUM towards that National GOAL bekoning in the distance!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Yakko “Facebook” Lorenzo,

    “I very much want to answer you but my comments are moderated!! :(( ” ???



    I am VERY SURPRISED you are still COMMENTING at LankaWeb …. SHAMELESS!! TOO BAD your ACCOUNT is NOT CANCELLED to force you DANCE your KOLAMA elsewhere!


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