Rajapaksa Harnesses Supernatural and Temporal Forces in Comeback Bid
Posted on February 25th, 2015

By P.K.Balachandran Courtesy The New Indian Express

COLUMBO: Defeated Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is harnessing supernatural as well as temporal forces in a determined bid to come back to power through the June parliamentary elections.

On Monday, he made a ceremonial offering of a gold plated trisulam (a trident associated with Lord Siva) at the ancient Murugan temple in Kataragama (Kadirgamam) in South Lanka. Murugan or Skanda is the Lankan God of War.

Media reports said that Rajapaksa was emulating the IInd. Century BC Sinhalese  Prince, Dutugamunu, who invariably made such an offering at Kataragama before going on military expeditions. Dutugamunu is celebrated for defeating Elara, a Chola nobleman who is seen as a Tamil usurper”.

But historian Prof.S.Pathmanathan told Express that the trisulam-giving ritual’s link with Dutugamunu is only a fable.

The Murugan temple at Kataragama did not exist at the time of Dutugamunu. There is no mention of it in the Mahawamsa which dwells on the exploits of Dutugamunu. References to the temple appear only in a 15 th. Century Pali chronicle of Burmese origin,” Pathmanathan said.

However, by publicizing the offering and its historical antecedents”, Rajapaksa has clearly indicated his desire to recapture power from usurpers”.

Temporal Forces

On February 18, some small parties belonging to Rajapaksa’s  United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA) held a rally at Nugegoda and gave a clarion call for his return to save the majority Sinhalese from Tamil separatism and Western domination.

In a message to the rally Rajapaksa said that he was not defeated but was cheated by a conspiracy.”

Rajapaksa is supposedly in self-imposed exile at his ancestral home in Tangalle, but is receiving bus loads of people every day who plead with him to give them leadership.

However, Rajapaksa’s own party, Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), kept out of the Nugegoda rally, though some party MPs attended. SLFP insiders said that the majority of their leaders and MPs do not want a return to the dictatorship of the Rajapaksa family. The scandals that are now coming to light, have tarnished the image of the Rajapaksa regime. There is also a feeling that Rajapaksa’s communal card is outdated.

13 Responses to “Rajapaksa Harnesses Supernatural and Temporal Forces in Comeback Bid”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: See my comments in other places. In summary we are the victims of Indian colonialism and imperialism. The Tamils and other Indians who did boycott 2005 election and voted in 2015 are Indian colonial parasites like the Singapore Foreign Minister who dropped in. Jai Hind

  2. douglas Says:

    These “Ritual” performances are done by almost 99% of the so called “Buddhist” people in this country and it is integrated into the daily life style too. The only exception is that when a “Public Figure” like that of a President; Prime Minister; Minister or any other high ranking person does it, the media get into a “hip hop” and “create” the juicy story. Just look at the situation when closer to a public examination like the GCE(O) Level, how many thousands flock to the “Devalas” to invoke blessings to do well and even obtain certain number of “A” Level passes. I have seen, even in some of the “popular” and most “affluent” Buddhist temples, rituals are performed and relayed over public address systems. So do people make a “Big Fuss” over it?

    The only thing that makes a “DIFFERENCE” here is, when a Leader of a country does it and “over do it” and “color” it with attendees who are not fit to be anywhere near a religious place coupled it with a “Media Frenzy”, that becomes a “REAL JOKE”. In that atmosphere and environment created willingly by the Leader himself, he too becomes and “made” the “BIG TIME JOKER” and he gets well and truly HOOKED into it. That is another “FEASTING FRENZY” for the vultures surrounding the Leader. That is the END GAME.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Quote “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”……

    Questions. “can gravity be seen ” ?
    ” are prayers of Millions never answered” ?

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    If Rajapakse ever comes back to power one of the issues he must do is investigate the legitimacy of the elections that ousted him.
    -he had to deal with a RAW agent during the elections
    – the margin that defeated him was only 450 thousand votes for a Coalition of parties. Even here in the US elections are rigged. The legitimacy of those elections should be questioned. if found to be tampered that could be used against this coalition to strip them of any chance of coming back.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with BW. Go to the first event, i.e. the more than likely rigged Presidential election.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    You are right Christie,

    “In summary we are the victims of Indian colonialism and imperialism”

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Hiranthe: The US has decimated the native Americans, so has Australia. The US nuked 2 Japanese cities killing hundreds of thousands. Germany killed literally millions so did China and Russia. India is eliminating millions of tribal people (Adivasi) and I just made a comment on the Deccan Times in reply to a Tamil who suggested the annexation of Sri Lanka. My answer was the Tamils will first “erase” the Singhalese people then claim the land. I got dead silence.

    Believe me eliminating 15 million Singhalese, even 10 million then take over Sri Lanka. From Australia to the New world to Europe it has been done. If so it can be done. In a decade or so who will remember?

  8. cassandra Says:

    It might pay MR, to pay more attention to the Hindu voters rather than to the Hindu Gods.

  9. nilwala Says:

    PKB is now at another Indian evangelical news agency spouting out about Sri Lanka and snidely twisting MR’s visit to Kataragama, which is a regular ritual practiced in MR’s part of the country in particular.

    Agree with BernardW, FranD, Hiranthe and Cassandra that the Sinhala people are being targeted for more and more difficult times with even likely decimation, after these brief 5yr of peace….betrayed by their own as happened in history so many times over.

  10. Cerberus Says:

    There was plenty of evidence that the Presidential election was rigged. I am surprised that none of the people who are trying to bring back Mahinda thought of filing a court case about the rigged election. There were two articles written by Dirook Kannangara (See below) which showed that that number of voters in Jaffna, Vanni, Nuwara Eliya etc had gone by by almost 91% in some areas compared to the numbers who voted in 2010. I cannot understand why no one has brought this to courts with the proper evidence. If it can be proven in court or by the Election Commissioner that the election was rigged then the whole election is null and void and Mahinda reverts to being the President. Can someone please tell me why this was not done.



  11. Lorenzo Says:

    To win Tamil Hindu votes MR has to become another disgusting racist like SAMBANTHAN, JAYALALITHA or KARUNANIDHI.

    So no point.

    FORGET about the racist voters. Concentrate on SINHALA BUDDHIST voters.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    MOST Tamils will vote for TNA and CWC. TNA will NOT join the govt. CWC will join ANY winning govt.
    MOST Muslims will vote for SLMC. They will join ANY winning govt.

    So the battle for UNP, SLFP and JVP is for Sinhala voters.

    Which modaya will play cricket when the game being played is baseball!!

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils are DAMN against the UNP already for DELAYING the UN war crimes report.

    2 days ago there was a MASSIVE protest in front of the US embassy in Jaffna against this delay.

    CRACKS have already cracked the My3 coalition along ethnicity.

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