Why TNA’s Sambanthan should never be considered as Leader of the Opposition
Posted on April 6th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

Consequent to 9/11 the US declared a war on terror and countries were told ‘you are either with us or against us’. The LTTE foreign brains quickly came up with an unregistered alliance putting together Tamil political parties under an umbrella name Tamil National Alliance with representatives selected by LTTE and Prabakaran. That was how TNA came into being on 22 October 2001 months before the Norwegian brokered ceasefire agreement of February 2002. 5000 LTTE ‘volunteers’ rigged the elections to enable TNA to enter Parliament in 2004 winning 22 seats (TNA even took oaths in front of Prabakaran) enabling LTTE appointed TNA to carry out propaganda locally and internationally misusing parliamentary privileges.

TNA-LTTE one and the same


TNA Leader Sampanthan with Prabakaran and Tamilselvan


In 2003 TNA leader Sampanthan with LTTE’s Anton Balasingham and Tamilselvan


LTTE flag – LTTE’s Tamilselvan at head table, TNA leader Sampanthan and present ITAK leader Mavai Senathirajah


Sambanthan holds poster claiming ‘Stop Genocide Against Tamils” (can such a person be an Opposition Leader?)

  • Both TNA and LTTE are seeking the same objectives.
  • TNA manifestos/speeches have never condemned LTTE atrocities or demanded the release of Tamil civilians kept as human shields/hostages
  • TNA in 2001 declared in its manifesto that LTTE was the ‘sole Tamil national entity’ and the ‘sole representative of the Tamil people’ and LTTE had the right to negotiate on behalf of the Tamil people.
  • TNA in 2004 repeated same in its manifesto
  • The EU Election Observation Mission Chief John Cushnahan in his EU report on 17 June 2004 clearly established LTTE-TNA links Firstly, the LTTE intended that no other rival Tamil party (or Tamil candidate from the mainstream political alliances) to the TNA would be able to claim to represent Tamil interests. A chilling message to this effect was sent early in the campaign when a UNP candidate and an EPDP activist were murdered. Incidents such as this seriously restricted the right of the parties other than the TNA to campaign freely in the Northern and Eastern Districts. During the 2004 elections, the major incidents of violence was perpetrated by the LTTE, whereas at the earlier elections; the primary source of the violence (although not all), were the two largest political parties.”
  • TNA is linked to and associates with the UNSC Resolution 1373 banned LTTE fronts – TGTE / GTF/BTF and a host of others operating from overseas. TNA are regular attendees to these functions and guest speakers funded by the Tamil Diaspora.
  • http://www.nation.lk/edition/news-features/item/34841-the-un-investigative-panel-must-probe-tna-ltte-links.html
  • http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=features/sri-lanka-accountability-investigate-ltte-tna-nexus

It is anyone’s guess as to why successive governments including the former failed to investigate or in the least openly declare TNA as representing the LTTE.

Having said that it now emerges that the TNA leader R Sambanthan is claiming a stake as Opposition Leader making merry of the disunity that prevails inside Parliament.

This takes us back to 1977 when A Amirthalingam of the TULF (formed in 1972) became the Opposition Leader from 1977 until 1983 with 18 seats to their credit.

The United National Party (UNP) with 141 out of 168 parliamentary seats routed the Sri Lanka Freedon Party (SLFP) that won only eight seats.

It was only because JR Jayawardena introduced the 6th amendment and with it the requirement for all Parliamentarians to take an oath of allegiance that the TULF walked out refusing to take the pledge including Anandasangaree who was as a result subsequently barred from practicing as a lawyer.

no person shall directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate within the territory of Sri Lanka”.

The argument against Sambanthan’s selection as Opposition Leader draws upon the abuse and misuse that the TULF Leader Amirthalingam initiated as Opposition Leader.

LTTE were first declared ‘our boys’ by him, he represented the Vaddukoddai (Constituency that he first contested from in 1952) ideology being a founder member of the Federal Party or rather Confederal/Federation party that plotted to use unemployed Tamil youth to deliver what the old cronies were dreaming about. Eventually he was gunned down by the very boys he wanted to rule over inside his own home in 1989.

LTTE-TULF links are also noteworthy


  • TULF youth wing members Uma Maheswaran and Urmila Kandiah both joined LTTE
  • Amirthalingam as leader of the Opposition even provided letters of reference to LTTE on government stationary
  • TULF Chavakachcheri MP V N Navaratnam openly supported LTTE and he introduced influential and wealthy Tamils living overseas to LTTE leaders.
  • TULF propaganda helped LTTE by branding Sri Lanka guilty of discrimination and perpetrating genocide.
  • By 1983 LTTE-TULF were already collecting funds from the overseas Tamil community. The first such public organization to collect funds was formed in 1978 through the Tamil Coordinating Committee in the UK to which Amirthalingam went on a world tour to campaign for misusing his title of Opposition Leader.

In 1977 a person who wanted to secede and create a separate state became the Opposition Leader. The damage he did openly and clandestinely is phenomenal. He used his position to internationalize his cause it was only in 1981 that the UNP presented a no-confidence motion against him. It was only Cyril Mathew who had the spine to criticize Amirthalingam inside Parliament. Though it must be said that it was Amirthalingam and Sivasithamparan who escorted Sirima Bandaranaike out of the chamber when her civic rights were taken away from her by JR Jayawardena. It was these same two that the LTTE shot at with Amirthaligam dying and Sivasithamparan miraculously surviving and Mrs. B had said ‘thank god no Sinhalese had done it’.

Sambanthan by virtue of links to the same organization that Amirthalingam clandestinely developed cannot be considered for this important post at this juncture wherein it is no exaggeration to say that Eelam has turned out to be an exercise that has geopolitical implications and interests of everyone other than Tamil Hindus or the tags being used.

It is for these reasons that the Speaker must take stock of how the post of Opposition Leader under Amirthalingam was used to promote separatist ideology, raise funds and carry out international propaganda campaigns abusing parliamentary privileges is likely to be repeated if Sambanthan is made Opposition Leader far more than how he currently misuses it being an MP.

Shenali D Waduge

37 Responses to “Why TNA’s Sambanthan should never be considered as Leader of the Opposition”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Death of Amirthalingam is a reminder to anyone that no moderate Tamil leader could express feeling without been subjected to criticism or threat by the shadowy separatist group and much of that shadowy group is well established in the diaspora. They could exert much pressure on the Tamil leaders.Sambathan could be a moderate man that GOSL should give him some responsibility, but not as the opposition leader as he will be, like it or not will be forced by the diaspora to speak for them in parliament. If I am not wrong Sambathan once carried the Sri Lankan flag at a public event and I am sure he must have been rebuked by the separatist lobby.
    We must find logical and realistic ways to reach out to the people of the north and give their leaders all the support to breakout of the clutches the separatist and their own seperatist mind set.
    In this aspect UK is far ahead of SL,where the Scottish nationalist may take all the electorates in Scotland and at the same time, after listening to the televised debate their leader was advocating national polices which is acceptable to most people of UK,didn’t speak only for Scotland.
    In fact my English friends thinks that their leader would make a good British Prime minister.
    You see I constantly dine with these people in a week and come to know how people think in the world.
    Last Easter Sunday I had half a Don English,few Spanish,Italians,a Check and German to Easter dinner.None of them spoke about their history or culture and their main topic was the mad conflicts in the middle East and threat to the environment global warming,etc.
    UK will continue to be a stable country, perhaps a diverse country and we must get their know how to deal with our separatist element within the country.
    It is too early to withdraw any security from the North as long as the separatist lobby is active abroad. As Mohamed said in the good book,’tie your camel while you pray’. Revealed to me by an Iraqi visitor who had tea with us.

  2. mario_perera Says:

    The term ‘opposition leader’ is a MISNOMER.

    Parliament is divided into ‘government’ and ‘opposition’. The word ‘government’ theoretically at least, is assumed to mean the representatives of the majority of the people of the country, those who voted that party or coalition into power. By the same token the word ‘opposition’ is understood as meaning all who voted against.

    In such a context the ‘Prime Minister’ and ‘opposition leader’ assume almost an equal status, the Prime Minister representing the majority of voters, and the opposition leader generally presumed to represent a slightly lesser percentage of the totality of the voters.

    Therefore logically if Sambandan is offered the post of opposition leader head will internationally be considered as representing a voter base astronomically higher than the Tamil voters he represents. This was the catastrophic result of the appointment of Amirthalingan. His separatist cry took on a dimension internationally that it never could have had within the country. Internationally he was considered as voicing the sentiment of a little less than half the voter base of the entire country. His separatist voice was considered internationally as the voice of the united opposition to the government.

    Who is to blame for this disastrous situation but the IDIOT Sinhalese heads of parties. They invite the ravenous wolf into their midst and then yell ‘wolf wolf…’ It is really the Sinhala leaders that serve as international intermediaries for the separatist cry of the Tamils.

    Let us face the glaring fact. Those who added fuel to the separatist cry of the Tamils were and are the Sinhala party leaders. They did it them and they are doing it now.

    If Sambandan is made the opposition leader, the Sinhalese heads of parties should be dealt with by the BULLET and not the ballot.

    Mario Perera

  3. Independent Says:

    By right SLFP head in the parliament shall be the PM ( DM Jayaratne).
    Opposition leader shall be Ranil. If MS wanted him to be PM, he should have done that by coming to the parliament and checking who has the most number of followers. Since anyone is allowed to cross sides, this had to be done before Ranil was sworn in.

    This, however was done without a hitch, after Ranil- MR meeting. Surely being the President that time , the previous cabinet, including PM was ordered to step down by MR. My question remains why he did that and how others forced him if not.
    In a democracy, this should be made known to the voters.

    Therefore, it remains a fact that we did not have a democratic government and we do not have now.

  4. Independent Says:

    There is no point repeatedly bashing TNA and LTTE. Let them be there. Where are the Sinhalese leaders who should be heading the government , not just talking , giving speeches and doing deals ?

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Endia currently has NO opposition leader. Endia’s LARGEST opposition parties are Half Italian Rahul Ghandhi’s Congress and Fat Jaya’s AIADMK.

    Good decision NOT to give the OL post to these clowns. One is in prison anyway so she has NO CHANCE to become OL.

    Same way, TNA Sambandan should NOT be made the OL.


    Mario’s logic explains WHY UNP and My3 want to make TNA Sambandan the OL.

    “In such a context the ‘Prime Minister’ and ‘opposition leader’ assume almost an equal status, the Prime Minister representing the majority of voters, and the opposition leader generally presumed to represent a slightly lesser percentage of the totality of the voters.”

    Suppose WEERAWANSA or DINESH GUNAWARDANA is made the OL, they instantly presume to represent a slightly lesser percentage of the totality of the voters which will be CRUCIAL at the next GE. To avoid that they want to give it to someone who CANNOT challenge the UNP at the GE.

    Very shortsighted decision by the govt. (not different to other govt.s).

    SLFP govt from 1970 to 1977 was a DISASTER. They ruined the economy, killed civilians and had a big non aligned party when people were starving. They deserved to lose like canines in 1977. They too should take the blame for Amirthalingam becoming OL. Thankfully, JR’s 6 amendment and the riot kicked TULF out in 1983.

    Just imagine the disaster HAD Amirthalingam and his TULF remained the main opposition in 1987 when IPKF invaded SL!! World news will go SL’s OL ALSO supports IPKF invasion.

  6. ranjit Says:

    If anyone suggest or vote for Sambandan the LTTE sympathizer to be the Opposition leader in this country should be labelled as a traitor because he openly supported the LTTE terrorism in this country. We don’t need a Tamil or a Muslim to be the Opposition leader when we have so many Sinhalese in the Parliament. Sinhala politicians should be ashamed to give their vote or think to vote to these people as they are not loyal to the Motherland. They always stood for separatism and division of my land. They openly worked against the country and it’s rulers. They lied about the country in world forums. Both these two groups Tamils & Muslims shouldn’t be trusted at all and should not give any important portfolios in this country to them because they don’t work for a united Sri Lanka but work always for a divided Sri Lanka. They don’t act as Sri Lankans but always complain and run for help outside the country to their foreign masters India & other western nations who supports them.

    MY3/Chandrika/ranil trio will be more dangerous to Sri Lanka than any other political leader at the moment. All three were acting on the orders of foreign backers of theirs. Their motives were all evil. MY3 is a Amateur and other two were evil and cunning. They were not successful leaders in the past so it’s better we get rid of them as soon as possible and bring a strong leader with a clean Govt to solve our day to day problems. Don’t believe in these people who come to the T.V. and say tons of lies on daily basis. They think that we are fools and they are the wise men who will take us to heaven in 100 days. Already MY 3 and his touring party is in heaven going round the world in 80 days and enjoying the party. A very lucky GS.

  7. nilwala Says:

    Mr. Sampanthan has made himself UNFIT for this position by his having participated in LTTE political events especially in the international scene thereby taking an ANTI Sri Lankan State position. He openly supports the LTTE objectives and in the statements that he continues to make in which he keeps repeating the Vaddukoddai Resolution as the solution to Tamil grievances.

    It would amount to appointing an acknowledged TRAITOR to this position.


  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tamil leaders were in charge of the Opposition when JRJ was in power (early 1980s). We all saw what happened then ! The trumped up 1983 Riots happened and some poor HINDU Tamils, about 200 plus, were killed and properties burnt. JRJ was NOT ALLOWED TO IMPOSE MARTIAL LAW AND A CURFEW TO STOP/CONTAIN THE RIOTS. Next, the draconian 13-A was IMPOSED ON LANKA UNDER DURESS, BY INDIA. We are still paying for hese acts forced on Lanka via India. The Tamil Diaspora grew to enormous numbers as Tamils fled Lanka and took refuge in the West. Today, it is the Tamil Diaspora along with vested interests that leads Tamils of Lanka,
    Don’t let this type of terrible event happen AGAIN to Lanka. Say a loud “NO” to a Sampanthan led Opposition.

    Mr Sampanthan should concern himself with the REAL issues of Tamil folk. The REAL issues of Tamil folk start in TAMIL NADU with its 3,000 yr old Caste problem with poverty in attendance. Tamils of Lanka have the same rights as others in Lanka. It is the Tamil leaders of Lanka that keep down the Tamils of Lanka.

    Tamil leaders have long wanted to USE Lanka as the place to solve Tamil problems emanating from Tamil Nadu. Time to expose this farce and put a stop to it. Remove the TAMIL LANGUAGE as a National/Official language in Lanka as this is what enables ILLEGAL TAMIL MIGRANTS to pour into Lanka. Once in Lanka, they come into the grips of insincere Tamil leaders.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    JRJ did not IMPOSE MARTIAL LAW AND A CURFEW TO STOP/CONTAIN THE RIOTS !!! – Fact ( Mr Amirthalingam OL was begged him to imposed but JRJ refused- Done it one week later ) .

  10. Fran Diaz Says:


    At the outset let me say that I detest riots in any form. That said, I have to go further into the facts of 1983 Riots and state that it was the V’koddai Resolution that set up the nascent LTTE ‘boys’ (wasn’t Mr Amirthalingam encouraging the ‘boys’ ?) and they killed 13 soldiers in the North that set off the anticipated 1983 Riots. Tamil Separatism in both India and Sri Lanka started way back in the 1920’s during the times of the British Raj. The Sinhala/Tamil Language issues merely added more fuel to the fires Tamil Separatism. Later, the LTTE ‘boys’ killed Mr Amirthalingam.

    Curfew etc were imposed on the 3rd day of riots, not one week as you say.

    So many died, for what ?

    At present, Mr Dinesh Gunawardene is the best candidate as Leader of the Opposition.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tell us why there is this mania for Separatism coming from most of the Tamil leaders, in both India & Sri Lanka. Dream theme from British Raj days continued to this day ? Distraction theme too to fob off Caste/poverty problems ?

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    STOP spreading lies.

    “The trumped up 1983 Riots happened and some poor HINDU Tamils, about 200 plus, were killed and properties burnt. JRJ was NOT ALLOWED TO IMPOSE MARTIAL LAW AND A CURFEW TO STOP/CONTAIN THE RIOTS. Next, the draconian 13-A was IMPOSED ON LANKA UNDER DURESS, BY INDIA.”

    13 amendment was imposed in 1987.

    IMMEDIATELY AFTER the riot in 1983 the GREAT 6 amendment was passed. The GREAT 6 amendment was a GOOD byproduct of the riot. It gave JR an EXCUSE to pass the 6 amendment. MANY TULF MPs and they properties were attacked which forced them to REJECT the 6 amendment. They paid the price for rejecting it.

    BTW the riot started when Singhala civilians (policemen) were killed by Tamils, their fingers chopped, sexual organs were cut off and burnt alive in Jaffna.

    Facts are facts.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    The damage done to Lanka reputation as a Democratic country far exceeds the 6-A which was NEVER implemented. The 6-A is a USELESS PIECE OF LEGISLATION AS IT HAS NEVER BEEN USED !!

    I am spreading only FACTS as I see them. The lies come from the Tamil Diaspora ! Dont’ get so emotional – facts are facts to me, as I witnessed or heard.

    I have no details about how Sinhala civilians were killed etc in Jaffna. I only know for sure that they were told to leave Jaffna within 48 hrs with some money, leaving behind their belongings. Also heard horrific rumours much later, years later, about soome Sinhala people being killed. It was Ethnic Cleansing of the North.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    Again you are wrong.

    1. “The damage done to Lanka reputation as a Democratic country far exceeds the 6-A which was NEVER implemented.”

    Absolute nonsense. The reputation damage was NOTHING compared to KILLING FIELDS BS FILM of 2012. That is for SAVING Tamil hostages from LTTE! Was there any UN action, investigations for 1983? NONE!

    Guess who apologized for it? Chandrika!! The second biggest traitor this country has seen.

    So you can see the HYPOCRICY of the “international community”. A FACT and we have to live by these FACTS not what we think as right.


    Another lie. 6 amendment is the BEST law EVER!! Thanks to it ALL TULF racists were kicked out of parliament. Amirthalingam CEASED to be the opposition leader.

    6 amendment has STOPPED many traitors in their tracks. Otherwise we would have WORSE traitors than now.

    3. “I have no details about how Sinhala civilians were killed etc in Jaffna.”

    So you NEVER HEARD the killing of 13 policemen? Policemen are CIVILIANS. It is a FACT.

    4. “I only know for sure that they were told to leave Jaffna within 48 hrs with some money, leaving behind their belongings.”

    That happened in 1990 to Jaffna Muslims.

    MOST Singhala people were chased away from Jaffna in AUGUST 1977 by Tamils. Check the 1971 and 1981 census for FACTS.

    5. VP did NOT die in the 2004 tsunami. He was killed in war on May 18 2009. SL army, not the tsunami takes credit.

    I’m not against you but I’m against misinformation.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    Let us agree to disagree. The 1983 Riots > settled about a million Tamils in the west > some of the western media politicos bought and which led to lies > sympathy from church and west etc. Having travelled in the west, we know that.

    Aw, come on, I have already mentioned the killing of 13 policemen myself. I said CIVILIANS, not Police.

    As usual, you are going on your route only. I’ll stick with mine. G’bye.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    OK. Lets agree to disagree.

    But facts are facts.

    “The 1983 Riots > settled about a million Tamils in the west.”

    NO. 1983 resulted in a VERY FEW Tamils going to the west. MOST went during and after IPKF HORROR.

    “some of the western media politicos bought and which led to lies > sympathy from church and west etc.”

    That came FIRST. Western media, church PLOTTED this LONG LONG before 1983!!

    “I have already mentioned the killing of 13 policemen myself. I said CIVILIANS, not Police.”


  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    PS: I amm not misleading anyone. I stick with the truth as I know it. You are free to take any views you like. People know the truth now – so it does not matter what you or anyone else says.

  18. mario_perera Says:

    CEYLON TODAY had the following report: a statement by the Bishop of Jaffna Rev.Savundaranayagam,

    According to the Bishop except for the changes such as releasing of certain areas of lands and reducing of the High Security Zones in the Valikamam North and the East areas nothing has changed significantly in the peninsula.

    WHAT A JOKE. Tweo of the main demands of the Tamil leaders have been achieved. Much land has been released and security zones reduced. Yet according to this TAMIL bishop ‘nothing has changed significantly in the peninsula !!

    Let us face the fact. The significant change the Tamil leaders demand was already formulated in 1920. what they want is SELF GOVERNMENT for the peninsula. Until they obtain that, NOTHING would significantly change for them.

    Their immemorial policy was: a little now, more later. Nothing will appease them than the federal state they have always been clamouring for. And, let us admit it, the Federal State is the ultimate platform for TAMIL EELAM.

    The Sinhalese leaders have been bending backwards to please them, yet nothing will please them until they reach their perennial goal of the Federal State. Pretending not to see this is like not seeing the midday sun. This is what RECONCILIATION means for the Tamil Leaders on both sides of the Palk Strait. Their vision is clear more so because they know the fickle nature of the Sinhala leadership.

    They must be stopped in their tracks once and for all, with no concessions made to their vanity. The Peninsula dwellers must be strictly treated like the inhabitants of the rest of the country. That is more than sufficient ‘reconciliation’. The more concessions made, the more they become headstrong. This is the lesson of history.

    Mario Perera

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    We all three of us know A to Z about our 100% history & motives of all our both communities actions Since 1948 to 2009.
    now from 2009 to now (2015) not clear to me so no point of talking our all stories we all know what DS to JRJ than to MR & Chelava to Amirthalingam than to VP all their motive simple madness rascim nothing else .

    Please explain me what happing in Mother Lanka since 2009 to today !!!

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    So you NEVER HEARD the killing of 13 policemen? Policemen are CIVILIANS. It is a FACT.

    Lorenzo FYI
    13 Armies force killed at Thinna Veli ( I was studying for my A/L in mid night around 11.50 pm big fire on sky not a mile from our home) organised by VP.

    Policemen are CIVILIANS. It is a FACT- what you try to BS ?

    NB/ Fran Diaz is genuine chinhalavar please do not cross with him

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Whether We like it or not We are united after VP Eg: NP & EP chief ministers are elected well educated law obeying who have good relationship with President now .
    so why are you against Mr Sampanthan for OL post ? We all know he will settle in united Mother also this post to a Tamil person give good name to Mother Lanka !!! do not you think so?

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correction: 13 SOLDIERS were killed by the LTTE in the North. Soldiers are not classified as civilians in war situations.



    Agree with you.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for clarity re 13 soldiers etc.

    Now, re Mr Sampanthan, allow me to be frank : NO. He is not suitable to be Oppn Leader at this point in time. When Tamil Nadu is settled in their caste/poverty problems, and western thinking is less ‘opportunistic’ and more secure re the East, then it is a better time for such a thought. Mr Sampanthan, so far, is only a good strategist re his own career and survival. He has done nothing for the whole of Lanka.

    Remember please that only a few weeks ago Mr Wignesawaran said that there is “Genocide of Tamils of Lanka”, and that he is for a Federal State. Tamil Leaders must be trustworthy and dependable first, have a record of being so, or else they will not go far in Lanka. Same for Sinhala leaders or Muslims. Tamil people will follow their leaders – if Leaders indulge in lies, cheat and deceit they will follow that too. The record so far is not good. The trustworthy, moderate Tamil people have been murdered by the LTTE e.g. Mr Luxman Kadirgama, Dr N. Tiruchelvam etc.
    These are the facts. We make our decisions from facts. Do you agree ?

  24. Fran Diaz Says:


    Pls tell us what you think happened from 2009 to now.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    If you believe pro-LTTE people, too bad.

    No one cried GENOCIDE in 1983. They started crying genocide in 2009.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Pls tell us what you think happened from 2009 to now- You claver mate you put question back to me.
    I am only a web sides reader , before 2009 I was reading Tamilnet, Eelamweb, Eelamtamil etc… after 2009 lankaweb, lankapage, lacnet etc…

    realy specking I am confused what happened from 2009 to now in mother Lanka .
    eg: How come Colombo Judge Viggi become CM over night ? RW,CBK , Mangala lost leaders (first both had changed) become head of Govt over night? Indian Head state Modi come to Colombo ( & Thalai Mannar) claiming Mother lanka is his home?
    I hope & pray this is all settle after next election !

    Their immemorial policy was: a little now, more later. Nothing will appease them than the federal state they have always been clamouring for. And, let us admit it, the Federal State is the ultimate platform for TAMIL EELAM- As a Pro Eelamist 100% agreed with you . only problem is Since Eelara (Eela Rajah) time to VP still We-Tamil did not get a even one hire from You Sinhalese ( in Tamil -Oru mayirayum puddungha muddiya villia).
    why this kolaveri, kolaveri mate ???

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for response.

    Yes, you have hit the target – how did a bunch of failed politicos suddenly come on top to govern the country ?? That is the the million $$ question.

    In our lives, it is the Will/Laws of God that operate. But in the world of Politics, in Lanka and India, it is the will of almighty Ex-colonists and Super Powers that operate. To have a true Democracy, the Will of the People has to operate. Do you agree ?

    We have to hope and pray that the European & Middle East problems settle down. Then we shall be allowed some peace with no ‘divide & rule’ in Lanka and India.

  28. cassandra Says:

    I agree with much of what Mario Perera has said.

    The goal of the TNA is no different to that espoused by SJV Chelvanayagam (SJV) and other Tamil leaders, over time. It will be noted that today they talk not only of Tamil rights but always also of Tamil aspirations. And what exactly does that last word mean? What exactly are the aspirations? As they have done before, they wish to leave it deliberately unclear. But in fact, Tamil aspirations mean nothing less than a separate state.

    The myth that Tamils leaders have propagated, and continue to do, especially in the West is that the Tamils are fighting back because of the disabilities allegedly visited upon them following the introduction of the Official Languages Act of 1956 when Sinhala replaced English as the country’s official language. But the fact is that Tamil separatist sentiment was not born after the introduction of the Official Languages Act of 1956. It predates that and indeed in predates 1949 when SJV founded the Federal Party. One recalls the mischievous statements previously made by GG Ponnambalam and his demand for 50:50. One also recalls the statements of the likes of Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam who is reported to have said in an address to the Ceylon Tamil League – as long ago as in 1922, “It has far higher aims in view, namely to keep alive and propagate these precious ideals throughout Ceylon, Southern India and the Tamil Colonies, to promote the union and solidarity of Tamilakam, the Tamil Land. We should keep alive and propagate these ideals throughout Ceylon and promote the union and solidarity of what we have been proud to call Tamil Eelam.”

    That yearning for Tamil Eelam has continued and what the likes of Sampanthan and Vigneswaran are now pursuing should come as no surprise.

  29. SA Kumar Says:

    European & Middle East problems settle down- As We all know Capitalist(greedy) European & Middle East problems never settle down(until oil finish) also your concern about TN with its 3,000 yr old Caste problem with poverty

    We can not solve ,eg: look our Estate Tamils standard of living in mother Lanka almost all of them born here (after 1948) – in every our house have servant girls or boys from these poor people , why aren’t they mother Lanka like us ??? heart breaking !!! We need will to help these innocent poor people & Laws of God .

    If every one in mother Lanka can speck Sinhala than no Sinhala / Tamil problem , We have enough army personal in NEP now ( war is over) can they teach Sinhala in every Tamil schools !!!

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    The reasons to remove Tamil as a National/Official language in Lanka gets clearer as the days pass and people are learning the truth of what is really going on. To protect Lanka from language based division of the country, Lanka may be forced to remove the Tamil language as a National/official language. Tamil Separatism is riding on the back of European dilemmas/insecurities – hence the backing from the west.

    Since India is divided into different states through language, India will see the same possibilities in Lanka. Is Tamil Eelam the sacrificial goat from Lanka ? But that may be India’s undoing, as Tamil Nadu will secede too. And if such a catastrophe happens, what will the west do with Tamil Eelam/Tamil Nadu ?

  31. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with Fran.

    No wonder MOST of peaceful countries have ONE official and national language despite having MANY minorities.

    MOST unstable countries have more than one official and national language.

    Tamil should NOT be an official or national language of SL. It creates DIVISION.

    SL is already divided.

    1. 2 official languages
    2. 2 national languages
    3. 2 national anthems
    4. 2 sets of laws – Vesawalami law for Tamils and other laws for others

  32. SA Kumar Says:

    1. 2 official languages
    2. 2 national languages
    3. 2 national anthems
    4. 2 sets of laws – Vesawalami law for Tamils and other laws for others
    what you expect from Two country !!!

  33. Fran Diaz Says:


    thank you for expanding a bit more on this topic.

  34. SA Kumar Says:

    1. 2 official languages
    2. 2 national languages
    3. 2 national anthems
    4. 2 sets of laws – Vesawalami law for Tamils and other laws for others
    Two Nation one country what else one can expect !!!!

    Fran Diaz
    fact is We are divided Nation as always (since Eelra time) What we need now We should unite together otherwise sooner or later we both will loose our mother Lanka to outsiders they know very well value of this Real Estate
    Hope & Pray not too late !!! (Modi already claim this is his real estate(Sampur, Thalai Mannar, etc..)

    Chinhala sakotharam please walk up !!!!

  35. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are right !


    Now the cats are out of the bag ! Our Tamil Brothers & Sisters who keep on voting for Taml Leaders who USE them like any other Resource (not as sentient beings) to please various others with pocket stuffing for themselves, should vote from now on for tested and tried politicos ONLY from any ethnic/religious group. Vote ONLY for Leaders who think with compassion and kindness toward ALL in Lanka and other places. No hidden games in politics, just straightforward deals within and outside the country, transparent for Parliament and citizens to see.

    If India takes over, it will be an inglorious Tamil Nadu take over with REIMPOSITION of the Caste System. Watch it Tamils of the North – you are skating on thin ice here. You all came to Lanka to loose Caste, but it will be REIMPOSED if Tamil Nadu takes over. What a Farce !

    Life is brief and precious – do not waste it in bickering. Live Life ! Enjoy and be kind and compassionate toward those who suffer mentality and physically, whatever their station in life and eduction, ethnicity and religion. That is the Law. That is what will work on planet Earth – nothing else will work.

  36. Fran Diaz Says:

    Bottom line course of Action for Politicos of all hue in Lanka :

    * Please remove the 13-A. It is an illegal piece of legislation imposed under Duress by India during Cold War times. The Cold War is OVER (1946-1991). Russia is a part of NATO. Russia & China are both members of the Security Council of the UN.

    * Remove also the Tamil Language as a National/Official language of Lanka, or face division of the small island homeland of 25,000 sq mls.

    * One LAW for ALL in Lanka. No more ‘divide & rule’ for Lankans.

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with all what Fran has written the 3 points.

    IF these 3 are done SL will be a fantastic place.

    Corruption and other things can wait.

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