Posted on June 14th, 2015

By KEERTHI WARNAKULASURIYA- Defence correspondent- Sunday Diviana (translated by Ranjith Soysa)

Even though six years have elapsed after the defeat of the LTTE , still the interested overseas based parties continue to package and sell the issues in the North and the East. The latest is the 37 page report issued by Okland Institute stating that the Sri Lankan government is continuing to violate human rights of the Tamils. This NGO was established by a woman called Anuruddika Mittal in 2004. She had travelled to the North some years ago and had conducted discussions with NGOs.

Under the theme of Fight for justice and the long shadow of war”, it is a collection of distortions and disinformation. She says she sent five research teams to Colombo, Batticola,

Trincomalee,  Jaffana and Mullativ. But, she does not reveal the names of the persons who researched. Yet, it is obvious that her report is based on reports emanating from the well known NGOs operating from Sri Lanka.

In her erroneous report Anurudikka states as follows:

1 In the North there are nearly 1,60,000- defence forces personnel

  1. There is a one defence forces person for every six civilian in the North.
  1. Whole of the North and the East has undergone Sinhalisation.

4.Okaland Institute has taken action to submit affidavits obtained from the civilians to UN organizations.

  1. 75% of the Sri Lankan defence forces personnel are stationed in the North.
  1. The true situation in the North had been explained to Oakland Institute by the Chief Minister Wigneswaran.
  1. A number of mistakes are there regarding the village names such as Arripu village is called Point Pedro, Kallar as Somapura,.Nilapali is Nilapola, Punkarai is Mahindapura, Thiramangali is Siri Mangala Rama.

She expresses her hatred regarding memorials constructed in Mulativ and Elephant Pass etc and questions whether is it not the result of the Sinhalisation. She further says that these are clear signs of the Sinhalese capturing the Tamil lands.

There was a function to launch the report with the participation of the international press. At the discussion the Chief Minister Wigenswaran said that he had asked the soldiers to stay within their barracks .He also said that the President Sirisena told him to take over the 5 star hotel run by the defence forces in the North and use it as a conference centre.

In her report Anuruddika states that the civilians in the North continue to be internally displaced and registers her opposition to the appointment of Maj Gen Jagath Dias as the chief of staff of Sri Lanka Army. It is obvious that the Chief Minister Wigenwaran had worked closely with the author on this report.

Another important question is to ascertain who funded this report and who allowed Anuruddika to travel to Sri Lanka. The report has been prepared between   December  2014 and  January 2015.

Within 48 hours of the issue of the report the Minister Swaminathan has visited the Navy Head quarters of North West based in Mullikulam in Mannar. On this day, TNA member. Adalikandan , Rev Victor Susai the chief of the Catholic mission in Mannar had met some ‘refugees’ in Malaynakadum in Pollikulam. They have insisted their lands were taken by force by the Navy should be returned to them. Mullikulam is located in a strategically important area in Mannar. Many are questioning whether Mallikulam , an important base in the West coast is also facing the same destiny of closure as the Vidura camp in the Eastern coast!

 In the meantime, at a meeting held with the teachers and local residents, TNA ,MP Suresh Premachandran said that the Army camp in Arsappukulam will be removed after the TNA ‘s win at the next elections.

Another objective of the Oakland Institute is to get the Government to free 300 odd terrorists who are responsible for grave crimes and are in custody at present. Oakland institute report says that it has become a common demand among the Tamils to the Government of Sri Lanka to free the political prisoners. Soon after the issue of the report, TNA MP, Sumanthiran said that he had initiated discussions with the Government to free these prisoners. But, these prisoners were responsible in attacking army camps, destroying helicopters and planes, laying land mines,etc.

The report also says that the whole of the North and the East is Tamil Land. It mentions  sighting of Sinhala name boards, erecting war memorials, building of Buddhist temples as steps to undermine the identity of the area. It also says that the  stationing the defence forces in the North and the East have caused many hardships to the Tamil civilians.

Aren’t we witnessing a dress rehearsal of the coming gloomy events?


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Great NEWS !!! Wigneswaran has asked the ARMY SOLDIERS to stay within the BARRACKS. When was Wigneswaran appointed Army Commander , and by whom ?? He will look great in Army uniform. The first bearded Army Commander of Sri Lanka.

    3…Whole of North and East has undergone Sinhalisation !! NOT YET. TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND SINHALESE HAS TO BE RESETTLED IN THE NORTH, those who were ETHNICALLY CLEANSED by the TAMIL TERRORISTS.



  2. Lorenzo Says:

    The day security forces leave the north, Tamils shall leave Colombo.

    NO TWO LAWS for two people. ONE LAW for all. IF Singhala soldiers cannot live in the north, Tamils cannot live in Colombo. It is as plain as that.

    Lets SHARE are live together or lets ALL build GHETTOES and live in our respective ghettoes.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  4. Lorenzo Says:

    SL is facing a VERY DANGEROUS situation.

    Politicians CANNOT save SL. The MILITARY must take over SL to save it from a MASSIVE CATASTROPHE. If those hardcore terrorists are released, they will kill MR, GR, army officers, civilians, etc.

    Many people blame JR for a HEAVY HANDED APPROACH towards terrorists. I disagree.

    IF hardcore terrorists in prison were released in 1983 or thereafter (ALL were released in 1987), we would have had a CATASTROPHE of many more tens of thousands of deaths. Konawela Sunil’s action (though very very bad) SAVED SL and tens of thousands of lives. JR gave him a JP title.

    We cannot eat the cake and have the cake.
    Should we save SL or sacrifice it for a better place for us in nirvana?
    Should we save SL and go to hell or sacrifice it for a better place for us in heavan?
    My choice is clear. Its the first. What’s the point going to heavan and looking down at TAMIL ELAM in place of SL and regret forever? I’d rather do what is right and go to hell and still be happy as my country is intact.

  5. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    One thing is certain – the continued references in the Oakland report to “Tamil land” is offensive, and shows a complete disregard of the prevailing sentiment and necessity for a unified country that ALL land in Sri Lanka is “Sri Lankan land”. Period!

    NGOs that use this divisive language should be banned in Sri Lanka, as they are trying to reinforce separatist sentiment which is not in Sri Lanka’s best long term interest.

  6. Independent Says:

    Tamil Land = Tamil Nadu

  7. Christie Says:

    Jai Hind: This report was compiled by an Indian living in the US.

    Anuradha Mittal
    Executive Director
    Oakland Institute

    Another Indian Imperialist working for the Indian Empire. These Indians set up a lot of NGOs to collect money from Indians and other gullible Americans and use the US as the base for their attacks. This is a classic example of how Indian Vermin use the West to attack subjects of the Indian Empire. This person has used this to Oakland Institute to attck Ugandans. As you know Indians hate Ugandans after Idi Amin kicked Indians out. Indians want the same done to Rajapaksa and his family what Indian Imperialists did to Idi Amin a great man who stood up to Indian Colonial Parasites.
    Jai Hind

  8. Independent Says:

    ArcelorMittal is the biggest steel producer in the world.

  9. Independent Says:

    “Should we save SL or sacrifice it for a better place for us in nirvana?”
    Stop insulting Buddhists. Nirvana is not a place. It is living without pain and suffering.
    Sinhalese people can live almost like Nirvana is Tamil Tigers, Muslim Jihadist, Catholic invaders are not there.

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