Article on Colombo Telegraph, by Hameed Abdul Karim Challenges the Israeli Ambassador To Sri Lanka? I just did not want this to go by without answering Hameed.
Posted on June 20th, 2015


Let’s first look at which Palestinians is he refereeing to; Original Palestinians were nomadic tribes that roamed around Jorden. King Hussein’s father gave them certain parts of Jorden to build houses and get work in Jorden and in Israeli settlements where they needed unskilled labor. At that time Saudis were against Israel and did not want Israel to be established. (To day the situation is different. Saudis does not want a separate state for Abbas Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. They want the Palestinians to manage their own affairs and be Israeli citizens.) Hamid Abdul is attempting to tell Saudis are anti-Israel, but average Sri Lankan Muslims will not any way believe it, because all the Saudi newspapers are available in Sri Lanka, and are translated in to TAMIL AND SINHALA. I feel this is an effort to discredit the Honorable Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka by a set of clowns that woke up after RANIL PUNK became the KING OF SRI LANKA, appointed by OBAMA Presidential team under the advice of the TAMILS FOR OBAMA International organization. So I am challenging this comedy actor because what he has written in the article he published in the Colombo Telegraph on Monday June 1st has nothing to do with what the honorable Ambassador Daniel Carmon, said.


Last week a sophisticated missile was fired at a Saudi military base from Yemen. Saudis successfully destroyed it in the air. Saudis have a sophisticated air defense system developed by them which is second to none. This network covers all the oil fields and every corner of Saudi-Arabia. Also they are well advanced in nuclear technology. Solar technology is also utilized heavily. 20% of the electrical grid is supplied by solar energy. So called Palestinians who Hameed Abdul Karim referred lives outside of the Gaza Strip; to be exact, 87% of them, mostly in Ireland. If Hamas has control of certain parts of Gaza Strip, then Hamas can start a war by just firing a rocket at an Israeli housing complex. This why, Jorden have severe restrictions on them. Late King Hussein allowed them to settle in Jorden but controlled them, and did not allow them to be Jordanian citizens. There was an uprising and King Hussein crushed it. King Hussein has a half-brother who would be the King if King Hussein died. Once he suggested that ruling of the Jordanian Kingdom should be given to the so called Palestinians. Present King Abdulla has just graduated from Sanderhurst Military Academy in UK. King Hussein immediately removed him and gave the Kingdom to his son, King Abdulla. When Rathna Siri Wickramanayake was the Prime minister, he went to Israel and gave a joint statement to the Israeli parliament with the Israeli foreign minister stating that Sri Lanka identifies HAMAS as a terrorist organization, and it is banned in Sri Lankan.


In his article Hameed Abdul Karim states that he lives in Sri Lanka and he interviewed a Palestinian girl who is in Sri Lanka. My question; how did she get into Sri Lanka? She was un-doughty smuggled by the Muslim organization that Hameed represents. It is naïve to write an article without visiting Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel unless the sole purpose was to discredit the honorable ambassador Daniel Carmon to Sri Lanka.  None of the countries around Gaza strip will grant you a visa because of what you have written in this article I am referring to. You should at least attempt to go to Quetta and talk to journalists who regularly travel to these countries to get firsthand information. Gaza Strip is a complicated area. The conflicts are at the border with Israel and Egypt where there are tunnels. All goods that come through these tunnels are taxed by the Hamas. Money is used provide water and electricity to the large contingent of poor woman and children. Once you get to the rural areas JEWS AND ARABS live in peace side by side as they lived since time began. They are Israeli citizens and vote in the elections. Some are elected members of the parliament. The word APATHEID took my attention next is your sentence. Archbishop Desmond TUTU described Sri Lanka, as raciest as apartheid South Africa”. Just whom are you kidding Hameed?  Have you forgotten what happened eight or nine years ago?  Foreign mime workers were attacked and killed by South African mine workers affiliated with TUTU Bishop. Foreign workers ran in to the church thinking that it was a safe place! Then TUTU Bishop came out with a gun and shot 23 African workers dead. Police later arrested him and charged him but the president of South Africa told police not to charge him because he is a Nobel Prize winner. TUTU Bishop is an assassin and a blood thirsty cannibal. He ate some of the men and woman he killed that day. Hameed, you call Israel a PARIAH STATE? Do you know how much Israel has invested in Sri Lankan agriculture? Ask your sponsor RANIL PUNK how much. OBAMA tried to do a similar act recently and failed miserably.  OBAMA paid the Israeli security minister big some of money to issue a directive (Similar to Sri Lankan gazette). For the last 10 or 15 years Arabs (So called Palestinians) living near the Gaza Strip and Israel; cross in to Israel in the morning riding busses get work multitude of un skilled and skilled work. At the end of the day they go back on same busses. The directive issued stated that JEWS AND ARABS must go back on separate busses. Spontaneously everyone in Israel and the outside world protested. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime minister immediately issued an order to cancel the order issued by the security minister. OBAMA lost his own game and could not account for the money he gave the Israeli security minister. I will use Hameed’s own statement and prove that OBAMA tried to sate to the world that there is separate education and election system for Arabs and Jews. Hameed stated that Israeli ambassador’s falsehoods and myths Israel clinch’s for his life so called Palestinians do not recognize Israel (Let it be known to Hameed that any Arab or Jew couldn’t care two hoots whether they recognize Israel or not) . He goes on further and states which Israel do they want to recognize the one that was created by UN in 1947 or the boarders that 1967 war boarders or current Israel without boarders? Israeli ambassador hasn’t got to answer to an idiot like you. You state that all Israel wants is Peace negotiations to buy time and obviate two state solutions once and for all by creating ground realities.


If I can remember right, there was a rubber mill in Mathle, called Hameed Mils, and a Rubber estate, and large Tea plantation owned by a family named Hameed. When late Philip Gunawardana brought the 50 acres per family bill to the parliament, this family migrated to Sweden. They were against any thing that prospers Sri Lanka. I think this MARAKLAYA is from this family. They funded RANIL PUNK for a long time. Two days ago SAUDIS declared a long holiday for RAMADAN. Next this Hameed Marakalaya will propose similar holiday with only food shops are allowed to open. Another Mrakalaya, Hafeel is saying that Israeli airport was built on a Palestinian village.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Lankaputhra for telling the truth.

    These LTTE-IS groups are trying to take REVENGE from ISRAEL for helping SL get rid of terrorists.

    Israel went AGAINST USA and Endia to help SL get rid of ruthless terrorists.
    Israel trained our SF, STF and PRO-SL Tamil armed groups.
    Israel sold us our BEST fighter jet KFIR, our BEST FAC – Dvora, our BEST anti-tank guided missile – SPIKE, our BEST anti ship missile, our BEST UAV drones
    Israel also gave us military technology. Dvora was MADE IN SL thanks to Israel granting us the license.

    Now these LTTE-IS want to turn SL into another LIBYA, STRIA, IRAQ, etc.

    The day is not too far when LTTE and IS terrorists will kill each other in SL.

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