President Sirisena Must Fear Lucky Ranil for Very Good Reasons, Not Mahinda
Posted on June 20th, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

Who is the most frustrated politician in the island today having lost so many elections? And why that person is desperate after the 19th Amendment was diluted by SLFP MPs? What if the decoy works? A news item was floated by pro-UNP websites of a purported conversation President Maithripala had with his party stalwarts. He did have such a conversation but the issues disclosed in that website didn’t occur according to credible newspapers in circulation. According to Maithripala, the former president Mahinda cannot be made the prime minister at the moment primarily because he is not a parliamentarian. Secondly because he has not joined Maithripala’s coalition despite having two face to face meetings. It is not because he might grab power by unscrupulous means. This is a decoy spread by pro-UNP media outlets. Why would they spread such well concocted lies?

Did anyone notice how the international tide turned against Maithripala lately? Well, it did. Making statements, USA and India expressed doubts as to the genuineness of the Maithripala government to ‘resolve the ethnic problem’ said to exist in the country. It follows the president’s appreciation that the Sri Lankan economy cannot continue without China and paying a high level visit to China. The West and India see him following on the footsteps of Mahinda. Banning a popular herbicide from an extremely influential corporation by Maithripala (following Mahinda) is another concern for them. Attempts to restart the stalled Colombo Port City project is another concern. They know for sure that Maithripala will give the green light to the project soon. Simply the West and India have now given up on Maithripala. They now openly support Ranil who has shown his strong western connections following on the footsteps of his uncle who was a very strong western ally.

Ranil is also frustrated as SLFP MPs diluted the 19th amendment in the eleventh hour. Powers the prime minister was supposed to get under the original 19th amendment were removed by these changes. As prime minister, he is not entitled to the powers he was promised before the election. There is only one way he can enjoy those promised powers he so desires; to become the president. And that is the wish of the West and India too.

His dictatorial conduct and desire for power was on display in parliament when he tried to shut up veteran parliamentarian Vasudeva in parliament. Silencing of hundreds of political activists in Batalanda in 1989 who opposed him is not forgotten. Over 500 youth were tortured and killed. So is the Liyanarachchi episode when the outspoken critic of Ranil was killed in 1988. His famous association with an infamous underworld figure in the 1980s is also very well known.

How come a political rookie with just 16 years’ experience became the UNP leader in 1993? It was thanks to a series of strange events that happened. Within the course of a month, the UNP leader who was also the president and the potential UNP leader (who rebelled against the party but would have returned) were killed supposedly by the LTTE. As an inheritance from a deceased relative no one knew existed, Ranil became the prime minister. Let us call it his exceptional luck.

His luck continued as Gamini’s takeover of the UNP leadership swiftly ended thanks to similar circumstances. Ranil who was expelled as the UNP leader in August 1994 reclaimed the throne just 2 months later thanks to Gamini’s assassination.

Another similar event befell President Kumaratunga in 1999 but she survived. Had she died, the president would be Ranil. Luck seems to be shining on him again.

If what happened in 1993 were to happen again, who will be the president? It is none other than Ranil who became prime minister under similar circumstances. 

Therefore it is futile trying to point to a red herring as a decoy to take public attention away from historical truths. Those who spread these diversion stories are aware people have forgotten history and those who forget history are condemned to witness its repetition. President Maithripala must see through this ploy of the west, India and some lucky locals. He must immediately appoint a trustworthy prime minister from his own party. His current prime minister is extremely ambitious apart from being lucky that his previous three superiors got assassinated.

He has lost two presidential elections, four general elections and countless other elections but still remains the UNP leader which hints at his craving for power. On two occasions he became prime minister out of a total of three bypassing the ballot (1993 and 2015). President Maithripala must be wary of his extremely ambitious and lucky prime minister who has shown elections are an excess, not a necessity, to gain power.

President Sirisena has more to fear from Ranil and nothing to fear from Mahinda.

11 Responses to “President Sirisena Must Fear Lucky Ranil for Very Good Reasons, Not Mahinda”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Run-nil killed his way to the top. That is why he wants to release 200 HARDCORE LTTE TERRORISTS. They will help him again.

    Something missing from the above is the DEPUTY DEFENCE MINISTER Ruwan Wijewardana who is Run-nil’s cousin!!! A double fork against Maru Sira in chess jargon.

    This is the SAME STRATEGY VP used. He killed ALL his bosses UMA MAHESWARAN, Mahattaya, Amirthalingam, etc. and became the SOLE REPRESENTATIVE of Tamils. AND he blamed GOSL for it.

    But WHAT IF Run-nil dies say from a heart attack, etc.? Then who will be the PM? Maru Sira’s agreement is to make Run-nil the PM. Not anyone else. USA and Endia TRUST Run-nil more than Sajith, etc. I guess then UNP will get divided into few smaller groups.

  2. Christie Says:

    මිතුරනි, අපි සින්හලයින් එකිනෙකා කාගන්නාතුරු ඉන්දියානු ජඩවාදයත් ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයනුත් බලයෙන් බලයට පත්වන්නේය.1956 සිට සින්හලයින් කෑලි කෑලි වලට කඩාදමා පරපෝසිතයන් ඉතාම බලවත්වී ඇත. 2005හෙන් පසු මහින්ද මෙය වෙනස්කිරීමට පටන්ගතේය. 2015දී ඉන්දියානු ජඩයෝත් පරපෝසිතයෝත් එකතුව සින්හලයින් බෙදා සිරිසේන පරපෝසිත චන්දයෙන් පත්කරගෙන නව රජය ඉන්දියානු අදිරදය විසින් පත්කරන ලදී. ආන්ඩුකාරිය චන්ද්‍රිකා ඉන්දියානු ගැති පවුලකින, කන්කානියා රනිල් 2005දී ඉන්දියානු අදිරදය විසින් අහක දමන ලද එකෙකි.ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයා පරපෝසිත චන්දවලින් සිරිසේන කූලියා හයවසරකට රූකඩයෙකු ලෙස පත් කර ඇත.පර්ලිමේන්තු චන්දයෙන් සින්හල්යින්ට තුනෙන් දෙකක බලය නොලැබෙන ලෙස දැනටම ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයත් පරපෝසිතයනුත් උන්ගෙන් යැපෙන සින්හලයිනුත් එකතුව දෙසපාලන සින්හල එකතුව විනාස කරමින් සිටිති. බොදු, කිතුනු, මුස්ලිම් සින්හලයිනී ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයින් හා පරපෝසිතයින්ට විරුද්දව එකතුව නැගී සිටුමු. මෙයට මුල පලමුව බොදු සින්හලයින් එකට එකතු වීමය.


    Lorenzo, Ranil punk has DEMENTIA He will fall dead or will be hit by LIGHTNING. So many people are cursing him.

  4. Independent Says:


    දිල්‍ රුක් ගේ කියමන් ඉතාම තර්කානුකූලයි. ඇමෙරිකාව , බටහිර සහ ඉන් දියාව රනිල් පසුපස සිටී.
    මයිත්‍රීපාලගේ විධායක බලතල දැන් අඩුයි. මේ නිසා ඉහත රටවල් රනිල් දිනවීමට පූර්ණ සහය දැනු ඇත​.
    රනිල්-මහින් ද හොර ගිවිසුමක් ඇතැයි මට හිතේ. රනිල් මහින් දගේ කොම්පැනි වලට උදවු කරයි. රනිල් කිසිදිනක මහින් ද ට හානියක් නොකරයි.
    නව නායකත්වයක් යටතේ ශ්‍රි ල නි ප සංවිධානය විය යුතුය​.

  5. Naram Says:

    I recall the period he was the PM he signed the CFA. Following period was marked by the singularly sad state of the armed forces of the country where many brave soldiers of the intelligence wing were assassinated in cold blood following the disclosure of their names, a crime of mammoth proportiions that has still gone unpunished.

  6. charithsls Says:

    The need of the hour is not to sling mud at the opposition & enjoy but for Sinhala Buddhists to unite into one force forgetting & forgiving past animosities but I feel alone mentioning there should be efforts to bring about reconciliation among MR,JHU & SF factions. Sarath Silva,hope he is Buddhist should be given prominence at MR’s platforms.

    MR gave into Bhadduin & Muslims to ruin the forests in exchange of support from ME countries which made BBS to reveal the destructions & get the blame. Gota has declined to enter politics so who is there to take the mantle after MR? Ranawaka or SF I see unless someone else educate us here.If JHU joins with MR,MS party will disintegrate soon. If MR is going to form a new party which looks inevitable,it has to be a stable one not just one man show, there has to be other leaders to take it forward after MR, otherwise all will collapse after MR.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    There are many articles in news media of possible assassination attempts on MR, and even MS. But no one talks of the possibility of lucky Ranil being eliminated. He certainly leads a charmed life!!!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    There appears to be a number of ‘red herrings’ being thrown around to distract the Public of Lanka. Why is the Public of Lanka being distracted ? Distracted to sneak in what ?

    Perhaps the real Agenda of the illegal new govt is to form a Fed state for Tamils ? With Canada in a sudden muscle flexing mood to possibly deport 140,000 Tamils from there, and Tamil Nadu camp Tamils also waiting their turn to cross the Palk Sts, and a Diaspora tamasha planned on Galle Face Green with the UNHRC throwing in some $3 million for it too, what possibly is awaiting for knocked about Lanka ?

    First, the trumped up 1983 Riots enabled Tamils numbering about a Million to run westward as ‘refugees’ and now some may be told to come back ? !! Does anyone know why there is a sudden change of thinking from host countries ?

  9. ranjit Says:

    He is lucky because of so many stupids in this country who do not have guts to remove him after 29 defeats.All knows his failures and love for the west and who was his friends and Financiers but still some are there who believes his fairy stories.

    In this next General election all patriots and people who loves this nation must unitedly vote them out for no return.It’s a must if we need to have a united Lanka for all to enjoy freedom,Love and harmony. HLD you should go from place to place like DR.Dayan and explain to the ordinary people what will be the position if we allow such traitors like Ranil/Chandrika,Awamanagalaya,Rajitha and the corrupt clan to have the power again by any means. People should know the secret deals their having with our enemies and what they have in their evil minds for the future of this land and it’s people? We should thank our contributors for disclosing so many valuable info thru lankaweb for everyone to read and understand the political drama unfolding today. Thanks HLD for your great articles. I learn many things from these and it’s good to know the truth rather than listening to pimps and traitors in our political field on daily basis in our disgusted media not all but some.

  10. ranjit Says:

    Sorry Dilrook for mentioning your name as HLD in my comment. Sometimes mistakes like these happens I hope you won’t mind it very much. Thanks.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Does anyone know why there is a sudden change of thinking from host countries ?- as you said to a Fed state for Tamils.

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