Posted on July 2nd, 2015

By Stanley Perera reporting from Madu Church

It is after 55 years to-day ( 2.7.2015) I visited and participated in Our Lady of Madhu Church festival.  I was in the company of Hon. Milroy Fernando, Hon. Karuna Amman and Hon. Ms. Sasitharan and my friend Rajitha Perera as the distinguish VIP pilgrims.

The mass was held under the patronage of Bishops: Rayappu Joseph, Joseph Saundranayagam, Valance Mendis and Andradi.

The gathering of pilgrims to-day (02.07.2015) was over 250,000.  Very peaceful atmosphere was noted with Sinhala and Tamil devotees.

Bishop Lance Mendis in his preeching highlighted the importance of people who are in politics must serve the people and not be self serving politicians.  The most striking statement was Sinhalese and Tamils must be one united community.  Well if that is the preeching of Catholic Church, why should Bishops Rayappu Joseph and Joseph Saundranayagam are practicing a different phylosopy.  It was the question I asked myself.  Having known Bishops Rayappu Joseph and Joseph Saundranayagam in the past of their utterings based on the anti Sinhala buddhists elements, I thought it is best for Bishop Lance Mendis to first convince Bishops Rayappu Joseph, Joseph Saundranayagam and Andradi.

Well we have demonstrated to-day, how well we are united in the company of Karuna, Ananthi Sasitharan, Milroy and myself joining hands to worship Our Lady of Madhu.  We were two different nationalities but we forgot our differences and became one devoted religious group.

That is the way we should be.

Ms. Ananthi Sasitharan was dressed in a very colourful expensive Saree and why should not she.

In the past during the war time I have had many a confrontational dialogues with harsh words with Bishops Andradi, Joseph Saundranayagam and Rayappu Joseph.  I have to-day took back all I said in the past and my write ups in  abusive language.  Before Our Lady of Madhu I made a confession and said I am truly sorry Our Lady of Madhu”.



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    God cannot get me to reconcile with the enemies of SL. Never.

    Though not a Catholic, I’m sure Our Lady of Madhu defends SINHELA UNITARY SL against its enemies, mostly Tamils.

    Led by Shavendra Silva, the 58 division of the army started its operations from the Madhu area with the blessing of Our Lady of Madhu. They ended up very successful. You can have a peaceful mass today without bomb explosions and LTTE ‘kappam’ thanks to the war that brought peace.

    Dearest Our Lady of Madhu, pray for us, defend SL in its UNITARY SINHELA form, protect the soldiers who won peace and destroy separatists. Amen.

    Ave Maria!

  2. stanley perera Says:

    The army started its operation from Mavil Aaru and not from Madhu area Lorenso. Shavendra Silva joined SL army from the Mannar Rice ball Lorenso. A true Buddhist or a True Christian is the one who forgives and be forgiven. If you reconsiled with murderous JVP why can’t you be the same with the Tamils who fought an arms struggle? Lorenso, It is time we forget the bad past and look forward to a better life from now on.


    I think Stanly is right. Mavil Aru was the place where the war started. Palestinians were guarding it. They ran away as soon as the first rocket blasted the dam. Sobithay called Prabhakeran and requested attacking every military camp.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    I was only refering to the 58 division.

    58 division started operations from the MADHU area, liberated Mannar rice bowl and moved north and north-east-wards.

    I will NEVER reconcile with those who try to DIVIDE SL or DENY its UNITARY SINHELA status. Did Jesus reconcile with Satan? NO. He could have when the evil one offered advice to turn a stone to bread and eat it when Jesus had not eaten for 40 days!! Thank you but NO thank you. The day Jesus reconciles with Satan, I will reconcile with TAMIL HOMELAND BELIEVERS.

    FYI, MOST Tamils will NEVER forget the bad past and look forward to a better life within ONE NATION. Get real Stanley. I know some Catholics feel ALL IS OK NOW after visiting a SHRINE. But the reality is it is not so. Christianity is not about devotion to a shrine though we venerate them to remember god.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    APART from politics, I’m happy for you since you have found solace. I will NEVER find it and I can live with that.

    I’m happy you have started the spiritual journey. God bless you.

    I say as the fellow ‘criminal’ (Abbas??) told Jesus on the cross, don’t forget me when you go to paradise.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    Anything and everything is politics in Sri Lanka. I will try my best not to get involved or make any comments on politics. Lorenzo, you have been an ardent supporter of my comments. Right or wrong you have backed me up right through. I am fully appreciative of you being an outspoken patriot. So as all others who contribute their views to Lanka web.

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