Posted on July 3rd, 2015

Jayantha Liyanage, Coordinating Secretary – NESIA.

Certain Pro Eelamists websites has reported on 29.06.2015, that the Minister Swaminathan had visited Valikaamam North and had met representatives from certain organization representing uprooted Tamils. The said representatives have severely criticized the minister for its failure to provide housing for Tamils.

North East Sinhala IDP Association (NESIA) represents the interests of uprooted Sinhala inhabitants from North & East and has being engaging with Minister Swaminathan during the past several months highlighting the grievances of the Sinhala IDPs, in which most of them have been chased away by members of Tamil Eelam Terrorist organizations, now acting as political parties (EPRLF, TELO, PLOTE etc) as well as by the LTTE during pogrom against the Sinhala inhabitants during July 1983.

The July pogrom against innocent Sinhala civilians were initiated by killing of 13 unarmed Sinhala soldiers by the LTTE who were out of duty and on their way home Thereafter, the army had to rescue Sinhala civilians in Jaffna from total genocide and large number of Sinhala inhabitants had been disappeared without a trace.

NESIA had sent two specific documents (attachments 1 & 2 with responses 3 & 4) to the Minster consists of lists of names of the returned Sinhala IDPs now without permanent houses requesting the Minister to build houses for them at Navatkkuliya in Jaffna and in Madu area in Mannar district. The Minster has responded by directing the Jaffna and Mannar Government Agents to find out and report back.

NESIA sadly notes that Minister Swaminathan has not visited the Sinhala IDPs during the visit to Valikaamam (Valigama in Sinhala), which is not far away from Navatkkuliya instead the minister appears to be concentrating on welfare of the Tamils only. Further NESIA states that so far no action has been taken by the resettlement ministry to address the grievances of the Sinhala IDPs now in Navatkkuliya in Jaffna and in Madu area even though, the 50000 Indian Housing project has been in operation since 2010.


Jayantha Liyanage,

Coordinating Secretary – NESIA.




    Jayantha Liyanaghe where is your court case? No this woman should be tried and jailed in SL. Then exchange a Tamil jailed for fraud.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese in their own country homeless while the foreigners having whatever they wish.
    MR didn’t look after them to please the ic and the diasporats. Instead he resettled the displaced foreigners
    only to get backstabbed by them. He has learnt his lesson. He turned a blind eye to rampaging mussies
    when they settled down the ever multiplying mussies. Again he turned a blind eye for their votes. They too backstabbed him. This time he will look after his own people first without promoting the two sets of foreigners.

    Kingdom of eelam exists only on books and www. Nobody has ever seen an ancient brick from these kingdoms.
    If the eelamists go to Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa etc. they can see a lot of ancient bricks. Even the so called
    natives of Jaffna been living there for a few hundred years only. The oldest building in Jaffna is old dutch fort we all know.
    So these eelamists boast about their mythical kingdom of mala eelam. It is a mythical kingdom indeed.

    Unpatriotic Party (UNP) divides the Sinhalese and make the minorities king makers. So the foreigners get away
    with murder all the time. Sinhalese in their own country become homeless. We have to thank the Unpatriotic Party (UNP)
    supporting Sinhalese for our plight. They think it is fashionable to support the traitor party and aid the slow death of
    the Sinhalese, Buddhism and Sri Lanka! Shame on you.

    Unpatriotic Party (UNP) is run by traitor chief catholic gb rw.
    Then he got catholic police chief john. He appointed catholic to chief of army. Catholic cb governor who robbed the country
    of billions in one stroke. Maru sira is just a puppet. Catholic rw running the show. Sinhalese Buddhists support him. Can you just believe this? It can only happen in Sri Lanka. Sagarayak meda amana ratak etha!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    This is yet another Tamil racist ONLY concentrating on Tamils and disregard Singhalese and Muslims.

    SL is CURSED with this type of dirt!

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