UNP have no right to intimidate or threaten President Sirisena
Posted on July 10th, 2015

It is very ugly to see posts by UNPers intimidating and threatening the President of Sri Lanka – Maithripala Sirisena.

Firstly, UNPers must remember that UNP did not field a candidate for the January 2015 Presidential elections.

There was no ELEPHANT symbol for UNPers to vote for. 

That UNPers voted for the SWAN symbol is a personal preference of UNP voters.

No one told them to vote for the SWAN …

If UNP commands so much of public support why didn’t they field a UNP Candidate with the Elephant symbol.

Why is the UNP scared to field a UNP candidate under the Elephant symbol?

No one stopped the UNP from contesting elections under the Elephant symbol….it is not anyone’s fault that UNP is reluctant to contest under the elephant symbol and the fault line lies in UNP’s own policies which are not nationalist.

People will not vote for UNP if its policies are to fulfil the agendas of foreign countries and agendas of external parties.

Having not fielded a UNP candidate under Elephant symbol and having voted for the SWAN symbol it is rather laughable for the UNPers to threaten President Sirisena

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