Posted on July 13th, 2015

Stanley Perera reporting from Hingurakgoda.

This is the absolute truth conveyed to the writer by Shaaminda Rathnayake, the chairman of Hingurakgoda Pradeshiya Saba formerly for seven years as the coordinating officer in the infra structure development in the North and East and numerous other organisations to deal with Sinhalese, Muslim and Tamil Communities.  Shaminda is in his middleage and been with Mahinda Rajapakse from his time as the Minister, Opposition leader, Prime Minister and as the President.

Shaminda was the only person who was authorised to sign letters on behalf of Mahinda Rajapakse.  Shaminda is going about in the area on a motor bicycle, very simple and down to earth family man.  The picked up very valuble information to clear the minds of the public against the political propaganda.

Did Tiran Allas carry a truck load of currency notes to the Terrorist leader to stop Tamils in the North and East from voting in the Presidential election?  The answer to that was ABSOLUTELY NOT’.


During the time of those 29 years, the hotels in Colombo supplied information to LTTE.  Three thousand five hundred Sinhalese youth occupied all those hotels and paid their room charges.  They kept saying in public that they are going to North and East to rig the votes in the Presidential election.  The flights to Jaffna were also booked.  Some of them were planning to travel by busses also.  When this information was revealed to Tamil Terrorist Leader and Veloo stopped the Tamils from voting in the Presidential election.  Only one man voted and his finger was chopped of by the Tamil Terrorist leader.

That is the naked truth and there was no money or bribery involved.

The master plan was a success.

The Tamil Terrorist troops were well known to be bare footed LTTE soldiers.  They had not seen in their lifetime the shoes worn by the South.  When Shaminda visited the LTTE those barefooted soldiers were surprised and they had a great liking for the shoes and were anxious to come to the South and enjoy the lifestyle of people in the South.

Lot of them wanted to leave LTTE.  Some of them were ofcourse brain washed and were in vengence with the South.  Those LTTE soldiers never knew to shower under the shower rose.  They took shower in their clothes they were wearing.  Oh my lord when I heard of this my heart fell into my stomach.  I am so sad that those young people never seen shoes in their life time and leading a life of wild animals.

Daya Master, Prabha Master and numerous other Masters were very fiendly with Shaminda.  Same with lot of Tamil people.  They welcomed Shaminda with open arms.  They were waiting for Shaminda’s next visit.

They even told Shaminda not to visit certain other Tamil people as they were racists.  Shaminda says that all the Tamil people are not bad people.  There are good Tamils and there are a small community of bad and very bad Tamils.  Prabha Master and all other masters did not know how to consume alcholol (arrack).  They pour on whole glass of arrack and gulp in one go.  WE southerners call it carter’s dose.

After the second glass they fall asleep.

Now I can remember the incident at Anuradhapura some years ago.  I checked into a Anuradhapura hotel and I said to the room boy to take a drink of my bottle of jin.  The room boy poured a drink into a tall glass up to the brim and said he will take it to the kitchen and drink.  Immediately thereafter the room boy returned to my room and said he likes another drink.  I got damn wild and chased him out of my room.  If I had offered him the second drink my whole bottle of jin would have been over.  So not only Prabha Master and Daya Master our ROOM MASTERS are also the same.

In concluding this letter one thing is for sure WE ARE ONLY HUMAN.





    Stanley Perera, have you forgetting your past. You imagine that comment writers and Authors to Lanka Web have forgotten, what you said just before you arriving from Australia??? This is what said: “I have filed a case against TNA and to send money to hire an Attorney to file the case.” You never filed a cast in the supreme court. Every one knows you hate MA and his family. You were Basil’s best friend until Basil found out that, you were leaking info to LTTE agents in Australia and he broke off the association with you and you buddy who used to travel in Basil’s helicopter!. Remember you arranging meetings with basil every week and braking them? I think Gota, asked CID to investigate you and as soon as you heard this you took the next plain to Australia! Then published an article on OLD Lanka WEB; with fabricated disinformation that MR or Gota, or Basil ordered you arrested. You stayed with your sister in Kurunagala, but your wife and family wanted you back in Australia because you were spending family money and doing nothing. Now tell us about the Point Pedro Project; Ha, you were working for your buddy PRABA…..

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Lankaputhra, You are lying to your own set of teeth. You are imagining or day dreaming. Nothing of that sort ever happened. I do not want to waste my time on your fabricated lies.

  3. Christie Says:

    What sort of sacred cow dung is this. It is Indian Empire who asked Indian colonial parasites not to vote for Ranil. The reason was Indian intelligence service and the imperialists thought that they can pull strings with Mahinda like they did with Bandaranaikes and JR. Another reason was they thought it would be hard to deal and negotiate with Ranil. Then Indian Empire hired Sarath Fonseka in 2010 and Sirisena through Chandrika in 2015. Indian Empire does not want Sri Lanka Rupees in truck loads or train loads.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    I have not lived a single night in Kurunegala in my life. I do not have a sister in Kurunegala. I never said a word against GR. Who is MA anyway. I met BR only once in my life at Negombo. Apart from that I never had any association with anyone of them. Please don’t assasinate my character.

  5. stanley perera Says:

    I have no affiliation with party politics. This is a work of an undercover agent from UNP. Why do you get upset? Please come clean and withdraw your pack of lies. Please don’t attack my personal integrity. Lies and lies, not a gentleman. I challenge you to remove your attire. Disgusting is not the word. S.A.Kumar and Lorenzo why are you two silent. There is an integrity problem with you. Please withdraw your insulting comments like a gentleman. This is not a slip out of your tongue comments. Please return my personal integrity.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    Na.doo Puthra, you made me sleepless last night. You are not a Lanka Puthra. You earned a title of ‘ SATAN’S .PUTRA” My good lord will punish you for this pack of lies. Please re-instate my stolen pride, dignity and the integrity.


    Stanley Perera, please don’t drag Lorenzo and SA Kumar into this mud slinging contest. Your curse does not apply to me because. Disciples came on and said unto him, why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. (ASEVALNA BALANAN PANDITHANCA SEWANA) Therefore speak I to them in Parables: because they seeing see not : and hearing they hear not, nor do they understand. (MATHEW 13:10-13. Stanley And I am NOT a Christian, but you are a Catholic. I am sorry that you could not sleep last night, but you did not tell the truth about Tiran Allas.) He started a International school. Got’s son was a student there. As soon as Gota found out that Allas was a Prabhkaran money launderer, Gota or MR got the place closed, I think. I can not remember. Now do you deny that you travelled to Jaffna with two army major buddies and stayed at the Railway bungalow. I got some more if you want! So how much did Allas pay you to put him on the pedestal? One little advice, don’t expect challengers to be an answered if you publish on Lanka web attacking MR or his wife. Allas was and is a common law crook and was a double agent and Stanley fell into the trap.

  8. Independent Says:

    Lankaputra aka Kithsiri Ayya,
    Please don’t do this to Stanley who we know a real patriots. We know this for years.
    What do you earn by doing this mud slinging.
    Not only him but even Charles Perera , Jayantha, Ananda- USA, Lorenoz – all of them were fed up those days for TNA not being sued and government not doing anything about it.

  9. Independent Says:

    But I too believe Tiran Alles story. A court case is still on and this is on You tube he himself accepting dealings with LTTE.
    But Stanley dealing with LTTE ? – NOOOO. Lorenzo ? – may be but I doubt.
    However, we remember suddenly Stanley stopped writing comments even and wanted a break.

  10. stanley perera Says:


    Thank you for your compliments. God bless you. Good bye.


    Stanley, I did not say, that you are not patriotic, but you fell into a trap some one else set you up to. I was harsh when I wrote how much did you get paid to white wash Tiran Alas. Please keep writing articles and comments. As you can see it is a discussion platform. Remember we were friends long time ago. If a MR family member did some thing wrong, then it has to be brought to the open, I feared that you might write supportive articles on Election Commissioner, RANIL, and CBK and that is why I reacted harshly. Since you are at ground level I request you report what’s happening at ground level.

  12. stanley perera Says:

    Well in that scenario if you say all what you said only a joke, I will let the bubble bubble away. I never wrote anything for my personal benefits. Please don’t attack my personal integrity,dignity and pride. I did everything for my country that gave me free education. If not for the free education to-day I would have lived a poper’s life. It is my true sence of patriotic feeling I value mostly. Election commissioner is a joker. CBK is a rouge woman., Ranil is also not 100% but he is the good of the bad lot. I did not fall into a trap. It is the gospel truth that came out from a humble and a simple man who was not benifited by MR. I was the messanger. You shot the messenger. Lets bygones be bygones.

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