LTTE Resurrection and the Dosing of Good Governance
Posted on July 22nd, 2015

Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan,

On Monday 20th ex LTTE close associate of Prabakaran and secretary to LTTE leader was arrested by the Q” branch, when he travelled from Trichy to Ramanathapuram. He was caught with the following: Possession of Krishna Kumar was 75 Cyanide capsules, 300 grams Cyanide, 4 GPS, 8 Mobile phones. 42,200 Indian Rupees and 19,300 SL rupees were confiscated.

Sasikumar was driving the car plus additional two people were inside the car. One is Krishna Kumar (39), and the other Rajendran (44)

Krishna Kumar has been isolated and been interrogated. Krishna Kumar is from Alaveddy near Tellipalai.

During the final war, several LTTE cadre left the country and assembled in TN. He has been living in KK Town in Trichy. He is been kept in a special cell and interrogated. It is believed that he was planning to leave for SriLanka by illegal boat. It is also presumed that he may have planned to take the Cyanide capsules to LTTE cadre in Jaffna. It is also assumed that LTTE may be planning to resurrect in SL.

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On one side Vithyatharan is contesting in the name of democratic warrior party and other side Cyanide capsules give birth.

Should not SL be on the alert and get up from sleep?.

5 Responses to “LTTE Resurrection and the Dosing of Good Governance”

  1. Christie Says:

    Indian imperialists and colonial parasites at work.

  2. Charles Says:


    I salute you. It is encouraging to read you. Your warning is apt and timely-But Ranil and MS are blind, dumb and deaf. They do not care what happens to Sri Lanka. All they want is to fend off Mahinda Rajapakse being elected and stay in power.

  3. vyasan Says:

    I also read the above news in a Tamil daily “Dinamalar”, published from Chennai.
    We cannot just keep ignoring the threat of the LTTE being regrouped, at least to take revenge on those who finally defeated the LTTE militarily and brought normalcy in Sri Lanka, if not to wage another war!. It maybe possible for such regrouped ones to cause havoc in during the election rallies, and also to carry out suicide attacks on certain targets, most importantly targeting MR. There are certain people and powers who do not want Mr. Rajapakse return to power in any form. They might use these vicious elements to scare him off or to get rid of him from the political arena. Remember what happened to Rajiv Gandhi when it appeared that he would almost be back in power in 1991?

    We cannot afford to lose MR, for he is the one who saved the country and dispelled the fear of LTTE from the people’s mind, whether it were Tamils, Singhalese or Muslims. As far as I know, from 1985 to 2009, most of the young Tamils fled the country fearing the LTTE! and not the SL government. The Muslims were chased away from the North by the LTTE!!. Most of the Singhalese, army men as well as civilians,were killed by the LTTE!!!. I personally know some people who have witnessed the LTTErs shooting at and killing innocent people who were just trying to escape from the war zone during the final stage of war.

    Let’s hope that we will not see the return of LTTE in Sri Lanka! Many expatriate Tamils do not bother about Sri Lanka being destroyed in the name of Tamil nationalism for it would not be them to suffer, but the poor people in Sri Lanka simply cannot face such a situation again.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Now Karuna Amman is making statements supportive of UNP!!

    This is another emerging problem.

  5. NAK Says:

    Indika thotawatte the blind astrologer has already predicted that Mahinda won’t win this election. Considering that the only way that can happen is to physically eliminate him brings goose bumps on the back of my neck.
    MR should serbiously cut down his campaign and think safety first. He is not needed in the campaign any more.

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