The miracle performer Ayurwedic Specialist Dr.S.S.Gunawardena
Posted on July 26th, 2015

 Stanley Perera reporting from Anuradhapura.

I met Ayurwedic Specialist Physician Dr. S.S.Gunawardena at his Osu Uyana” at Anuradhapura.  The ten acre block of land is Dr.

Gunawardene’s privately owned herbal plants and trees growing peice of land.  The soil is surprisingly furtile with no chemicals being used as furtiliser.  A massive well dug in the middle of the land is providing enough watering with the sprinkler system.  Environmentally friendly built hut on the land is nature lover’s paradise.  Speaking to Dr. Gunawardene is music into one’s ears.  This softly spoken Specialist Physician is truly down to earth gentleman in true sence.

Dr.Gunawardene does not require any medical equipment, blood tests,angiograms,E.C.G. or any other machinery to diagnose:  Heart attacks, Kydney disease, Heart disease, Blood suger level, Cholesterol, Arthuritis, women’s and men’s health problems and all other health problems.  Dr. GUNAWARDENE USES HIS THREE FINGERS TO FEEL PULSE to diagnose all the ailments and health problems.  There is no finger pricking blood test to determine the blood sugar level of the patient.  He feels the pulse of the patient and say what the blood sugar level and if there is any high cholesterol level, womens health problems and his diagnosis is accurate and on the spot diagnosis.  Dr.

Gunawardena will say if there had been any heart attcks in the past and if there is any arteries blocked.  If the patient does not require any bypass surgery he would say so and if a patient’s arteries are blocked he will treat with herbal medicine without a bypass surgery in three to sixmonths course of treatment.  For a bypass surgery it cost a patient up to six hundred thousand rupees in western medicine where as Dr.Gunawardene’s Ayurwedic treatment a patient will spend less than ten thousand rupees.

The writer’s pulse reading diagnosis was that the gall blader was not functioning properly.  It was surprising that the writer’s gall bladder has been removed some time back.  Dr. Gunawardene did not conduct any test to diagnose it.  It was only the pulse feel that Dr.

Gunawardene conducted.  The writer’s blood sugar level also noted at the time without a pin pricking the finger.  The writer did not require any bypass surgery as the heart has done an automatic by pass surgery by itself.  This automatic bypass was detected by an angiogram in the western medicine.  This process is also known as a small miracle.  This diagnosis to-gether with all other diagnosis ‘AYURWEDIC SPECIALIST PHYSICIAN Dr. S.S.GUNAWARDENA QUALIFIES TO BE A MIRACLE DOCTOR.  THE NATION MUST SALUTE Dr.GUNAWARDENE FOR HIS TREMENDOUS SERVICE TO THE NATION. Dr.GUNAWARDENE USE ONLY THE HERBS AND PLANTS GROWN ON HIS OWN LAND.  I WISH HIM WELL.

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