Never seen before pics… beyond words.. Exodus from Libya -Results of American Regime Change
Posted on September 25th, 2015

One of the steamers leaving for Italy from Libya.

And everyone is taken in by the loving Europeans – those kind, loving, PC-socialists that are soon going to be overrun. 

The next step is a Muslim Europe and the do gooders just can’t see it !!!
All thanks to; long ago well planned US policy of protecting the “Oil” Dollar against Euro and destabilising growing EU economy plus regime change in countries where the leaders proposed moving away from Petro Dollar. This is the bargain Europeans are getting also thanks to some of their eminent leaders being poodles blindly following US policy and sacrificing their OWN national interest.
Just like after the 2nd world war, the Jews were taken from Germany and planted in Palestine by the brits & US – they are trying to do the same now forcing east European countries to take refugees. Why not US & Britain (other than a pathetic 24,000)?    





3 Responses to “Never seen before pics… beyond words.. Exodus from Libya -Results of American Regime Change”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Sinhalese will have to do this very soon when the Dalit hordes start pouring in to Sri Lanka via Ranil’s bridge.

  2. aravinda Says:

    Cerberus is spot on. Is this Sri Lanka in twenty years time? If the “Hanuma Bridge” goes ahead, assured this is our fate. But Sri Lankans have voted for Ranil/Sirisena duo twice now, we can not blame anybody but Sinhala Buddhists for their own demise.

    Future of Sri Lanka, Future of 2600 years of written history, will depend on how 47 opposition MPs fighting back in next five years. Indian government, instead of worrying about Sri Lankan economic prosperity, should spend money to build public toilets in India. What can one expect from a nation which defecate in main streets.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Actually a very similar scene did happen in SL too in July 1983.


    The article is junk because it is pro-LTTE. But the photos are real.

    Just saying the truth. Not making a point.

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