UNHRC an “Honorable Victory” says Ranil-Sirisena, the new Mudalyars of the West
Posted on October 2nd, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

During colonial occupation as part of divide and rule policy the Portuguese, Dutch and the British were quick to shower titles and select locals who would be their virtual servants, do anything that the colonials demanded and happily go against their own people. These locals were even given titles for their subservient roles. Fast forward to 2015 we seem to return to the past with the manner in which the Sri Lankan delegation are proud to have co-sponsored a resolution giving foreign interference & decision-making right into how Sri Lanka’s land, laws, justice systems, security & military will be changed according to what the West deems fit.

The Resolutions and Investigations passed ignore answering the illegality of using the UNSG’s personally appointed panel report to form the basis of resolutions/investigations by the OHCHR. A lone plaintiff has filed a case to argue this illegality. The UN however has mixed up its immunity to act with impunity and illegally and it is puzzling how Member nations of the UN are ready to watch the UN take over the sovereign rights of nations.

The Draft resolution contained 24 preamble paragraphs and 26 operative paragraphs

The Resolutions have been based on

  • Unsubstantiated accusations & reports that are either sourced from pro-LTTE or hidden from the public using a bogus ‘witness protection’ excuse.
  • Allegations and co-sponsorships by the very countries that had had indirect links to the LTTE over the years
  • Evidence sourced from pro-LTTE fronts that are declared banned under UNSC 1373 resolution.
  • Evidence from pro-LTTE websites and propaganda channels
  • Evidence from pro-LTTE supporters
  • Evidence from parties linked to LTTE
  • Statements from foreign parliamentarians linked to LTTE organizations – Labour Party MP, Siobhain  McDonagh claimed 100,000 had been killed during the last phase. Her colleague Joan Ryan, formerly of the Labour Party parliamentary group, is now policy advisor to UK headquartered Global Tamil Forum (GTF) another banned LTTE front. Just as Miliband took a pro-LTTE stand to garner Tamil votes in his electorate!
  • False evidence exposed: one example Thayaparajah alleged to have been abducted by Sri Lanka military and killed in September 2009 (accusations coming from Robert Blake, University Teachers for Human Rights Jaffna, Australian Government Refugee Review Tribunal, Tamilnet, European Centre for Constitutional & Human Rights and others) but Thayaparajah appeared in person with family in India questioning how many other ‘dead or missing’ may be living in India and other Western nations!!!

The Resolutions ignores

  • Answering the illegalities by the UNSG/UNHRC
  • That 2 international investigations could not provide evidence
  • Unanswered questions about LTTE’s role under legal definitions.
  • LTTE is an internationally banned terrorist organization
  • The fact that it was only after 30 years of suffering loss of lives and property and failure of peace talks, cease fires that the decision to militarily end the LTTE was taken and LTTE was offered several opportunities to lay down arms and surrender which they refused.

What bloc countries voting against Sri Lanka ignore

  • LTTE’s material support came from individuals and organizations living and operating in foreign countries that have banned LTTE
  • These individuals and organizations openly canvass and promote separatism under a camaflaged name ‘self-determination’
  • The root of militancy is in India which first trained unemployed Sri Lankan Tamils in arms and guerilla warfare. India has been covertly destabilizing Sri Lanka. If Charles Taylor languishes in a UK prison for aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone, what is the UN stand on India’s role

UN Charter violated : Sri Lanka’s sovereign status violated

  • UNHRC enforcing foreign judges and prosecutors/investigators when the illegality of the UN/UHRC is itself in question and the fact that despite 2 investigations no credible and legally acceptable evidence has been provided by either of the international investigators that were part of both investigations.
  • UNHRC enforcing appointment of a Special Counsel another word for Special Prosecutor
  • UNHRC changing the national laws / national systems and giving themselves the right to do as they please given that the GOSL has co-sponsored the resolution.

Where are those representatives of Sri Lanka’s national interest?

  • Politicians are silent, lawyers & judges have not opposed appointment of foreign judges/prosecutors only a handful of national organizations and patriots are bringing out the dangers and ramifications of the current Resolution to which the Ranil-Sirisena Govt have meekly succumbed

A government that cannot defend the nation and its armed forces simply because its political greed takes precedence and revenge stops them from giving credit to the Rajapakse’s for winning the terror over LTTE cannot be respected by the public or relied upon.

That the current government went to Geneva purposely unprepared and unwilling to defend the military victory by asking fundamental questions that would have stopped the UNHRC from bulldozing their way into creating precedents that would affect other nations is shameful and one that should go down in history. It was nothing other than unwillingness to give credit and defend all those that were party to a very difficult end to 30 years of terror that enabled the UNHRC to wriggle illegalities upon Sri Lanka making use of the mentality of our politicians.

Why has the GOSL simply accepted without a whimper a resolution that is one that is first of a kind, unique and which had never been done previously. Shouldn’t this have made the GOSL and officials wondered whether this exercise was being used as a test and Sri Lanka as a guinea pig case study on how to implement changes to sovereign nations which has not been touched because of the need to respect a country’s sovereign status!

How can the GOSL agree to

  • Co-sponsoring a resolution that allows the intrusion into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs?
  • Agree to co-sponsor a resolution thereby abandoning nations that have stood by Sri Lanka over the years against the biased bloc votes by US / UK & EU nations?
  • How can the GOSL agree to ‘effective security sector reforms’ when it means that outsiders would determine how the security of Sri Lanka takes shape.
  • How can the GOSL agree to demilitarize when it is the right of a sovereign state to position troops in its own country!
  • How can the GOSL even agree to downsize the military
  • How can the GOSL simply accept the suggestion to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act, change Penal Codes and command structures of the military?
  • What is the outcome when a Government agrees to make fundamental changes to land laws, distribution of political and administrative powers, change the criminal laws that exist, establish ‘special courts’ as being suggested …. And can we be happy that the current government have agreed to all above and more (which we will only come to know much later) and we are made to feel happy that just because they use the word ‘unitary’ nothing much will get changed. After agreeing to change virtually everything the Sirisena-Ranil duo seem to think that they have done an admirable job and brought honorable victory to the country.
  • Why did the GOSL not use solid arguments that had been prepared by patriots in defense of Sri Lanka as well as the Paranagama Report which would have shown in no uncertain terms the lies that the OHCHR investigations had relied on?
  • Why did the GOSL simply accept the names of the defence forces and not question the list of LTTE as the OHCHR says ‘both parties’ if so where is the guilt list of the LTTE and how about those that had been materially supporting the LTTE. Shouldn’t the GOSL not have insisted on actions against the UNSC 1373 Resolution banned 16 LTTE fronts and 400 individuals banned and called upon actions against them? This was an area that the former government should have used as a leverage by regularly presenting evidence on these organizations to the foreign nations and demanding actions against them through the foreign ministry as well domestically initiating inquiries against TNA/TULF & other Tamil parties & individuals that were linked to LTTE.

It is a tragi-comedy that the Sirisena-Ranil Government chose to say yes to all that the UN/UNHRC/West/India put across the table and accepted all recommendations without batting an eyelid simply because they did not want to defend or protect those that defeated the LTTE and brought peace to a nation that suffered 30 years of LTTE terror. Just to spite the Rajapakse’s and lack of national respect for the armed forces that defeated the LTTE the Sirisena-Ranil Government and officials have committed hara-kiri upon a nation that has been penalized for being the only nation to have defeated internationally banned terrorists.

Shenali D Waduge

28 Responses to “UNHRC an “Honorable Victory” says Ranil-Sirisena, the new Mudalyars of the West”

  1. nilwala Says:

    The adoption of the Resolution WITHOUT A VOTE indicates that there was apprehension about the outcome of a debate. The US/UK/EU have obviously persuaded the current GoSL to accept the OISL Report as a Co-Sponsor and that inclusion was used to bypass a vote.
    Sri Lanka has sacrificed its Sovereignty for the current GoSL’s purposes, and the nation stands once again a colonial subject brought to its knees. Humility is one thing, but as of now this seems like abject acceptance of shame and abuse… all of which is illegal and contrary to the established laws of the UN wherein nations would NOT be selectively targeted. Sad to see Pres. Sirisena still in apparent vengeance mode and running down the previous regime om TV after return from Geneva.

    Those who made Govt. policy during the Eelam war and all those of the Defense Forces who laid their lives down as well as those who survived the warfront to bring about the PEACE that now enables the current regime and ALL citizens of Sri Lanka to experience what it is to live without fear of terrorism throughout the length and breadth of the country, are being made victims of this UNHRC’s “unique” Resolution to investigate those who WON THE PEACE for the people of Sri Lanka.

    It will be the current GoSL’s duty and responsibility to bring the TRUTH to the international community and the World that the previous government had done everything within its power to protect its people of ALL communities from the scourge of terrorism, and to bring about the PEACE the nation now enjoys.
    The Sirisena/Ranil regime should abandon attempts to divide the Sinhala people in pursuing efforts to reconcile with Tamils. It will not work for the NATION, for the new regime to keep on in this short-sighted trajectory.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article states:

    “The root of militancy is in India which first trained unemployed Sri Lankan Tamils in arms and guerilla warfare. India has been covertly destabilizing Sri Lanka. If Charles Taylor languishes in a UK prison for aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone, what is the UN stand on India’s role”

    Since that is true the Sinhalese will get nowhere with the UNHRC, India or the Tamil diaspora who are putting this pressure. The Sinhalese will have to bypass them and put the pressure on the Tamils in Sri Lanka to leave. Only when they are reduced to such small numbers and the Sinhalese have claimed lands that once belonged to them can the Sinhalese win… even if that means a continuation of condemnation by the UNHRC, India and the Tamil Diaspora.

  3. Indrajith Says:

    විශේෂ අධිකරණ පිහිටුවන්න 2/3 තිබුණාට බෑ !
    ජානිපෙ නායක විමල් ජනමත විචාරණයක්‌ ඉල්ලයි

    වසන්ත ලියනගේ-Courtesy Divaina

    ජිනීවාහිදී සම්මත වූ ඇමරිකානු යෝජනාව අනුව මෙරට සිදුවූවා යෑයි කියන යුද අපරාධ සෙවීමට විශේෂ අධිකරණයක්‌ පිහිටුවන්නේ නම් ඊට පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ සරල බහුතරය හෝ 2/3 කැමැත්ත නොව ජනමත විචාරණයක්‌ පැවැත්විය යුතු යෑයි ජාතික නිදහස්‌ පෙරමුණේ නායක පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා පැවැසීය.

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ සිදූවූවා යෑයි කියන යුද අපරාධ සෙවීමට ඇමරිකාව විසින් ජිනිවාහිදී සම්මත කරගත් යෝජනාව ක්‍රියාත්මක වනුයේ දේශීය යාන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ ලෙසින් බවට රජය කරන ප්‍රකාශය පට්‌ටපල් බොරුවක්‌ යෑයිද විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා කියා සිටියේය.

    මෙම යෝජනාව ක්‍රියාත්මක වනුයේ විදේශීය යාන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ මගින් බව පෙන්වා දෙන විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා මේ ගැන සෙවීමට පිහිටුවන අධිකරණයට පොදු රාජ්‍ය මණ්‌ඩලයේ විනිසුරුවරුන්, වෙනත් රටවල විනිසුරුවරුන්, අධිචෝදකයින් සහ විදේශ විශේෂඥ පරීක්‍ෂකවරුන් ඇතුළත් වන බවද සඳහන් කළේය.

    මානව හිමිකම් කවුන්සිලයේ සභාපතිවරයා ඒෂියන් මිරර් වෙබ් අඩවියට කළ ප්‍රකාශයට අනුව මෙම කාරණය පැහැදිලිව ඔප්පු වන්නේ යෑයිද එහිදී ඔහු දෙමුහුන් උසාවියක්‌ පිහිටුවන බව ප්‍රකාශ කර ඇතැයිද විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා පවසයි.

    අප රට බේරාගත් රණවිරුවන් සහ ඊට දේශපාලන නායකත්වය දුන් අය දංගෙඩියට යවන මෙම විදේශීය යාන්ත්‍රණය පිළිබඳව සැබෑ තත්ත්වය රජය වසන් කරමින් සිටින්නේ යෑයිද මාධ්‍ය ඔස්‌සේ මෙම ක්‍රියාවලිය දේශීය යාන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ ලෙස හඳුන්වාදීම ලැඡ්ජා සහගත යෑයිද විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා කියා සිටී.

    මේ අනුව රට නිදහස්‌ කර ගැනීමට දායක වූ රණවිරුවන් විසි දෙදෙනකු ගැන පරීක්‍ෂණ පැවැත්විය යුතු බවට යෝජනා වී ඇතැයිද එහිදී වීරවංශ මහතා පෙන්වා දෙයි.

    බත්තරමුල්ලේ පිsහිටි ජාතික නිදහස්‌ පෙරමුණ ප්‍රධාන මූලස්‌ථානයේ ඊයේ (02 දා) පැවැති මාධ්‍ය හමුවේදී විමල් වීරවංශ මහතා මෙම අදහස්‌ පළ කළේය.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Nilwala ! We agree with you.



    * What about Human Rights for Sinhala Buddhists of Lanka ? We have been maligned by foreign nations for over 500 yrs since a Portuguese trader/pirate ship docked into Lanka during a storm in 1505.

    * What about the Crimes committed by the LTTE, ignored so far by the UNHRC and other involved bodies, except for paying passing lip service to all their heinous crimes such as killing infants by bashing them on walls ?

    * What about reparation for the Sinhala families that lost heavily due to crimes of the LTTE ?

    * Relocation of some 25,000 people (Sinhala & Muslim) chased out of the North by the LTTE ?

    * Are not the Tamil masses of Lanka misled by Tamil Leaders from the early times of 1930’s by them asking for the Separate State in Lanka ? Which leaders in their right mind would do such a thing except to anticipate a BACKLASH from the local indigenous folk in defense of their country ?
    At present this natural BACKLASH has been used against the very country that Tamils of Lanka live.

    * Are the UNHRC people concerned aware that Atrocities are committed against over 15 Million Tamil Dalits in Tamil
    Nadu, and that is why they flee from Tamil Nadu ? Sri Lanka is the closest crossing by sea water where it is believed that merely crossing of sea water loses caste (see book “Sri Lanka through American Eyes – Ed. H.A.I. Goonetilleke).
    Furthermore, Lanka has the Kataragama rituals which again is believed to expiate the Karma of Caste. Thus the ancient beliefs that led to Lanka being chosen to chase the Tamil Dalits into.

    * That the Colonists of Lanka has brought in some one and a half Million Tamils of Dalit origin into Lanka to work as indentured labor in the various plantations ?

    * That endless rioting has happened in Lanka due to Tamil Leaders separatist and equal Language rights demands, culminating in the trumped up 1983 Riots ?

    * In sympathy toward the Tamil Cause to escape Tamil Nadu Caste System, Lanka has passed many laws to help them.

    Are the UNHRC people concerned aware that Sri Lanka has afforded the following items to the Tamils of Lanka ?

    – Birth certificates to all in Lanka WITHOUT the Caste stigma lines ?

    – FREE Eduction for all including University plus FREE Health Care ?

    – Tamil Language in place on par with the Sinhala Language ?

    – Religious Freedom for all.

    It appears to us that a shameful and cringing Yahap govt that has no intellect, honor, spine or pride, has let down the People of Lanka plus its Defense Forces.

    The People of Lanka must now step in and fight in whatever Non-Violent way they can to regain their Country and return to Law & Order. We invite all minorities to join in with us in quest and expose of the truth.

  5. Indrajith Says:

    ජිනීවා සම්මත වූ යෝජනාවට එරෙහිව විරෝධතා සතියක්‌
    ජාතික නිදහස්‌ පෙරමුණ තීරණය කරයි

    වසන්ත ලියනගේ – ලසිත දුමින්ද Courtesy Divaina

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාව සම්බන්ධයෙන් ජිනීවාහිදී සම්මත වූ යෝජනාවට එරෙහිව ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්‍ෂය සමග විරෝධතා සතියක්‌ පැවැත්වීමට ජාතික නිදහස්‌ පෙරමුණ තීරණය කර ඇත.

    මීට සමගාමීව මෙම යෝජනාවේ බරපතලකම ගැන ජනතාව දැනුවත් කිරීම සඳහා දීප ව්‍යාප්ත දේශන මාලාවක්‌ පැවැත්වීමට ද එම පක්‍ෂය පියවර ගෙන තිබේ.

    ඒ අනුව ජාතික නිදහස්‌ පෙරමුණේ නායක පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී විමල් වීරවංශ මහතාගේ ‘සුද්දන්ගේ උසාවිය සහ ජාතියේ අවනඩුව’ දේශන මාලාව ඉදිරි දෙසතිය තුළ දීපව්‍යාප්තව පැවැත්වේ.

    දේශන මාලාවෙන් පසු මෙම යෝජනාවලියෙන් රටට සිදුවන හානිය පිළිබඳව ලියෑවුනු විමල් වීරවංශ මහතාගේ කෘතියක්‌ එළිදැක්‌වීමට ද නියමිතය. මෙම දැනුම්වත් කිරීම්වලින් පසු ඒකාබද්ධ විපක්‍ෂයේ සහයෝගය ඇතිව මෙම 14 වැනිදා කොළඹ දී දැවැන්ත විරෝධතා ව්‍යාපාරයක්‌ ද සංවිධානය කර ඇත.

    මෙම යෝජනාවේ ඇති අනතුර පිළිබඳව ඉදිරියේදී ජාත්‍යන්තරයේ සිටින ශ්‍රී ලාංකිකයන් ද දැනුවත් කිරීමට පියවර ගන්නා බව ජාතික නිදහස්‌ පෙරමුණේ ප්‍රකාශකයෙක්‌ පැවසීය

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ” .. join us in this Quest and exposure of the truth”.

  7. Independent Says:

    Whether honourable victory or not it is a desirable outcome.

    Just read the opposition and decide. Here is one.

    ලංකාවට සමාව දෙන්න බෑ
    නවිපිල්ලේ බැනගෙන බැනගෙන යයි

    කීර්ති වර්ණකුලසූරිය – ජිනීවා සිට

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ සිදුවූ බරපතල අපරාධ සම්බන්ධයෙන් කිසිම කෙනකුට සමාවක්‌ දිය නොහැකි බවත් ශ්‍රී ලංකා රජයට හෝ වෙනත් ආණ්‌ඩුවකට එලෙස සමාව දීමට කිසිසේත් හැකියාවක්‌ නැති බවත් හිටපු මානව හිමිකම් කොමසාරිස්‌ නවිපිල්ලේ මහත්මිය පැවසුවාය.

    ජිනීවාහි යෝජනාව සම්මත වීමෙන් පසුව මේ බව පැවසූ නවිපිල්ලේ කිසිදු යුද අපරාධයකට මුක්‌තිය ලැබෙන්නේ නැතැයිද කීවාය.

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ද්‍රවිඩ වැසියන් හතළිස්‌ දහසක්‌ ඝාතනය වී ඇති බව පැවසූ පිල්ලේ මහත්මිය ඉන්දියාව හා දකුණු අප්‍රිකාව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට සහාය වීම ගැන චෝදනා කළාය. එල්. ටී. ටී. ඊ. සංවිධානය ගැන කිසිදු වචනයක්‌ සඳහන් නොකළ නවිපිල්ලේ පසුගිය රජයේ අරමුණ වී ඇත්තේ ද්‍රවිඩ කණ්‌ඩායමක්‌ විනාශ කිරීම බවද කියා සිටියාය.

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාව එක්‌සත් ජාතීන්ගේ ආරක්‍ෂක මණ්‌ඩලය වෙත ගෙන යැමට ක්‍රියා නොකිරීම ගැනද ඇය චෝදනා කළාය.

  8. aravinda Says:

    More than half of Sri Lankans voted against Mahinda, Gotabaya, war heroes and countless others who put their lives in line for defense of Sri Lanka’s freedom and dignity.

    Just imagine people like Ravi Karunanayaka, Senasinghe, Kiriella, Mano Ganeshan been voted in with tens of thousands of votes. Ranil received 500,000 votes. Even Sannasgala got 40,000 votes. Dozens of people who sabotaged the war effort and ridiculed the Armored Forces are now running our nation. What is wrong with Sri Lankans?

    Sri Lankans in general have proved to be a ungrateful lot, and they will get what they deserve. Old Arab saying, ” A grateful dog has more worth than a ungrateful man”.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    The last two elections were rigged.

  10. Independent Says:

    Tamil parties in India condemn UN consensual resolution on Sri Lanka
    Fri, Oct 2, 2015, 09:19 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 02, Colombo: Tamil political parties in Tamil Nadu have strongly condemned the resolution on Sri Lanka adopted without a vote at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva Thursday.

    The resolution, also co-sponsored by Sri Lanka along with the US, UK and several others, allows Sri Lanka to conduct a domestic probe with the help of international judges. All the member states of the Council supported the resolution and it was adopted without a vote.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and the leader of DMK M. Karunanidhi condemned the resolution and expressed their disappointment at the Center for not seeking an international probe into the alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the war.

    Karunanidhi said the Centre has disregarded the Tamil Nadu assembly resolution passed on September 16 which urged the Union government to make efforts to sponsor a resolution in the UNHRC seeking an international probe.

    “While the support of US, UK, China to the UN resolution did not come as a surprise, it was India’s support that has caused consternation. DMK has been consistently seeking an international probe into the war atrocities during the last stages of the Eelam war in which several thousands of Tamils were killed,” Times of India quoted the DMK leader.

    He slammed the resolution as “diluted,” and said the document did not say anything on alleged genocide.

    “The resolution asking Lanka to probe was tantamount to vesting the power to investigate in the very hands of the accused,” he was quoted as saying.

    “The resolution passed yesterday will in no way render justice to Sri Lankan Tamils. This resolution is in favor of Sri Lankan government and adversarial to Sri Lankan Tamils,” Jayalalithaa said today in a statement.

    Although the resolution has features like participation of foreign judges it would in no way be equal to an international judicial probe, Jayalalithaa said.

    “This weak resolution adopted by perceiving a change of heart of the Sri Lankan government will not do any good to Sri Lankan Tamils,” she said.

    She criticized the Center for not taking steps to heed to the resolution adopted by the Tamil Nadu assembly seeking an international probe.

    “The UN resolution shows that the union government did not take any steps over the unanimous resolution adopted by the Tamil Nadu Assembly.”

    Tamil Nadu Assembly had unanimously adopted a resolution asking the Centre to move a “strong resolution” in the UNHRC for an international probe into the alleged war crimes in the 2009 war in Sri Lanka.

    However, Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party hailed the United States sponsored draft resolution saying that it is the “best possible resolution that could have been achieved”.

  11. Independent Says:

    <Exactly like in Sri Lanka, UN want to save terrorists. UN are the terrorrists

    02 October 2015

    23:23 GMT

    A “surge of military activity” in Syria has forced the UN to suspend pre-planned humanitarian intervention, a spokeswoman for UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said.

    The UN had arranged for the evacuation of Sunni fighters and their families’ out of the city of Zabadani, on the Lebanese border, which is surrounded by government forces. The UN team also prepared for the safe passage of Shiite civilians in the villages of Foua and Kfary, in Idlib province, which are being held by the rebels.

    “The UN calls on all concerned parties to fulfill their responsibilities in the protection of civilians and reach the necessary understandings in order to implement this agreement as soon as possible,” De Mistura’s office said in a statement.

  12. asoka2468 Says:

    Ranil has gone to Japan to get a prostate examination.Co sponsoring the resolution was Sirisena;s way of saying no thanks to the LUBE….

  13. Independent Says:

    Big Defeat for Lorenzo

    The Syrian army, backed by fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, has liberated more areas in the flashpoint border town of Zabadani.

    Syria’s official news agency SANA said Tuesday that the joint forces managed to take control of a number of buildings in several neighborhoods southeast of Zabadani, which is located about 47 kilometers (30 miles) northwest of the capital, Damascus.

    Militant hideouts in the neighborhoods of Ein al-Himma, al-Maidani, al-Kubra, and al-Adaima were targeted in the latest offensive.

    The joint forces also managed to destroy several weapons depots belonging to the militants in the town.

    The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based monitoring group which is affiliated to the foreign-backed Syria opposition groups, says government forces have already retaken more than 70 percent of Zabadani. Syria says, however, that the operation to retake the town is nearly done, with only pockets of militants remaining in an area of one square kilometer in the center of the town.

    Zabadani had been a major stronghold of militant groups over the past few years. The army’s complete recapture of the town would entirely cut off the supply lines used by the militants for transferring ammunition and forces into areas near Damascus, while it also secures the highway connecting the Syrian capital to Beirut in Lebanon.

    In Aleppo, shelling goes on; Homs sees another car bombing

    The news of the latest advances in Zabadani comes as elsewhere in the northwestern city of Aleppo, which lies near the Turkish border and has been one of the major spots of the conflict over the past four years, civilian casualties were reported due to shelling by militants at residential buildings in the city.

    In the western city of Homs, a car bomb attack was reported. Eight people were injured in the bombing that was carried out near a school.

    Plagued by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011, Syria has been fighting terror that has claimed the lives of nearly 250,000 people already.

    In addition to the fatalities, millions more have also been forced from their homes by the conflict.

  14. Hiranthe Says:

    Well said Aravinda,

    ” A grateful dog has more worth than a ungrateful man”

    Not only that, our people dig their own grave thinking they are digging for gold. They get angry if we try to reveal the truth.

    Sirisena and Run-nil have done a Sakkili job and now they are in the favorite list of their master.

    This whole episode is pathetic!!

  15. Independent Says:

    Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up by 36 percent in September 2015
    Sat, Oct 3, 2015, 08:42 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 03, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 35.9 percent in September this year compared to the same period last year, the data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) showed.

    The month recorded 143,374 tourists arriving in the country compared to the 105,535 arrived in September 2014.

    In the first nine months of this year 1,315,839 tourists visited the island, an increase of 17.1 percent compared to the 1,107,178 recorded for the same period in 2014.

    Arrivals from North America increased 41.3 percent to 5,419 in September. Arrivals from US were up 47.5 percent to 3,232 while arrivals from Canada increased by 33.0 percent to 2,187 during the month.

    Tourist arrivals from Western Europe increased 26.9 percent in September with the arrival of 35,819 tourists, compared to the 28,234 tourists arrived in the same month last year. Most of the tourist arrivals from Western Europe were from the UK and Germany.

    Arrivals from Eastern Europe increased 21.9 percent with the arrival of 8,601tourists in September 2015 compared to the 7,058 arrived in September 2014. However, tourist arrivals from Eastern Europe declined this year by 5.5 percent due to the economic recession in Russia and the crisis in Ukraine.

    Arrivals from Middle East increased 65.9 percent with 13,752 visitors arriving in September 2015.

    Tourist arrivals from East Asia increased 34.9 percent as 31,729 visited the country compared to the 23,516 visited in September 2014. Arrivals from China compared to last year increased 54.0 percent with the arrival of 20,502 visitors while arrivals from Japan declined 6.2 percent.

    Arrivals from South Asia increased by 41.8 percent as 40,498 tourists visited the island in September 2015. Of those arrived from South Asia, 27,233 were from India corresponding to an increase of 41.5 percent.

    In the first seven months of this year Earnings from Tourism increased by 16.8 percent and Sri Lanka earned US$ 1.6 billion from tourism.

    Sri Lanka exceeded its target of 1.5 million tourist arrivals last year and earned US$ 2.206 billion from tourism.

    The Tourism Authority has set a target of 2 million tourist arrivals this year and 2.5 million by 2016.

  16. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    MR lost because
    Tamils voted 100% per cent against him after saving 1000s of their lives who would’ve
    been canon fodder for hitler mala paharan’s futile war

    mussies voted 100% per cent after using and abusing his generosity towards them

    Catholic Sinhalese who have questionable loyalty towards Sri Lanka (these guys’ ancestors dropped
    everything for invaders’ bounties)

    Sinhalese Buddhists who think it is fashionable to support UNPatriotic party (UNP) voted against him.

    Then there was questionable computer crashes at maco’s dept for 2 days.

    Those are the reasonls MR lost in my opinion. We have to blame Buddhist Sinhalese for the mess we are in while we are still
    the majority they let everybody else destory our country, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race by supporting these
    traitors. It is simply disgraceful.

    UNHCR and all these things are bullyboy tactics of the west, fully adided by traitor ltte diaspora and india to get
    their final goal, their dreelam.

    Look at the UN’s double standards. Israel killed so many unarmed civilians by relentless
    aerial bombardment for months. Monki boon’s UN paid lip service for palestinians since Israel are too powerful and their
    presence in the middle east is important to the west.

    Syrian war been going on for years now killing and displacing close several millions. Again Monki boon’s UN is impotent since
    the west and russia have interest in the middle east plus asad is looking after the christian population in syria. So UN
    is impotent there. Today monki boon’s UN dropped war crime charges against saudi arabia in yemen. Reason they are too rich and west does billions of arms sales to them. So UN suddenly become impotent again.

    Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka of course
    easy meat. MR got not many friends thanks to Sinhalese Buddhists. So impotent UN suddenly become a rampaging womaniser. It is very sad monki boon hood winking the whole world with this silly business. UNashamed we should call you.

    Sad irony of all these is nobody cares about the 100,000+ victims of the murderous ltte. Because most of the victims were
    Buddhists. And Sinhalese Buddhist voted in a party who killed more than 100,000+ Buddhists by prolonging the war
    and killing another 60,000 Buddhists pretending to be putting down an insurgency.

    This can not happen any other country on this planet. Sinhalese Buddhists are a very very ungrateful lot who can’t see
    any further than their nose!

    Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka is doomed thanks to those traitors!

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    We have to somehow bring this govt. down.

    Destroy the economy by NOT sending money to SL. Send money out of SL.

    IMPORT everything and stuff local industries up.

    These strategies are needed to bring down this UNP LTTE govt.

  18. Independent Says:

    LTTE likes to hurt Sri Lanka in everyway. Attacking the economy is No.1 priority. They have been doing it for 40 years.
    Bringing the rule down I too agree.
    But not by hurting my country.
    Not by hurting our economy.
    Not by killing our people.
    Not by creating havoc.
    Not by military cue and asking India to invade. These are all LTTE method.

    Even if this government is there ( personally I don’t see any difference), we should not allow them to do ANY thing bad for the country.

  19. Independent Says:

    What is important is not to think how to sabotage the country but how to save the country. It is important not to fool the people but to alert them to real dangers and getting them to act accordingly. No one can touch the country if people are not divided and act peacefully and honourably.

  20. Independent Says:

    It is 100% clear that Saudi , Israel and USA are in the same group. This group is destroying the world.
    It is imperative for Sri Lanka to act tactically and keep Russia and China as friends whilst not antagonising USA and India too much. We are a small powerless country. But we have brains , we have Buddhism we have weapons not one has.


  21. Christie Says:

    It is Indian Empire doing all these. Look at the Indian vermin and Indian colonial parasites who are behind all the UN actions. No one has raised the fact that India trained these terrorists in their own soil and out side. What UN should do is investigate Indian involvement in the internal affairs of the island nation including its terrorists.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    “Honorable Victory” over what ? Our own lead people and the armed forces ?? !! What the Tamil Leaders have done in damages to Lanka for hundreds of years demanding a Separate state has gone unrecorded at the UNHRC. Atrocities of thousands of years against Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu have gone unrecorded at the UNHRC. Innocent countries such as Lanka that helped Tamil Dailts are getting humiliated and punished, isn’t it ?

    All Sinhala people and all others who care in Lanka have to make sure that Ranil’s “Chunnel” is NOT the next course on his menu.

    But didn’t we shout and warn about CHEATING AT BOTH ELECTIONS, prior to those events ? Nothing of worth happened as both elections were rigged. Are not our Elections Officers vigilant ?

    Get rid of some of the politicos at the top now through Democratic means, now ?

  23. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




  24. Independent Says:

    Inexcusable, possibly even criminal’: UN rights chief says Kunduz bombing may be war crime

    Published time: 3 Oct, 2015 15:37

    Edited time: 3 Oct, 2015 20:26

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    Fires burn in part of the MSF hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz after it was hit by an air strike © MSF

    Fires burn in part of the MSF hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz after it was hit by an air strike © MSF / AFP

    An air strike on a hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz that killed at least 19 people is “utterly tragic, inexcusable, and possibly even criminal,” said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, calling for a transparent investigation.

    READ MORE: 9 MSF staff, 7 patients killed after US airstrike hits hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan

    “This deeply shocking event should be promptly, thoroughly and independently investigated and the results should be made public,” Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said in a statement on Saturday.

    “The seriousness of the incident is underlined by the fact that, if established as deliberate in a court of law, an airstrike on a hospital may amount to a war crime.”

    He described the bombing as “utterly tragic, inexcusable, and possibly even criminal.”

    “International and Afghan military planners have an obligation to respect and protect civilians at all times, and medical facilities and personnel are the object of a special protection. These obligations apply no matter whose air force is involved, and irrespective of the location.”

  25. Independent Says:

    This is an extraction from an article.

    What exactly is Confucianism? Confucius is the Latinization of Kong fuzi (“the Master Kong”), who lived around 2,500 years ago, in the northern Chinese vassal state of Lu during the waning days of the Zhou dynasty. Looking back at the golden age of the early Zhou, Confucius presented his disciples with what the scholar and translator Raymond Dawson calls the “seminal expressions” of Chinese civilization.

    Many of these ideas are on display in “The Analects,” the limpid philosophical extracts written by the Master Kong’s disciples. The work’s two most crucial concepts are “humaneness” and “virtue,” which together are supposed to shape a person’s psyche and help in all interpersonal relations.

    There is nothing squishy or naive in these admonitions: Everyone else must be held to an equally high standard, all of it based on respect for the experience of previous generations. As the Master Kong says, “Being fond of the truth, I am an admirer of antiquity.”

    In Confucianism, the past isn’t something to disparage as primitive or retrograde; it constitutes the very record of human experience, and the present depends on it. Particularly in times of profound technological and social change, Confucians find the best insurance against chaos in tradition, especially in the virtues of loyalty and filial piety.

    Postmodern Western life, by contrast, is sometimes described as decadent because of its worship of youth. For someone like me, who has observed both cultures, it is hard to resist the thought that the West might benefit just now from a dose of Confucianism, as might China itself, whose one-child policy—only recently relaxed—has resulted in a generation of spoiled children.

    Confucianism also strongly encourages tolerance and discourages insubordination, which, like egoism, it never equates with courage. It is about conserving the delicate equilibrium that exists between people themselves and between those inside social and political organizations. As the Master Kong says: “The gentleman has universal sympathies and is not partisan. The small man is partisan and does not have universal sympathies.” The demonstrators in Hong Kong may have demanded political change, but their discipline, organization and general politeness were very Confucian.

    Much of this may sound, to Western ears, like classical Burkean conservatism, with its aversion to radical change but embrace of gradual improvement. Edmund Burke, horrified at the spectacle of the French Revolution, believed in evolution and gradualism. East Asia’s enlightened authoritarianism has to be seen in this light: as an economically productive transition phase, not as an end in itself.

    The world as a whole is in tumultuous transition, as traditional family structures and ways of life come undone on every continent. In this crucible, social and political survival will come most easily to cultures that can preserve a time-tested ethical foundation as a defense against destructive change. East Asia has been the undeniable success story of the last four decades, even as its dramatic growth phase now seems over. I would bet that the Confucian moment will live on for a while longer yet.

    —Mr. Kaplan is the author of “Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific.” He is a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    For our solution we need the people. SL people are MOSTLY CONCERNED about their stomachs. Unless they are made to FEEL it in their stomachs they will not take action.

    Your analysis is SPOT ON. Glad you see the BITTER TRUTH.

    But there is ONE CATCH. Maru Sira-RUN-NIL camp is also asslicking Tamils BUT that will NOT kick them OUT of power.

    That is the difference.

    IF Maru Sira RUNIL keep ALL minority votes they only need a SMALL percentage of Singhala votes to win the elections. And there are enough stupid Singhalese to vote for them.

    Now hundreds of thousands of KALLATHONI men are brought from Tamil Madu, Pakistan and Maldives and given voting rights. They all vote for Maru Sira-RUNNIL camp.

    SL secretly AGREED with USA and EU to take some middle eastern refugees.

    This is why our solution is the ONLY solution.

  27. Independent Says:

    Now LTTE is angry with USA.
    Ananda where are you ? We need your service. Please give up Mahinda addiction and come out and treat these LTTE agents properly.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    Totally agree with you re the damage done to Sinhala & Muslim people of the North.

    My earlier comment was on Ranil-Sirisena saying that they had a honorable victory with the UNHRC.

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